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It's literally nothing.

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I choose to believe that's not real.

>expect anything good from Shibafu, especially during his fall from grace

At least we got this cutie.

I wasn't expecting anything that good, but I was expecting at least a little more than nothing.

Kaga kai2 and seasonal sprite never

It's better than Fubuki, which was better than Mikuma. He'll work his way through it. It's not the first time we've seen an artist's style change.


I want to be sex friends with Mutsu!

No. Even though I hate you, I still hope she doesn't get one around this time.

But Fubuki is cute.

I hope Shibafu didn't get payed for this.

Why not marry Mutsu?

This is officially the highlight of the event.

I want to rub my dick on every part of Mutsu.

I think I might have to debind this in order to scan it properly.

Also pardon the upside-down page.

Because I just want to bone her.

Why did you not flip it 180 before posting it?

I'm still in the process of scanning it.


I hate you too, anti-Kagafans

What's up with Kongou's marriage line?

God damn! i want that girl! she looks like that cute girl in St. Gloriana from GUP.
another gold from shibafu

Shut up, Shibafu.

>No Nagato seasonal design
Well I'm sad.

Still, muts is hot

He has to go back to drawing porn to refresh his anatomy.

...is the tiny Nagato a fairy?

I mean she is just another run of the mill destroyer.

We can't give everyone new ship a fully sick and unique design even if they're implemented late.

Would date, and leave after a fruitful year together.

We got Warspite last event, can't have unique designs and ships every event.

My girlfriend.

My wife.

Your slut.

Not a slut.

Any reason for Yuudachi's exclusion here?

Cute boy.

Warspite is comically pretty.

>It's literally nothing
yup, go back.

Finally done. Should've scanned both sides of the cover before scanning the pages inside, but what's done is done. I'll have to leave the creases to whoever's willing to clean the pages.

I'll crop the scanned images and rotate the upside down pages then dump them.

she dies to save Fubuki

poi dies

Ships don't die though.

I make Shiggy wet.

Tell that to the ones who got nuked

Worry not, Kaga-san gonna save her cute kouhai

Please don't make my wife wet without my permission.

Haruna a besto.

So, Haruna confirmed for liking analingus?

Why does her gears look kinda 3D-ich.
That mini-Nagato look very cute, I want one. She would be good friend with Chinpoi.

Naganamnam is cute.

Goddamn she is gorgeous.

Cute snek

Why did the anime chose to feature some of the blandest and most unremarkable girls as its main characters?

Really cute, we can even see a little bit of her fang.

Japan likes bland.

The Strike Witches Effect
Especially for Fubuki

Its a shame really.

Akizuki and her sisters should be the main characters and the show should be more easy going and light hearted.

>Akizuki and her sisters should be the main characters
>wanting to ruin Akizuki-class
You must really hate them.

I love these three

Enosan draws the best Spaito.

Cute Kaga
Don't make a face like that, Kaga-san!

Honestly I'd like nothing better for you to kill yourself or for someone else to end you.

I am deadly serious.

I love Fubuki and would love to marry her.

You too

I'd even pay someone if I knew where to find you.



Mods, please just ban this spamming cunt.

He will just use a new IP like he always does. I would love to have him banned too, but I doubt the mods could do it.

A visible ban would still be nice, just to show that his faggotry isnt tolerated.

A garage kit of my waifu I've been looking for has resurfaced, but I'm 99% sure it's a recast. (There's no way there's actually some guy in Taiwan that buys multiple copies of wonder festival exclusives and sells them for half price). Should I care, though? Even if I bought the real deal for the full 30k¥ price tag, I'd still just be buying it from some reseller.

Will Kaga ever smile again? I hope kai2 soon

>almost all the pages are misaligned
>the scans of every page have also been cut a bit because I put them at a corner and the scanner misses it out
Fuck, I'll have to rescan every page.

I don't mind kagaspammer

He doesn't care enough about it as long as he can continue spamming his shit.

Aoba, Tenryuu and Yuubari.

That'll be interesting.

Kisaragi died.

Not in my heart!


Kill yourself

The movie isnt even out yet

They didn't even get Aoba right.

You should be grateful for it.

>New anime
>A second Kisaragi arrives and everyone but Fubuki acts like nothing happened
>Fubuki treats her bad and the other girls confront her about it.
>Fubuki flips out "How can you all pretend she never died? How can you act like she's the original?!"
>"The same way we treat you like the original Fubuki."

>implying they'll show Kisaragi again

I-I just want to hear her voice again.

Hai hai~

sisters from different franchise?

Improved Hai Hai

Best sub.

Congratulations CARP


What does Kongou's face convey?

Jesus christ

KanColle became shit when it became too popular and never looked back at lolis.

Please don't use Urakaze to shitpost.

>congratulating a team for winning is shitposting

Can I use Urakaze as my fap material instead?

anyone have the pic of yamato playing a violin in a dress?

Urakaze is not for lewding.

This one?

Is that where I'm supposed to put my own gun?

Yes but could you post the actual image instead of a screenshot of a lock screen? I would be most grateful.

Yes, she is.

Look at those lewd tits that I'd very much like to fuck.

No! Urakaze is not for lewding!

It's your wife's fault for having such a lewd body.

You're strong enough to carry your waifu right?

That isn't her fault!


Most beautiful blonde since Atago.

Heres one more

Post the double zui.

goddamn they are pretty

dont know what youre talking about

The one with Zuihou and Zuikaku. And the breasts.

Don't have that one

>And the breasts.
The what? Hamakaze?

>iqdb 0 results
>google 0 results

What sorcery is this

I'm strong enough to at least rape her.

Thats what you think, these ships carry tons of gear everyday. They are fit as hell.

>double zui
Sure, mou sugoi Kaga-san!

>lagafag being retarded again
Why am I not surprised?

No one said anything bad about Kaga and here you go shitting on others again. Why must you be such a cunt?

Over the past few months i have gotten so irritated whenever i see Kaga that i scrapped her even when she is level 83. Fuck Kaga i hate her so much

Shitty Ad-my-ral!

Jeez, it's not shitposting it's funposting
Learn the difference

>trying to justifying shitposting with Fun
you must be really desperate for attention today arent you?

Not at all

When was he never? If nobody responds to him, he would post some shit every minute to tell the world that he's here.


It's shit.

Yet Kagawife was translated AND posted here?
I was under the impression that he or it whatever wasnt wanted her. screw that.

Meme glove man stopped drawing Kagerou gloves.

That's a really thick neck in proportion to the rest of her body.

>Assblasted Zuikakufags

Zuikaku isn't a shitty jobber.

>get BTFO
>start calling people assblasted
Really makes you think.

It's not so bad.

So where is Uranami? 2-5?

Can't wait for this fall event, where Kaga get BTFO again. I will permanently bench her even if the new CV turned out to be shit.


Less meta more cute girls

I want to hug this Yamashiro.

How does a girls lap feels like ?

2-4 multiple nodes including boss
4-1, 5-2 and 6-3 boss nodes are the other known places.

Some user on /jp/ claimed 5-3 drops her too.

Some nips are reporting that she also drops off 4-1 and 5-2. If that's the case, 5-2 is infinitely better to farm than 2-4's bullshit """routing""".

Warslut is useless

I don't know

>she sees your dick

Except multiple nodes of 2-4 drop her, so no matter where you go chances are you'll reach a node that drops her.

Suzuya is love Suzuya is life

Help ! I'm hopelessly in love with Ooyodo-san !

Stupid sexy Poi.

I want our kids to say "Poi" as well.

any suggestion for 3-4 map?
more blue plane or green plane?

>tfw I'm in love with Fubuki

Sup tanaka, how bout a kai ni for aoba?

Fubuki kai san first.

Alright, thanks. I'll go bash my head against 2-4 again then.

>Incest net

>bash my head against 2-4
But 2-4 is easy and she drops from multiple nodes.

You saw nothing.

>file deleted


>bash my head
Just bring 6 subs.

>bamboo shoot growing on her hat

How fukou is she? This is beyond logic.

Too late. :^)

Pic related.

The comic is called Bamboo-shoot Girl Yamashiro for a reason.


Nothing. I certainly didn't mistyped insect into incest.
I suppose, I'll get to it after 1-6.

Is "Incest Net" now a meme?

>taking off her panties in the arsenal

>A girl taking off panties in her own home
Nothing lewd about that.

>le incest net man

The big door is opened and TTK was in the room until he pussied out.

You mean, you haven't done 1-6 yet?

I bet you haven't even unlocked 6-4 either.
inb4 she drops at 6-4 boss with A rank

Not everyone finishes their EOs on the first day. I don't do 4-5 until the last day of the month.

It's far from being the "first day" now m8.


DDs being dressed up in Warspite's princess gown is something my dick needs more of.


I always knew you were from that shitty IRC foolz board with those other autistic cunts. This confirms it.

Please just fucking kill yourself.

Deserves to be bullied.

You clearly misspelled love.


She is nice but I prefer Arashi, Nowaki and Maikaze to her.

But Hagi is ganbarimasu.

I want her to make healthy food for my dick.

Deserves to be praised for scuttling Kaga.

People here hate ganbarimasu girls.

There is nothing wrong with ganbarimasu girls.

I was playing with Ritou last week and clearing 1-3 EOs on the first week, can't sortie everywhere at once.

I know that. I have no idea why either. It's just the case here.

You bully her out of love, just like a certain dork.

Zuihou isn't a dork!

Fine then.




Yamashiri or Yamappai?


Why not both?

Thats just sad


Add Fusou too
I love some shitty BBs

I'm pretty sure this stuff is the weeb equivalent to crack cocaine. I make no bones about it, because for whatever reason it seems to appeal to me in some way. I've been on danbooru for HOURS and looking up stuff, but it comes up in almost everything I look up. It's crazy how a game can have so many characters (if you ignore Touhou) and appeal to so many people. OP's pic seems to be EXACTLY my thing. Weird.

Fuck off.

That's the Cred Forums I know!
Don't change.

Find the new Potato.

Yokosuka anthology volume 15.

Takayaki's panty textures are great

This is what glasses deserve

>hating on Naga ships

so when does shibafu resign?

Yoshizumi is the name of a famous weather forecaster in Japan.


When the Slavs pay him more.

Why is Shigure so yan? She's scratching the window.


shibafu's masterpiece

Now that the best Special Type I DD is in the game, all that's left is Shinano really.

Are you good enough to be able to tell who this is?


>triple flight deck

>slightly less retarded funnel

This kills the Irishman

Is Civ really popular in Japan?

The fuck?

>The ship was rebuilt from 1935 to 1938 with her original three flight decks consolidated into a single enlarged flight deck and an island superstructure.

Well, that explains things. I thought that looked pretty derpy, even for a Japanese design.

>Melon plays Civ4

That's it, it's official. She's my new waifu.

Somebody stop this psycho granny.

Did Warspite x Kongou replace Iowa x Kongou?

Why do you keep posting this shit art

Looks like it, but I think Bongo is missing Iowa about now.

Iowa was with Yamato anyway

>can't do promotions, seasonals, and now new drawn ships to save his life
Just drop this lazy asshole already.


Here you go.

Kancolle wikia comments are so full of love and compassion.

Doesn't seem any different from here desu.

>being this new

>expecting anything out of potatoes

We don't write fanficiton.

Thank chinkfag.

Not daijoubu!

Hopefully this brings some mutsu doujin

Is this daijoubu?

I'm not a chink.

Hopefully. Iowa belongs with Yamato.

Delightfully soft and fluffy.


Only a little bit daijoubu!
Twin daijoubu!

Remember when Haruna was stronger than Kirishima? I don't either.

Do not stir unrest between the sisters.

Why Kirishima had to be dethroned by Roma-a ship that never fired her main guns in anger once in her entire career-is a mystery for the ages.



Do you like fubuki now?

Sup hip hop.

I can't wait to see this artist do a Kiyoshimo doujin. Then her dream of being a battleship will be relased.

>gee admiral why haven't you gotten married yet?

>could it be that you are still looking for a wife?

Im going to marry Ooi!

Can your dick handle 8 hours of sex with Suzuya everyday?

Mou sugoi, Warspite-chan!

Bespectacled Haruna does things to my private parts.

So, he is Mogami's son?





Not sure if I want bouncy Zui or normal Zui.

I want this Zui the most.

It really ruined the glasses Naga ships are the strongest trend. That wasn't supposed to happen until Iowa.

That was ruined with Musashi. Yamato at least got to fire her guns.

Rude, Musashi also used her main guns to fire Type 3 shells at Sibuyan Sea, though they did fuck all against the American planes.


Kaga had a triple flight deck, too.


It's not hard to outdo a battlecruiser who got sank for being cheeky with a pair of battleships.


What if I say that I want to marry Haru?



>small c

Since when?

I want to have freedom sex with Iowa.

>Are the Nips' bodies ready for freedom?

If you believe the doujins and fanart, certainly.

Knock knock.





HItachi Magic Battleship.







The end.

thanks user, this artist is really awesome to include nimu early on.
subs are the best.

I envy the ttk the most.

>oppai wrist rest

Lewd doujins when?

You sure that you can handle it?

am I the only one who thinks Uranami is a cutie?



Unremarkable potato.

It was WWII all along!


Her sprite is shit, every other whobuki looks better.

What a beautiful carrier she was

Tokitsukaze a cute, my favourite dog

Enjoy your AIDS

>cafe's safe too
They this girl has her priorities in line.

Only you have aids.

She looks ugly as fuck, expected of Shitbafu.

>The damaged artwork has a different pose.
It has to be fake.


The smugest and strongest,
Mou sugoi Kaga-san!

Torpedoes out for Kagambe

I'm going to outdrink Pola on a night out with her!

You'd die of alcohol poisoning.

I have confidence in my ability to drink a lot!

Thanks, but apparently I read one thing and wrote another on this page. Ro actually says
>Ro-chan is now an adult as well!
>Ro-chan is not an adult.


>Ro-chan is now an adult

I'll make her into one.

Refrain, mango

why ro the sexiest boat?

Tanlines are delicious.


She just is.

shes the only ship girl who has tanlines.
tanlines are my fetishes.
I want to lick ro's tanlines.

Smartest boat.



Ichiban still has tanlines from summer.

Poor Shioi.

>shes the only ship girl who has tanlines.


Look at that puffy cunny

Why is every single non-Japanese ship godlike, but only like 20% of the Japanese ones are cool?


Iowa is shit.

Because there's less of them.


>Comparing a selection of over 100 ships to a meager selection of 1 to 6



>still butthurt over the edits

I want to rape Amatsukaze.

Rape her tenga instead.

When the only thing that distinguishes them from each other is often how they died/accidents/collisions it's hard to give them personalities.

Even something like having your bow/head knocked or blown off and replaced isn't unique.

>no kaga fall sprite.
will Kaga have a Halloween sprite?

Will she use it on me instead?

She'll be dressed up as a burn victim.

Why? So she can look just like Mogami or Fubuki but with a side tail?

Reminder that according to Kagerou, the Fletcher-class is full of weirdos.


Shibafu did a good job on mogami and bucky, I still believe that he will make more of season sprites on some ship girls he works on, well mikuma was a tragedy.


No, I want to drive her to tears while I take her purity.

Got it, should be updated now.

Cute Melon.

The loveliest ship!



A boat by any other name would smell just a salty.

Source? Google and IQDB turn up nothing.

it's a i-19 and taihou lewd doujin.

No idea, user.

How about Kaga the Ghostbusters?

I-19? More like Slut-19 amirite?


Urakaze a gay

She's gay for dick.

Expand the seaport etc

So Urakaze is actually a shemale?


What a slut.

Z3 lewds will never end.

May Summer 2016 be remembered as the golden age of Z3.

This was your doing, Z3

Those sea mines have good taste, they sure enjoy perflation.

Which flat ship is the best flat ship?

Zuihou is my favourite, and therefore the cutest!



The cutest!

all of them including zuikaku and katsuragi


The original is the flattest so she's teh best, but other flat carriers are great too.


Is this the one where the BBs give her advice on pleasing the admiral?


I've gotten a lot of use from the first doujin this artist did. I hope the others get translated at some point too.

>sea mines giving out tentacles instead of exploding
Shit weapon design.

They cling to their targets and then explode.

The point is to disable ships through pleasure, not explosions.

Why blow up and destroy a ship, when you can mindbreak them and make them your own?


Why is she such the cutest thing?

What's going on here?

Where's the 4koma, yamashirianon?

I want to play civ with all the ships now too.

How would each ship play?

C91 can't come fast enough.

I don't know and I don't care.

Is that Fusou or Yamashirou?

Why haven't they made a KanColle cookbook yet?

I bought some goya today because it reminded me of Dechi


It is navel warfare.

Is that true?

I know knife is always on the right.

It's in the filename.

She's lying. She just wanted ttk to drink from between her legs.

Ooyodo's definitely the reason they have to add a move timer.

Why do you want to kill your target. Do you think that this is some kind of war?
There's a few doujins that are just cookbook, I remember buying one where it was just the recipe for food made in the IJN.
Also there's an official Hiei curry recipe you can get from the lottery game a few months back..

Filenames do not appear on mobile view

summer z3 and z1 doujins when?

Are you retarded?

I require Bucky. Especially updated/special Bucky. Plaincute is still cute.


Time to fap to Z3.

Nah, just giving some attention to the misfortune


Why are you making Bono do this?

I want to feed Re and then be her friend.

You're not giving anyone attention, if you can't tell from the side the pagoda is and the short hair then you need to play more.

Why are you making my Boner do this?

I never made her do anything, that slut is doing it because she wants to.

It'd just be curry curry curry wouldn't it?

Because I love her and I know she loves me too.

Who is the Ghandi of ships?


>No fun allowedfag

Make sure to feed and befriend her tail too.

They can just add some lines and they'd be able to add some more recipes

Fuck off Kagafag.

I want to read the Zuihou cook book.

Not true, it would be curry, Mamiya snack, canned food, katsudon, and curry..

You first, Yamashiroufag



>pacific saury

Her sister, Kusou is cuter
Just saying


Posting best boat


Here is your (Yuu).

The cutest Bucky.


But that's not Shirayuki



Uzuki and I are gonna fuck like rabbits!




Sorry, I mean Yamadayuki


No lewding my daughteru

Why are these ships taking lewd selfies?


I wanna befriend Ka and film horror movies with her.


I'll lewd her as much as I want.


Akitsumaru is cute, not spooky.

she is spooky cute

Spooky you say?

cute spooky.

Is Halloween the next time we should get alternate outfits or is there one sooner?

>Lewding such an Innocent and pure ship
What a shitty admiral

Fishing sprites soon.

Z1 Oktoberfest CG.

Uzuki is for lewding and I'm going to jerk off to her again right now!

>Thinking Uzuki is pure


Then you can only film underwater horror, I don't think she can get on land.

stop lewding the pure Uzuki, she's the only ship girl in this franchise that has not been tainted by H-doujins.

On what planet are you living? exhentai.org/g/809425/96525ce73f/

how could you guys do this to a pure daughter like uzuki?

Horrible, what will you do if you know someone is jerking off to your daughteru?


thoughts?.... hopes?... could SHE be coming??

Because she turns me on.

I'll jerk off to Uzuki again.

Halloween themed outfits and furniture would be nice.

No way, Tanaka and Friends value their lives too much.

>Then you can only film underwater horror, I don't think she can get on land.
I'll find a way, maybe give her some kind of special equipment.

Enterprise (rare night battle aircrafts from basic and kai from) or Hornet (that can carry LBA)

I hope never

>(that can carry LBA)
For the last fucking time, this is not happening.

Lucchini what are you doing

They aren't implementing nukes or suicide squadrons.

Why would would they get death threats from implementing an allied carrier?

Because Nips hate Enterprise

How do they know they won't? You think Tanaka spends his spare time reading Futaba threads?

Because Japs are still salty over getting wrecked by superior American carriers

I want to molest this cute pup.

>Lewding dog and rabbit
You guys are worse than piss/buttholefag

I just finished masturbating to that doggie.

Pretty sure the majority are indifferent to her. Statfags might like her.
A few probably do hate her but a few Japanese actually like her for reasons not related to statfagging.

You can't claim to love a shipgirl if you don't lewd them every now and then.

I don't think many of them care, just like many of Americans don't care.

>a few Japanese actually like her for reasons not related to statfagging
Prove it

The most they will do is sink her, like a few nips and Sea Monkeys have already done with both Iowa and Warspite.

But what if I fantasise about all of those things? Especially french kissing buttholes.

>french kissing buttholes
You're giving me nauseous

You're forgetting all the rape/mind-break doujins.


Molest Ushio.


Mou sugoi Kaga-san!

Everyone gets them.

But look at how inviting this butt is.

That's literally everyone who gets doujins.
And Iowa has had more Vanilla scanned than rape.

Too lewd.

>Iowautist being retarded again

>being this mad at not getting the bump limit

Go all the way and mate with her.


Molest Akebono.

If you don't want to suck the farts out of her, you don't really love your waifu.
Will do.

Is she ok?

This sequel was so shitty

>Muh implying


Visiting her sister.

>wasting pee in the sea water
I want to try Pola's pee.

The alcohol content is too high, don't do it.

It's been a while since I last went drinking. Using Pola's pee in place of alcohol sounds like a good way to fix that.

Too much alcoholism among the ships.

i am getting shitfaced with prinz


It's better than smoking.

Not enough alcoholism among the ships.

>Doesn't understand why Pola is afraid of her

Obviously the granny's memory is starting to fail her.

Well it's your liver. There's probably more alchol content in her pee than Everclear.

I want to get drunk on Kahlua with Graf.

But smoking is cool

I get to enjoy my fetish and alcohol. It's a win-win.



Kaga is both cool and hot

Drinking with Bismarck would be more entertaining.

Mou sugoi Lady Warspite!


Mou sugoi, Iowa san!

Kill yourself

Smoking is absolutely degenerate.

Goddammit, missed the last page again.

>Into smoking
>Not into pee or eating ass
Shit taste once again.

What did you expect? He is a Kagafag after all, shit taste is ingrained into his DNA.

Blame it on the Iowafags

Nah, blame it on the Kagafags. There are more images of the filthy Yamcha tier jobber named Kaga than there is images of Iowa.

Keep crying Kagashitter.

>filthy Yamcha tier jobber named Kaga


You do realize why I called it that right?

I just realized it, kill yourself

Blame on Lagafags. Who always image spam the threads from start to finish.

I'd kill a random user just for one night with Tokitsukaze.

>being this slow

>calling something degenerate
>being into it
Are you retarded?

Me too man, I want to fuck that doggie.

I'm going delete my image so get ready or are you going to wait for next thread?

Yes, he is retarded

Thanks but next thread is fine, I'm not in a hurry.

Just delete it, I want to post a very cute destroyer

It's better that way, this is sinking anyways.

Fuck off Kagafag.

Kaga 600th nigger dick sucked*
Sorry, forgot to complete the sentence

In a row?

He's not a Kagafan


What the fuck does this even mean and how would you know Lagafag?

>2.5 English speakers

Kagafags and kagashitters are equally bad.

A true Kagafan never post anything bad about Kaga


He realizes that the -fag suffix is essentially not derogatory on Cred Forums, right?

I hope you are new and only now realize that Kagaspammer is literally retarded, almost as retarded as the Yurispammer has been in these threads the last 2+ years and counting.

Yurispammer was just that, a spammer. He knew exactly what he was doing was spam and only did it to piss people off.

Listen retard Kaga can only be seen in a good and positive light to have fag even if this is Cred Forums is it not respectable to Kaga.


In English please.


Oh I get it, thanks Kagafan

Fuck off, retards.

Fuck off, Lagafag. You've already proven you are both retarded and ESL. You don't need to keep posting more evidence of how sub-human you can be, we already know your depths of depravity.

Lagafag spotted

Kagalove is real love, Kagalife is forever alive

Laga is not real love, Lagalife is forever dead.

YOU should stop posting butthurted retard. I'm trying to spread Kaga's love but YOU guys keep this autistic anti-Kaga spam.



It's ironic because your posts make everyone hate Laga

>captcha is a sign right outside my window
They know where I am. If I die, I want to let you guys know, I love you all.

Only retards fall for the Anti-Kaga meme.

Just ignore that assblasted retard, he will get tired of it someday


Do you like Kaga-san?

Are you Slav?

>not having a smartphone in this time and age.

Nah. I like my girls a lil younger than her.

And I love you too.

He's a filthy NEET, that's why
I hate you

I am going to fuck that Prinz and nothing is going to stop me!


Please die

>he doesn't have a computer

Kaga 600th