Liking a talking stick like Krul

>Liking a talking stick like Krul


>t. Princess i marked the spot where 20 men fucked me

Lisha is pure. PURE.

She's hiding a couple of bastard kids she had with prison guards and a bunch of rivals

Lisha is literally the purest confirmed virgin in Bahamut.

She knows the sensation of dick and her genes have already been spread

They confirmed no reap
Which makes no sense to me given the crotch tatto

Post lewd tattoos/brandings

Can't wait for the same thread with the same arguments.

Tbh I would still love her even with a little rape

5/5 would comfort and protect

>Liking tsunderes

>tfw every thinks your waifu is a slut just because of a tatoo

>Cute personality
>Perfect body
>Moderate breasts
>Intelligent and strong
>Pure and innocent
>Would do anything for Lux
Literally perfection.

>>Would do anything for Lux

Even anal?



Wouldn't be a Bahamut thread without anal being mentioned.

>Luccuchi, Luccuchi!

Why are all of the girls so best?

Sauce? This doesn't look like LN art

It is. Volume 8.

Lisha and Krul are both perfect. I prefer Krul though.



Good taste.

>liking what is literally a boy

sort of gay, user.

Just because she doesn't have cancer on her chest doesn't mean she isn't an attractive lady.


If you say so.

Anal with her would be blissful.

I never wanted to have an anal harem this much until I watched Bahamut.

Titty monster compared to the other Ayumu girl, the flattest thing IMS has ever animated.

To be fair they did have a guy on the team who made it his mission to make Akane as flat as humanly possible.

>Character Designer Kobayashi Shinpei Comment
>Her twintails is one of her points, but her cute and short stature left more of an impression. Her chest is flat. In the manga she was given a little bit out of pity, but in the anime, even if [the other animators] gave her some breasts or even a shadow I will erase it in the correction process. Her facial expressions are cute and she's the shy type. She made a lot of crazy facial expressions but I thought most of them were OK and didn't fix them.

Wait, I thought Aika was the flattest Ayumu girl.

I'm honestly not sure. Using Ayumu's original designs Aika may be flatter but in the Dandelion anime they made strictly sure to keep her as flat as a board.

I doubt that was Ayumu's decision though. Manga Akane has a few gentle slopes, too.

liking mentally impaired girls

>Not liking both
This fanbase is getting worse as time goes on.

>forced infighting
All of the girls in this show rock, so the fighting makes even less sense than in the threads of other series.
Only Phil sucks, though.

>>Moderate breasts

A very nice way to say "almost flat"

Phi is alright.

Have you seen those tits?

As a Lishafag I think Bahamut is one of those series where all the girls are top tier and wouldn't mind a harem end where everyone is happy because all the girls are great on their own.

I just want Lisha to get more attention.

Barely. It is really are to see them without a microscope.

>Liking cow udders
Not even a flatfag, but big tits are disgusting
I prefer medium like Lisha's

I agree-
>DAT last line
Fuck off.

That poor girl must be in so much pain with those tumours on her chest.

>liking the inferior blonde

Celestia a best.

Celes is good but Lisha is olev.

What's the point of her, even? She's practically Celes Lite.

Cuter, prettier and stronger.

You posted the wrong girl.


Once again it seems you posted the wrong image. Be careful next time.

You are seeing it wrong, Lisha is so great that they tried to clone her and failed.

Lisha herself is a Stella clone.

How? They are almost completely different.

Those three were the only reasons to watch the show.

Really? They seem more similar to me than Julis ever was to Stella despite all the comparisons.



desu it would be cool if Rukkucchi was fucking these three on the side while main sluts just bicker endlessly


What? She's hot as hell. All her scenes ooze a kind of knowing sensuality. That's a massive turn-on. I mean, it would be great if she was busty, but this isn't bad too.

Why just one? They seem like good enough friends to share him and cool enough to keep it secret.

One of their voices alone is enough to create boners. Imagine Sharis riding you while Tillfur whispers in your ear with her lewd voice.

>Its not safe to go alone. Take this.

It warms my heart to know there is someone else out there so in tune with the universe. I wish I could thank him for those choices. Is that from a Dandelion art book?

Not sure on the source but I believe this comes from the same place.

>>I'm Kobayashi, my job is mainly reducing Akane's chest.

And for something related to the thread, Shinpei's thoughts on Bahamut.

>show with lots of semen demons
>literally no fanart

I want to rest my head on Krul's flat chest.

Why is he such a slut?

>all these amazing best girls and designs
>no S2 for any adaptation

Bahumut, Twintails and Dandelion could all warrant one just for the girls alone and I'll never stop being mad about it.

He's a fuccboi who can pass off as a girl. It can't be helped.

Is his dick bigger than Krul's?

>daily Bahamut threads

S2 when

It's more likely to get more twintails than Bahamut if the producers get their way.

I hope that if Bahamut ever does get a second season it isn't as rushed as the first. Krul got a few episodes but otherwise every other arc was pretty rushed.

The problem is they don't care about that feeling of rushed or incomplete arcs. Studios get their 12-13 episodes to promote the source material and that's it. It feels like there are lots of terrible series that get 24 episode commitments but of course it's never the ones that deserve it.

Best girl. Best kiss.

Exactly! normally, I wouldn't even glance at the flat girl in a harem, but Krul makes up for it with her personality in such an unexpected way that she seems ahead of all the other girls in the likeability contest.

Was it rape?

Pretty sure most of the advances the girls make with Lux are forceful since he's a fucking fag.

Hes socially political. He won't make the advances because that would trigger MAD with the other girls. Better to let all the girls come to a mutual understanding and come into his harem willingly.

I like both. I'll always like both.

Is she actually used goods? Might pick this up

She got marked by a noble of the old empire as his property. You're free to imagine what you like from that.

Don't make fun of my waifu, thanks

Big boobs are fine, that is disgusting.

Man, this artist's character designs (Bahamut, Dandelion) are always bonerific. What other anime has he been involved in?

I don't know if Ayumu has ever been directly involved in an anime besides Dandelion, but he/she is the Illustrator for Twintails and the anime based its designs on those. Other than that there have only been LN illustrations.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Twintails too. Thouars a cute.

>Hagane no Tsurugi
That couple looks comfy. I suppose there aren't any translations?

I don't know about any of those LNs. It's just a page from his illustrations book. Here's the other.


I'll give this a shot

The cutest.

That's not Airi

>Literally no doujins
Fix'd for you

There is one for Celis.

It's a crime when the girls are this delicious and so little porn exists.

The ones that exists are ntr shit

I know, Lisha is the cutest.

Not even the fluffiest.

Well no, but she's still soft.

>Lishafags are so insecure that they have to question people liking the superior girl Krulcifer

Never change.

>vagina tattoos
didn't know Celestia had one

She doesn't, but she probably wants to be Lux's property.

Too large, I mean the pillow.


It tells a lot when said stick stands out far more than pic related.

I can probably break Krul in half like a stick.

She would freeze your dick and break it tho.

Along with the rest of him. She's a trained warrior, unlike user who's just a fat, weak and stupid neckbeard.