Monster Musume

I wonder what else you could pour down there

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Would Zombina be a good mother? Hell, could she even give birth to children?

Also cute shark girl when?

>It's a we pretend the other monster girls have a chance even though Miia will inevitably win episode

Should be harem or clone the mc end.

She wouldn't choke so you could pour down anything, but be careful to not make her fat.

That errant speck on Lala's face is bothering the shit out of me.

I'm going to marry Draco!

why did you mention that fucking shit

Because its horrible.

>tfw you will never propose to this cewt newt

>implying I would propose to Draco
I would rather help her pick out a ring to propose to a cute lizard girl.

Remember, Draco belongs to the Orcs.

now it's bothering me too, you fucking idiot
ignorance is bliss

If Mako were added to the canon line up, she would give my favorite girl a good run for her money.

I hope Yukio's wedding will have the girls in fancy dresses


Do you think is possible to impregnate Suu?

Why does she says "wan"?
She's a wolf, not a dog.

Wolves are Dogs, user

I want to be the Cyrano De Bergerac to Draco's whatever the guy Cyrano De Bergerac helped was called.

No and no. She's forever the wild girlfriend

Slimes duplicate. So no.
She says "wan" because she wants the D despite men rejecting her.

I've moved the offending pixels somewhere out of the way.

I dunno about it, in the last chapter looked like she and the MC were willing to fuck to mantain the body heat

I want monmusu to introduce a mimic who's kind of like a hermit crab girl where she's soft and fleshy while the chests are the shells.

Doppel is the Superior Girl

Does anyone know when the next chapter's coming out? It's been almost two fucking months.

You didn't hear the news about Crab?

I wonder how does she eats solid food.
With her head attached, does she chews it and then swallows it or does she cuts it into very little pieces and then pours it into her neck?
Next chapter is in october, while the translated one is soon. I'm surprised that due to the manga's popularity there isn't another group translating it too.

Cause she was forcing herself onto him. Eita glad he reject the tsundere.

How do you think your place of residence would handle monster people in reality?

>North of England
>probably horribly racist towards them all

Nah, what happened to him?

Which girl is the best at SUCC?

Some sort of freak incident with a midget with bad hairline attacked Crabman, suspect is still at large

Fake/forced racial harmony with covert discrimination.


Miia, probably.

What the hell? How long ago did this happen? This sounds like big news

More like she's glad. If Eita saves her the she will fall for him.

This fucking guy


Maybe in the next chapter, he should use the furry as a shield so he'll be free from her.
No man wants to deal with a tsundere furry that would end up raping the MC.


>dive in and slam the lid shut

I immediately attempt to pick the lock on her bra.


Mimics is cute.

>You will never tell a mimic that she is your treasure

>adding wheels but not motors or controls

But user, you have the key with you all along

it is your dick

>not giving your mimic girlfriend a sick six-stroke engine and rear wheel drive train so she can drift around the house

Smooth as fuck

>No golds, no swords, and no jewels.
Minics are as worse as Doppelgangers.

ESLs are as bad as third-worlders.

Is this thinking with your dick or your heart?

First the dick gets his way and then the heart warming cuddles commence.

>nethack ptsd

Why not both?

So should she say Awoooo?

Horse Pussy

You think I'm thinking at all when I dive into a very dangerous mimic chest, brother?


>Mimic-chan will never pick the lock to your heart

I want off this ride


> there are people here that think horse isn't best.

>ywn date a Dolphin girl

> people here think horse pussy is a bad thing and not the reason she is best girl.
> fucking normies here don't want to Fuck real horses

It's inevitable we're going for the first girl or no girl ending here folks.

I love Cerea.
I don't wanna fuck a real horse.
Cerea is not real

Zombina is the Superior Girl

Horse pussy is a very bad thing. Fucking real horses is a nono.

Centaur Pussies however are perfectly acceptable lust receptacles.

Centaur pussy IS horse pussy
What's wrong with fucking a real horse, you fucking normie?

No, centaur pussy is centaur pussy, because a centaur is not a horse. Just like how Mia doesn't have a snake cloaca, she has a lamia cloaca.

And whats wrong with fucking horses is everything from the neck up.

Not him but I take care of 2 female horses and they're not the cup of tea you think they are.
Sorry to break it to you, but real horses are pretty gross. I've had no desire to fuck them since I first got them, and you shouldn't either.

Wasting your breath, fampaitachi, ignore the falsefag.

Cewt newt

Draco is probably an anal queen.

Someone post the "horse anus worder of nature" screen cap

More like an anal goddess.


Those foul people on /hr/ stolen mai waifu.


Remember to listen to father.
Cerea and her race is heresy.

I gotchu sempai.

Pic didnt go, weird.

That is not my father. This is my father.

*anal prince

>Cred Forums still hasn't come up in the contest
We'll have our chance to put MonMusu at the top of the page still.

Imagine spreading her soft ass apart as you go in and squeezing it together as you pull out. You might even be able to hook the tips of you fingers over her tail and push it down for the ultimate tightness.

As a decidated snake fucked I'd have to agree. Mako is cool and her quirks would have some sever potential for some adorable moments.

The more people that come to love Suu the better. Suu is life. Suu is love sometimes forcefully.

Suu is pretty cool. I wouldn't mind a roommate like Suu. I wouldn't even mind the forceful love.

I want to pour salt on suu and watch her rapidly dehydrate

She certainly is the most helpful and earnest girl. She's simple which I find appealing. Then again I want to live as peaceful a life as possible and I think Suu with her proclivities to aiding others out of the goodness of her heart would match me the best of all. The forceful love thing is a bonus because of my own sexual desires. I'll probably get called a beta for that but that doesn't change my position.

I see your endgame, user.

The endgame is to murder suu and make the manga much better as a result

I want to put her in a small doghouse outside while its raining and storming

Sure user, sure.


How does this image make you feel?

You do realize that your not triggering anyone. I roll my eyes every time you pose the let's kill Suu with salt. What you're really doing is making the Suu hatebase seem mentally ill.


and yet you still reply to them.

Like crabman didn't think out her weakness very throughly.

I usually don't. They or he quoted my posts three times in quick succession. They or he is just trying to shut down discussion of Suu all together. I'm still going to talk about her with anyone willing to listen.


I grabbed it off of the first source that came up. Fight me.

Whatever, newfag. Go be a retard somewhere else.

Fuck you I'll fight you.

I got your back hombre.

Suu isn't my best girl but she's in my top 5 and I wouldn't complain if she was my homestay.

I love that drink me edit. Suu tripping balls is cute in its own way. Maybe I have a fascination with differently shaped pupils because I love heart pupils and star pupils a little too much.

But this is the best place for it.

I'll fockin wreck ya m8. Who's your waifu? I bet she's a slut.

This thread needs some more fuzz.

Is fluff acceptable?

I like this fish. This is a good fish.

Genki girls are always acceptable and Polt is the genkiest.

Sorry user but the fuzz deserves more love. Everyone likes the wan.

what about slimey scales?

What does she taste like? More of a salmon flavor or more of a cod?

Fuzz is good. Fluff is Good
Scales are good for those so inclined.

Dat fishy is cute.

I don't know, she's not real.

whatever the fuck dolphin tastes like probably

I'm personally more of a feathery kind of guy.

You ever lick a dolphin? I'm just kidding. Mero is not bad. She's just a little head in the clouds type of personality.

No. We need Smith in this thread.

This thread needs more spider.

That's the wrong kind of fluff

Agreed. Let's get lewder with spooder.

Why are spiders in sweaters so perfect?


Girls in sweaters just make me feel more comfortable. Like having a nice glass of wine by the fireplace in the winter. Keyhole sweaters adds a bit of sexiness to it.

Nope. Fuzz is superior.

D rm ie n k?

Crab says that Monmusu is on break this month so he can work on vol 11. He says that it's going to have "tons of fluff" so it looks like my guess that the Omake would be Polt related for the OAD was right on the money.


because soft sweater cuddles

This is why you should have your spider wrap your back in silk before you fuck.

I know that urgency. I ordered the volume with the OAD limited edition package and it will be at my house 5-12 days after release in mid November. I'm super hype.

A1 is the best face, other than that one where everyone else in the scene is mortified and she's kinda smirking

Can't wait for the next OAD. Also, have you checked the American dub version of the manga before you left to Japan?


What if it's about Polt and Miia going to the hospital visiting you?

I'm not quite sure what you mean by American dub version of a manga, the seven seas version? If so nah it's not really my style. I read the raws then translate for you guys I've barely read the "official" version at all. Just enough to see all the terrible puns.

I ordered my OAD on Amazon for same day delivery so hopefully I'll get it in the morning before the big stores even open here.

>Brazil Panties
>Tara in a Carnival outfit

>Kobold Family Reunion
>Every furfag gets wan to call their own

>wiggling her pedipalps

What I meant to say is the English version of the manga like the pic of Polt and this one of Zombina.

>You will never visit Brazil for its Carnival Fuzz Spooder Parade

Both solid ideas. I have no idea what it's going to be or if it will involve me at all. The suspense is going to kill me. I really do hope that Crab does Yukio's wedding as filler after this arc. It'd be a great way to bring tons of the girls together who we don't normal get to see interact. Also puts pressure on MC due to the wedding atmosphere.

I can't wait to watch the OAD too...
November is going to be the death of me.

>ywn ride Tara in the Carnival parade as part of your honeymoon

>you sit at your desk, sad that you'll never go to Brazil and see the spooder festival
>suddenly the phone rings
>it's the interspecies exchange guy
>"Hey user? I've found an extraspecies girl that fills your '8 legged and dangerous' criteria"

No you fucking autist. It's:
>Me drink
God it's like you secondaries don't even actually read manga at all.

If crabman does do Yukio's wedding next. I wonder if Crabman might introduce other homestays that have been to the Onsen.

She has a daughter and ex husband who left her after she went zombie.

Human Zombina is the best

>Baiting this hard

Snek abs.
Delicious or delicioust?

Bullying cute girls is cute though

A real shame as she was much better looking when she was human, and didn't have that disgusting eye condition.

It is true though, crab said it in an interview. She has a cute son and a husband who left her because he feared the zombie

Or you could take it like a man

>bring tons of the girls together who we don't normal get to see interact
But I don't want to see the new who.

>All these small girls
Lets fix that

>you will never see Zombina's face tear up as she is surprised at her doorstep by her cute son whom wanted to be with his mommy again against his father's wishes.

>Zombina is 21
>Actually went to read interview in moon and says nothing about Zombina having kids

Push your fanfiction elsewhere.

>ywn see zombina /ss/ her qt human son

Can a dead body have children? I mean isn't the main goal of all Monster Girls to reproduce? So Zombina shouldn't be an exception except dead corpses cant reproduce


>21 is too young to have a son
>implying she did not have one when she was alive

She and Lala have a cute daughter now.

>November is going to be the death of me.
Kusou, this gaijin has spoiled the surprise I was writing. Back to the drawing board!

Except that wasn't what I was asking. I was asking if a dead body (i.e. a zombie) can have kids

Well she bit that little girl and turned her into a zombie, that is sort of like having a kid no?

Pregnancy does not equate to biting someone and turning them into zombies. I literally mean can Zombina have her eggs fertilized and then have child growing inside her womb which she eventually gives birth to.

Them ovaries are drier than a Miia-style "soft-boiled egg".

No, i doubt it highly, especially considering her insides are toxic.

Her insides are full of formaldehyde and other stuff i doubt anything could live within her. Plus y'know UnDeAd oVaRiEs.

Zombina can have an aborted fetus implanted into her undead womb and have a reliving baby form.

And suddenly were going full creeper edgy for the sake of edgy zone.

As expected Cred Forums holds nothing back.

In a world where monster girls exist, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they created some super powerful sperm or just removed the egg from Zombina, fertilized it, and put it back inside her.

Then of course the only concern is if the baby dies if her stitches fall apart

Lurk for 100 years before posting

I wonder if Zombina's abdominal stitches would hold together with the increasing baby bulge.

what about this is edgy user?
It is more ridiculous than edgy.


I want to ride the.horsey ass, balls her horsepussy, slapping her flanks her celestia.
Know what I mean, senpai?

Why the weird punctuation?

Double spacebar gives a period on phone posting.

remove feish

Impregnate Feish and take responsibility.


The eggs have to come from somewhere, right?


Muromi mermaids are not the same as monster musume mermaids, user. Stop conflating them together.
inb4 Ovipositor mermaids implanting your mutually fertilized eggs into your own ass.

Please keep an imgur or something with all of your human Bina stuff, I'm always losing track and I'd rather not

1 cm. wide opening that she fires then through like caviar through a fire hose while you warm up to fertilize the leftovers after lunch.

Abs mermaid is the superior mermaid

Would you still hit it in her alternative form?

Spiders are fucking disgusting.

If some heretical graphics worker would blend Cathyl and Mero together to give us a sea cow girl. that would be fun. Fun to me anyway.

What's up with the wiki on her? Says her name is Keira and she's a "killer hornet". I don't mind if these are the crab approved facts on her. It's just I remember crab calling her a killer bee and her name being Kiira.

>he finds spiders disgusting

>tfw no bee more skirt because of spider bullying

I prefer her as a hornet, makes more sense. But never the less

>no hornet antennae face tapping

That would only make my boner harder.


I want to marry this snake.

So we are back to hating Rachnera again?
Must be luck.

>Reminder Ms. Smith is Best Girl.

It's a wiki not exactly the most reliable source

>Assigned to Oct

I want to bully this monoeye

Just try it. Her eye beam will kill you in seconds and the cyclops controlled media will cover it up. Your ashes will be swept up and made into toilet paper for the monoeye elite.

user, forget about her birthday. She must be ignore.

Shut up.
Monoeyes are for bully.

I want to Marry and raise a family with this monoeye. I want to hold her hand that tell her that I love her.

I hope that the mermaids from Monster Musume follows the same reproduction method as the proto-comics

It's your funeral, buddy. Ever notice how every rich political backer for extraspecies expansion is a monoeye? They own you, pal. Manako would slice off your wang and sell it if she could make a profit.

>disgusting eye condition.
Besides it's not a condition. It's just another eye.

This always gets a chuckle out of me.

Heterochromia, regardless of being genetic or due to simply plucking another person's eye from their skull, is still a disgusting condition user. Those who suffer from it should be put down like the animals they are.

>Lilith in adolescent body

Would take her out drinking on her birthday? I am.

This probably the best bait i've seen in these threads in a while.

I refuse to believe that someone could be so much of a shitgargler.

Heterochromia is hot you faggot.

Nice quads, however, you are wrong about Monoeyes being behind extraspecies bill expansion. IT is really the kobold corporate overlords whom want poltfags and others for cheap manual labor in the kobold mines. Monoeyes are just the scapegoat.

Manako's birthday is coming up and it will be great because it is also international talk like a pirate day.

What if a monoeye have it?

Wouldn't it be extra tragic if they didn't?

Her personality, to me, seems the nice mix of Polt, Zombina, and Miia, with just a hint of Lala's chunni acting.
Also a body that is just amazing.
>extra lewd Mako.jpeg

>Out drinking with monoeye
>Take a swig
>Black out
>End up in underground monoeye fetish dungeon
>Lots of /d/ shit
>Ends the night by forcing you to fuck every monoeye in the room
"I would've said yes if you just asked me!"

I wanna lick that shark's abs!

>ywn drink the finest Rum with Manako and friends during a night out
>ywn have a cool fall breeze cause Manako to snuggle against your chest while in a blissful state
>ywn hear Manako whisper about how cute you are in this moment while she takes your hand and presses it against her chest so you can feel her heart beat race
>ywn have Manako take you back to her place for some lovemaking and hand holding.
>why live

>Wowie having different eye colors on the girls is so hot desu
It's a disgusting disorder that ruins their purity at best, and turns them into flaming meme bait like pic related as a worst case scenario. The best thing you can possibly do is end their suffering.

Ignore him, its just bait.

Unfortunately, the full moon is three days ahead of her birthday this year, so I doubt anyone will be that lucky.

Getting 'loved' by doped up Suu would be an experience.

Crab has used the star pupils often within MM, and I think I may have seen it in 12Beast too.

She's not best girl to me because she's a fanfic girl but she's up there.

Yes, but who owns the kobolds, user? Monoeyes all run the world's kibble trade, and have to be royalties for every walkie. Kobolds sacrifice rebels to the Monoeyes everyday, including Polt; the Polt TTF fugged last night was a monoeye in a fursuit. I've seen monoeyes fuse the eyes together of humans who don't cooperate, then use their monoeye brainwave scramblers to make them believe they always were a monoeye. If you every see a celebrity disappear, they've been monotized.

Heck, I saw it happen to Guard and TF. It's only a matter of time before they get to Imperium.

>Hard ZomBoobies

Secrets page says that they're hard. Crab draws them wiggling and wobbling. I say go with whichever version turns you on, user.

>Crab says that Monmusu is on break this month so he can work on vol 11

Is that why it feels so slow in here recently?

>Just bait
Continue thinking that if you want. Multiple eye colors is disgusting. If you get off to that, all the better for you, but don't drag others down to your degenerate levels.

>spiders are the real owners of Kibble trade and Walkies, user
As for all the other assertions, Merely just Anti-Monoeye propaganda use to hide the fact that spiders and Kobolds are running the show beneath Draconewt overlords.


Thanks for the (you)

I know it bothers some people, but to she is just like one of the side girls like, Merino, Twins, Oct, Yukio, etc. They have a few concrete traits to build on, but otherwise you can see what you want in/for them. No better, no worse.

Lets say Zombina somehow managed to get pregnant as a zombie and gave birth to a daughter. Does the daughter get born as a zombie or a human?

Non 7seas for me, just the concept is sad.


Wouldn't get pregnant. Even if she did, it would be a combination of whatever womb she stole and the husband. So maybe she took a centaur womb, and had sex with a centaur. Therefore she'd have a centaur baby.

An abomination

That's why I said IF she got pregnant defying all expectations.

And I provided an explanation alongside it. Did you even read the second half?

>extra lewd Mako.jpeg
You mean this one?

The problem is that some very interesting canon subspecies will never get time in the manga now that they've been tainted by the work of fautists.

>Being this delusional
Draconewts, user? Draconewts will be the first against the wall for attempting to propagate the undesirable Lamian species.

That's right you snake fuckers, they're coming for your waifu.

I did read it. Did you even read my question? I'm saying what if a zombie got pregnant on her own body without the use of other shit from other monsters.

Mouth looks kinda odd, face makes it seem more rapey and less tender-lovey.

I read your question, and you didn't word it that way. You asked if she got pregnant as a zombie. Zombies steal parts from others in order to function, Zombina at the very least does. So her womb may not even necessarily be a human one any more.

Saying she somehow got a fresh enough human womb, and saying it somehow functioned despite the rest of her being inert, the child would likely be human.

>How can you be this Blind?
You apparently never read the secret history of the Draconewt and their connections to the Illuminati.
Draconewts want to lamias to become a slave race used to for purpose of Pleasuring Draconewt's every whim.
Monoeyes are slated to become nothing more chattel for the Kobold Mines.


That's exactly where Monoeyes want to be, user. Once inside, they'll activate the secret Monomechs they've hidden through their influence and overthrow the so-called overlords, leaving only Monoeyes to rule the world. Do you even listen to MonoWars?

>Daughter goes to school for Mother's Day
>Teacher: "Where is your mommy?"
>Daughter: "Oh my dad accidentally chopped her head off last night. He sewed it back on though!"

Alternatively, I can see the daughter getting accidentally bitten by Zombina and turning her into a zombie as well.

Would Draco be a good mother? She seems a bit...aggressive and cold

Not before the Draconewts activate their monoeye mindcontrol chips installed into each any every Monoeye to make a unstoppable army to conquer the Moon, and Mars which are controlled by the free Lizardpeople and the free Lamias. Did you look up the Monocube website?

Mako is great, but I think Tara is the better fanfic girl.

again there's always adoption, and then turning her into a zombie

Motherfucker, Dr. Professor Rev. Kitchin has already blown open the conspiracy. The mind control chips have been extracted long ago, and place into humans whenever they go in for Lasik surgery. It's completely legal, too. Have you seen the contract for those things? They can transform you into human incubator for Monoeggs, hooked up to a machine and constantly in pain. Draconewts get these chips in their heads too, and Monoeyes are slowly breeding Tarantula Wasp girls that can take out spiders and then self-destruct when they no longer are useful.

>Would take her out drinking on her birthday?
heck yes I would
I'd roofie the heck out of her.

>"Calm down Miia!"
>"I know you want to keep our eggs safe, but i haven't changed the sheets in over a week"

Miia doesn't lay eggs though

Metal fetish tho

but thats my fetish...

>ywn never commission Asterio to forge you a set of plate armour

We don't know that yet.

>A loving genki chunni tomboy shark mermaid

A damn shame she's not part of the main line because that's best girl material.

Yes we do. She stated herself that she gets pregnant and lactates.

You're right. That's two strikes against her now.

Look on the bright side.

Milky snake tits

You have forgotten the Dr. Professor Rev. Kitchin was a plant by the Draconewt overlords to trick the monoeyes into removing the fake chips and implanting them into humans for to be incubator for monoeggs . The Only Draconewts get the chips are the ones sympathetic to lizard and lamia cause. THe tarantuala wasps after they finished with spiders will be food for Harpy paratroopers when they assault the outer planets of the solar system controlled by Yetis and yukionna. Have you even seen the DracoWatch movie by Dr.Professor Smithington?

Miia probably lays eggs, however, she retains them within her body until they hatch.

So does the video of Lala getting it in the throat with Arachnera pulling the strings come in sound or no? Also, is there a non-censored version?

Is that the only proof? That picture is hypothetical, there's no guarantee that Miia and that goat aren't just oblivious to their own bodies like with the pregnant Cerea thing.

>ywn take a nap with Lala while she's wearing her black frilly underwear
Why even bother

If she keeps them in her body then she's not exactly laying eggs is she? She also wouldn't need to lactate.

I really like the lunge at the end when he's off camera. That snek doesn't want anybody to fuck with her eggs.

Monotremes like the platypus or echidna lay eggs and also lactate. Lactation has nothing to do with egg laying. your point is a non-sequitur

Loen really is a miracle with his doodles. I never get tired of looking at them.

I wanted fuzzy spooder goddammit!
But hey, Oct is still a pretty good option.

>That picture is hypothetical
That picture is Miia telling Cathyl and Merino that despite her udderly fantastic chest, she can't give milk since she's never been pregnant to set off lactation. Don't know where you get hypothetical from that.

lactation can be induced outside of pregnancy

Miia herself states that she gets pregnant. Unlike the case with Cerea that was cleared up by crabman and played of as innocence, this one has nothing to do with trying to better illustrate a point to the readers.
One cannot assume that it is simply Miia being ignorant of her own body.

On top of that Miia already has shares many features that would not be found in snakes. She even sweats despite being coldblododed. Her genitals also are identical to a humans both inside and out from what we've seen.

No eggs have to be involved just because she's a reptile.

The question becomes do lamias have Placentas, something similar or not? It really a choice between Ovoviviparous and Viviparous pregnancy since oviparous has been discounted.



>Horse belly pregnant with actual child
>Human belly bloats up too because body is just reacting as it thinks it should
Ew all around.

They truly draw some good stuff over at /d/

you entire comment makes no sense given what I said in this really is off the mark.
You know that there are several species of Snake that are Ovovivparous and give live birth.
Citation please for where we see the entire internal structure of Miia's genitals.

Thank you for making horse even worse.

That they do

speaking of, anyone going to submit a monmusu banner for /d/?,
I'd vote for it

Centorea does not need larger breasts.

It should be that futa Cerea picture. Or one of them.

How about a Picture of futa Cerea voring all the other girls both orally and anally and becoming a landwhale while cock voring Darling. This sound like a /d/ banner to me

Maybe that Cathyl one could be a good choice since It crops well. I don't know if there's rules on how explicit they can get.

Bit hard to push this in a 300x100 banner. Even as a gif which scrolled down I'm not sure how you could get it to reasonably function.

Over the course of months or weeks, depending on the method used. Not much help for keeping her part-time job today, is it?

There's already an image of her doing that to Miia and then pooping her out. It's this one.
Not futa sadly.

The art needs work though, so it probably wouldn't be a good fit. /d/ doesn't seem like a place with high standards though, so maybe it could work.

but a good enough excuse to suck on her tits every night dont you think?

I want to puke just reading that.

If you need to find an excuse, either you're with the wrong girl, or she's with the wrong guy.

there is another image on Eka Portal depicting Cerea voring all the other girls, looking for darling to breed and shitting out their each of the girls remains. Spider and Mermaid where anally consumed.

I think the banners have to be sfw though

Even on /d/?

Even on /d/? If you see the banners then wouldn't you be seeing an actual thread or its OP?

Seems dumb.

I would touch that cow without hesitation.

the banners are suppose to rotate across the other boards so Im just assuming they are suppose to be sfw

I will marry that cow and have her touch me in all the right places while I'll touch her in all the right places.

>Cereafags show up
>quality of thread immediately drops
I really hope they're just falseflaggers

That makes more sense. You'd have to get creative with crops to make them look good.
Out of control quotes from a doujin would probably be a good fit too.

I just went to /d/ for a short visit just to look at the banner. Tapped it for about a minute and half, but all of the banners I saw were the same SFW stuff I see on every other board.

Have you ever noticed how beautiful Draco is?

I forgot to post of a picture showing how beautiful Draco is

We could nominate an Anasheya picture as a banner provided we fix the faces. Or would the odd faces be a better representation of /d/?

Why state the Obvious, user? Her piercing deep blue-purple eyes convey a deeper sense of beauty.

I seriously hate all of the faces he does. I don't think I've seen a single picture where I didn't want to put a bag on the girl's head.
The rest of the body is usually pretty okay though.

well now you owe us two.

The off faces may be a better choice. They're strange, but so is the board.

The dongs are good though. That's what really matters.

If we're discussing banners, i'll nominate the picture of the girls looking disgusted with Lala smirking.

Makes sense. Here's a picture just for

We already had someone throw together a potential banner a while back for exactly that image though.

Thank you. Draco is a beauty to behold.

Is Cred Forums going to get a banner contest?

as long as they are cut off pictures of futa shenanigans im ok with it.

That one is pretty cancerous thanks to the websites. They also could have chosen better normie websites for some of them.

It would be better without them.

No, it's one of the boards getting skipped because autists whined to Hiro not to do it because they said it would encourage newfags to post here

It's too big though.
The thing says it has to be 468x60px and contain the board's name.

Hell, they could just use the ones that came from the board itself. There's a good futa Cerea picture that came from the drawthreads. A good crop might be kinda tricky.

they have a point

For what purpose ? it's not like Cred Forums doesn't receive it's share of newfags and crossboarders every time an anime gets popular or something important happens.
Look at Dragon ball super, the end of Naruto and Bleach, jojo or Danganronpa

there is a healthy amount of newcomers, and then there is an unhealthy amount.

Now I actually want to see Cerea and Saber fighting together

One day you will see your suezofag friend again.

Oh shit that guy finally fucked off.

Im glad, one less retarded shitting up these threads with pointlessness.

Would you a blueberry?

Which is Bluer? Lala's pussy or Oct's blood?

for some reason I thought that was Bunnie D'Coolette from the thumbnail.

A better question would be 'how often?'

Haven't you seen the footage of Kimihito Kurusu's assassination for trying to speak out against monoeyes? You can see Manako take off her Draco suit in the background. #DRACONEWTFALSEFLAG

I cum in snake

What category do this threads fall on?

these threads specifically,
unhealthy, but as in too little. a newfag hoard isn't good but you do need some new blood here and there.

She doesn't hiss at penis

> TTF and Miiafag will never get BTFO like Gazerfag

She's got beautiful eyes.

Can you fuck off and not bring other thread drama here?

>no one from the post captcha era will get this reference

How? It's not exactly obscure.

Goodnight Cred Forums, have sweet spooder dreams.

but its only 5 PM

Tarafag's an old fart

Polt is real TTF

It's nearly midnight in Wales, plus he needs to get up early to molest the sheep.

someone quickly post polt
I need it for reasons.



I would rather Tio.

Rachnera's eyes are truly beautiful

The ogreload?


I want it

of course
who wouldn't?


I thought it was established that I'm not a sheepfag. Fuzzy spooder love is the only love I need.

What is this, a cat girl Miia?

Neko snek complete with a big fluffy snek tail.

I didn't say that you enjoyed it. Just that it was one of the chores.

But what if I don't live on a farm?

>fluffy snakes

Do you live in llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch?

Nope, I'm from the west.
Bore da

>It's just Miia with cat ears instead of cat girl Miia

I haven't looked at these threads all summer because of the Erotic Role play shit was getting out of hand. The snake is still the worst girl

Did Crab Man finally deliver official nudies of Lalah?

It's gotten worse

Then you molest the sheep you keep in the basement. Unless of course you're the Welsh equivalent of a Texan who is all hat and no cattle.

you just saw them
and yeah, it's worse

Look up. Look for blue skin and pinkish nipples.

>Erotic Role play shit was getting out of hand.
>and yeah, it's worse
In this thread? Point a few out if you would.

I would only fug the fuzzy bug. Sheep pussy is low tier.

I want to have sex with Draco as she is in the top-down bottom-up position consensually and after marriage.

tell me your draw request or she will hurt you

Late as fuck reply, because I just got home and saw this - but that post of my edit wasn't me (probably why there's a lack of a response)
Glad to see someone's posting my edits though
Regardless, I already keep them all in dropbox, but as of this moment I've pulled them out to do some small edits for each picture. I'll post a link to it next thread

What if my request is a buff kobold hurting me?

what if i want the Kobold to hurt me?

Necron destroyer


>implying you'll draw my request
Bee hating faggot

miia, liz and draco sharing an ice cream

Rachnera as a Necron Tomb Spyder or Destroyer

Sachiko a qt.

Miia in her military uniform

That's the equivalent of drinking poison Kool-aid

Zombina in a nurse outfit!

how so?


Close enough

I want this more than I should.

Commissar Smith

Someone you haven't drawn

What is love?
Luz and Miia doing the shrine maiden dance with prayer sticks. Alternatively, Cerea or any other girl who has no shrine costumes dressed in them.

Is this real? Wow...

Kino and Kii sitting on a log chatting with each other under a crescent moon.

Crabman combining with Lala's body.

That buff kobold is angry because she is missing a few of her nipples and she is looking for some replacements.

So what chapter are we on now?

Darling knight riding his whorse, hunting down snek while birb films from the sky.

>not Darling knight carrying Princess Miia while Horse is carrying them and Papi is on Darling's shoulders

>I'll post a link to it next thread
My estimation of time is so shitty it hurts
Managed to finish my quick edits already, so I'll post the link now.
For anyone interested in Human Zombina and want to keep track of my collection as I edit them:

You;re a fucking god. Thank you so much

stop reviving my cute zombie

i hate you

I don't have a request, but I do have a question.
Are you still doing that comic?

Most recent one was Ch.46

>stop reviving my cute zombie
But ano-
>i hate you
She's in my top 3 favorites though

Nice. I'm been digging through Desuarchive. Found the one without the censors, but where are the original pages? 0cs05.png is a dead end and I'm still going through all the 005.png images.

Also, context of the scene?

>It's worse
See as Hiro and the mods aren't going to do anything, maybe a swift purge is for the best.

I'm guessing they've been translated right? Only finding up to 44. I need to search harder

They got greentexted a while back, but I personally haven't seen anything close to a translation.

Disregard that, I suck cocks and just found it. Goddamn typical that I'd find it after 30 minutes of digging, it was a random image too.

I assume this is an edit to show her vagoo?

i don't really hate you

>Also, context of the scene?
Color pages for that chapter are Kurusu stumbling in on Lala en deshabille all dat long because he doesn't realize that she's there.
At least one image in the thread is a censored edit where some put in her labia. That might be the one you can't find.

Last time any one chimed in 45 was just over the horizon and 46 was somewhere around TL and Proof.

Chapter 45 is soon™

Then chapter 46 hopefully will be out faster than 45.

>implying we'll ever see a mon-wedding
>implying this series won't end with a "MC lives happily ever after with everyone!" end

i want the ponut

I've always hoped that Crabman kept a chapter drawn and updated where Kurusu get's splattered by a truck, then everyone grieves and leaves. If the publishers ever say, "it's done, wrap it up," he just whips that out and walks away whistling.

I want the cloaca

Man they fucked up Miia's curves so bad in this episode. Other than her tits, her body just goes straight down.

thicc wanwan

The anime is bad about this in general

ah so this had an anime.

Is this accurate?

I hope Kino gets to live in the forest with Kii
The shroom is cute

I want to see miia do this. Not to darling, maybe her mother?

something something cute Lala something sexy

>releases spores
>Kii trips balls
>fantasizes about getting her tids sucked

Well now I just want a tiny ring box mimic girl

It's creepy and a public safety hazard

Kill it

I wonder if Kii is immune to the hallucinogenic effects of Kino's spores to begin with. She is a plant girl after all.

It's about the girls talking about Lala and her creepiness (about how she appears and disappears out of nowhere). Then darling gets into the conversation and tells them about his "creepy" encounters with her. There was a quick resume made by TTF arround the time it came out (like 3 month ago). I also have a translation from the page on the right

bless the user who edited this
s11 postimg org/ 89m3vqhdv/evpqhb7.jpg

Great at parties, she's a real fungi

I would really like a picture of mama miaa /ss/ user. Perhaps holding his hand as miaa looks disturbed in the background.

“There… Lala, in the middle of changing, was--!”
“It seems that she thought if she were changing then it couldn’t be helped that I’d walk in on her, so she hid in the closet…”*
“Wait, why the hell was she changing in Darling’s room in the first place?”
“This… isn’t horror, huh.”
“Alright, here’s a more horror-like story.”
“One time, when I was washing my hair in the bath…”
“I thought I heard someone behind me!”
“It’s no problem, it’s just my imagination… thinking that, I turned my head and--!”

probably this

Oct playing hide and seek with someone.

But first, hug the bug

alpha 90/255 or 35%

I want to hug this bug while we fug

> Crab's infamous sameass/thighs

drau de snek

both of them

Should they be smug?

No, they should be motherly femdoming of a shota.

>ywn have a motherly snake girl into /ss/

snexy or smexy?
why not both?

Mama Miia dojin when?

And god bless it.

Never unfortunately.

I want some sweet, sweet mother-daughter threesome snex

Fuck off Cred Forumscksucker.

I'm just looking for snake moms. I'll take what I can get

Then post MiiaMom and not Cred Forums stuff.

Many thanks, ended up increasing my lala folder so it worked out in the end.

>Attention : Please, Turn off Ad extensions.
Fuck you Korean manga reader

But I want more

Kino a cute!!!!

Then go to other boards, faggot.

I live for requests like these

Yes I haven't forgotten the comic

Could I make a small edit request? Have his claws sticking up on the sides, like the horns. Otherwise, nice job as always.


uh sorry
I forgot that those raw pages are actually a free preview of all the couloured pages from a japanese manga page (official preview)
I don't know if that's because Lala is more popular than before in Japan or if they are trying to make her more popular

Scale them up and have them fight Kaiju Suu?

TTF, you have to send this pic to Crabman

Alternatively, Papi ranger and SuuZord.

Girls VS Mom's
>Miia's mom, perfection




oh damn forgot her other ears

Best page of all time
Thank you for everything. See you all on the other side. I hope she's there.
24 hours.

Original trans is better.

Shit translations will also hurt your neck


End your life

What kind of bug?


Mosquito I think.

>I'm too old for booty calls
Like hell she is


That's pretty great, thanks for the kek.

Figured. Not nearly as cute as KCs, but they did all right.

Draco is best girl for me

I think I need to color more Mama Miia.

I think I prefer this mosquito woman.

One slap man

Yeah yeah, still a cute monster chick.

Anyone know what the pun is with her name? Ceska/Sesuka.

her knees freak me out

>Lala won with 69 votes

Been gone for a few weeks

How hissed where Snekfags when Draco won the vote?

some of her other parts freak me in, tho.

>Heck, I saw it happen to Guard
But user, Dragon is best girl and wouldnt allow Monoeye hereticals

Not that much, considering the rigging against her favor was obvious

Well it wasn't really a vote for best waifu, but a vote for who you want to lose. Bound to happen.


Not to mention it's basically just barely tolerated shitposting. I really can't imagine too many people beyond the creator are all that invested in the poll.

It actually got deleted last night. That why he was more mellow with his post this time, no ITS TIME etc

I admit, I felt my stomach sink a little when I saw my top three girls all lose almost immediately.

But then I hated myself for caring and stopped.

Thats all I hear when Snekfags get cranky

I want to marry this cewt newt!

I want to slay the demon lord in mge, so all the waifus turn back to their original monsters forms,
wouldn't that be funny?


I think it would be funny
demon lord is slain
and all the guys cuddling with their momusu waifu in one moment are running away from man eating monsters in the next.

I think you should leave.

She doesn't look very happy about your proposal. Don't tell me you turned her gay.

She was gay before, she's just sick of all the neckbeards giving her attention


Not bad. If they removed the nose it would go up a solid few points.

Who let Suu out of the jar before she was finished tasting the rainbow?

huh. i like it. The texture of her gel hair looks pretty good.

I-I didn't.

oh god, dat music
it's been so long, it is so awesome

Is this new or old?

No idea. New-ish I guess, don't remember where i got it.

ya, artist may not be familiar with character, idk.

kek, I want to taste Suu, tasting the rainbow.

The metal-flake or suspended particulate, or whatever its called, effect is nice.

>six-stroke engine
U fucking wot m8

>He doesn't know what a six-stroke engine is
Get a load of this guy.

Finally I've found some nice/ok porn of Smith riding darling

p-pics or it didn't happen.


Darling is perfection.

Miia please stay