Late 70s-early90s thread

Back when everything was fine.

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They could've used better directors and seeing obvious cuts and lengthy non-audible sections was annoying.

I couldn't finish conan, but that might've just been because the story was just really bad too

Best ova

>cutting out late 90s because not memes

Late 90s is where the anime loses it's quality from show to show


There is a dude translating the second season of Ace wo Nerae but he will only do that season, since he is translating from french and the 3rd season isn't translated in french.

WMT lolis are the best.

It's such a shame that Ace Wo Nerae gets so little love, it's one of Dezaki's best but it gets hardly any of the recognition Rose of Versailles gets.

It's because it's a sports anime.

true, until recently sports was a pretty niche genre outside of Japan, but something so influential (Top Wo Nerae, one of Dezaki's most important works, highly popular manga and anime series in Japan and other countries) gets barely any recognition in the english speaking world.

Good times.


>he hasn't got the bluray

I remember this
This isn't early 90s though

>Back when everything was fine.
Why the fuck are you even here?
Jesus christ get the fuck out.

Link pls? nothing is up on nya

Search for "aim for the ace". Don't forget to say thanks to the guy. We have a decent amount of funssubers doing recent shows, but almost none is bothering for older series.

I finally finished watching the TV series. I miss police comedies.

they sure liked motorcycles and cars back in the day.

I enjoyed the bike ads and car ads with waifus.

I was pleasantly surprised with how decent the dub was for megazone

This was the golden age.

Kurau was 2004. It was also shit. I waited 13-15 episodes for it to stop being shit and it never picked up.

I miss Noa


Why was the animation so good back then?

More money and less series on TV.

Because most of the anons in these threads like to cherrypick.

The economy.

look at this Motoko.

She looked fine.

Very genki, very floofy.

Every other version of her looks weird and fucked up.


Posting this influence chart since you guys seems enjoying animation.

I also post this on sakuga thread

seems a bit incomplete

Rumiko Takahashi was hugely influential to the point where you can pinpoint exactly when her style changes impacted other mangaka and animators, for example.

Well, Inoue was particularly speaking about animators so...

Even though somewhat I can agree that mangaka back then could influence the style of drawing on anime industry in 70s & 80s.

Just about to start watching it

>youre under arrest original version raws

I liked that art better.

Aren't there like a lot of anime that followed Rumiko's artstyle instead of their source material/an original one simply because of how popular and simplistic it is?
I mean, Sailor is like the biggest example in this regard isn't it.

Are there any people, who decided to buy a bike after Megazone 23?

obviously yes

but Rumiko's style is simply insanely attractive so it's a shame that current mangakas don't follow it nowadays.

If I could I would personally stomp on the face of every mangaka who doesn't try to imitate her style at least every once in a while.

>the pilot ejects and her clothes rip off from her jet exploding, exposing her bra and panties for only milliseconds
Old anime was fucking great.

Because cherry picking.

Kernal Sanders was never the same after that.

Ah, I see.

Black Magic M-66 doesn't have that kind of fanservice but it's loaded with small details and movements that are inconsequential plot-wise but add a feeling of realism to the characters.

Cherry-picking is a myth.
The simple fact that the majority of 80s anime was influenced by Rumiko's artstyle is enough to make it more enjoyable to watch than the majority of current anime.

Because the artstyle is simply that good.


A girl falls in love with a boy.
Unable to confess, she is gifted with by a deus ex machina a trip down the rabbit hole.

Why the fuck is the music so quiet in this show

I miss floofy bikini warrior anime

That recent one was mediocre as fuck. Genmu Senki Leda was wondrous and amazing.

It also makes everything look the fucking same.

Which isn't a problem when everything looks great as a result.

Beautiful uniformity is preferable to mediocre variety.

This is a nostalgiafaggot gone completely off the deep end.

>Because the artstyle is simply that good.
I bet you're the kind of person who thinks Dirty Pair has good designs.

>I prefer being able to choose between shit and shit
You're being blatantly hypocritical.

Anime is entertainment, it's not the way you live your life. Variety is of little value.

Obviously yeah.

Pictured: "good" artstyle

Finished Zambot 3 lately and I'm about to finish 999 this weekend, those last couple episodes of Zambot where some heavy shit. Especially the whole human bomb things.

You think this may have influenced Araki to give the Joestar's their famous star shaped birthmark? Seeing the marks on their back I couldn't help but think of Jojo

remove the quotation marks and you've got a perfect post

Are you implying they dont?

Reminder that Anno animated that.

I would kill to see the SAC Motoko with that smile..

I would kill to erase SAC Motoko from existence. That smile would look out of place on her boring face.

Bandaged head - the invisible man?
Robot girl from Metropolis
Who is that iron penis?

Takahashi style giant craniums got pretty fucking bad in the 80s, granted they had Miyazaki faces.
If you were less attracted to baby features because men want young girls you'd have better aesthetic sense.

Well it's not like current anime people look any less babyish than back then. On the contrary.

Having only watched the two movies and both SAC seasons, this Motoko looks more cheerful and the floofiness is extra cute, I really should read both manga volumes when I get home.

Unfortunately she's only cute and cheerful in a few sparse occasions. But still more than every other version combined.

I recommend reading Dominion, Orion and Appleseed in priority. Then GitS and Black Magic.

I like the way Shirow draws his women, they all look very delicious and /fit/. Perfect combination.

True, more like you can't vouch for the most popular or common style ever. That's why everything can't possibly look great.

Yup, that's OP.

Is mid right that story with the ESP agency?


Why were little girl shows filled with panty shots back then?


Every fucking time I see a megazone screenshot I think I'm looking at ZZ gundam.





There was no bluray with russian subs on rutracker

Which is the model of the crashed motorcycle?

Watched the whole thing. Don't bother, it stays shit.
Typical Bones train-wreck.



I gate shots like this. The trails always travel with the camera, and it looks shoddy.

Kasei Yakyoku is translated in Arabic or something and not in english. Hope somebody picks it up.

That's funny.

have you ever considered that maybe it's the camera that is following the trails
also that only happens at the very end, once in that entire scene


that's a serious opinion there, pal

>tfw no dirty pair film BD


Is there a chart for this era?


OVA charts are a good place to start, since the market for them collapsed around 2000.
Plus you don't have to invest a lot of time into an OVA to test the waters.






I haven't seen to many animes from beyond my time, could someone recommend me one with action/slice of life something that I will remember or never forget?

Male Protag Pref




Megazone 23 and Bubblegum Crisis

It feels as if the pain of a thousand men was voiced at once, and then silenced.

>Megazone 23
>slice of life

I remember quite few 80 or 90's non H anime showing pussy and pubic hair. Its shame that we have to deal with steam and light beams now days.

It would be pretty slice-ish if not for the format change from TV series to OVA.

> since the market for them collapsed around 2000.
What the fuck happened?

I definitely don't miss all the Toriyama hair ripoffs from the 90's.

Because the combo of economy and cherry picking, anime has gotten dramatically more consistent animation wise, the amount of quality in the 70's and 80's even for shows that provided some of the best examples of sakuga for the era have stuff thats just downright embarrassing. Macross is a big one where there are some genuinly jawdropping animation but its in the minority as some of the worst shit ever to go to TV somehow got on there like the embarrassing knife fight.

New animation looks like dogshit.
Post-processing bullshit mixed with shaky cam and amateur-tier motion.
Digital animation was a mistake.

Nene a cute! A CUTE!

As mediocre as it was, I want more Plastic Little. The OVA was beautiful.

Why was Megazone and Bubblegum Crisis production such a mess?

Rules of tv broadcast are diferent from direct to video OVAs

Part 2 is more like, slice of fucking insanity and murder-genocide and steel tentacles exploding people.

>Noa with black hair

Fuck whoever animated this. They did a smooth job but it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Part 2 was the best simply because of Umetsu.

Umetsu and Itano teaming up to give you exactly what you'd expect out of that combo. Dead faces, gratuitous sex, ultraviolence, exploding heads, micromissiles, and more crazy shit.

Seriously what is wrong with Itano. He really seems to love shoving in gratuitous violence and his fascist ideas into everything he touches. He's a great animator but good lord don't put him in charge of things.
I think I saw there was gonna be a movie reboot. I have hopes it'll be good.

Its just a 15 minute long short for that Animator Expo I think. Nothing to really get our hope up but its nice to see someone still cares for Patlabor

What's wrong with violence? It's good solely for the sakuga.

I was never into the TV series but the OP is really top tier


We can't forget that sexy soundtrack by Kenji Kawai


why did the hottest girl have to be worst girl?


For every 1 animation nerd who even notices shit like this there's 10,000 teenagers binge-watching A1-style cut and paste hackjobs around the clock on crunchyroll. There's little incentive to fund anything else unless you're just trying to tap into a niche or impress people.

Poor Nene


Literally how do we save animation again?


By whining loudly about how everything was perfect and flawless thirty years ago.

Bonus points for claiming that 80s anime doesn't pander while watching cute-girl-centric OVAs around the clock.

Well it's not like she went anywhere.
My understanding is that her design wasn't finalised when they began animating the OP and that's a hangover from it.

I don't really see it as being any different from when animation studios littered western TV with tacky limited-animation productions in the 60's and 70's. Did kids in the 70's think all the hanna barbera cartoons looked the same? Most of them probably just thought "that's what cartoons look like".

After that, animation shifted to promoting toyetic properties which inspired the 80's-90's aesthetic changes. Maybe that's analogous to anime studios designing scenes to be gif-worthy in the current era. I tend to think people's tastes adapt to whatever is sold to them and in this case it's "Haruhi + sword + off-model pseudo-3D shots" that gets clicks.

I think the inevitable shift in taste toward emphasizing immersion/VR will be what decides the aesthetics for the next generation.

Of course there will be things as cool as Akira and GITS and whatnot. But it won't be hand-drawn and 2D. At least not for a long time.

We wait.

Stunning in spandex


Everything may not have been perfect, but it was doubtlessly better.

And there was certainly some pandering (nobody claimed otherwise except falseflags) but
-it looked better
-it was motivated by more than money
-it wasn't aimed solely at moefags

which isn't the case anymore

who are these two floofy bunnies?


>-it looked better
If it was a high budget OVA or movie? Sure, that comes with the budget. If it was a TV series? On average, hell no. I'd find some examples but I feel like it would end with both of us accusing each other of cherry picking and a lot of "it's okay to be incredibly generic when it's the eighties" if art styles get brought into it.
>-it was motivated by more than money
I can't see a reason why the eighties would be magically more passion-driven than modern anime, take off those extra-strength rose-tinted glasses. It's not like working in the anime industry unless you're a producer or really successful is going to make you a fortune.
>-it wasn't aimed solely at moefags
Yeah, no. Cute girls have always been the selling point and the focus of every second OVA, the only difference is the fact that due to different audiences and the state of the market, they were all mixed in with whatever genre instead of realising that you could just make the cute girls the only focus and not bother with some sci-fi or fantasy plot.

For fuck's sake look at how two thirds of this thread is generic waifufagging over 80s girls.

80s girls deserve it. Current girls don't, because they're unattractive and have less personality.

No you don't understand. It's okay to be generic when it looks good (regardless of the animation quality). And the 80s artstyles simply look better than those we have now. Not because they were popular in the 80s but because they are nicer to look at.

So it's okay for the 80s to only have two female faces to go around because it panders to you?

>Yeah, no. Cute girls have always been the selling point and the focus of every second OVA, the only difference is the fact that due to different audiences and the state of the market, they were all mixed in with whatever genre instead of realising that you could just make the cute girls the only focus and not bother with some sci-fi or fantasy plot.
Thank you for explaining what I said in greater detail, thereby confirming it.

Not because it panders to me, but because it looks better.
I happen to have good taste, but that's purely contingent.


Why diaper?

Alternatively, the medium wasn't so creatively bankrupt back then they could do more with cute girls than a school setting with light humor.

Something like Gall Force is the perfect mix of pandering and actual plot without going overboard on either

The plot gets kinda retarded though, and green hair cunt is very annoying, so it's not perfect.

I don't think there's any less of that on average, it's just that so much more shit is made.

It's much easier to point at something and say that the ratio of good to bad shows is better when they only make like thirty or so shows that year rather than over a hundred.

then point me towards undeniably good combinations of cute girls and action scifi made in the past 10 years.

>my taste is objectively correct

Does Redline count?

Not many cute girls in it, but it does.
Why are you greentexting something that's obviously true?
Are you hoping that greentext combined with le smugface will hypnotize people into disagreeing with me?
That seems silly.

Damn, they even got the pinky and ring finger movement right.
Usually you can't move both independently without some concentration.

Because they simply followed the natural laws of physics, they didn't care about fanservice or whatever.

Transition to digital, the recession of the 90s lingering all decade, and fear of early internet piracy of then nascent dvd killed ovas.


You guys lied to me. You said VHS anime sucks. I just got a Pro VCR with S-VIDEO output & a built in Video corrector & my god, the CLARITY.

I cannot believe I fed into the "VHS sucks" meme. What are some tapes I can buy up cheap? Trigun & Slayers look like DVDs on this thing.

Sounds like it's more like film. The quality is amazing as long as the media itself is in good condition.
I'll keep my BD rips, thank you.

It's comfy as fuck. I've been checking my local Goodwills & Salvation armies for anime, but I haven't found any besides the random DBZ or pokemon tape.

Been intending to give this a shot for a while now because I'm a sucker for bikini armor

Do it. It's inredible

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo

Things really didn't get bad until 09/10 anyway, I greatly prefer cel animation but there's plenty of good shows from the early 00s

I wish I could own this physically with English subs

I will fucking fight you, you underage faglord

I seem to remember a scene almost exactly like this in Devil Hunter Yohko

70's, 80's QUALITY is best

Deunan will always be his hottest.

Something something kyoani a cancer, moe the 666th coming of lucifer etc.

There, you will have a wave of unstable morons taking that overused bait and you will be able to share the screencap with your reddit friends.


Things were already heading to where we are now back then. I blame her for making me realize I actually could fap to chinese cartoons. And it's going downhill from there.

Yep. Always going to be the delicious slightly brown special forces tomboy.

>You'll never be born in the 70s
>Not getting into the anime industry while it was still not properly fleshed out
>Be a part of the exploration of anime

>be 2016
>90% of anime produced is just standard run-of-the-mill
>animators doesnt get paid shit
>you earn more than the majority of animators if you work at a McDonalds
>Most of animators are single since no time for anything but animation

Someone hold me

The nostalgia goggles seem to be cutting off the air to your brain leaving only room for over-romanticizing the past. Most shows in the 70s and 80s is run of the mill shit. You just are allowed to forget those and pick out only the best left over. And animators were paid like shit from the start.


I've seen better.

>Trigun & Slayers look like DVDs on this thing.

Maybe those shitty early DVDs that were just bad LaserDisc transfers...

why does Captain Tylor feel so old, despite being made in '93, I honestly would picked it to be mid-late 80s

Because that picture you linked is from the shitty DVD transfer. I think BDs came out, not sure if anyone ripped and put subs on them.

You will never spend your teenage years partying in a dreamworld with Lum. Why live.

Because there's more to life than dreams.

I know that feel bro. A shame women in anime can't be this hot nowadays.


>You'll never be born in the 70s
I was.
Anime is basically dead to me now.
At least I still have manga...

Just get it with English subs, you'll get used to it even if English isn't your first language(it isn't mine either).

Were there any cute girls doing cute things anime yet?

Once again

Go watch Zillion, plebs.


Retro anime > new anime

>Digital animation was a mistake
Bang. Though early digital animation has its charm when you consider you still had good work being put out.

yeah I love old anime

my favorite is ginguiser

that was some sexy fighting

Does Cred Forums like Daicon?

Nice meme. Anime industry wasn't even 10% as big as it is now during the peak of bubble economy.

>Because the artstyle is simply that good.

That doesn't mean people don't cherry-pick in these threads though.

No, today it's oversaturated televised garbage pandering to otakus in order to make any sort of sales.
Anime used to be experimental, now it's turned into a shell of its former self.

A bunch of my friends used to watch it on our stream on the weekends. Good stuff.

Is this from the movies? I'm enjoying the quirky animation so far (ep 50) and planning to watch only the Oshii part. Is the Deen part as well animated ?

Become votomu?

A place called Fat Stupid Garbage runs old anime on Saturdays kind of like a TV network. It's not the highest quality, but it's a commercial-free project and the IRC community is small.

Today is the 195th episode of Urusei Yatsura. It would be great to have some more people who love both well-known and obscure titles from the past.

I'm not talking about your art preference. I'm saying whatever that made 70/80's anime "good" to you was not about their bubble economy.

The scale of anime market was so shit before the start of 90's it doesn't make sense anime producers had more money back then.

You realize Cred Forums's been running an Urusei Yatsura stream for like a month now?

Sorry, I rarely ever visit here anymore. We've been watching Urusei Yatsura on FSG since 2015.

Shadow Skill.


What can you spot, Cred Forums?

You should kill yourself.

Watching a 30 year old show and liking it isn't nostalgia you retards.


Is the one at the end an Eva reference?

It wasn't though, you're cherrypicking.

OVAs and Movies in the 80's and 90's look a lot fucking better than most of the garbage we allow to be adapted in movies now, but TV anime in the 80's was especially bad most of the time, even from a lot of bigger franchises.

>Yakuza romance drama directed by Osamu Dezaki

Why the hell is this not translated yet?

But that webm is from a TV anime.

Yes user, which is why I said you're cherrypicking.

The character designs are very 90s (triangular tits, wide shoulders, narrow hips) as is, how should I put this... the general "hue" of the image. Visually, at least, I couldn't think of it being anything other than a product of the 90s.

I'm not that user, faggot


You're forgetting that at the time, there were fewer people in the industry, less anime was being produced and there was less economy. So while the market as a whole may have been considerably smaller, that doesn't say anything about how money was distributed through the industry.

Basically, what you're doing is like seeing that the GDP of Liechtenstein is smaller than Rwanda's and concluding that the people in Rwanda must be wealthier than the people in Liechtenstein.

>and there was less economy
Less competition, dammit. How'd I make a mistake like that?


I don't care which user you are,
either way you need to learn how to fucking read.

There would be no more anime if digital animation didn't exist. I don't think the supplies for traditional animation are even made anymore.

I remember reading somewhere that one of the reasons why the whole industry suddenly switched to digital in 2001 was because the biggest supplier of cel sheets stopped mass-producing them. It's still possible (Sazae-san kept it up until 2009), just more expensive.

Dezaki is pretty popular,at least in Cred Forums, so this troubles me as well. The only thing we can do is keep bringing it up, I believe. Someone had posted a couple of webms illustrating the beautiful cinematography and design of the show in a previous post, which I was unable to find and post.

I hoped that rakugo might had a chance convincing people to give that genre a try, but things aren't looking good so far.

You need to learn how to not be a presumptuous idiot.


Sazae-san used cels until 2015 though. There's no excuse not to use cels.

>yet another Patlabor continuity
Oh boy~

I already pointed out Sazae-san and likely the only reason it could do this is because it's the most popular anime in Japan and isn't that expensive to make in the first place.

You have to remember that the large majority of TV animation being made is contract work and so animation studios are competing with each other for contracts. If you can offer lower rates than the competition, you're more likely to get a contract. If cel sheets become more expensive to procure, you either have to raise your rates or lower the quality of your output and you can no longer compete with studios that use digital inking and painting.

Remember though you're essentially cherry picking. Things that have survived to be of note (even if this is super niche these days) are by definition exceptions to the rule. Works that have been deemed notable.

These threads give me life

Always a shame when these old cel anime don't have a bd.
>one of the two versions of this on AB is literally a vhs rip
Welp doesn't look like I have much of a choice.

Correct answer:

its because the Nipponese have a weird boner for anything French

>until 2015
does that mean if I become rich someday I can fund an anime on cel? some staff and equipment has to still be out there

Maybe Cred Forums could crowdfund one.



>combining the British Gesture with the American Hand-sign

anyone like dr slump?


I have a hard time watching this series. Seeing the transition to digital happen within a single work is a painful reminder of what happened.

It doesn't.

It's 90s as FUCK in every way I can think of.

they have a weird boner for anything with animals in them though

>biggest supplier of cel sheets

It was actually Fujifilm. Animators had to either switch to digital or pay a lot more to import blank cels.

how the fuck do you even buy blank cels anymore

I'm not sure if you can at this point.


>cels will cease to exist in less than 20 years
just kill me senpai

In 10 years it probably won't be possible to buy motion picture film for any price. Even now the Hollywood studios are basically subsidizing Kodak's production.

Are there subs for the first AnJ compilation movie?

Technology isn't readily available anymore
And viewers don't have the integrity to chose buying nothing over buying garbage

Did Project Eden get a BD yet?
Can't remember.

Anyone have any Akira webms?


Shit I`ve seen the film so many times everything is kind of ingrained in my brain.


Ah yes, Back when Fukuda was single, didn't suck and had 4-5 other people to work with on each series and bounce his ideas off of.

>shitting where you eat
For shame Fukuda.

>Late 90s is where the anime loses it's quality from show to show
Neon Genesis Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Cowboy Bebop, Berserk '97, ect...

Anyone like Green Lagend Ran?

What could have been

i remember it having a nice boob slip in it

It's a shame everyone tells me not to watch this. Because the animation is just so beautiful.


His love for his waifu, even as cancer ate at her health, was admirable. Being blind to how shitty her writing was, using his connections to get his wife gigs in the indusrty and basically self-inserting as Jesus Yamamoto (With Morosawa as Laucus) in SEED was not IMO.



>Why was animation so good?
>Because you cherrypick.
>No, it's because of the artstyle!

These threads piss me off, because every time maybe half of the thread is actually people talking about old anime, and the other half is people having the same arguments about new anime and cel vs digital that have already been had for the pest ten million days in a row.

>10 million days
>27,397 years

Cels are objectively superior though.

I agree (on average, of course). However, does that really need to come up almost every single time an anime made on cels is being discussed? Fuck no, it's just boring. If I wanted to argue the same thing over and over again I'd be in an NGE thread, or a Shaft vs. KyoAni thread, or one of the generals.

I don't know they worked together fine before they were married, just feels like he lost his ability to be objective with her as time went on.

Sophie is an underrated retro beauty.

>You'll never explore post-apocalyptic America with her

That might be interesting-
>written by the vampire hunter d guy
And dropped.

At least watch it for Sophie


D is a masterpiece though.

Bloodlust, sure. But the original is just a cheap, crappy advertisement for the novel which was much better.
Incidentally, Bloodlust was much better than the D novel that it was based on.

Isn't there supposed to be a new VHD anime?

If you were born in the 80s you can watch any cel show, pick out almost anything, even something with bad animation, and watch it for the art.

The original was neat, and A wind named Amnesia IS BASED ON THE BOOK WRITTEN BY THE GUY WHO MADE THE NOVELS



Not in English, the Spanish subs are decent though if you speak that.

Don't watch it either way, it shouldn't come as a surprise, but a 53 episode length condensed into a 2 1/2 hour long movie by a different director didn't exactly make for the greatest movie. It's not even done in a way that feels cohesive on its own. Like in one scene we're seeing Danpei protect Joe from getting beat up by. Yakuza thugs then it instantly cuts to Joe beating the shit out of police officers thus making him a wanted man. And the entire film is like this, constantly transitioning from event to event without the proper buildup for the emotional payoff. Like Joe seriously gets arrested within the first 20 minutes of the damn thing, but they expect us to care about it for some strange reason. The entire series should have really been 3 separate movies if it wanted to stand on its own.
And even some of the best scenes feels neutered by the new director. Like the climax to Rikiishi and Joe's final bout should have been absolutely exciting, even without the proper context, but Yoichiro Fukuda just doesn't do it justice.

It only really works as a film if you're just using for a refresher for what happened in the first one had you not seen the TV series in 10 years, which was kind of its purpose given its release in 1980 right before Ashita no Joe 2 started.
But beyond that, I think it's best if it remains unsubtitled in English. American Credfags will watch it so that they can jump to Ashita no Joe 2 without actually having seen Ashita no Joe proper, and I don't want to have idiots running around here talking about how Youko Shiriaki is a shitty character who exists solely as a roadblock for Joe just because they didn't get the meat of her characterization in the first series.

The only real redeeming aspect of the movie is the fact that it has a fucking godlike OST.

A Wind Named Amnesia was a terrible anime.

Sperging out with caps lock only makes you look bad and not want to deal with your argument.
Either way, I'm not the other guy and I've seen Wind Named Amnesia and I can say that it, too, was a bad movie.

>tfw Dr. Slump anime will never get full english subs

Enjoy, though I'm sure you won't. Isn't the Internet wonderful?

Not really. Digital has a higher potential than what cels can produce. However, digital falls into the "easy to learn, hard to master" category in comparison to older animation techniques.

If the animators in question have full usage of the tools, capabilities, and conveniences that digital brings, they would give any cel based animation a good run for their money. However, again it's just uncommon and rare.

I thought the chart was only following Inoue's influence and movement.

Massively influential things missing makes sense in that context.

Madhouse sure had a good run though. Shame it's over and everyone's gone.

It just seems that basic fundamentals of animation aren't taught anymore.
Bodies aren't given weight when they move. There's no discernible depth to designs.
Sometimes you'll find characters that don't look like they're part of their scene. Just floating above it.
Light and shadow are treated as afterthoughts, and even then, often generated by algorithm instead of by hand.

Yes, there are more tools available by way of digital than ever before, but more shortcuts, too, that lead to bad habits that many of these younger animators never break.
It still takes a good director to steer their team to a good product and all the good directors are either too old, or just stopped giving a fuck.

Anime died when the openings stopped having karaoke subtitles.

Are those two Dirty Pair OVA side stories worth checking out?
I liked the show and its sequel for what it was but didn't really care for the film at all.

Luluco is so cute. I wish she was real and 20 years old, so that I could marry her and produce progeny from our union

Beware the dubdub bird

What does young Dr Wily have against that little blonde girl?

Anyone upcoming BD releases besides G Gundam? Red Baron was announced not too long ago, it'll probably never be subbed though

Except that the large majority of animators today still draw each frame on paper, so no more shortcuts are available to them than there ever were. In fact, most of the issues you mentioned are compositing issues, not animation issues. And of course, this can go wrong - this is true for any tool and has always been the case. For example, the infamous cut in Space Battleship Yamato where the Wave Motion Gun was fired and the Yamato somehow ends up on top of the beam.

As for the issues you mentioned that do pertain the actual animation... I recommend you watch more older shows. You know, I'm all for celebrating anime from previous eras, but people lamenting the loss of halcyon days that never were is getting kind of obnoxious.

you're both ignoring the problem.

The problem is that the style of most current shows is ugly, whereas the style of most old shows is beautiful.

Lol no

>calling this shit good artstyle