Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

What a disappointment.

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>Was the one who said it would be Xyz Pendulum because Yuya/Yuto wouldn't make a Fusion Pendulum
>Was yelled at by retards
>People said there was no space in the set for another Xyz
>People said Ruri was supposed to be strong so it would a Fusion Pendulum
>Someone tried to rationalize their Fusion talk by saying Yugo and Yuri would be dueling nearby causing Yuri to sync with Yuya


Fusionfags and Starve Venom fusion speculators were btfo, but too bad the card itself still sucks ass like it's fraternal twin

Will Konami ever lose their Xyz boner?

>people kept talking about how it looked similar to Starve Venom because of it's "fangs" and "pose" when those oversized fangs are really a trait from OERD and the "pose" is identical to OERD
literally and absolutely BTFO

I'm only going to play it for its scales.

What I don't get is that, it has Odd-Eyes in its name but the dragon itself doesn't have Odd Eyes.

Doesn't it have 3 eyes with the third being red?

Haou Retsuryuu Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon
(Supreme King Violent Dragon, Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon)
Level 7 DARK/Dragon-Type
ATK 3000 DEF 2500
Pendulum Scale: 1
Pendulum Effect:
(1) Once per turn, if there isn’t a card in your other Pendulum Zone: Place 1 Pendulum Monster directly from your Deck into your Pendulum Zone
Xyz Materials: 2 Level 7 Dragon-Type Monsters
Monster Effect: If you can Pendulum Summon Level 7, you can Pendulum Summon this face-up card in your Extra Deck.
(1) This card gains the following effects if an Xyz Monster is used as an Xyz Material to Summon this card.
• This card can attack twice during each battle Phase.
• Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; destroy all cards your opponent controls, and until this turn ends, this card gains 200 ATK for each card destroyed
(2) If this card in the Monster Zone is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can place this card in your Pendulum Zone.

I don't care much for odd eyes, but the entire spoiler set was a disappointment.

why, because you're a Yurifag who's not getting anything?

>(1) This card gains the following effects if an Xyz Monster is used as an Xyz Material to Summon this card.
Man why couldn't Dark Requiem have this condition, instead it relies on DRXD being a material to activate any effect

another reason to hate Odd-Eyes Raging

no Ruri cards this set

>no new phantom knights

Maybe we won't be getting them in this set.

Just no exciting or even good new things in general. Like who's going to be running AG Devil?

Who fucking cares about that jobber? Give more support to Yuzu, Serena and Rin.

Great design, shit card.

>just 3 more VJumps until we get news on the next gen

December can't get here fast enough

>Like who's going to be running AG Devil?
ancient gears?? if you have 1 ancient gear monster + hound dog in your hand, summon hound dog, fuse for this, burn 1600, wall up, then when destroyed by battle summon Golem

I'm somewhat exited for the new Spirit Rituals but other than that, nothing in the VJump really interests me

Yeah it looks like Sora isn't going to be dueling after this one since he only has like two cards to debut in FE. Ancient Gear in RATE seems fun. Cover card looks edgy as fuck, but the effect could've been WAY better. It having scales 1 is nice though.

AG Devil is fine. Generic fusion that gets you any monster from the deck. It's good and the new Spirits are great for bringing back something old. They also are Ritual so 2 birds are killed with one stone. The only disappointment is the new Odd-Eyes and maybe Sora being in the Fusion set. If Glads don't make that set then Harambe is even more wasted time that it already is and if Harambe is in the set then Predator Plants aren't meaning Yuri is the only Yu who continues to remain absolute shit.

>but the effect could've been WAY better.
what would be better seeing as this is an "alternative" to Rebellion, which destroys all lvl 7 and lower and burns for 1k each

He already debuted those cards though.

Rebellion is more agressive burning and getting triple attack but Raging is more disrupting being able to destroy any monster and wipe out Backrow.

Hope they give more support to magicians if they want Xiangke to still be playable.

>another xyz/pendulum

>>another xyz/pendulum
>2 Xyz Pendulums
>2 Synchro Pendulums
>Fusions getting cucked yet again

>Fusion Enforcer so far is turning out to be shit.

>2 Synchro Pendulum
wait, there is another synchro/pendulum besides nirvana?

Clear Wing Fast Dragon is a Synchro Pendulum that favors Speedroids.

Clear Wing Fast Dragon


Kek implying she'll ever duel. Maybe just MAYBE against Yuya. That's implying she doesn't get brainwashed.
Jobbing along with the other jobber in 125.
Fair enough, she could do with some support.

Yuzu will duel again. Whether or not she gets more cards is up in the air. She'll duel Yuya and will get a parasite fusion monster but I think her archetype is dead. She doesn't duel in the manga either so whoever had hopes for her should just drop them

Serena may only get her parasite fusion monster. She already has a bunch of cards

Rin may get another couple of cards since they decided to release her archetype. But I don't expect anything big. She'll rely on the parasite fusion monster.

All in all the Ruris are pretty much done. They are mishandled characters and have to fight for set space. Arc-V has one set left after this which should be filled with 4 Yus, Reiji, Fusion Doctor, Leo, Yusho, Edo, Kaito and Jack cards on top of the new stuff being introduced. Those three legacy characters will probably get 1 new card each but with the way Edo is being treated by this show he may get nothing.


More details on the new Ritual Spirit monster. It's an archetype and searchable by PrePrep
Espirit Lord – Hikokujaku
Level 8 WIND Winged Beast-Type Ritual Spirit Effect Monster
ATK 3000
DEF 2500
You can Ritual Summon this card with “Espirit Calling”. Must be Ritual Summoned and cannot be Special Summoned by other means.
(1) If this card is Ritual Summoned: you can return up to 3 monsters the opponent controls to the owner’s hand, then you can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower Spirit monster from your hand ignoring its summoning conditions.
(2) During the End Phase of the turn in which this card was Ritual Summoned, return this card to the owner’s hand, and if you do, Special Summon 2 “Espirit Token” (Winged Beast-Type/WIND/Level 4/ATK 1500/DEF 1500).
RATE-JP060 Espirit Calling
Ritual Spell Card
This card is used to Ritual Summon “Espirit Lord – Hikokujaku” or “[…]”.
(1) Tribute monsters from your hand or field, and/or banish Spirit monsters from your Graveyard whose total Levels equal the Level of the monster that will be Ritual Summoned or more.


RATE-JP023 Espirit Bird – Kannaki Tsuru
Level 4 Winged Beast-Type Spirit Effect Monster
ATK 1500
DEF 1500
Cannot be Special Summoned.
(1) Once per turn, if a Spirit Monster(s) (other than this card) is Normal or Special Summoned, and this card is in the Monster Zone: You can activate this effect; draw 1 card.
(2) During the End Phase of the turn this card is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up: Return it to the hand.


RATE-JP072 Espirit Healing
Continuous Trap Card
You can only activate 1 effect of “Espirit Healing” once per turn.
(1) If a face-up Spirit monster you control is returned to your hand while this card is in your Spell & Trap Zone: you can target 1 card the opponent controls; destroy it.
(2) When an opponent’s monster declares an attack: you can banish 1 Spirit monster in your Graveyard; negate that attack, then end the Battle Phase.

So the whole archetype is searchable by Pre-Prep?

So, are we not getting a Valuable Book with 2 promos this year?

It finally happened, a WIND Ritual monster, and not only that, an archetype, and you can even use Mist Valley field if you want to tech something, like summoning a Speedroid, WW or Harpie if you are doing this type of tech.
Truly great. The effect is great, and it don't target, sure it has a lot of cards that can counter it but then again that is with pretty much everything. Ritual Spell isn't exactly good BUT it can banish Spirit monster for the summon so that helps a lot.
Pretty much, I really like this idea!
A spirit that can be used as an Upstart and a Trap that allow to destroy cards (by targetting though) and negate and end the Battle Phase.
For me, it's great!

>speedroids literally FREE tribute fodder
man this engine is in everything isn't it?

>Birdman, Dancer, Terrortop and some other Speedroid
This is gonna be interesting but first I need to see how consistent or inconsistent would be

Man, Pendulum Xyz monster really like to destroy and inflict a lot of damage with their RAGING TEMPEST unlike their Pendulum Synchro counterpast who are only interested in making the opponent'S LOW GO

Clear Wing Fast Dragon

Level 7 WIND Dragon-Type


Level 7


Pendulum Scale: 4

Synchro Materials:

Tuner + 1 or more WIND non-tuner monsters

Pendulum Effect:

(1) You can send 1 “Speedroid” Tuner monster + 1 non-Tuner monster you control whose Levels equal 7 to the Graveyard; Special Summon this card from the Pendulum Zone. You can only use this Pendulum Effect of “Clear Wing Fast Dragon” once per turn.

Monster Effect:

(1) During either player’s turn: you can target 1 face-up monster the opponent controls that was Special Summoned from the Extra Deck; its effects are negated, also its ATK becomes 0. These changes last until the end of the turn. You can only use this effect of “Clear Wing Fast Dragon” once per turn.

(2) If this card is destroyed by battle or a card effect while in a Monster Zone: you can place this card in your Pendulum Zone.

C/C/C getting printed when?

Shitty and slow scale searcher.
Great addition for the related decks. Soon will be even better with other pendulum Speedroids from manga.

Don't care about effects right now, the art looks glorious enough for me to like it.

(OP) #
Now all I need is some good pendulum magicians. Any being printed this set?

Descend Dragon Magician, not sure if it's good but it helps OERD summon

at least it's wing design isn't stupid as fuck like OERD

It's bad unless you fight another dragon. HOw can this these spoilers be so small? We usually get like 20 or 10 cards.

Huh, no Ruri cards in this set.

When card cameras are invented

I guess not. Which means the 2 remaining fusions slots have to be the WW Fusion and another Ancient Gear Fusion (hopefully Chaos Giant). Or maybe Asuka plays a Fusion.

wasnt she already jobbed by yuri?

>Raging Dragon's scale is perfect if put alongside Nirvana High Paladin
wow so Rebellion Dragon is just cucked like that

The new ritual spirit is really good

Too bad nobody will ever make it. What a waste of a card. Just like it's uglier cousin it needs an xyz material to do anything, Jesus fucking christ, Rage and Rebellion do not work in Yuya's deck like that. How's he suppose to use either if Yuto's not around? I'm even more angry at Clear Wing Fast Dragon being speedroid shit and not even good speedroid shit.

Rage is much better
>Rebellion effect activates on summon IF it was Xyz summoned using an Xyz monster as material
>only destroys lvl 7 or lower monsters and triple attack once
>no way to detach materials

>IF Rage was summoned using Xyz monster as an Xyz material, it can make 2 attack each battle phase
>can detach material to wipe everything on your opponents field

Fast Dragon is literally Nekroz of Clausolas for Speedroids

Agreed. Recently got back into YGO after retiring from playing it a year back an now I am like "really? My synchros and fusions can still whoop ass" then their comes the bullshit Blue-eye movies cards.
"Oh gr8 more shit 2 memorize".

>bullshit Blue-eye movies cards.
>"Oh gr8 more shit 2 memorize".
the only relevant one is Alternative Dragon, Chaos Max is decent.
more like Neo cuck dragon

God, here's to hoping Yuya ass pulls another magician that can make xyz monsters rank up instead, I don't want to use Xiangke anymore., level 3 scale sucks. Still, Xyz user was right the whole time. But I feel bad about the the synchro folks, You know no cardian, no level 9 blackwing and no hi speedroid. Might feel worse for the fusion folk, The other ancient gear will probably be Chaos Giant and whatever Yuri fusions out against Asuka. No Dennis.

>no level 9 blackwing
trash, who cares
>no hi speedroid
would probably be trash as well, only thing waiting for is that Speedroid Scratch card

C/C/C is Reira's deck

Nirvana High Paladin still shits on both Hitsu ni dragons.

>and another Ancient Gear Fusion
Or Performage.

Rage can shit on Nirvana High
>be summoned with Xyz
>destroy EVERYTHING like how Tyrant destroyed everything
>meanwhile Rebellion sits there like a cuck only able to destroy lvl 7 or lower monsters

It's OTK material that's for sure, but it'll use up a lot of resources to get it out it.

You forgot about wiping out backrow too.

Fuck meant to say, it gains 200 ATK points for every card destroyed including backrow.

>You forgot about wiping out backrow too.
I literally said it destroyed EVERYTHING

>be summoned with Xyz
And that's where you lose. Nirvana comes out quicker than Rage and rebellion

>Nirvana comes quicker than Rage and rebellion

shit scale

desu Shun should just give Yuya 3 copies of that Cross Xyz card, fuck that trash Xiangsheng Magician hope he never uses it.

It's better than OERD and uses the same amount of ressources, making it a better card.

I'm hoping he asspulls two new magicians since it's clear that it's going to be the same scenario where he summoned OERD for the first time.

Shun is lying on the ground atm

I doubt you would ever use it as a proper pendulum scale for pendulum summon in Speedroids

Does Odd Eyes Raging dragon effect target?

>01 is Yuya's Magician
>02-04 are blank
>05 is Yugo's speedroid
>episode 124 is called revived phantom knights
It might be possible, if Yuto only debuts new spells/traps and/or 1 monster

i know but still

>Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; destroy as many cards your opponent controls as possible, and if you do, this card gains 200 ATK for each card destroyed until the end of this turn.


For months you mocked me, called me names and laughed at me, but whose laughing now .Cred Forumsrc-V WHOSE LAUGHING NOW?

we get it, you vape

should have screencapped all those Yurifags and fusion pendulum fags

10/10 for artwork


>Yurifags just got btfo
I love it.

>great artwork, shit effect
>shit artwork, great effect

But it's still not what you asked for. You wanted Yuya to have his own Xyz because "OERD is DRXD's evolution". Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon is the absolute same.

>shit artwork, great effect

It isn't though. Rebellion looks like DRXD, while Raging looks like Odd Eyes.

Guys, why do I keep getting the feeling that Asuka's main purpose in GX was being hot and having big-breasted monsters?
I used to think she was important to the plot.

I can see how this shit happens, instead of overlaying OEPD with DRXD, he will overlay OEPD with OERD to make OERD

I guess Demon Yuya will overpower Yuto

Basically 46 all over again, but against the Ruri's with the possibility of new magicians to bring it out.

>tfw this doesn't have an effect that protects itself outside of the damage step

>loses to Crystal Wing
lmao fucking TRASH

>This means the Fusion Pendulum will be OEPD+SVFD
>This means SVFD won't get a proper pure Fusion upgrade
>This means Maximum Crisis will have another Yuya card as the cover card
>Muh booster patterns broken


Yurifags this fucking mad they think Rebellion is better than Raging

>Yurifags mad that Yuya will never make Yuri relevant

i know right, they still create cards that are nothing but big number beatsticks with shit effects

Yurifags don't exist, Anons. They left. The war is over.

You have to let go.

Pretty badass cover if I do say so myself

>m-muh predator plants will be good I swear
>cucked by ancient gears
>cover cards is Fusion pendulum
>cucked by big blackcard
>yfw they get cucked out of an upgrade

XYZ monsters are bullshit.

Rituals 4 Life

she looks cute

Its shit

So what exactly does Ruri and Serena do that pisses Yuya and Yuto off enough where they go edge?

It's been so long and they've been through so much bullshit that hasn't made them get mad, so what the hell do the Ruris do that really just fucks their psyche?


Serena's the one that took Yuzu away from Yuya AGAIN, so I think that's enough for him.

Kinda glad that they did not debut the Fusion Pendulum here. They should debut that during the eventual Yuya vs. Yuzu duel.

In other words the same thing as what Serena did with part Yuzu's screen-time back in Synchro and did nothing with it.

I was going to say why is Yugi so buff but I realized that's Atem. I'm not used to seeing him in promotional shit anymore.


>it's a koreans can't draw the best character episode

>Tfw listening to Burn and Arc of Smile

Where did Arc-V go so wrong.

Yuri isn't a character, he's a prop.

He's only there to make weird faces and laugh

Does anyone in Arc-V even qualify as a rounded character now?

fuck off

Yuto used to, same with Shun.

But that's right.

In all seriousness, what was the need to waste the cover card on another Xyz Pendulum that's literally just an errata on OERD?


>Xyz Pendulum
>Requires an Xyz Monster as Material to activate its effect
Is Xyz user is happy now? I wonder if this is what he wanted

It's not, but he refuses to admit it because he "won".

What did he want,then?

>Yuya gets his own non-Rebellion Xyz
Does this mean Yuto will finally separate from Yuya?

An Xyz monster that wasn't a DRXD evolution.

>What a disappointment.
Just like the game itself.

Fakeout so they can add a super secret hidden rare that is Fusion-Pendulum

It's just a recolor
Kinda like OERD's version of a Harpie lady #2

I don't see the problem. It's an odd Eyes upgrade too since it's part pendulum. XYZ fag should be more grateful.

Does the fucker at least have an effect that lets you detach materials to do shit? That was the worst part of OERD.

Tsukikage, Sora, ENJOY, Reira.
But their name isnt Yuya so the writers dont care.

This is good for OEM tho, especially since Raging Tempest adds a Level 7 Magician who can turn itself into Dragon-type.

>Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; destroy all cards your opponent controls, and until this turn ends, this card gains 200 ATK for each card destroyed
It needs to have an Xyz monster attached as a material to do this, though that's not really a problem considering Absolute Dragon exists.

>Detach one for a one-sided BRD
That's some shit. Shame destruction is garbage in the meta these days.

Nobody is looking at monster destruction. What makes it cool is backrow destruction.

It'll be good if they give Yuya a rank up spell or another Xyz that can help make these guys. And I'm not the Xyzfag that always going on about Yuya needing to use another monster when he separates from Yuto.

I mean from a practical stand point both dragons require an Xyz in order to use their effects. And Dark Rebellion does shit for them, and Creation and Destruction are seriously underwhelming in RL that they need a serious reboot/remaster by now.

I feel like they should give Odd eyes a few XYZ monsters to make this monster a lot easier to summon.

Are Asuka's breasts real?



Just add more copies of Absolute.

Yuzu used to be

You can use
>Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon
>Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon
>Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon
Absolute and Flare Metal are generic Level 7s as well, so you can use Dragonpit Magician if you want.

That reminds me, Red Eyes can bring this monster out fast. Shame there's only a few XYZ for their archetype.

>Rank-Up-Magic: Odd-Eyes Force
>can rank up any Dragon-type Xyz monster into an "Odd-Eyes" Xyz Monster with a higher rank
>searchable as an "Odd-Eyes" card

Yeah, but you need a card to make Flare Metal's Rank into a Level.

ARC-V went to shit after the Lancers left Standard.

>Not just "Odd-Eyes Shift"
>Activate this card by targeting 1 "Odd-Eyes" Xyz Monster you control. Remove all Xyz Materials from that target (if any), and then Special Summon 1 "Odd-Eyes" Xyz Monster from your Extra Deck with the same rank but different name, using that target at Xyz Material. (This Special Summon is treated as an Xyz Summon).

Is this the bargain bin Yuri that's shilling the new ancient gears?

>bargain bin Yuri

>Yurifags were disappointed by Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon
>They weren't disappointed by Predator Plants(shittiest ARC-V archetype)

>Yurifags in general


I'm not even a Yurifag, I just wanted to see a real Fusion Pendulum already because I'm a card collector...

>Yurifags were disappointed by Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon
Why would Yurifags want this? Odd eyes raging dragon beinga fusion pendulum wouldn't imply that Yuri jobbed to Yuya and died? nobody wants that

It implies that Yuri somehow became relevant thanks to interacting with Yuya

R.I.P. academia.

Where are you getting these from?

>Rip buget
seriously who the hell thought they'd choose these screen shots, at least pick on decent ones

The usual tv.yahoo.co.jp/program/?sid=162738

manga next week or this week?

Well I hope this means that since there's now 2 Xyz Pendulums and 2 Synchro Pendulums each that there'll be 2 a Fusion Pendulums. 1 of them should be Yuya's in the anime and the other should be manga Yuri's dragon.

What will Maximum Crisis's cover card be? The Fusion Pendulum or a SVFD Fusion (non-Pendulum) upgrade? Considering that every April since 2014 introduced a new type of Pendulum (Effect-Xyz-Synchro), I wouldn't be surprised if the April 2017 pack ended up having the Fusion Pendulum as the cover card and as the actual final ARC-V pack.

>Lancers left Standard.
>Implying the Lancer were a team at whole and Reiji wasn't already shown to be a morally grey person but also a shitty leader

Add "Then put this card under the Xyz monster as overlay materials" then you're good.

Though, I would still have it be Dragon-Type Xyzs if only to make Dark Rebellion/Requirem still useful.


Dammit i can't take it. Its too much time without subs and now things will get even worse. Guess its time to watch Spic subs. Hope they aren't shit

>implying they care about patterns at this point

I've already lost all hope, user. Don't be foolish.

Son, chances are there's going to be 3 when they retcon Dark Rebellion in the manga later. Face it, Xyz is where its at.

Yuri doesn't need pendulum fusion, because he has 2 decks!

No way the April pack will be the final pack. It's going to be the new pack of the 6th gen like it always has been.

I want to cuddle cute Sora, and anally punish wicked Sora

If Frightfur are in Fusion Enforcers that means Sora's gonna get a big duel soon to shill new Frightfurs! R-right?

>I will take back Serena

>Serena dies in 125

Superior blue hair boy.

Considering most Summer anime are ending this week/next week I think 125 will be the debut of the final OP and the show will end around late 140s, probably 146-147 close to Zexal.

I will mill you

Face it, she's going to be out of commission after 125 other than Revival Zero. Unless Yuzu somehow enters the scenes and calms Demon Yuya down, which is highly unlikely.

All they have to do is card 1 bracelet girl, hide her under a floor tile or something, and then Leo has no way of completing his plans. Then they uncard the girl after Leo's taken care of.

>Yesterday I bought the 2016 Mega Tin
>The three secrets I unpacked were Painful Escape, Painful Decision, and Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon
>Wake up this morning and see that Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon is another Xyz Pendulum






At least I was right about a Wind Ritual archetype existing. And it's based on Spirit monsters. So that's cool I guess.

I'm still wondering why they brought back Asuka.
Like, 20 episodes just passed and she did nothing other than being Yusho's walking stick and repeating every words he says.
There are 70% chances of her getting carded in the next episode (we'll, I'm glad to see she's just as useful as she was in GX).

>not wanting to collect all the Dimensional Dragons and their variants
>not using OE Rebellion as Rank Up fodder for Heart-eartH Dragon

>I'm still wondering why they brought back Asuka.


Tits and a Ritual character they could just print old stuff for.

Holy shit

You just solved what took 70 episodes in a single post

What the fuck

And on top of that why didn't KINGU just run over BB with Phoenix Whirlwind? The fucking this CIRCLED AROUND HIM and all he did was look menacing

So Yuto can make good Dragons but everything Yuya touches is tainted. Poor Odd-Eyes never even had a chance

>and a Ritual character they could just print old stuff for.

This is a semen demon



I doubt there will be an Odd-Eyes Clear or Venom. And I don't think Yuri will be relevant enough to get a Starve Venom Upgrade. It's kind of concerning he wasn't revealed first for Fusion Enforcers. Konami doesn't care about patterns and seems to be doing whatever it wants to. I personally hate how much shit Yuya is getting with Yuto, he needs more interaction with Yugo and Yuri.

I still demand someone to make a Serena and Ruri version for Yuya considering this is going to be the end game after he consume his other counterparts.

Well, they never got the chance to realease her Cyber Angels cards during the GX era (they only released her Cyber Girls cards if I'm correct) , so they decided it'd be the perfect idea to bring her back in Arc V as an excuse to release them now.
Their marketing was terrible recently and since they're so thirsty for many, the new Ancient Gear cards that will be released the next month have to be successful.
In order for that to happen, Yuri will have to win the duel.
At least they didn't brought back that tranny Italian teacher from GX.

I understand your feelings, user
>Just want more Prediction Princess cards that can strengthen Tarotrei and Shaddolls ft. Pot of the Forbidden Flip Shenanigans

Why don't they just punch people?
This show makes no fucking sense

>Punch people
1. Yuto and Shun are from fucking mortal kombat
2. Why can't they just run people over? D wheels have been proven to smash through stone walls

>Not wanting based Chronos back

I want Chronos to save Asuka's from being jobbed, then have an antique gea mirror, get carded, and then asuka destroys Yuri out of anger. If this happens I will praise this show better than SANDA coming back

Why is his EGAO so beautiful?

It's out of your control Anonymous. Some people are just born with awful tasteNA~NO~NE

I don't get it how come Yuto and Shun are superhuman while every other resistance member ranges from average to decent

Was it ever explained how Yuto can hurt people without Solid Vision?

>Hey you killed my friends
>So now we're friends


Yuto and Shun are obviously wuxia protagonists

>Why is his EGAO so beautiful?

Face it guys if Yuzu learned Xyz from Yuto instead of the jobber's method arc-v would be better since Xyz>all and Yuto would have been alive.

Has EGAO now reached the level of KATTOBINGU?

They're obviously Barians

edge is a powerful thing

>Watch Yuya I'm going to become strong
>Sora please teach me Fusion
We should have seen it coming

No. KATTOBINGU is still cooler.

DRXD needs food too. I'd actually prefer it if Standard didn't exist and Arc-V was about Xyz vs Fusion. Sure it would be really edgy with Yuto and Shun as the protagonists but you can't deny that it would be far more entertaining

I'm reminded of the time when World's Best Nii-san had to resort to his Edge Mask when his Ukulele-dueling wouldn't cut it.

KATTOBINGU was just for psyching himself up
Yuya is changing lives with EGAO(in a poorly written manner)

Xyz and Fusion characters are terribad though

>tons of PK and Fluffal support
Sounds cool

I don't remember Yuma brainwashing people. Seriously Yuya and the Doctor are doing the same thing except you can kill the parasite but you can never get rid of Egao

That's because Arc-V was managed poorly. Synchro was way to long which caused Xyz and Fusion to suffer. Xyz would be a lot better if Yuya didn't become Jesus

Tomato pheromones are dangerous.

Synchro feels like it as included just to shill more Blackwings

So everyone Yuya converted has Egao.wav playing in their heads on repeat?

What bothers me is that Synchro which Reiji stated was supposed to be a stop for potential allies is longer than Fusion which is the climax. What makes me bitter is that those "allies" just jobbed making a third of the show worthless

Shinji will show up at the end to defeat Hitotsu nii using the power of accel synchro

>Crow literally got 2.1 duels, and most of the cards he used were old Blackwings.
>Jack gets 3 duels, one of which is a 3-parter, and uses primarily new cards with a few of his better old cards thrown in for synergy.
I think you pegged the wrong shill.

Was it hypnosis?

Reiji is a horrible leader anyways he doesn't know what he's talking about.

>SR-Patching Rider

>accel synchro
I thought Ono would masturbate furiously and hype it up but no one cared. Meanwhile everyone in awe when Yuya pendulum summons five monsters

Crow got nine of his Blackwings printed though


I just wanted to hope that one day we could see a very dark but developed and great duels with yuya and yuzu but at the end end we got this big load of failure over everything, it's sad because this feeled like card games with romeo and juliet

10 years after Arc-v has ended. The world is taken by Yuya and his Egao dictatorship. Only one kid was not brainwashed. His name is Yuga Booga. His mission is to defeat the tyrannical Sakaki Yuya and his Joker like empire of Smiles and bring duel back to it's roots, with broken combos, rage and edge. Can Yuga booga achieve this before the smiles catch him?

I'm sorry but when Yuya duels Yuzu he'll use Egao World and FTK Yuzu

odd eyes rank up someday...

Does he use Darklords? I cant think of any archetyoe more edgy than that.

The next Yu-Gi-Oh will the edgiest Yu-Gi-Oh show since at this point Konami must realize that the only popular characters from Arc-V are the edgy Xyz duo


Actually, I'd say it's the darkness in him that's doing it.

THEY NEVER DIE/become actual cards

In 125

>yfw Yuya summons EGAO DRAGON and says IT'S LIKE ME

Wait, for this mean Speedroids now have Ignister access?

It's funny. They seem edgy but they're used by one of the coolest characters.

Haven't been following the threads for a while how is he Yuya supposed to summon this oddeyes and dark rebelion ala OERD or is it an XYZ change or something?
Also Synchro wing fast dragon is that a sign that yugo is getting nommed by Yuya soon or is it an OCG only card like Odd eyes meteor/absolute/saber dragons?

read the manga faggot

>YFW Yugo summons clear wing fast dragon and says "It's like me"

>yfw yuri summons steve jobbs venom and says nothing because he's never in the show

What I mean is a manga Yuri Starve Venom Fusion Pendulum, just like manga Yugo's Clear Wing Synchro Pendulum.

But I really do hope they give anime Yuri a proper Fusion upgrade to SVFD

Is ARC-V Worth watching?

No. We are all slaves to the time we invested in this thing. Kind like One piece viewers, but to a lower degree.

yes, ignore the other fags

I hope Maximum Crisis has both the Fusion Pendulum and an SVFD pure Fusion upgrade. It would be great to see Yuri debute some Predator Plant Fusions in his duel with Yugo. Then maybe we can see the upgraded SVFD during that duel or during a Yuya vs. Yuri duel where Yuya debuted the Fusion Pendulum

Just watch Standard arc and nothing else

7 episode rule

I told Konami of Japan that BLS could go to 2 and do nothing and they actually bought it the absolute madmen!

Yes, don't let anyone tell you different. You might want to wait for the inevitable episode guide though.

That doesn't on work 100+ episode series, especially since the tone and character of the show shifts violently from arc to arc.

Guidefag here.

Watch everything up to Episode 52 except 19-20. That's a good start.

You don't really need a guide until Synchro hits since pretty much everything in Standard is important with few exceptions.

>You don't really need a guide until Synchro hits since pretty much everything in Standard is important with few exceptions
We have a recap episode for Synchro so you dont have to watch it anymore


It works up to episode 51.

By then you are locked down anyway.


I'd still watch some of the duels. ENJOY and Jack's duels are pretty nice, and getting to see Shinji being a huge faggot is part of the Synchro Experience, so either watch the Ninjabro duel or the EnPal premiere.

Also Sergey's BS matches.


>mfw is good the first 50 chapter but end sucking because isn't allowed to be better than DM
fuck nostalgiacucks

Kurosaki vs Dennis is definitely one of the best duels in the series.

Also Sonic Banana v. NEO NEW.

>seriously thinking the writers make the anime shit on purpose when in fact they just fucking suck at planning and writing a solid story

Gee,Yuya, why do you get two xyz pendulums? I expect a new magician

>Movie Pack Gold Edition

For what purpose, komoney.

It drives the prices down more on cards like Alt so it's a good thing. I'm all for as many reprints as they want to make.

Anyone have that pic of the satellte being destroyed by that priestess, neos and space dinosaur? I can't find it in google

>implying wasn't happened with the others series


That never happened, user. You're imagining things.

No U


124. 125 is when Odd Eyes Edge debuts.





You had so much potential... All wasted.

Ok f/a/rc.v-ms, impress me

What would be two suitable magicians to come with this? Destruction and Creation are overused in the anime.

Yeah it's true of all series but it hurts Arc-V the most due to its format as a continuous story.

He had no potential. All he does is make funny face.

>gold edition
>not Kaiba Corp rare edition

That's all they had to do to justify these reprints.

something that makes oeraD come out faster

Can anyone who's good with photoshop remove the watermarks from the SR Pendulum pls?

Show me the yuya one.

What's wrong with them both?



Not much really. They're just both overused. Plus I need more Magicians for my OEM deck.

that cropping



I spent about 20 seconds making it in a program that you're not supposed to use to crop images.

If you have to ask, probably not. Anyone who tells you otherwise lacks perspective.


Was it ever uploaded?

There's never been a point in the show where Yuto wasn't using solid vision with mass. All xyz duel disks have had that function since it's implied they reverse engineered Academia disks (also explains why they were able to transport to Standard).


Kattobingu was just a nonsense way to say the typical shounen
>I'll never give up!

Egao legitimately has direct brainwashing powers. Very dangerous.

Tags male: males only mind break mind control shotacon yaoi



Good luck..



Yuya already said he thinks Serena is being controlled too, though. And that he'd save both Yuzu and Serena.

Why are you so mentally challenged

I think he means that he might have been an interesting adversary and contrast to Yuya.

But he hardly ever shows up (until now), Yuya's been an annoying egao jesus for a while, and they've had 0 direct contact anyway. Sasuga Arc-V

The irony is Serena is probably going to get fucked in the ass bad in 125.

Yeah, but it's not because he's mad at Serena normally when he said out loud that he's not. It'll be some other thing. I have no idea how anyone could fail to read into a children's show like this

Man, you got triggered enough to reply to a post over 8 hours old. A post that was probably intended as a joke, no less.

>in the ass
>not in the pussy along with the other pussies
>then take responsability
>and feed her
They have to be idiots to do that.

>In the pussy


>promised that she'd get Yuzu back from Academia no matter what
>gets herself and Yuzu delivered straight to Leo

lmao, useless bracelet girl

>4 hours and still can't get a way to make a Northwemko lock work again
Well, Silent Magician works well with Performages and Chocolate/Berry, plus Valkyrie and the Secret & Decree lock. Sadly Northwemko doesn't...
I guess I should try DM now How much is Dark Magic Circle?
You know what will be true rage though? Her being an YCS Prize Card.

>tfw didn't get a new Kisara card as the next promo but a shitty SR instead

I think I found more magician girls.

>How much is Dark Magic Circle?

$30 a pop and it's a staple 3 of in the deck. Good luck.


Still the OTP, September 2016.

Yugi has the best deck ever.

I am still wondering why she didn't even got a figure, not to mention a movie appearance.

Agree. The man is truly lucky.
She is in the movie for a couple of seconds. There's a flashback of the ceremonial duel with Yugi and her against Atem and Osiris

>not to mention a movie appearance.

She is in the movie.

She was in the movie, her and Silent Swordman appear in the duel against Aigami.

I still believe that, as Yugi's monster, she deserved more. I mean, both she and Swordman screwed with all of Atem's monster.

Wait they did? Sauce now.
>still haven't see too much of Darkside of Dimension except for a few info here


He's shown in Yugi's duel against Aigami. Not sure about Magician.

Did Swordsman do anything in the final duel? I can't remember much besides Yugi fucking the gods over and Silent Magician blowing out Mahad and Mana

When can we watch the movie subbed?

>Kaiba gave Obelisk to Atem which he used against Marik, and direct attacked him with a punch

>Atem gives Obelisk to Kaiba which he used against Aigami and direct attacks him with a punch


Not out yet unfortunately. BD doesn't come out until sometime in 2017.

How is she in Dark Synchro?

I don't know, I'm terrible at deck building and playing because I learned from the anime and the only decks I know how to play are the main character's, cept Neos, I don't know what to do with that shit, send help.

Pretty good but irrelevant now that the OCG killed the deck with the recent banlist. I imagine she will see more play in DM like she is supposed to. Who knows when we'll get her but I imagine Tewart will kill the deck soon as well since it gets in the way of his Kozmos, SPYRAL and Subterror.

Why does Tewart hate fun so much

>You will never be the sensei to a bunch of genki magical girls

Pretty much.
SM defeated the personal bodyguards of Atem and SS the gods.

>Oh look, another Xyz Pendulum
>No Fusion Pendulum
>Nothing to look forward to in RATE nor for the next quarter of a year
I literally feel betrayed by Konami right now

God damn, that's badass as hell. 2 just really powerful siblings taking on a king's strongest beasts and his most loyal servants.

Pity they can't really work together due to the nature of their summoning methods. there aren't enough generic light warriors and spellcasters for them. Through Silent Magician seems to have found a home in the magician girl deck, but Silent Swordsman seems kinda stuck, Buster Bladers are dragons and change things into dragons to kill dragons, Gaia knights are random shit and Black Lusters need that, THAT'S WHAT BUGS ME. This spoiler section didn't tell us a damn thing about black luster solider support! What the hells that? Usually that's their lead in, was it a lie, is DM whoring over now? I,wait, never mind that, they need their ritual spells and generic warrior support and Silent Swordsman would get in the way of that.


>Nothing to look forward to in RATE

There's still Zodiac and legacy support for stuff like Shaddols, Noids, BLS, etc. They're all going to be through twitter right now.

As for the lack of information, the VJump editor hates YGO so he's probably trying to cut out their coverage in the magazine. It also explains why we're getting more live video events for new cards and such.


>Editor hates YGO
How do you know this?

Jesus fucking christ

Does 2ch hate the show as much as we do?

Old news. 122 ratings come out tomorrow so we'll see if Arc-V sets the record for 5 lowest ratings in nico nico history.

What? Did they get a new editor recently?

>2 Xyz/Pendulums
>2 Synchro/Pendulums
>0 Fusion/Pendulums
>Yuri uses gears in his first full duel.

More, I think, in terms of active dislike and anger. There's more apathy here and for some reason the occasional apologist.

They have an active hatred of it, and Yuya

They like Reiji and Yuzu, but those characters never do anything

Heard it from NAC where they heard it from BBS/Maxut which usually provide the leaks and whatnot. I don't really know what's going on in the managerial department for VJump.

Seems like literally everyone gave up on the show after Standard

>Nothing to look forward to in RATE
Espirits, user.

The other one is Yugo's and can only be used by Yugo you douche, Yuya has no wind monsters, yuya had no speedroids. It's not designed to work with Yuya's deck like Rebellion,Raging and Nirvana High are, Go fuck yourself, and you pattern fags who are holding out hope that this means 2 fusion pendulums from Yuya, you can get it,too. I just hope those last 3 slots are magicians, hopefully one of those fucks comes with a rank up effect because Xiangke fucking sucks and is useless. If Konami gained enough awareness that Rebellion needed to be kicked out, they should know that both dragon's requirement of xyz material needs to be losened up like a virgin. I want to get those 3 attacks off, I want to get those backrow hate moves going.

>Usually that's their lead in, was it a lie, is DM whoring over now?
Pretty much.
They're just patching up the massive failures all other decks that aren't Blue-eyes or ABC were with the legacy support now.
They're just pack filler these days, nothing to be excited about unlike the new cards.

Theyre both girls tho

>part of Arc-V's legacy will be being THE most reviled show on nico
Unless some other anime manages to anger them even more, quickly afterwards. But considering that the nips got even more irate than at Kuma Miko's ending episode, it's hard to imagine.

>The other one is Yugo's
So? It is still the Synchro/Pendulum.
>and can only be used by Yugo you douche
It is still playable in pendulum magicians.
>Yuya has no wind monsters

The writers pretty much gave Yuya too much attention and at this point made him a Messiah(which is one of the things any Yugioh series honestly shouldn't have). Because of that and the crap with Synchro and Xyz, Reiji's and Yuzu's potential as well as the other original casts were wasted and this here is the result of all that.

I remember some anons stating that the two episodes right after Reiji vs Yuya II were dumb (the one with Yoko's duel) but it wasn't that big of a deal. The thread's done the runaround lots of times with whether or not Synchro was shit, but things didn't get bad enough to create that much anger until towards the end of Synchro (92) and into Xyz.

Yuya is one of the biggest problems from a character standpoint. He sucks away all the character from everyone around him to make him look better. It's like there is someone in the ears of the writers yelling at them to make Yuya look better in every situation.

>The writers pretty much gave Yuya too much attention and at this point made him a Messiah
I wouldn't say he is the second coming of jesus because he still gets his ass kicked and only survives because of his friends or action cards. Even Yuma would be able to beat him in a fair duel. He is literally the weakest MC of the franchise

>Aigami wants the Pharaoh's power and has links with Egyptian history and eventually turned into an evil version of himself because of his hatred
>he also has a sister who wants to save him and a another guy who support him
>Shadi and Bakura were involved in his life
Isn't this guy just Marik 2.0? His story even ended the same way with him being forgiven for all the shit he pulled and he goes to Egypt to live his family

There'll be 1 Fusion Pendulum from anime Yuya and 1 from manga Yuri

Yep. He is just a random antagonist Kaz created.
DSOD is the story of Kaiba and his obsession and the other half is all the characters getting a closure.

Who does the voices for these?

It's not the raw dueling strength (since all the duels are scripted anyway), it's how all the other characters react to the MC.

Him getting his ass kicked has no consequences and doesn't do a thing for his character outside of Jack. The problem is that he changes every single character around him with little effort. He sucks the life out of everyone and everything. The characters, villains and everything else revolve around him.

Why is Kaito the best manlet?

>Isn't this guy just Marik 2.0
Will we get Aigami Magician Girl too?

Yep. DSoD seems pretty bad from a writing standpoint.
I'll watch it for the visuals.

Ladies and Gentlemen! I have come to suck your screentime!

That's Jason Griffith.

Try not to bite.

If you had been in charge of creating the Odd-Eyes and the dimensional dragons cards, how would you have handled them?

Don't kill Yuto so we don't get shit like OERD
Make them support their archetypes well
Don't make a million Odd-Eyes, try and distribute the variations across all of them

There are a lot of similarities but I don't know if I would say he's a Malik 2.0. Aigami is more of an anti-villain while Malik is more of the traditional villain.

OERD is fine. Even without Yuto getting murdered it can appear

You have to make all 4 Yus equally important. Yuya is the main character but he shouldn't be the center of the universe. Especially sine they dimension hop in this show.

Red-Eyes Fusion Dragon
Red Daemon-Eyes Synchro Dragon
Galaxy-Eyes Xyz Dragon

>not Armed Light and Darkness Dragon

You know it have made things much funnier in 122 after the duel Sawatari literally goes up to BB and says "Hey, since you've been EGAO'd mind if I use your duel disk since you carded the idiot that broke mine?"

From what I've seen I actually think he's better than Marik. Marik was just a whiny little bitch who couldn't handle pain and turned evil because he felt robbed of his life. His character pretty much extended to just being a zany villain doing villainous things, which was highly entertaining, but that's kind of all Marik is at the end of the day. Yeah he developed a bit and realized his mistakes but there wasn't as much depth to him as Aigami who has a much more tragic backstory and better justifications for what he's doing. His motivation isn't just simple revenge either but he's trying to create his own warped version of a utopia centered around the concept of collectivism which reflects his upbringing. He's also surprisingly more important to the original canon than Marik was with the importance of his cube, the concept of dimensions/dimension duels, etc. Yeah he gets redeemed but this is a shonen at the end of the day so it's not too surprising.

Granted this is just what I've kind of read from synopsis so I don't know how well it translates to the screen with visuals and dialogue. But he seems like a really interesting character overall and a callback to villains like Pegasus who weren't just "split-personality, evil incarnate" villains but actually had a strong, human side to them too. His design is also much better than Marik and his cards look cooler/have interesting lore.

No guarantees.

>each of the dimensional dragons gets an evolution, like Crystal Wing and Dark Requiem
>only Odd-Eyes has a pre-evolution, and that's the reason its the only one that can combine with the other ones like in OERD's case, because of Yuya's pendulum fucking shit up
>the other Odd-Eyes Monsters (Saber, Vortex, Galaxy, Gravity...) are alternate evolutions of the original Odd-Eyes Dragon, they appear because of Yuya interacting with his counterparts, except for Saber and Gravity

>Yeah he developed a bit and realized his mistakes but there wasn't as much depth to him as Aigami who has a much more tragic backstory and better justifications for what he's doing.
They both come from the same abusive backgrounds except Aigami's dad didn't give his son a permanent scar on his back and tormented him so badly that he had to form a split personality just to cope with the abuse and then had Shadi lie to his face that the Pharaoh's Spirit killed his dad and sent him on a wild goose chase of a revenge quest.
Instead Shadi killed his dad and filled his head with bullshit about him being equal to Yugi and escaping to a better world with the rest of the Prana or whatever all those kids Shadi had were which finally ended when Bakura was nice enough to do us all a favor and kill the bastard and then kill the rest of kids so they don't have to live with those ideologies for the rest of their lives.
>tfw Bakura was actually a good guy and killed a cult leader who abducted children and promoted misanthropy
RIP, gone too soon.

Did normal Bakura actually die to Aigami in the movie? We see him pleading for his life and then never again. Poor Bakura, the poor british lad went through so much shit because of that evil spirit. He flat out died in the Toei anime if I recall. It's also upsetting that Rex and Weevil make cameos yet Mai, Serenity and Miho don't get at least a name drop, Fucking Duke Devilin is in this movie and that guy never dueled at all outside of filler along with Rebecca the filler loli

>Did normal Bakura actually die to Aigami in the movie?
No. I'm pretty sure he came back after Zorc Aigami died.
It's just that he's so irrelevant that nobody noticed.

Less chicken, more dragon

>it's an Odd-Eyes went to the gym episode

Well based on what you said it seems Shadi fucked up Aigami and made him even more damaged than what he did to Marik. He killed his dad, took his innocence, and imposed his own warped view of humanity on him and other kids who are essentially extended siblings to Aigami. But the tragic thing is despite all that, Shadi is the closest thing he has to a real father and the kids are the closest things he has to a family and they all get brutally murdered in front of him by a raging psychopath. Aigami basically has to live with all this while Marik gets to hide behind a dark personality so it's easier to redeem him. He even doesn't realize he killed his dad until years later.

I don't think Marik's backstory even comes close. Aigami was just so fucked from the start from every angle.

I worry about that dude, He's so passive I can't help but imagine those fanclub girls coming after him sexually

Now then, back to the present. Am I the only one curious why Hitsu ni has such a tendency for xyz? two monsters by him are created from xyz summon and even through at this point Yuya has more fusions than xyz and has 2 synchros, Yuya himself has been geared towards xyz as well, you can count and you'll see that he's xyz summoned more times than he's done any other method in the series. It's strange, could mean something or could it just mean the writers are too lazy to have Yuya use his fusions and synchros over his xyz?

>I worry about that dude, He's so passive I can't help but imagine those fanclub girls coming after him sexually
He'll probably pick one and live happily ever after so no worries. It's still better than Yugi who got cucked out of Anzu or Jounochi who literally never saw Mai again after BC.

>Now then, back to the present. Am I the only one curious why Hitsu ni has such a tendency for xyz?
xyz is the best mechanic in the game and it is fitting that he wants as much power as possible.
That and it's easy to write in unlike synchro which needs tuner shit or fusion which needs poly or whatever.

they could easily just scrap Poly idea and make it contact fusion, fuck Poly

Xyz being xyz to write is probably exactly the reason why Yuya has xyz as his most used summoning. Enlightenment Paladin only appeared in 2 full duels and cameo'd in an off screen one along with Dark Rebellion and Odd Eyes, Nirvana High has 1 duel, Brave Eyes 1 duel, Rune Eyes 3 duels, Beast Eyes, 2 duels, Odd Eyes Rebellion Dragon, 6 duels and Dark Rebellion has more than 10 duels he's appeared in.

> ft.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? Talk like a normal person.

featuring you fucking moron

That doesn't even make sense.

The english language is full of nonsensical acronyms like that. Get used to it.

Acronyms are things like LDS for Lancers Do Shit. What you mean is an abbreviation.

They really should have dedicated more of the Duelist pack two the Silents. Would ave made that set worth something.


The quads have spoken

I need the original

The video making fun of Arc-V's abysmal ratings is now the 6th most viewed video of all time under the Arc-V tag, and climbing.

>Arc-V has become a total laughingstock

Link it.

All you have to do is click the 'list by views' bar


This was also right after episode 118, before Arc-V blew everyone away by grabbing the top 4 spots on the lowest rated anime episodes of all time.

>tfw I tried to hide floating comments but it was part of the video

>>Arc-V has become a total laughingstock

Good. Its single handedly taken first place for biggest waste of potential of any YGO series ever.

It's also now forever imprinted that legacy on nico and the internet, giving the japs meme fuel for years and years since they never let go of anything.

What ones are good? I've only ever watched the original series through the Pegasus arc.

What's your threshold for good? It's not a Yugioh series without a serious gaffe or two marked on its run.

westaboos like 5D's and hate Zexal, nips like Zexal but hate 5D's, DM is the best out of all

Hate should be reserved for their reaction to Arc-V. It's more like they ignored 5D's, relatively.


All Yugioh series are worth watching. They are just really inconsistent. Arc-V shit the bed incredibly badly. It is the single biggest waste of potential in the franchise

Fuck yuu, chicken is based


Odd eyes chick degeneracy when?

is 123 out yet?

How is Arc-V worth watching? Even considering the two series that jumped down the shitter the hardest, if you watched just the first 64 episodes of 5D's and pretend the rest doesn't exist, you'll probably be okay.

If you watch the first 51 episodes of Arc-V and pretend the rest never happened, you have a bunch of unresolved character arcs (or whatever little of that there is) and major plot questions (that still aren't answered, lmao). Although I guess the show is interesting in a 'what not to do' kind of way.

Depending on how Arc-V ends I may not even recommend anyone to watch it. Why go through 126 episodes just to finally get to the meat of the story when it's not even satisfying?

You're a person who watches for character rather than plot? Well you're sol because unless you like Yuya none of the other characters are even HALF as relevant as him.

Arc-V has some decent duels like Shun vs Dennis, Shun vs Crow and Kaito blowing out the jobbers. You can get partially excited for the cameo characters when they first appear until you realize how they are going to be used. Edo was fine in his first duel but after that he was shit. Asuka was fine in her first duel but after that she was shit. Kaito was fine in his first duel but after that he was a screentime hog.

It'll be the surprise of the year if anything Leo has to say is legitimately worth 1 year and a half of avoiding the question.

Does anyone still have that watch guide for Arc-V?

I'll give you Shun vs Dennis. But Shun vs Crow is meh and shilling, while Kaito's duels are terrible.

I ask you: what is a battle?

As a human being is granted life, one's soul gets taken over by a vessel named "flesh".

In other words, Flesh is the prison of your soul!
The prison which you can never escape until death which arms itself in order to protect its own life.

Is your enemy your own family?
Is your enemy a stranger?
Is your enemy another nation?

For the one we care, we fight.
Against the ones with different ideologies we fight.

Those stupid wars where people hurt each other have had history repeat itself. What's even sillier is, even the winners have imprisoned themselves in flesh.

However, with this new-generation Duel Disk, your soul shall gain freedom!

We are entering a new era of worldwide networks allowing us to coexist.

Languages, borders, races, ideologies--
Move on to the future, beyond all those barriers!

Put your own fighting spirit into this new generation Duel Disk! The weapon shall be your cards!
How is 4K even going to dub this to make it sound kid friendly?


>I ask you: what is a battle?
You should be using duels for egao, not for fighting~

IT'S TIME TO DUEL repeated 20 times

Hey, Cred Forumsrc-v I need some help.
I want to get a hold of Arc-V footage; is there a batch of certain episodes logged somewhere? It's been a long time since I've sat down in these threads with you all, and likewise, it's been a long time since I've downloaded Arc-V from mono, if we even do that anymore.

>this entire speech just to shill a Duel Disk
Kaiba's truly gone off the deep end
>even after all this he still can't even beat Yugi

Good man



Why do people make those ?

Yes youre still alive

I'm asking myself the same thing

What is death to a demon from a different dimension?

because of the upgrade, my phone no longer posts image.png. I'm still here though.

>But Shun vs Crow is meh and shilling
Would it have been better if Shun won that duel, dueled Yuya in the next round, Yuto got dragged into it, have Shun's ability to see ghost Yuto explained, try to save Yuya and Yuto from Hitotsu ni and fail, and still have this magnificent piece after that duel?

Of course it would have. Crow winning went nowhere and he just got carded by Harambe.

>All Yugioh series are worth watching
I could agree with this if they were all half the length. I'd only recommend it to fans of the original manga.

The double rank-up play was great. Seeing Shun and Crow relate to each other was great. Shun saving the kid was great. Everything Shun does makes his duels worth watching but I agree with

Shun should have won that duel. Crow winning did nothing for the show or characters.

It was a great duel though from Yuya's position. He needs to get his brain fried more often. Supreme King's Wings was fun to watch and made me EGAO.
>Behold Yuya! My final ace! If this card is destroyed I lose, so I'm going all out!
>I destroy your monster and inflict you damage equal to its attack. GG NO RE

D/D Savant Descartes when?
Who would he be paired with? Leibniz?

What's your favorite Reiji?
Collect them all!

Any updates on the subs?

The one that was in the show

It isn't going be released this week due to encoding issues. It'll probably be released along with 123 subs.



>In the show

I bet they're going to remake the old Yugioh shows after Arc V ends (like DM, GX, 5D's,Zexal,Arc V.

they should just make a live action series

A big one.

I'd watch Arc-V live action if they'd hire seiyuus as actors.

Should I still have faith in Asuka after all this?

I want Kurosaki Shun to pun

If she has her GX deck with Pot of Greed and MST

And I want Kurosaki Ruri to no-pan.

Anyone have a link to the Arc-V Mega?

Banana a qt!

The face of vengeance !

No... more... nostalgia...... I beg thee

>inb4 even more Blue-Eyes support
>Kaiba becomes top tier forever

I cannot allow it.

Is it just me or are Asuka's monsters just as busty and over-sexualized as she is?

This is what happens after carding arguably the most useful character of the shitty excuse of a team "Lancers" off-screen after an episode that was way better by comparison.

Why wouldn't they be? They're not 'sexualized', though, they're just very feminine.

Also, the first 4 videos under the Arc-V tag are general Yugioh videos that include multiple series.

So the most viewed Arc-V only video is Neo New Supreme Sawatari's Structure Deck CM, and then the very embarrassing nico rating video comes in 2nd.

Freud for the ultimate D

D/D Savant Freud and D/D Savant Jung.

It's fine from a writing standpoint, really. Keep in mind that the main focus is on Kaiba and giving closure to Yugi and his friends. Aigami was just sort of tacked on becayse they needed a villain and even then people ITT have pointed out that he's better than Malik in certain areas.

Yugi and co. Forgiving him afterwards was baf writing though, just because Kaz didn't have the balls to kill him.

Why didn't Kaiba just card him?

Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon's summoning chant is playing on loop in my head, for the past two weeks. how do I stop it?


Stop being chunni, Kaito.

B-But they're shit.

Make me, academia pawn!

Is Marco-sensei going to be okay?

The only thing you should be buying is Cipher Dragon
the rest are all shit, including Neo and RUM

cant wait to see new record

Cipher Blade is goodish too.

Yami ni kagayaku ginga yo

My first reaction to this is a little head twitch and something similar to vietnam flashbacks.

>yfw she uses MST on Geartown/Ancient Gear Fortress


Shifuku no hayabusa yo

Fuck off, Shun. We manlet rage now.

You know maybe it's just Arc-V reality wrapping itself around the will of Yuya's EGAO, but this Kaito actually seems pretty well-adjusted and stable.

Imagine if it was ZEXAL Kaito who had experienced Haruto being carded instead.

Proceed to card literally everyone and die of photon cancer in the process, or card himself via glance at the mirror.

Oh wait I forgot, aren't they actually dead here?

I miss Fubuki-san, Haruto, and even Dr. Faker to a degree. Why does the YGO franchise have such a fetish about breaking families up? Remember how many times Mokuba got kidnapped and Rua & Ruka got separated?

Is it because of this card?

Mind blown.

Didn't Kaito pull that number out of his ass?

He pulled it out of the moon, silly.

Asuka's not that sexual. Neither is her deck, not really. They're all just overtly feminine. There's not a lot of very flattering shots of Asuka, in spite of everyone including myself remembering her as GX's main hottie. It's mostly the fanart and ARC-V's Asuka that helps in that regard.

Were the Yu-Gi-Oh girls's breasts ever referenced in the series?
I think the only time it happened was during a bath scene in ep 3 of Yu-Gi-Oh GX (Japanese version only,of course) where one of Asuka's friends mentions that she's jealous on how 'busty' her friend is.

Zexal, maybe? I don't recall. But if it happened, it was definitely in fanservice land.

Out of curiosity,is Chronos from GX a transgender or is he just a gay guy? Was there ever a moment where it's shown he likes men?

>Out of curiosity,is Chronos from GX a transgender or is he just a gay guy?
>Was there ever a moment where it's shown he likes men?
Never. In addition, by the laws of YGO the gayer a character appears to be, the more hetero they actually are.

The corollary is also true. Judai is the least gay-appearing MC, and he ends up winning a middle-aged male ghost and a hermaphrodite spirit monster.

Chronos is a literal Antique gear from the future, sent back to aid Judai into becoming the duelist that is going to save the world. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yeager practices incest, he doesn't count.

in addition: Roger = Chronos after a change of heart and plastic surgery.

Oh my god! I was so shocked when I found out Jeager has a family ( I was all like 'OMG! He's straight!').
Though,in Yu-Gi-Oh it seems the most manly guys are actually homo and the feminine one are straight.
Just wait 10 years for the remakes of 5D's and GX where Jeager and Chronos have a Grell Sutcliff-esque personality and both have mad crush on Crow and Principal Samejima respectively.


>( I was all like 'OMG! He's straight!').