What caused the biggest shitstorm in all of anime and manga?

what caused the biggest shitstorm in all of anime and manga?

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Ace's Death.

You're delusional if you put that above Tobi's reveal


Kuma Miko

For naruto? Killing neji & madara not winning more

Tobi and Deidara not fucking

Nice boat


A movie soundtrack compact disc cover.

Madoka ep 10 or Rebellion

How big was Super Saiyan when it originally happened?

Re:Zero episode 15.

Endless 8.
It even bleed to other boards.

I believe you're referring to re:zero episode 18 which had over 40 threads about it at the same time in one day.

Spike dying probably. That seems to be the most iconic "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" type moment in anime.




You forgot your "pic unrelated". Dumb narutards.

I still find new faces each time I see the edit.


He mentioned bleach. That makes it anime relevant ha




>he believes that Spike is alive

end of stone ocean was pretty sad aye

That guy on the image.


I remember.

Doubt anything recent can top pic related.

Only 6 years old didn't think Tobi being Obito was obvious as fuck.
That Kakashi flashback at the beginning of shippuden + only one sharingan => jeez who could have thought really?...



Eight episodes of Endless Eight

Just a fake shitstorm attempt by trolls.

Finale of P&S.

I'm still to watch that, should get to it sometime.

This; completely unexpected only lead into was immediate and the misdirect was well played.

This was just newfriends trying to get themselves in r/Cred Forums screenshots.

In Cred Forums it was the Endless 8, the P&S ending and Kuroneko losing the Kyosukebowl. In that order

OreImo's ending.

endless 8, rossiu, all of code geass

>tfw you were here when Re:zero aired

Yeah. It's a sad achievement to have only been on Cred Forums since 2016. The predictable shitstorm-attempts like the Boku Dake awakening and the Re:Zero spam are nothing to the glorious heydays of Kill La Kill and TTGL.

Simple. Continuity and source material not being stuck in the anime adaptation from the manga.
Looking at you To-Love-Ru, Omamori Himari, The World God Only Knows, Bleach, and Elfen Lied.

As for manga though, it honestly have to be not Watamote but another girl who ended up being a Higikimori an at the last chapter it left off with a fuckin cliff hanger. Same with Corpse Party And a couple of others too.

Nobody mentioned that one time Gainax ruined Christmas.


Panty and Stockings ending

This, endless 8 was awful, several times, but totally justified.

Newfags and falseflaggers trying too hard.

Same thing is going to happen next episode despite the fact that everyone knows what happens.

It was 60 at once but yeah was forced.

This Sunday will probably be pretty bad too.

Didn't Kannagi caused people to flip their shit when they found out they're waifu isn't pure or some shit like that?

In 2ch


Season 2 has a similar moment.

The times when people laughed about guys who said that tobi is Obito because it's too obvious

Sweet innocent...

the biggest shlockiest moment in s1, where the show became code trainwreck. the cat episode was ridiculous, but this was mindbreaking in how they were obviously stretching out the story in the most convoluted way. then s2 was all shlock

this is not the final version

Looks like he stuck a honeybun to his face.

watanabe has even said in interviews that he isn't specifically alive or dead, so you can believe what you want. i lean towards dead, myself, but there's nothing wrong with thinking the contrary

Nothing comes even close.

What's Aizen doing there

The one and only correct answer. We still fight about it twenty years later.

the carriage ride after was the biggest shitstorm, not lelouch's death itself

people were goin nuts theorizing that he was still alive or maintaining he was still dead

Porygon induced seizures.

same thing what goku is doing

>Drowned in tears
>Not swam
You had one job



im still mad


Kill la Kill really was the biggest thing on Cred Forums in recent years.

Seriously these threads where going insanely fast and there multiple going at once.

Thank you senpai


Meduka's "plot twist" was obvious, the real talk was wondering if Shaft would actually deliver or not.

Jojo was neat

Also Space Patrol Luluco

I want to think of something non trigger but I can't think of anything

Definitely want



>Season 2 confirmed

That was an amazing day. Usually its something in a show that causes shitstorms and not just the very announcement of it.



>a character, an extremely relevant character at that, dying just when you think they are safe

>secret identity is actually someone most of the fanbase already guessed it was at one point or another.

not even fucking close.

This is what happens when you have multiple tabs open desu.

it all went according to keikaku

Oreimo's ending is up there for me, if only because a laptop got stabbed out of it

>tfw still working on it

Joe Yabuki's final round must have been pretty dope in 1973

Endless 8 was a sustained shitstorm, like a hurricane that parks itself over land and just dumps continuously.

Panty and Stocking finale was a concentrated tornado of shit, rage, despair, and astonishment

End of Evangelion.

There is absolutely no other answer.

Also by virtue of EE's nature the appropriate meme thing to do was have so many repeated threads. The kind of shit we still have to this day.

This was pretty fucking magical for the manga readers

Aku no Hana is true kino




Probably Endless 8


What was his name Cred Forums?


Beheading Baboon

The trips storm of 2015
I don't even remember what the thread was about

Slicing Simian

The biggest anime shitstorm for me, personally, was Endless Eight.

Because who the fuck thought that was a good idea?

Killing Kapuchin

>initial reaction to Berserk 2016
>Bleach shippers being btfo
>Magi shippers being btfo
>Nisekoi shippers being btfo
>Ash losing his best chance of finally winning and now has to attend school

I know there were more, but those are the ones off the top of my head. This year alone has been pretty eventful.

But I doubt anything will come close to the butthurt that was the Naruto ending. Bleach came close, but it wasn't big enough.

This scene was so overrated and loved by the only autistic persons watching that show.

>I love Emilia

This isn't the biggest but I still wanna bring it up.

>Only 6 years old didn't think Tobi being Obito was obvious as fuck.
Most of us were giving too much credit to Kishimoto and thought it was a bait and switch.

Then again I was younger when I actually cared about Naruto, and looking back at it, I probably would've rolled my eyes and accepted it if I were reading the series for the first time nowadays.

this was forced and half of the shitstorm was ironic/not genuine though

>watanabe has even said in interviews that he isn't specifically alive or dead
Many creators don't like stifling fan conversation or speculation, and place a good amount of importance into the value of letting people reach their own conclusions on what they've put out.

All that being said, After Spike died the Native dude and his son saw a star fall, signifying a warrior passing on. It was intended for Spike to be accepted as dying. Same shit with Lelouch.

People just read too much into the creators being kind to fans after he fact.

Lelouch's death.


I could see this one being an actual shitstorm if they cock up the ending really bad. Its already not looking good with a 25 minute runtime. It'd be honestly hilarious if anime-only Remfags didn't get BTFO and would probably cause a shitstorm if they don't get to the reveal.

Biggest asspull would be end of evangelion and eclipe from berserk. But Cred Forums did not exist back then in the primordial data that led to its creation. Hence being Code Geass one of the biggest asspulls it so witnessed.
I should know, I've been here since moot asked for money to pay the servers.

Not sure if shit storm would be the right word, but probably the first time goku went super saiyan

>Ash never wins a Pokemon league and has to start going to school

Is this seriously how Pokemon ended?

Realistic as fuck, bravo Gamefreak

The amount of uncalled for melodrama over a simple and pretty clever trick is, I feel, uncalled for. I always have time to kill, so I thought it was pretty neat.

HOLY SHIT. Stop the presses! stop the presses!!

How can you claim something was forced when the only person whos mind and intentions you have access to is your own? Isn't that a bit arrogant?


People who thought the show was about Super Robots or Ultra Deep Religious references might have been pissed, but if you'd caught on by what I think was like episode 5 or 6 that the show was about Shinjis depression, along with the other characters various mental states and personal issues, you wouldn't have had a problem with it.

NGE was about the souls of the characters, and for it to end the way it did was not only perfectly fitting but necessary. If the series had ended without bring closure to Shinjis character arc, it would have been shit. Of course End of Evangelion still fits in as an ending showing the bigger scale of the events around Shinji, but the TV ending was flawless and people who say otherwise just didn't bother to look at the show with a more than casual viewers mentality.

Nothing had a greater impact on anime than Third Impact.

I remember

>>Bleach shippers being btfo
>>Magi shippers being btfo
>>Nisekoi shippers being btfo
I don't think anyone cared by that point. No one besides falseflaggers and The Mighty LoN cared about bleach, so that was a forced shitstorm if I ever saw one. If you'd been in bleach threads before, it was nothing but the usual falseflagging shipper bait, but being spread around the entire board. Magi is not really as popular here, and Nisekoi was obvious.

I'll give you Berserk, but Pokemon was obvious and anyone who didn't expect that was probably a literal child. So, the intended audience.

Anyone who has actually here at the time.

Last episode.


The day Gainax ruined the holidays.

>if you'd caught on by what I think was like episode 5 or 6 that the show was about Shinjis depression, along with the other characters various mental states and personal issues, you wouldn't have had a problem with it.

It's because it was about the psyche of the various characters that the ending was so bad. The problem with it was the the same motives keep repeating. Shinji is a coward and runs away from his problems, he thinks everyone around him despises him and he is afraid loneliness and human contact at the same time. You can say similar things about Misato and her father issues, Asuka and her mother issues and Rei's distaste for life in general. This was clear from very early on but the show has this running theme where it keeps repeating the same shit over and over again when it finally culminates in the last two episodes where they bombard you with the same crap for 40 minutes so that every retard gets it. The ending was shit and people who don't like it do so because they are sick of seeing the same themes over and over again so please spare us with this 2d4u nonsense.

Isn't that just a giant middle finger to everyone who followed the show though? I mean fuck, where's the payoff? He just gets btfo repeatedly and gives up on his dream.

It's a deconstruction of the toddler adventure anime genre.

Looks like it went over your head then. The show was about their problems getting more and more escalated by their abnormal and dangerous environment to the point where they had breakdowns. It started on the same level as simple character traits, like an archetype. It was there, but could overcome it. By the end of the series they had developed into crippling mental inhibitions which ended in the failure of NERV.

I'm not saying it's deep, I'm saying you're retarded if you didn't get it. Now fuck off.

Evangelion's ending.

Berserk's Eclipse.

Everyone in this thread is wrong. Here's the objective and true answer:

The reveal of The World's powers back when the manga was being published.

NOBODY thought it was gonna see time-stop. Everyone was certain it was telekinesis and teleporting.

Honorable Harambe

End of evangelion did a much better job at expressing shinjis depression. This was just flat out "we ran out of money. Sorry dorks!"



now i'm sad

at least we're actually getting a fourth season.



Yeah and what vast Jojo fanbase were you a part of 24 years ago to measure the shitstorm?

More memorable in recent times would be Gyro dying or Diego getting Za Warudo

>The predictable shitstorm-attempts like the Boku Dake awakening and the Re:Zero spam are nothing to the glorious heydays of Kill La Kill and TTGL.

>glorious heydays
>Kill la Kill

These four are probably the greatest shitstorms of our generation. I'm not sure which one was the greatest in its time.

Though Code Geass had at least 2 of them so in that sense I guess Code Geass wins.

only clicked this thread to find this.

In the end, only original anime or an anime with anime original content deviating heavily from the source material can generate a true shitstorm.

The only way for Re:Zero to create one at episode 25 would be if Subaru woke up in the last 10 minutes of the show and it turned out everything was just a dumb dream he had when he slept through a boring class in school, with all the characters he met in the fantasy world being his classmates, and him being actually a popular successful star student. The end. No further continuation ever planned. No ambiguity that it might be a false herring.

He'll always be my emperor in my heart.

>implying his highness is dead

Oh god that ending

I read nardo weekly and participated in the community online from 2004 all the way to the end

Tobi reveal as a serious villain caused NO shitstorm. Most people were pleased with it

The biggest shitstorms that I recall were:

-Naruto wanting to rasengan a boulder underneath Orochimaru's hideout in the sai arc. For some reason people freaked and said Kishi ruined naruto forever by making him stupid

-Sasuke defeating orochimaru

-Sasuke's method of escaping Deidara's suicide bomb

-Naruto's rasenshuriken failing against Kakuzu the first time

-Itachi turning good

-Pain turning good

-Obito turning good



I have no idea what Tobi had that I enjoyed. Usually I either hate or don't care the strong/mastermind villain pretending to be retarded, but wit Tobi I loved it

>people caring about Pokémon's anime
>when it's 100% a cartoon for children
your fault for being retarded

you forgot the biggest enemy in the universe, capable of being in 2 different planes/dimensions, getting killed by a retarded backstab
also bunny goddess

Few remember anymore.

>-Sasuke's method of escaping Deidara's suicide bomb

I remember the clusterfuck behind that one. Not even the most diehard sauce fans could defend that one.


Probably the ending to the first space battleship yamato movie (not the tv series movie) considering that they literally just decided that it never happened.

Were you guys seriously not here for Tobi's reveal? The triggering wa so massive that normal fags got it trending.

Naruto and Oreimo ending. TWGK probably.

>No Neji death
>No Naruto getting Hinata

Go to know joe is still remembered

There has never been a moment on Cred Forums like Kamina's death for me anyway. There was just raw emotion everywhere.

The real shitstorm was when Kabuto summoned Madara fucking Uchiha and the colossal amount of horseshit that followed directly after like 2 meteors and 25 full powered Madaras all sporting Rinnegans and final evolution Susanoos.


>tfw there was no cucking after all
They should have stuck with it. If they were going to pull something like that, they they should have had the balls to go all the way.

god that scene was so great



anyone have that image on the bottom right? looks like puck was shopped on top of zodd?

so glad I was there live

I saw parodies of it, but never knew where it came from. How did Cred Forums react?

what about claymore and teresa? i was not around for this, did it stir up any shit?

When the manga ended there were some pretty hype threads


This is angel densetsu atogaki right?
>why do I remember this shit

No, Hunter x Hunter

The pic, sure.
I meant that it was fanart made and published in angel densetsu.

>Tobi reveal as a serious villain caused NO shitstorm. Most people were pleased with it
>The reveal crashed Narutoforums

Since when were you under the impression that Aizen wasn't in Naruto?


damn it took this long?

That was the most lazy thing I've seen an anime do to date. They just replayed the exact same damn episode when they could have done it in two or three.

I don't know about anyone else, but both Gantz and Aki Sora finales made be really butthurt.


and Kubo botched it.


Most of us weren't alive, but it probably was Go Nagai killing off the entire cast of a manga he was working on because he was getting censored.


The day gainax ruined Christmas.
Lelouch dying
Endless eight

Special mention to that one scene in Guilty Crown where the MC gets "NTR'd"



Oh shit, this kind of makes me want to go and read Bleach from where the show left off.

Rossiu's only crime was being a sane man in an insane world.

Hisoka vs Chrollo fight

deserves a mention
even if the fuss was mostly confined to japan

Its anything BUT lazy.

>Bankai has it's own shikai
As expected of Kubo.

God damn every week was the same shit
And then it ended in the perfect way to piss both sides off