ITT post characters literally no one remembers

ITT post characters literally no one remembers.

I can't since i can't remember her.

But it's ok since



I wonder if this one can sneak by.
It's a shame really, I enjoyed his one episode and it made me wish it turned out to be something else.







I remember this bitch as Sion's halfway boss in Melty Blood. Fuck your slides and grabs.

you fuck, heh

Wasn't she from that show where the MC was cuter than all of the girls combined?

Still have no idea what the point of his character was

Subaru REMembers her.

Tsukihime remake with Sacchin route never

>those body proportions

Fucking skinwalkers.



I actually just started rereading that yesterday.

Really nigga?

Did you not watch the series or something? Take 5 seconds to think about what happened at the end of the series.

I see what you did there!

He didn't watch the show.

What? How could I forget the main character of Back Alley Satsuki - Chapter Heroine Sanctuary?

Too bad that Mysterious Heroine X stole the show - again.

kill yourself edgy polfag.

I remember him

You're implying anyone could forget a design by kantoku. Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko will be remembered if for that alone, but I liked her personality too.



I never see ANY love for the Sora no Otoshimono girls. Specifically Nymph, as she is the cutest.

kill yourself you fucking degenerate queer piece of shit


I thought she was Sion's friend.

Well played boya



Doesn't he work for Google?

Um, is this Sacchin? This looks like Sacchin. She looks sad.

Post more Yumizuka


>mfw Cred Forums actually felt sad for this cuck leaving Cred Forums.

The guy sold you out.



I remember! Just not what she's from. Omamori Himari?

Some spic killed himself over Ikaros.
But if you mean love on Cred Forums then yeah no one cares to mention it outside of "suicide spic".


Is that you Slenderman?

Fuck you, I was going to post this.

Appreciating cute girls (male) is not gay.

Other than suicide spic, yeah

>not having loyalty
>sasuga Cred Forums

Comic relief, I think.

It's like no one bothered to watch her show.





You're thinking of Nyaruko san

Who the fuck is she?

and you don't seem to understand


I'm sure none of you can remember her.


Your waifu.

Who could this mystery heroine be??

Isn't it sad.


TADA BANRI > tada banri

No, you're thinking of this girl.

fucking hated his character

I remember Satsuki and I can probably beat you with her in Melty Blood.

On the right

Google couldn't even fucking find a picture of her by herself

Is this a joke

you're waifu

Who is this nigga?

>I never see ANY love for Nymph
Because she's useless and fucks everything up and caused the rushed ending.