Fate/Kaleid Liner PRISMA ILLYA

Fate/Kaleid Liner PRISMA ILLYA thread.

This is the best fate.

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Kuro is very ugly

of course. she has Syrian skin.

Kuro is best gril.
Kuro is love.

Why bother with this 3rd girl?
Kuro and Illya are the only ones that matter.

Better than UBW? Haven't been keeping up.

Why dark skinned girl always slutty in anime?

Is that some kind of allusion of dark skin people as niggers?

She is from Syria. These people are beasts.

are you trying to trick me?

This is your sensei for tonight.

I want to touch Kuro's vagina~

God, normalfags and shitposters have ruined the word senpai for me. I can't help but get irritated whenever I read it or hear it. Sakura saying it dozens of time like the broke cockdoll that she is didn't help at all.

I want to protect Ilya.
I want to protect Kuro.
I want to protect Miyu.
However, I DON'T want to protect Miyu's butt.

This hairstyle and outfit was the fucking cutest.


She's the best and tanned you goddamn faggot

Why was the latest episode felt it had no budget and rushed as fuck seeing the episode could have gone two episode cut.

It's a shame, they are capable of making good episodes but the animation in the last one was not impressive at all.

>this was the episode they decided to fuck up

Because we just can't have good things

Are they cups or toilets?

The last episode indeed seemed a notch worse that the whole season before it.

And, where's the mana restroration scenes?

that butt will save the world

Literally nobody but few retarded Shiroufags care.

I was saying since forever the SL won't give a fuck about this. Shirou ruined the manga and killed it's sales.

a big brother protecting his little sister killed the sales?
what has this world come to

People only cared about this shit for the loli yuri

So the edgy fag killed the manga sales.
The adaptation being shit with loli fanservice killed the anime sales.
Can anything else go wrong?

>Shirou ruined the manga and killed it's sales.
Pretty much. This entire parallel world arc soured me on Prisma Ilya. The beginning of the arc was nice and promising but then it added a lot of undesired elements. The worst part was when the focus of the manga drastically changed to Shirou's point of view. It's ok if you use him to explain Miyu's origin and her "autism" but he overstayed his welcome and we had to sit through more of his bullshit justice speeches.

I want Kuro to restore mana to my penis!

>killed it's sales.

It's making shitloads of money with loli merch. Anime sales barely matter.

It makes sense that they went full QUALITY on Shirou, his merch won't make shit. Better to save time and money for Illya action.

This season has been hot garbage, did anyone actually want this parallel world chuuni shit.

What's the point of presenting Illya with a huge dilemma if she just goes "I choose both kek"


But they went full QUALITY drawing loli bodies too, and ruining or cutting out loli fanservice, why is that?

>did anyone actually want this parallel world chuuni shit.
Nobody wanted this you fucking imbecile. Most of us were dreading the adaptation of these last episodes.

>What's the point of presenting Illya with a huge dilemma if she just goes "I choose both kek"
references, dude.

Sales actually went up during the flashback arc. I have no idea where the Shirou killed the manga sales comes from.

How do we fix Illya?

Get her fixed.

We don't. The Flashback arc is over. She's returning to centre stage now.

Speaking of, when is the next chapter due?

Ebin proofs dude.

>Shirou ruined the manga and killed it's sales.
Yeah that's why volume 7, which is 100% flashback, has the highest two week sales in the entire series.

>This is the best fate.
That's not true and you know it.

No. 3rei ruined the series. Julian is shit, flashback arc is shit. It became a shitty edgefest.

>Sales actually went up during the flashback arc
Sasuga fateshitters, you even ruin your spin-off by making it more akin to the main shit of the franchise.

Volume sales never mattered for this series. Anime always sold like shit and manga always sold mediocre.

What matters is merchandise. Shirou isn't selling any.

TFW no Kuro to kiss you. Why even live ;_;

2wei and 2wei herz are the best anime along K-ON s1/s2. Nothing compares to these four.

Are these girls JS or JC?

Good, I don't want to go to jail.

Shirou doesn't sell merchandise but I don't see how his presence would hurt their sales. Hell the last couple years we've had more Prisma merch then ever.

Well, this series probably doesn't even get them 10 percent of what any other, non-loli title in the franchise does, so by that logic they shouldn't even bother to make anime out of it at all.

>make a fun magical loli series with the best action in the Fate franchise
>turn it into generic Fateshit with edge and Shitrou

I can't believe there are people who liked the flashback arc. We had 0 action in almost a year. Fucking zero.

Are Shirou autists really retarded enough to like chapters with nothing but Shirou talking?

>Volume sales never mattered for this series.
If you mean manga volumes this is 100% bullshit.

Wrong. Illya was selling more merch than the main series. Why do you think it got more seasons than any other Fate anime?

You have no idea how popular Illya merchandise is.

Think rationally, and realize anything TM related is fillede with casuals, kids and normal faggots.

Can't you go to jail if you don't help someone who's hurt or dying? At least here it would be criminal to not fuck her and give her all the mana she needs.

It was always selling 30-40k. Which is very mediocre for a manga.

Blame Japan for that. And I also doubt that anyone who unironically likes Shirou is older than 15 so there's no need to worry about them.

>Wrong. Illya was selling more merch than the main series
A single Saber fig probably makes more than all Illya merch combined

Prisma wasn't until 3rei happened and fateshitters started orgasming over their badass fag stealing the MC spot.

Saber boom was years ago. Her merch no longer sells very good.

It's about context. For something mainstream like Jump it's mediocre. For CompAce it's great.

Next episode Shirou should just heroically sacrifice himself for Miyu and give main character spot back to the main characters and give screentime for mana restoration scenes and fun things.

That's not quite how it works, you restore her mana as she drains you.

>lolishitters being this mad about Shirou

Every time. Cry more you fucking faggots.

Is Fate the capeshit of Japan?

What I see for the last week is Shiroushitters crying how their best scene in the series was ruined.

Are you sure about that, bro? We still don't know anything about Tanaka, and fucking Angelica hasn't spoken yet.

SL will axe the flashback arc.

Why would you go to jail for restoring mana on a tanned loli?

Go back to your main Fateshit circlejerk thread faggot. It's hard enough to endure the worst part of Ilya without you shitposting.

We need more Kuro x Illya, both in the series and in thread.

>people mention that they fucked up the emotional climax of the series and the best part of the entirety of Prisma
>it's just Shirou's overrated trashy substanceless fight

I seriously hope none of you idiots think that the emotional """"climax"""" of Illya's magical girl spin-off is about fucking Shirou of all people. Who fucking spouts this bullshit?

But it's been Shiroufags crying the last 2 days. As someone who's into prisma mainly for the lolis I was also a bit disappointed with how the episode was handled but nowhere on the level of those who were so hyped for shirou to show up.

>implying we are getting another season

Even if we do it will be another powerpoint presentation like this one.

Keep crying faggot.

I prefer Miyu x Illya, but I respect your choices.

Ainsworth was a mistake

Yeah, if anything the climax comes when Illya, Kuro and Miyu win against the odds and manage to returns to their normal lives in the normal world. Shirou does not belong.

>and the best part of the entirety of Prisma

Said literally no one except for retarded shiroufags who never even cared about the series in the first place.

I was always saying that 3rei is the worst part of the series. Even without Shirou. Julian ruined it by himself.

I was expecting it to be shit since that Gil fight in the last season desu. SL can't animate for shit.

>People are actually happy that SL completely dropped the ball this season and we probably won't get another one
I don't really understand.

Everybody with a brain knows the climax is going to be Illya including berserker card and wrecking Julian's homo ass.

Won't be surprised if anime completely omits the flashback arc.

And I don't understand why people are excited about Shirou taking the center in Prisma Illya.

>thread perfectly fine even with the negative posts
>suddenly Shiroufags appear and the thread turns into a shit flinging contest
See a pattern here? If anything, Prisma Ilya focusing on Ilya and here friends prevented the fateshitters from messing our threads.

Unlikely we will get another season considering they titled this one as the final episode which they didn't in the other seasons.

I'm still hoping I'm wrong though, not so much for the flashback but for what's sure to come after, and just because I want to see and hear more of Illya, Kuro and Miyu.

Although if nothing else we will hopefully get another OVA with volume 8.

They can when they care about the fight. Shitty fights with dudes are crap nobody cares about.

Another season is trash anyway

The lass adaptation that butchers the loli fanservice, the better.

I don't give a shit about the anime. The manga is superior anyway.


I want old hag love myself.

Entire season for flashback was never an option anyways. This series is nothing but merchandise advertisement. What is flashback going to advertise? Shirou dakis?

We are either getting an anime original end this season or next one will go straight to post flashback action.

At least they dropped the ball hard during the worst part of the spin-off. Even they know when to stop being passionate about their product.

Illya x Kuro x Miyu is nice, and any combination of this is nice, but I most like Kuro. She is just adorable :3

>ever giving a fuck about swordfag and wormslut
The 3rei anime already gave me the most satisfying emotional catharsis I could ever get this season.

And shit feels like I'm flying on a god damn kite.

>few retarded Shiroufags care.
literrally 99% of the fanbase.

FGO showed the true face of Fate fanbase. Shiroufags are a minority. Lolis make the most $. By far.

Unfortunately, the chances are at least a few of the scenes in this episode will get fixed in the BDs.

I was going to mention that 100% percent of Shiroufags are retarded but that number works too.

But it's evil, we need to purge it with our swords

Shiroufags can go to their main series. This one is for the loli trio.

The only good fight they did was Archer Illya vs Saber Alter back in season 1. All the other fights have been shit.

I don't think Silver link screwing up their time management and having to rush this episode has anything to do with us being unlikely to get another season, was most likely decided a long time ago.

I am sad that we won't get another season though, gotten so used to Prisma summers, it's gonna be really weird next year, and I'm just gonna miss seeing more of the 3 girls.

I really hope we get an OVA that delivers, I think if we could just get some really good kiss scenes, preferably between Illya and Miyu, then I could probably accept the anime being over. But at this point it looks like we are just gonna end on either some rushed anime original ending or a cliffhanger, and both of those are pretty unsatisfying.


>Like all of Prisma so far
>Can't talk about any part of it because the fanbase is full of us-or-them shitposting faggots
It sucks to actually enjoy this series.


I will make sure that your sword will never reach Miyu's holy butt.


The mere fact that 3rei got twelve episodes instead of ten already confirmed that this is probably the last we'll see of Prisma for a little while.

At the very least, there won't be an anime next year.
There might be one in 2018 but who knows at this point. That F/GO event might have done some heavylifting for the franchise.

Fateshit in a nutshell.

No way they are dropping Prisma completely. Not after FGO collab.

This series still shits out $.

Won't be surprised if it gets a movie.

Jeanne Alter still made more money.

>literally three female servant exclusive events in a row
>they all raked in that tasty otakubux
>no male servant event in sight


Can you show lolis dry humping each other in Japanese theaters? Because I would pay big bucks to see that on the big screen.

>What's the point of presenting Illya with a huge dilemma if she just goes "I choose both"
Fuck off Julian

>talking about FSN
>Lolis make the most $
My sides. This was the best joke I have read in the year of 2016 so far, thank you.

Shirou is bringing out the worst in these threads. It was pretty nice before when everyone was talking about cute outfits and lolis kissing each other instead.

Compare the fanart explosion of Shuten to all other characters. Nobody else even comes close.

Not Jeanne, not Scat-chan.

"Waifu" has no plural you normalfag piece of shit.

>Fukkin' Bazette, man.

We will get an OVA of Illya kissing Miyu and anime will be saved.

You still shitposting? Don't you have one main fate thread were you can drool over your beloved Shirou?

Yeah while it is unlikely I am stilll holding out hopes that once the manga gets enough new chapters that we will get a new season.

Or as said, at least an OVA, surely they wouldn't skip out on that at least, most of my hopes right now are in either the BD specials or an OVA delivering on some solid kiss scenes.

FGO is making 10 times more money than FSN ever was you fucking retard.

To the point Nasu stopped caring about anything else.

> At the very least, there won't be an anime next year.

This is for certain? D: Why's that

Shirou episode is bringing a huge influx of newfags/shitposters out of the woodwork just like his chapter in the manga did
New chapter threads are pretty chill, usually doesn't get much worse than just being lewd imagedumping

There are actually more male Servants than female in FGO.

That is not a 10 year old's body.

>Shirou episode is bringing a huge influx of newfags/shitposters
Well that comes with the territory of the main Fate series.

>New chapter threads are pretty chill

They were a shitfest for a year.

It's only getting better now that flashback is ending.

She's a magical girl, it's what they do.

Are you sure? Have you seen a lot of 10 years old bodies?

Let me tell you any money it makes is not because of the lolis, how stupid can you be?

Playing through the Prisma event in F/GO made me realize how much I miss Hiroyama's silly shit. That guy plays off the Fateverse so much better when he's taking the piss out of it and just having a laugh. God when will the good old days of Prisma come back? ;_;

All the callbacks were fun and all but I picked this shit up in the first place for the mahou shoujo shenanigans sprinkled with a far more lighthearted Fate setting.

Actually I remember the threads for this part of the manga being mostly fine. It's was when the flashback got going that the "stop liking what I don't like" assholes lost their shit.

>please let me circlejerk in peace!

Fuck off.


Look at the recently introduced ones.

It's literally 100% girls because they make much more money.

Even GBF was about 50/50 when it came out. Now 90% new characters are female.

No, but I can be reasonably sure that 10 year olds do not have tits and hips like that.

There's not enough material for a new season, even just a 10 episode one

Shitfest is a pretty extreme term
People liked the flashback when they thought it would be 4/5 chapters at most
Then people got sick of it dragging on fucking forever and started complaining about Shirou and asking "are they still on Namek?"
People still appreciate the good/cool chapters

As long as the flashback gave Hiroyama time to get his shit together after the clusterfuck that was 3rei's "climax" it was worth it.


Who /slipperyslope/ here?

Well my friend, I have seen a couple dozens, and about 2 in 10 will have wider hips and bigger tits, 2 in 10 will have the same, and 6 will be smaller.

No, user, I will not let you circlejerk in peace. You have your own Fateshit threads for that so please leave the discussion of Prisma to people who care about it.
You can shitpost as much as you want in your own Fateshit threads.

I am scared to ask how you know what.

Not thanks. Maybe someday Prisma Illya will get figures from a good maker.

You are retarded. Shuten was their most profitable character ever.

hot damn

>Look at the recently introduced ones.

Of course waifubait Servants make more money since waifufags will whale for anything that DW throws at them like the good goyim they are. The story chapters still introduce male Servants and actually interesting female Servants though.

>the emotional climax of the series
>the best part of the entirety of Prisma
Literally nobody has ever said this
3rei is to Prisma as R2 was to Code Geass
It's one hell of a ride and has some great shit but there's as many lows as highs.

Remeber that one show where they actually had to make a choice it was pretty good until rebellion fucked the whole thing up

Already preordered it, already got Illya and hoping Kuro won't be out too much later.

Also got the lewd Illya and kuro and considering getting this one, although not sure yet as it's very similar to the other Illya.

Guys please stop fighting it wasn't Shirou's fault nor loli's kissing fault, Silver Link dropped the ball

No, but this is an 11 year old's

Impatiently waiting for the OST. Though let's be honest here as long as I get cuddle then I'm gold.

No loli will ever be highly profitable compared to their older girls, when the average fan is casual, you know.

What will she look like at 13 I wonder?

3rei's adaptation being QUALITY was kind of expected but I won't ever forgive them for destroying 2wei's ending.

Miyu just developed early. But the chances are is that she'll just be in that sweet spot between Rin and Sakura's measurements.

Illya is the one who's going to become the titty monster.

The manga got my hopes up for this scene even though I knew it would not deliver

It's not the casual fans that spent most of the money though.

>Illya's Excalibur at the end was one of the only scenes in 11 that didn't look like shit
>Realize they just used the shot from the OP
Silver Link you fucks


>Elektronische Musik für ILLYA

For fuck's sake Japan.

Does Kuro get a chance to learn about her powers from him. Also does she ever learn UBW?

Yeah I am a bit worried about next episode, something must have gone really wrong as I don't believe they just suddenly decided to not bother animating properly.

Hardcore loli fans are always only used until the game gets a good headstart thanks to them.
Once it blows to popularity, they will drop the lolis, or catering to lolicons, like they do in every popular franchise, for example Nanoha, KanColle, Im@s Cinderella Girls.

>Halfway between Rin and Sakura

So Caster then?

>10 episode seasons wasn't actually Kadokawa being retarded
>They just knew Silver Link was incapable of doing more than 10 episodes in a row

>we had to sit through more of his bullshit justice speeches
Why do people just make shit up against Miyu's brother instead of using any of the many legitimate complains against him
He drops the justice shit basically as soon as Kiritsugu dies, like two chapters into the flashback

Make an argument with some actual foundation to it, like how he's a fucking magnet for bad writing in the name of fanservice.

Don't think, imagine!

I like how Disc 1 and and 2 are "Scheibe 1" and "Scheibe 2".

Not-Not-Shirou's just a bad addition to the cast.

Can we go back to talking about Miyu's fat butt?

It's not fat, it's healthy.

Do you think Julian ever spanked it?

Okay Ilya.

She evidently will follow in the footsteps of Rin and Ciel as a Heroine of the ass.

It's not fat

Illya sure is lucky.

I want to be suffocated by THAT.

Fuck Miyu, the most non-loli loli.

Sure is :3

Illya's not going that way. She's still in the Shiroubowl, and will hopefully win it this time.

You're not using waifu correctly. When did waifu became "girl that I like" or "girl that I want to fuck"?

>Fuck Miyu
I'm working on that. Would you mind joining the buttfuckery?

Are you suggesting a foursome?

Iri would never allow it. Shirou is definitely going to end up with Luvia or Rin, or maybe even Sakura.

Reminder that Miyu goes nopan in her magical girl outfit

Miyu is Illya's property so back the fuck off.

Shirou shall never ever touch any of the three main lolis!

I love Japan's hard-on for german words.

taking fateshit to the front page!

>Illya's not going that way

What's nopan about that?
Do you even know what that means?

Official art

and not-sure-if-published art by Assistant-kun
There's noting between her perfect soft body and the tight sweaty fabric

This is probably the worst thing about us not getting another season, we won't get to see the scenes at Shirou's house.

That's still not nopan.
She has a dress serving the function.

There's really no reason for them not to use them even if they go anime-original

Unless you want another extremely rushed episode, there's no way to reach it. episode 11 covered 85 pages, although probably around 15-20 were completely skipped.

If they make it to this part, the end of the battle, that's around 60 pages. Included the stuff at the house would bring it up to nearly 90.

Fuck I'm really worried about how they will end it, not even sure what i'd want the most. Obviously the best would be for it to end after the battle with a new season announcement, but as that's very unlikely we are most likely either looking at a cliffhanger ending with no resolution or some anime only ending, both being pretty bad.

If they do make another season the Shirou house scenes would definitely be the best way to start it though, could even include a kiss scene in the bath between Illya and Kuro to charge her up after the battle.

*teleports behind you*


Nah it's pretty much going to follow the manga with the last one-two minutes them returning to Shirou's house. It's going to have a very soft cliffhanger but that's about it.

There's really no reason to make it anime original especially since it's not something massive like 2wei's ending. Well maybe it might be a bit anime original but only a few of the interactions at the very very end of the finale just to smoothen out the pace a bit better as they head back to the house.


>back when thes still had guts to draw some nice loli fanservice
2wei feels like a decade ago.

It's not about what I want, it's about what I expect
They padded 2wei's ending with like ten fucking minutes of nothing, I really don't think they're just going to cut it at "The Ainsworths got away except Angelica lol."

That wouldn't be close to a satisfying ending, just a setup for more material. They butchered 2wei's ending to avoid that even though they ended up doing 3rei anyway.
Now they've done a fourth season on a shoestring budget and have basically overtaken the manga without enough material left for even a ten-episode series. There's no way they're making more anytime soon, so they'll play it safe, faithfulness to the manga be damned.

Did Sakura's VA always suck at sounding crazy?Sakuralot's kinda calmer than I expected.

Isn't that the OVA or something?
They did have some loli spanking this season.
Hopefully the BD/OVAs will have something interesting

No passion for the role.
No matter how toned down the lolicon aspect is, most females are still disgusted by even being in this project. And males as well, apparently.

>Isn't that the OVA or something?
No, just a regular episode of 2wei.
Also the loli spanking looked horribly stiff. The most daring the show did aside from the kisses was not cutting out Erika's panties, but it wasn't really drawn well in either cases. Not really worthy for fanservice.

No? It's pretty much what I imagined.

Her "senpai"s still gives my dick chills.

I got the impression that she was acting more unhinged soft yandere than a full-blown raving psycho.
You know, like Dark Sakura

She doesn't really seem to lose it until Julian holds her back.

So how long until the next loli kissing OVA?

She used to be good at crazy, but bad at regular emotions (basically sounded like she was having a hysterical fit whenever she got slightly upset).

She's more used to voicing Sakura now, so she can't really get into the generic OOC yandere personality Prism Ilya gave her.

I was probably just expecting something even crazier then.Not even one drawn out woooooooooooord.

We had this. I won't deny 3rei didn't do fanservice as well as the first 2 seasons but part of the reason is that there weren't as many occasions to do so. in 2wei a large part of the kuro story happens in the bath.

>Kuro's back
>you will never shoot your load between those shoulderblades

>we got this
Exactly, even a Ghibli movie shows more.
One can only hope they will change things for the BD release, but I wouldn't be my neck on it. Probably the most we can expect is that the camera goes a bit lower to show their butts, so that it will almost show anything worthy of mention.

>pearl white semen on glistening chocolate skin

Truly magnificent.

I guess we will just have to wait and see, as none of us really know for sure. Wednesday can't come soon enough so I can stop worrying.

How did Japan react to ep 11? Did they think it was animated badly too or is it just a Cred Forums thing

Apparently 2chan weren't concerned at all by the QUALITY.

2chan has seen much worse

They crammed too much into this episode. I would have ended this season with Shirou appearing in the last second while Emiya plays or something like that.

How did they fuck up Shirou so much

They joked about it for a quick bit and giggled at the image of SL dying from exhaustion when this was being produced. They moved onto talking about the actual episode instead of inciting non-existent shitfling wars in the fanbase. Compared to this place? They're pretty much as chill as you can get.

Lolicons already left their threads, hardcore FSN fags never even botheres with Illya; nobody left to incite drama or strong feelings over there.

Or maybe it's because everyone there read the manga

Its a shame kuro makes you cum inside.

>hardcore FSN fags never even bothers with Illya
That's like saying Tsukihime fans never bothered with Carnival Phantasm

Their Prisma threads are pretty comfy lad. They've certainly been exponentially nicer to hang out in compared to the threads Prisma has had here these past few days.

>Lolicons already left their threads


How about you actually learn moon and lurk Futaba you filthy fucking EOP before spouting bullshit.

>That Sakura


No, that's pretty much true.
No reason to stick with Prisma Illya anime as a lolicon.

Why is gil-ko so cool?

He's either chuuni or smug as fuck the entire series and only loses his composure for one panel while he plays everyone like a goddamned fiddle

>most females are still disgusted by even being in this project.

How new are you?

>Sakura route
>Illya is best girl

>Illya route
>Sakura is best girl

Women hate lolis in general.

Is next season just going to be all about Shirou?

Hate to be asking what's probably a stupid question but how do you find the prisma threads on 2chan? I tried finding some a while ago but didn't have much luck as my japanese is still not that great and I'm not too experienced with how 2chan works. Does it have something similar to our catalogs or do you just have to browse the pages and hope you find the threads? With how fast they moved it seemed really difficult.

i thought we were well beyond pathetic 2 frame mouth movement conversations for anime not from kadokawa productions


You're lucky. There's a newly made one right now.

Haven't watched the Episode yet but is there a new version of Emyia or is it the one they used in S1?

New one. Fuck me there's so many versions of EMIYA now that it's absurd.


When are they going to fuck?

Has to happen eventually.

>Kuro slyly trying to remove Miyu's pantsu

Every fucking time.

Never. Next OVA is going to be Kuro x Bazett.

What would happen if Kuro and Shirou had a child?

Really needs a proper kiss scene between these two, we had the one in season 2 but need one where Miyu wants to do it as well.

Illya and Miyu is also something I really want to see, but probably harder for them to find a reason for that to happen.

No. Just no.

It would probably create the ultimate hero.

2d loli girls should date 2d loli girls.

How old are these girls supposed to be?

They can't impregnate one another.

>Clone shenanigans
>A tease and kind of an asshole


this isnt be true, the first season fights looked pretty damn good


they made the illya excalibur scene pretty damn good in the opening they couldnt even follow up that

They're the age that your dick wants.

This is nice.

My future daughter and future mother of my children.

look, i'm as a big a lolicon as the next guy, but why would you think 3rei didn't pull in a shit-ton of the average type-moon fans who weren't interested in CCS-style shenanigans with little-girl butts?

Who cares about this faggot edgelord, he comes off as some pussy with daddy issues more than anything else

Agreed. But it is a good entrance in franchise. And actually works as prequel to, say, Notes.

Other Fates don't have Kuro. They possibly can't be as good.
Kuro is among the best things in anime.

Would you a goo Erika?

No, she has autism

Do you have some proof of that up in the sales?

>people saying that it won't get another season
Are you retarded?
Now that Prisma is associated with FGO the money they made from it would be enough to fund a movie at least.

it doesn't necesarily work like that though, just because it's a prisma event doesn't mean the money will go to more prisma related stuff.

I don't see why they wouldn't.

Being a good girl doesn't make her autistic. Please apologize to Erika.

>create elaborate little girl manga that gets popular
>So it gets anime
>so that you can subtly shift it into being heavens feel, so that technically you can have the first animated adaption of HF to ever exist.


I see you people still don't understand.

SL don't want to waste time on Shirou.

Even so it's a huge popularity boost and I don't see why SL would not want to make the latest arc for their flagship series as big as possible.

Don't bother user, it's a waste of time trying to reason with Fatefags.

He's alright, nothing special but the problem isn't the character. The fact he's introduced and cubstomped so fast followed by a YEAR LONG flashback is what annoyed me more
than anything. We had a perfectly fine Shirou already and really putting a 2nd in just to lure in all the "Lookit me i'm so distorted n edgy" crowd was just a grab for sales
to me. Having a year long hiatus on the plot so they can infodump his life came off as obnoxious in and of itself rather than Shirou mk2 doing anything paticularly
bad yet combined with the fact he feels like a atempt at grabbing all the self inserting SINO fanboi's i almost dropped the manga because of how little i cared about having
another Shirou who JUST so happens to have UBW and JUST so happens to be called a HERO OF JUSTICE just like the original right, right, right buy our manga kthxbye.


MAI dick. I want to breed with all three.

Why is there such a war beetween people who like Shirou and Fate stuff and people who like the lolis?
Why the fuck are we forbidden from liking both (because I llike both, and I don't see the need for the civil war in the threads)



I do hope you're right user, but unfortunately most things point towards this being the last season.

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? IT WAS THE CLIMAX OF THE SERIES. Literally the most hype and tense section of the entire series to date. This isn't a small thing. This isn't a little criticism. This whole episode was THE bench mark. All they had to do was NOT fuck it up. The manga did all the work for them. Fucking DAVID productions could have done a better job just by doing a panel for panel power point.
I am so fucking mad. So fucking mad indeed. Why even release the episode? Just delay it for a week. The ONLY possible way for them to be redeemed is for them to FIX this all and more in the BDs. Unless the BDs are top quality I'll have nothing more to do with the animated adaption. What a fucking waste of time.

I hate SL but I hate those of you here who would forgive them when they release the new fan service OVAs. There is no making up for this. There is ONLY fixing this or being discarded.

Because flashback

The hero of justice here is Julian. Even Shirou says so. Also, this Shirou is literally HF Shirou, the only difference being he's fighting for Miyu instead of Sakura and he never completely bought Kerry's bullshit

Maybe it's because, well, how many fanservice scenes has 3rei had? Much, much less than 2wei and herz. And then comes Shirou to steal even more screentime.

The chapters being shorter than usual clearly showed the flashback lasted this long because Hiroyama didn't have a clear idea of where to take the manga after the flashback ended and he was stalling for time until he could come up with something

>muh fanservice.
Go watch Masou Gakuen, retard. Fanservice was never the main selling point of Prisma,

I like Angelica. Her stoic look is pretty cute. I also want to touch her torpedo boobs. I wish Angelica was my doll, I would dress her and brush her hair and drink tea together.

If SL only wants to animate lewd lolis they could have chosen another series to animate desu. Prisma has both loliservice and Fate powerlevels which is why I like it.

>implying studios get to choose what to adapt

But the 3 girls were always the main selling point. Now in 3rei we suddenly have males added to the cast. I don't approve.

You disgust me in many ways.


I don't dislike fate and shirou stuff but I am definitely mostly into prisma for the girls. Generally the threads are fine, but with the shirou hype episode being screwed up all those who only came for him ended up shitposting for 2 days.

At least it seems to be back mostly to normal now with this thread.

there aren't really other shows with this great lolis though, and the kissing scenes especially are pretty much found nowhere else.

The problem is all the posts from people saying you can only like Shirou and the flashback arc if you're an underage edgelord

Those are not the thighs of a 10-year-old girl.

Most of the Loli fans got annoyed because they put a flashback in the manag that took a YEAR to finish to info dump Shounenbob swordpants character in a mgical girl manga. The Shirou fans
get pissed because the Loli fans don't give a fuck about swords n' powerlevels in a shounen manga. That's pretty much 90% of the bitching and yes it is retarded we know.

We still do it none the less because this is Cred Forums and who doesn't like bitching about stupid shit on the internet.

Well duh they are not 10-year-old girls.

Why? Because I enjoy Prisma as a whole? Hiroyama clearly likes Fate too since he went full Shirou for a year.

You clearly must understand some fans frustration considering how much the series changed shape from 2wer/herz to 3rei.

They're 18+

Yeah of course there are shitposters on both sides, those are almost as bad as those who complain about lolis in the show. Only almost though as lolifans do have some reason to be annoyed that one of the few loli shows changed and started focusing on a guy that already got so attention in other works.

Generally there's very little shitposting in Illya threads though, outside of LRD anyway, the shitflinging generally starts when people from outside come in, either to complain about the quality of the episode like it happened here or just to shit on loli.

Yes, you disgust me for actually enjoying the shit that they decided to deliver in recent volumes.


Oh no, we're not going there!

No they're not.

Well then maybe this series isn't for you.

They definitely aren't 10 later on in the show.

What are you talking about?

Yes, we are!

Interesting, you have the audacity to tell me this isn't for me simply because I detest how they handled Shirou. Just for that.
If that's your conclusion, then, maybe I shouldn't have bothered with you since you don't have any sort of standards.

They have a birthday party, remember?

>because I detest how they handled Shirou
No, you said you were disgusted because this wasn't only a loli show.

Well it was a loli show for 3 whole seasons.

Now you're spinning my words? Fantastic.

I never said it wasn't, It was also a Fate show though.

Yeah, it was.

Yeah, the fans are so frustrated that bought more copies of the flashback manga volume more than any ofnthe other loli fanservice ones, right?

Oh hey, it's another one of these guys claiming this without any source.

I wonder if Hiroyama will end Prisma after 3rei or if he will go full HA after this.

Not that user but why do you hate Shirou then?

I understand why people would be upset about the flashback. But acting like a retard and dismissing anyone who likes the flashback or Shirou as a teenage edgelord isn't the right way to deal with their annoyance.
Also, the problem is that Fatehaters are watching an spinoff made by a huge TMfag and dare to act like they're the target audience or the huge TMfag isn't allowed to pander to the Fate elements those haters hate in his Fate spin off

Not that user but i think alot of resentment comes from the fact this series already had a Shirou and stuffing another in coupled with the huge flashback they gave him feels
like Shounenbob Swordpants is trying to steal the show so to speak.

It's not a solution no but it does let people vent over it.

The problem isn't just a little catering towards one side or the other. Kuro has been basically a side character in 3rei, and as a Kuro fan, it disappoints. After all, she was a main character for 2 seasons straight from her introduction.

Only a teenage edgelord would be bothered by people calling him a teenage edgelord. Besides, those who are mad at the flashback had to endure that shit for a long time so a couple of teenage edgelords getting upset at the name calling should simply deal with it.

Very mature.

That's why alot of existing fans didn't like having a second Shirou added we already had one and we already had Kuro with UBW. Putting him in felt really redundant when i first read that part of the manga.

I'm glad that we agree.

I agree.

You basically said "I'm not happy so none of you should be either". How can you even type this stuff. How can you call other people teenagers, do you have no self awareness?

Ignoring your retarded nickname of Shirou for a second, he was never going to steal the show (not when he needed Kuro's help to defeat Angelica and got almost murdered by Sakura
The flashback wasn't that long either. The chapters just were shorter probably because Hiroyama needed time to figure what to do after the flashback
>2 seasons
Herz doesn't count because most of it was filler because 2wei S1 covered most of the 2wei manga and they didn't have enough content left to fill another seaon of 10 episodes
Why? Because you say so? Because that attitude makes you flashback haters look like agressive and retarded shitposters
Specially when nothing about the flashback or Miyu's Shirou is edgy at all (not like edgy is anything more than a buzzword used for shitposting at this point)

A 2nd Shirou coming was obvious once Miyu was revealed to be from a parallel world. It's the only way her mistaking Illya's Shirou for her own brother would make sense


But herz is a season. We're talking about the anime, not the manga. And a really fine season it is.

I basically said "That part of the manga was awful but we were able to endure it together. A couple of anons throwing a hissy fit over some name calling is not a big deal".

>The flashback wasn't that long either.

Literally an entire year to get through it.

Yes but they could have done something with him more than just dumping in a second UBW it felt lazy as shit.

Yeah i'm really hoping she gets her role back. Hopefully with Shirou not being able to do UBW she will learn it from him and take over. I could definitely see kuro vs gil happening later.

That would be a nice way to salvage the situation.

Everything Hiroyama does is lazy as shit though. For example Kuro's introduction arc was just Shirou/Archer interaction but with lolis. If anything 3rei is the least lazy he's been.

Spudor Spärder :DDD

You're being very defensive over this entire Shirou ordeal. If you really want to post something productive instead of simply sounding like someone who will simply consume whatever they give him, then please tell me what did you like about that entire flashback so much. We've heard the negatives so please start naming the positive aspects of it because I'm getting tired of you mindlessly protecting that garbage.

>dumping in a 2nd UBW
What do you mean by this? The flashback is more HF than UBW
>literally an entire year to get through it
Yeah. Because of shorter chapters because, as I said already, it's very likely Hiroyama didn't know how to continue the story after the flashback and made the chapters shorter so the flashback would last longer to give himself time to come up with a way to continue the story
What I mean when I say the flashback wasn't that long is that it doesn't actually have a lot of pages

Why should I? It's clear from your post that, no matter what I say, you'll still say the flashback is garbage and that your tastes are superior to mine
Why should I bother with people like you?

So basically nothing changes. Shorter pages or not, it was a year wasted on that.

Okay, so there's nothing. Gotcha pal.

if you want to measure using RL time, sure
Literally the answer I was expecting. I was right in not bothering with a retarded hater

Not the other guy but you didn't argue anything you just said that the flashback is bad. Literally just speaking your opinion. You can dislike whatever you want but some of us actually like Hiroyama's work for what it is not what we want it to be.

Very mature indeed.

>lolifags still can't accept that hiroyama is a giant fattest and that the flashback arc was probably the most favorite thing he's done so far considering how much of a nasufag he is

Even more delusional than fujos

Fatefag* fuck

But point still stands, you faggots need to stop projecting what you think prisma Illya is supposed to be considering its whatever the fuck Hiroyama wants it to be.

Let's all stop the hating and show our love for the three cutest and best lolis ever.

>Don't bully Hiroyama!
The thread: The apologists.
I was going to mention that I expected better from Cred Forums but these are Fateshitters of the highest caliber.

It's only one guy, most likely just LRD.

It's prety clear that Hiroyama is both a loli and fatefag. I am as well, although I can understand those who only care about loli being a bit annoyed due to how amazing prisma has been as a lolishow and how few of those that exist.

Of course, being sad about the show not having as heavy focus on lolis as before doesn't excuse shitposting.


Ebin edgy contratian reply bruvskies xD

Nah Madoka was shit

The problem isn't that the show stopped being about only loli but that it transitioned into something way worse than just not-loli.

Well, technically, isn't only loli there Miyu? By this point in time Ilya should be old lady and Kuro is her copy - which actually poses suppressed memory of original

didn't you watch the show? They are all 11, exact same birthday even.

They're all so adoptable.

That's the weakest defense for anything. You're not allowed to dislike a product or be disappointed by it because its creator intended it to be that way?

It's like saying that people just need to shut up about Windows 10's problems, hidden functionalities and spyware because Microsoft designed it like that. Or that people have no place to criticize Apple for removing the headphone jack from its phones because it's their product and they can do what they want with it.

The flashback could have just as well been another spin-off of Prisma Illya, but Hiroyama attracted a certain audience to his manga that didn't overlap with the usual Fate audience and then basically took a year off to work on the flashback that's just like the other dozen or so Fate stories and left the part of his audience that doesn't care about that out to dry.

Maybe it's because I've never been much of a Fate fan and Prisma drew me in with its magical girl themes, but the flashback has nothing appealing to me.

>Maybe it's because I've never been much of a Fate fan and Prisma drew me in with its magical girl themes, but the flashback has nothing appealing to me.
That's precisely his point though. You're allowed not to like it but don't complain when others tell you this is part of the Fateservice they appreciate. That's what hes saying, some lolifag are annoyed because this is not just a loli show.

>lolifag are annoyed because this is not just a loli show
You're only half correct. People are also annoyed over fucking Shirou shitting the joint.

This entire mess is a huge stalemate that boils down to "please don't say mean things about the opposition".

You're allowed to not like it. You're not allowed to act like those who like it and/or like other Fate stuff are inferior to you.
Mostly because the dude who''s been writing the manga since it started is one of those Fate fans
So, if you say all Fate fans are teenage edgelords, that means you like something written by a teenaga edgelord

I suppose it's fair to leave an author's intentions to himself. I don't know how Prisma Illya was marketed, so before I watched it all I saw of it was on Cred Forums with little girls kissing and dressing up in cute clothes. I also don't mind if other people enjoy the show and manga for different reasons, but saying that they have no place to voice their disappointment is just not okay, provided they actually have arguments and not just insults.

The author and others are free to ignore it or argue with them over it, but in the end the opinion that everyone cares most about is their own and not everybody else's, especially if they've gotten invested in it over the years, so of course they want the story to preserve the elements that they came and stayed for. But I agree that shitting on the other side of the fanbase is not the way to do it.

After all this criticism, I am still extremely happy about this season if in the last episode Kuro gets back in action and we have a nice kissing scene involving two of the three main cast.

It was a change of pace, and a shame Kuro wasn't more prominent, but it is a nice anime.

Seriously, who actually watched Prisma Illya for anything other than the delicious lolis? If anything all the shoehorned Shounen action bullshit ruins it

Whoa dude, you're not allowed to say mean things about it!

>especially if they've gotten invested in it over the years
A Fatefag could say the same about secondaries who know nothing about Fate and only came for the lolis. Part of the confusion is that some of you seem to think the Fanbase is divided in people who are Fatefags and people who are lolifags but this argument stems from people who are Fatefags and lolifags(the target audience) and people who are only lolifags.

You've got a point. I'll only say that it could've gone much worse. Just look at Nanoha. Seriously. Even with the flashback, Prisma`s much better than the previous attempt at giving an eroge a mahou shoujo spinoff focused on said eroge's MC's little sister reimagined as a magical girl

Afraid that's unlikely to happen, although we do get Illya being pretty awesome at least.

As for the kissing, hopefully BD specials or the most likely eventual OVA will give us that.

Are you seriously implying those of us who like the manga can't post when we disagree with a complaint?
Why the hell would you watch a magical girl show if you dislike action?
You're a retard if you thought it was ever supposed to be a loli ecchi without any action

Oh yeah and I also enjoyed this season, while it may not have been quite as good as some of the others I still enjoyed it a lot.

Lots of great scenes with Miyu and Illya being gay as well.

There's a difference between a cute and lewd Mahou Shoujo show and a dumb Shounen action series. A huge difference.

The special ending towards the end of the season was absolutely top tier. One of the more emotional things.

I wonder how divided it really is. I bet a lot of Fate fans got into Prisma early on because it was another Fate series but in the end stayed for cute girls with action and are enjoying the flashback just as much.

See? I told you dude! THEY don't like it when you say mean things about it!

Well. Sucks to be you because the author is a huge fan of what you think is "dumb Shonen action" and clearly thinks it's good.
You think it's shoehorned and ruins the series? Then, this was never for you
You can fuck off now

And apparently you complainers don't like it when we say mean things about your complaints.
We're not so different


This is my sword. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I'm really getting tired of your complain shaming dude. People are allowed to complain. Complaining lives matter!

Which episode will Gil hopefully die in?
When will Sheero quit being such a beta-cuck?
These new antagonists also suck ass.
This used to be a good ann e may.

>people are allowed to complain
I agree. Thus, I'm allowed to complain about your complaints.

Lil Gil will never die because he's cute.
(Sadly) Never.
I like it when girls suck ass.
This used to be a lot of things.

Don't worry, you're going to have plenty of complaining to do when I continue complaining about this the next week. Rest assured that the complaining will never stop.

Why are you acting like you're telling me something I didn't know? I mean, there's no such thing as a show nobody'll complain about. Literally every show has people who don't like it and complain about it's flaws. It's a fact of life.
Fiction written by unperfect human beings'll always be unperfect. Thus, there'll always be flaws for people to complain about
But that's precisely the fun of coming here. Reading those complaints, and if I disagree, make it known. If I didn't want to read complaints, I wouldn't come here

I love you too, dude. And that's no complain.

By the way, is there a board where we can -not argue- but post nice pictures of anime girls and adore waifu and tell other peoples waifus are pretty nice and be nice to each other without arguing?

You're looking for /c/.


That sounds like Cred Forums.



Yeah, sure.

/c/ I guess? Although some Illya threads are like that as well, like talking about how gay Miyu is.

And whether You'd rather be Illya or Miyu.

Illya is quite the womanizer. I can't blame her.

why is silver link so shit? they ruined the fanservice 3 seasons in a row.

He should anyways.
He should just die then, his character has absolutely 0 purpose.
Sorry, I didn't mean all of them, just some.
I want my old (not literal) Prisma back.

I too really wish for more Kaleid Liner with the three girls fighting evil and going to school with their friends.

Miyu looks like she shat her shorts.

It's still mostly that. I doubt Shirou's gonna be anything more than support in the actual final battle given his condition
At the end of the day, it'll be Illya, Kuro and Miyu who do most of the work and kick Julian's ass

>Left the manga on its own like a year ago
>Come back, read it all, Pretty nice swords´n shit
>Check this thread
I kind of get that one year of flashback without breaks can get annoying, but aren´t you fags overreacting? It explained quite a lot, and gave Julian some character aside from "HURR DURR I´M AN EDGELORD"
The author should should have added some side story in the middle to keep things from getting stale, but the end result is quite nice

>He doesn't know the manga literally revolved around Shirou for a whole year

It's mostly because chapters have been ~15 pages instead of the previous 30-35 pages on average since it started. Makes for a snails pace of reading.

He's a lucky guy.

So the first anime had an uncensored version released

I don't see any "uncensored" versions of the second and third season

Am I to assume they just stopped censoring it after the first season?

Whoever gets Kuro is a really lucky girl.

Uncensored what? If you mean steam and such that also happened for the later seasons. If you mean showing nipples, that never happened.

Angelica is best girl and best doll.

Angelica is a big meanie. Meanie.

I like her tits.

I did this kind of cross-over test thingy.

Far better than Kuro.

Kuro is really so great no matter how she acts, both her lewd side and her shy side.

Yeah right. Kuro is a beatiful, kind, compassionate and seductive girl. Angelica does not compare.

I know.
How does that change anything. The flashback's over. Shirou can't even use UBW in the present. And he needed Kuro's help to defeat Angelica How can he take on any of the remaining opponents without help from the girls?
Stop acting like paranoid fucks, retard
The flashback lasting 1 RL year doesn't change all the many years it's been about the girls, or how it's going back to the girls now that it's over.
One of the points from the battle before the flashback was that Miyu can fight now and isn't some princess who needs to be protected. She (with the help of Illya and Kuro)'ll prove that by being the one that takes Julian down

Kuro is love
Kuro is life
Kuro is waifu

You're the one that sounds paranoid.

Incorrect, Kuro is shit.

For sure, although that goes for all the girls. Unlike other shows where people argue about who's the best girl, in prisma they are all 3 the best. I love them all and they are all the perfect waifus, it's impossible to choose between them as they all belong together The fact that we may not see any more of them after this next episode really makes me sad.

Words of wisdom, they are all absolutely 10/10 adorable. But Kuro is waifu, if possible 11/10, though this is just personal. Objectively they are all perfect.

How? You're the one saying "flashback took 1 year. Everyone panic. Shirou's gonna pull a Kira and steal the entire show from Illya" when that's fucking retarded because the antagonists are far too powerful for Shirou to be able to do anything more than being support to Illya and the girls

We need more voyeur OVAs of this trio.

Yeah im holding out hopes for at least an OVA. We still need that damn kiss scene between Illya and Miyu, or if not that then at least Kuro and Miyu.

We need a kiss scene between Illya and Miyu, then Kuro and Illya, then Kuro and Miyu, then Kuro and Miyu and Illya.

I wanna see Kuro transfer mana with the retard.

I have scoured the internet for Kuro x Yui Hirasawa, but haven't found a single thing.

>then Kuro and Miyu and Illya
We need a scene were the three kiss each other at the same time with saliva all over the place.

Illyabutt > Miyubutt

They really couldn't even get the simple shit right could they

Luvia on paras tötö



Thread needs more Angelica.

Are you complaining literally because it's not a coloured version of the manga panel?

Remove Luvia


Kuro > Angelica

You mean Angelica >>> Kuro.


Also, she still use hairclips?

>liking cowtits

Ladies, ladies! Please stop fighting, I love you both.

she must love those horns. Not very nice of Julian to take them away.


I thought we all agreed that Illyaverse Shirou is Rin's, Miyuverse Shirou is Luvia's and Illya will end with Shota-Gil.

Tits are the best.

Ahem. No Gil is going to take Illya. Illya belongs with Kuro and Miyu. Their love is pure and eternal and beautiful.

Nah. I prefer Sellas flatness.

I just want Kuro-sensei to dominate both Bazett and Angelica.

I read to the flashback events when shirou started telling them everything. If I continue reading will i find out what the hell sakura has the Lancelot card? iirc he was a berserker and the mjolnir chick has the berserker card. Did ainsworths just make other cards for the fun of it?

I don't know about you nerds but the contrast between little girls with itty bitty titties and old hags with cow tits in this shows makes me happy.

Anyone got the webm of Illya and Miyu landing next to Kuro? Miyu spazzed out in the landing.

No, I'm complaining because their expressions are different (worse) than the manga. Illya looks like she's spacing out and Miyu is barely concerned.

And I don't know why they wouldn't make "a coloured version of the manga panel" when that's what they've been doing for every other scene all season.

I love this series so much. Little girls are the best~

You know both EMIYA and Gilgamesh are Archer, right?
They kind of made a big deal about that in 2wei

A threesome with Angelica and Leys would be the best.

Not too long until next episode.

So theoretically there are the caster,rider and lancer cards from the zero anime somewhere aswell then. Maybe Julian keeps them secret for some climatic battle.

Describe Kuro's ass in one word.




t. hikkiburgeri



Hello Miyufriends.

Question, how used are these goods? Slightly used? Very used?




Fuck off Julian, Miyu is pure


Exactly what is that ritual for? What does it accomplish?

Why is Miyu so molestable?

Her meaty thighs and plump butt is a magnet for perverts.

Just those parts?

I want to commit a crime!

>Install Gilles card
>become bug-eyed, tentacle rape the opposition

>Install Deermud card
>seduce the entire cast

>Install Iskandar card
>summon loli army

>Install 100 Hassan card
>everyone gets an Ilya

All of Miyu exists to be filled.

Guys, if you met Kuro lost in the woods, weakened by lack of mana. Would you be ready to do the ultimate selfless deed and help her with mana restoration?

Of course.

>Install Iskandar card
>summon loli army

I never thought I'd want to see this.

Only if it's the Vampire Method. If it worked for Sakura it'll work for Kuro.

Actually, the Assassin card is the Hundred Faced Hassan.

Then why aren't there more of her?
She needs to utilize that NP for all of our sakes.

Assassin card seems to manifest different Hassans depending on how it's used.
The corrupted version Illya fought was 100 faces Hassan, but when Shinji used it it was that weird thing with tentacle wiress.

I think she'll ridicule me for having a small mana rod ;_;

Skin contact and saliva works too.
Besides, Kuro is a nice girl, she wouldn't ridicule someone who is helping her.

Can Kuro beat the cock?
She's only ever faced other girls before. She hasn't even been able to get too close to her onii-chan.

No. I want to watch her disappear.

I know that she preferst girls, especially Illya and Miyu, but this is an emergency case. It is about her health and well-being.

None of them can beat the cock. The cock will win out in the end.

You meanie.

Angelica a best.

There needs to be a spin-off of the spin-off. An even more absurd version of Prisma where they travel around gag humor version of other Fateverses and just piss around while being lewd.

Surely this is the next logical step when 3rei and Miyu's story is over.

I want a F/SN and Prisma crossover. If you think the dark tone of 3rei was bad, imagine Illya having to see a version of her that wasn't saved, that lost her parents and was twisted as a result. Then Illya has to go one step beyond simply saving Miyu. She'd have to save herself.

Is this a joke?

They're simply not trying hard enough. If there's a will, there's a way.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

>They can't impregnate one another.
Not with that attitude

Thankfully they got attitude.

They need a third participent for it to happen. I volunteer.

There's already three participants, Kuro, Illya and Miyu. No boys allowed.

>No boys allowed
But what if they want it? every girl with want to taste a dick some time.

Ilya makes the best faces.

So that's how Sapphire died.

And, you know, magic spells of dick growing

We know she would have approved, the secret pervert she was

Is that considered a puffy vagina?

I´d say so.

Puffy vulva, you twat.

Puffy twat, you vagina

I'd fuck the so hard, the girls down the hall would get pregnant.

Oops I accidentally wrong swimsuits.

Nah, not too puffy
THIS is puffy

I'm sorry user but I always had the impression that vulva was the wrong term. I would google the answer but I don't want google to think that I'm some sort of degenerate. The last time I googled something related to tampons google started recommending me tampons videos on my youtube.

>this is a kids show
Anyone have those reviews from walmartdotcom?

I just ruined my carpet.

I really dislike Kuro's outfit

>kids show
It is most definitely not

I would let my daughter watch it.

I know, she should really take it off and stay naked in my room.

The problem is it's too risque to actually show anything but not lewd enough on its own to be exciting, compared to Illya and Miyu running around in skintight thongs

>No matter how toned down the lolicon aspect is, most females are still disgusted by even being in this project. And males as well, apparently.
Is this some sort of a joke? I recall a bunch of popular female voice actors talking openly about lolis and "legal lolis"