Nape thread

Why is this so arousing?

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Everyone loves to unwrap presents

it's vulnerable

Thes best
Kyoani is great at this shit and girls don't even realize there's fan service, so you can watch without fear

Hyouka was a dream

It's the soft spots.
Armpits, shoulder, back, nape.

You're lonely and she is opening up to you

Opera gloves are an under-represented fetish.

Yaya is so cute.

Yaya will be my wife.

Those are not opera gloves.

Because Yaya.

awww I want to break that neck.

Because you fell for a historical nip meme

>historical nip meme

I want to kiss that nape

Then what are they?

I believe the countless hours we spent over anime/manga/VN/LN have brainwashed us to be aroused by every japanese cultural thing, so in the near future there will be a mass immigration shift to japan all in order to solve the low population issue.

Yaya is hot, that's why.

>Them Yaya doujins
All of them hits all my fetishes perfectly

I am ok with this

Dude what

Who is the artist?



>he fell for the 'this is a meme' meme

I want to reach around and slip my hand under her arm and around to her chest from behind while kissing her neck repeatedly.

I don't know either but my boner likes it.

It urges you to give them hickeys.

Everyone knew this was coming, so let's just get it over with.

What anime?

What anime is this gif from?

Something about ice cream.


frozen dessert =/= ice cream

Then how does the pun with the book work?

I don't know

And licking the sweat?

Everything, I would leave no stone unturned.
The ribbon would come off next, and then I would move my hands down her arms as I take her from behind.
I'd probably also kiss the part of her back she can't reach normally because it seems really appealing right now.

If I hadn't already fapped thrice in the past three days I would probably be fapping right now.



some autist is copy pasting it everywhere, just ignore and move on.

Holy fucking shit the stink of depravity in here is insane.

Why is the youngest sibling always the most perverted one?

Since when are napes a japanese thing? They've been an erogenous zone for much longer than globalisation.

Because she only experienced nothing but the slutiness of her older sisters. Hence why she doesn't know any restriction.

I like back more.
I'm glad Fetish Collection has something for every taste.

Forgot pic, damn it.


i think its supposed to be "I Scream". the title of that anthology or whatever


I know that. I was asking how it's supposed to work with "frozen dessert" instead of "ice cream."

>No doujins
Fuck this gay earth. She's literally asking for it

Those small hairs are doing stuff to my penis.

>Short hair napes
God tier combo right here

wait really? Is there a lot? Can you post a sample except that HD chitanda in the hotspring

Wow. Who's this artist?

Are you a vampire?

Do girls realize the service they provide when they tie their hair up?

No, thank god.

Probably not. Not to mention they also have to raise their arms, so our armpit bros get a nice sight as well.
As well as belly enthusiasts. Pony tails truly are the best.

Tying up hair and hair adjustment are the thinking man's fetish.


They're still so pure

On phone so no, but there was sime with her in her kimono, and the whole series is full of stuff like that, "subtle fanservice" or something, though it's not all napes.