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HNNNNNNG @ Goliath tanks

Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!



So long a new series means new porn, all is good

Well, we always seem to get new stuff anyways. Hey Hanafags, rejoice. That is if you guys exist.

I'm mainly wanting more of America and Anzio or whatever the OVA chick's name was.

Should probably rewatch the series before S2 to actually understand anything that's happening.


>or whatever the OVA chick's name was.
Get out.

Any hard details in a press statement or something?

TV series/OVAs/film?


Airing date?


What the fuck? Are the Goliath Tanks 2d animated? That's cool!


>On 16 September 1916 the British Army made it first use of tanks in the attack on Flers Courcellet, part of the Battle of the Somme.
>100th year today
>released GuP trailer today

sneaky producers are sneaky

>2d tanks
we need to get a translator on that newspaper scene

Didn't it was yesterday?

Are Anzu and the other third years going to graduate in this new anime?

Is that what they mean by Final Chapter?

School carrier battles when?

Now. It looked a lot like their carrier was being invaded

It's in the fucking OP-post.

Are you fucking blind?

apparently I am

>Ou Taiga

>winter uniforms

>those Goliaths

Yes, that's Ooarai's reporter, what of her?

Best girl

tanks sucks.
this show was garbage and the general is stupid.

Oh pls Monogatarifag, I know it's you

Yeah, and GuP trailers and previews are always been SOOOO indicative and totally not misleading...


it was announced weeks ago

We really need a montage of that monogatari thootbrush scene with the GuP cannon-brushing scenes, don't we?


Just asking, any new RW or RabuRabu translations in sight?

I need to know if Takashi's got any canon kanji to his name. For... reasons.

Why are the Goliaths painted in Kuromorimines color?

Hold up, i recognize those semen demons
Is it them? Right looks too fluffy but it's close

Day Trip Mystery Tour

Sounds like filler
Everything else is illegible

No, the judge are working adults

different characters, the judges aren't high school students.


Yuuki looks pretty excited.

bummer, they were cute in the manga

Taken from Anime News Network:

Text: Girls & Panzer isn't over yet!

Text: The outbreak of a large disturbance that shocks the Ōarai Girls High School!!

Text: Girls & Panzer Saishūshō work decided!!

Text: How will the new student council move?

Text: This is the final battle!

Those blimps don't look friendly at all

What did Mizushima mean by this?

>Text: This is the final battle!
"Your last sortie... It's almost sad."


>that fucking PV
What is this, WWIII?

They gonna fight on a carrier while it's slowly sinking. Dear lord I can't endure this amount of hype!

I want to fuck Reporter-chan!

>This is the final battle

Katyusha a cute A CUTE


The kanji used there is a "newspaper word" and commonly used for wars and battles.

Mike, pls

Thank you MEXT-dono for not giving up.

Japs seem to think that the old Student Council is revolting and that's where the Red Ooarai comes in

MEXT guy declared total war against Ooarai. The absolute madman strikes back!

I wouldn't mind this being the news of Japan sinking so this becomes Haifuri world

Japs seem to forget that red-over-black lights have been in use for blimp signs since along loooong time



Goliaths aren't eligible for senshado
They're mines, is the MEXT faggot trying to sink the carrier?

>Text: This is the final battle!

>it all began with Einstein travelling back in time to 1924 after Hitler was released from prison...

So we're getting planes now? Can't wait for the A-10 to appear.

Sinking the carrier with goliaths?
That would be like killing an elephant with a teaspoon.

>Noriko has bigger tits than Shinobu

This is a good time to remind you faggots that EVERY single preview (that we thought to be fakes) of the canon manga but the very fist one has in fact eventually appeared, in one form of the other, later on. And Erwin isn't in the PV...

>inb4 Ace Combat quotting all over radio

they're refugees, all that's telf of them.

Gomen, the intense emotion of the horrible realization made my hands tremble

You missed me, buddy?

My exams end on 28 sept
So more RW from then on

Unless I get held back for horrible grades

Known for a while now.

with the girls still onboard


Saki doesn't like big boobs

I need the teach me your secret fluffy hair image

Of sorts, after


God, Ooarai has such cute winter uniforms.


You better get to drawing, Tanaka!

anzai episode or bust

>no swirl

Is it wrong that I've come to expect it now?

>the Goliaths in the trailer aren't in Ooarai, but in Anzio instead

What if it was Shizuka that was invading and that's why we had the Red Ooarai flags

Why do they have winter uniforms anyway? They're on a fucking ship, they can just move south in the winter.
Alternatively: why didn't they wear them when travelling north to fight Pravda?

The ship got hijacked and went north

Producer Kiyoshi Sugiyama said last episode is movie.

>They're on a fucking ship, they can just move
MEXT-kun is busy crashing it with no survivors

He already made an apology about it on twitter for the confusion he cased
Nothing's confirmed yet

>one season and two movies

>rocket sherman images

So where are the Shizuka and Eclair cameos?

>third year

LoL looks like shit
Although I bet it would look a bit better if Akiyuki Shinbo directs it.

What's the story this time?

How many more final battles can we have?

Aren't high schools in Japan divided like American ones?

Also those one day trips will take place in Jan/Dec and participants are to gather at orari station, and rest of the mewspaper page also jave things like popilar books corner

Girls Und Panzer: A New Hope (2015.11.21)
Girls Und Panzer: The MEXT Strikes Back (TBA)
Girls Und Panzer: Return of the Nishizumi (TBA??)

is this a hidden hint?

Is MEXT guy actually Miho's dad?

Every battle is the final battle until the next battle.
It's simple logic.

Girls Und Panzer Rebuild 1.0: You Are (not) a Girl
Girls Und Panzer Rebuild 2.0: You Can(not) Drive
Girls Und Panzer Rebuild 3.0: You Can(not) Aim

Newspaper is useless then

>Inb4 we see them in a bar, Shizuka molesting Rin and givining Eclair free pills.

They won the right to participate in the Internationals, right? Now all they have to do is WIN the International tournament.

>Girls und Panzer: Senshado Unleashed
>male MC
>it's a harem

can this bring us season 2

I dunno, but Canadian ones just have all 4 years in one

>t. momo

Girls und Panzer: Panzer Begins
Girls und Panzer: The Dark Garupan
Girls und Panzer: The Dark Garupan Rises

If GuP were a generic Isekai harem LN, the title would be
>"I Accidentally Fell Into the Ocean and Wound up Driving a Tank for an All-Girls Armor Division?!?!?!"
Of course, GuP wouldn't be anywhere near popular if it were a harem anime. I bet at one point, the male MC would somehow be operating the Panzer IV all by himself with his FAST SPEED MOVEMENTS

>Armor Division
Tank division*

>Ms. Momo, I'm MEXT
>uhh You don't get to bring friends

>tanks sucks.
Wonder who could be behind this post.


Girls und Panzer: The Fellowship of the Tank
Girls und Panzer: The Two Leopolds
Girls und Panzer: The Return of the FT-17

Girls Und Panzer: The Fellowship of the Tank
Girls Und Panzer: The Two Turrets
Girls Und Panzer: The Return of the Commander





MEXT decided to close all School Ships next year and senshado is only thing to stop them.

Chuck Norris, pls

I just realized this story will be final in sense it will be last canon story for any Oarai seniors who will graduate.

Jingles cameo when?

>Only 8 seconds

Turret better name, FT-17 better name. Make it happen

when you fuck off to /vg/


Amazon drone delivery confirmed

this shall be one HELL of a brick joke, better even than the "let's show in OVA 8 the wacky elective courses of episode 1" one.

The /vg/ people allowed here are the Nonnafags, you have to go back.

Care to explain for those of us who never dare to venture to those Godforsaken lands?

What I would give to kidnap Katyusha and make her life a living hell. I would force her to dress up in elf and leprechaun outfits and subject her to pure awfulness and humiliation. just terrible degradation and shameful acts. it would be so easy to break her spirit and drive her to suicide, but I wouldn't let her do it. if I could train a dog to rape on command then I would totally do that as well. a really big dog like a mastiff. she would be so completely and utterly powerless to stop it, not to mention terrified. a big ass dog is even scary and life-threatening to a normal human but to a midget? might as well be a Tiger. I'd keep her in a cell and what's more is that I would actually place to key inside with her but put it in a high place. not extremely high but just ever so slightly out of reach. it would drive her mad. I would dress her like a baby and force feed her 99 cent store baby food. I'd also pick her up like a child and toss her from one corner to the next. I'd grab her by one leg and swing her as hard and as fast as I could then hurl her to see how far she goes. I'd rent one of those giant inflatable bounce houses and body slam her all day until my arms got tired. I'd hold her down with 1 hand and slowly stick things up her butt just to see her squirm. I would stick her in dryers and turn them on and leave her in there for long periods of time. I'd force her to fight other midgets to the death. just so many things I would do.

>yfw i's an adaptation of THAT doujin

Delete this.


Nice, I'd talk to her in Russian

The WoT general worships and idolises Nonna as their mother (Mommy), and they are rewarded with sexual relief for good gameplay/manners.

It's kind of gross.

Clara stop posting

>WoT players
>Good gameplay & good manners

Pick one

>It's kind of gross.

It's going to be a single 30-minute OVA, and that's it.

Maybe not, but I swear expecting anything more from this will just lead me to disappointment.

mother of fuck, hiro should nuke them already

it's ok, not being hyped is the pascal's wager of expectation.

>dat red-light control room
So, Anzu ordering RAMMING SPEED! and Momo following through?

>rewarded with sexual relief

>OVA 8
What? Are you talking about the movie's special?


I guess they just take a break to fap to Nonna, this is called "cummies", it's a hard earned reward for such excellent efforts.

OVA's 1 to 6: BDs
OVA 7: Anzio
OVA 8: Movie

you wouldn't go on the internet and tell lies, would you?

No, see for yourself.

I started playing WoT because I wanted an arcade tonk game to waste some free time on and went there to get some learning resources for a newb. All I saw there were the jaws of hell.

I need to smell Kay's freedom

Play armored warfare.

Thanks, but no thanks.

What new vehicles do you expect to make an appearance?

I'm counting on Sherman Calliope and I'd love to see some Operation Greif shenanigans


>new stuff

That's just a Korean translation of something published in last December.



Did they change studios? Is Actas still on this?

AW is pretty good but it needs to improve more and both and OE need to fuck up less.

It's a fucking trailer, what did you expect?

Also they need to advertise AW aswell.

I want to give Naomi the sabot.

Also what season is this expected to air?

Spring 2017?

Goliath no oniichan

yukari is so cute that i don't want to sexualize her
anyone feel that way?

Actas is still on board, the QUALITY may be because it's an early preview, or it could be a sign of a heavily overworked animation team, which together with the goliaths in the PV may mean we will finally see beautiful 2d tank sakuga again

Sorry, I don't.
I want to marry Yukari and hold her hand. this is said to provide new info






producer said " film"

>inb4 Deen will be responsible for this since Actas is bankrupt

T-thanks Mizushima.

I want to take those shorts

Erika is love.

Actas' and GuP's QUALITY is other studios' and series' quality.

And he already apologized for the confusion


I want to go down on Katyusha

Considering Actas is a 100% subsidiary of Bandai Visual I doubt that's happening.



Did you not see what happened with Acta's last show?
Mizushima literally jewed them out.


What happened to Actas' last show is literally what happened to GuP's original airing run, we'll be fine

inb4 Shirobako S2 poking fun at it
That b4 will be long



Holy shit
>Dat goliath

so is it a new season, a movie or a season + movie?



stop that


The producer already apologized for saying it's gonna be a movie and said that there's no info yet that's available to the public

>ywn drink at the pub Erika works at

It'd be called the Putsch Beer Hall, it would be the best.

Is it Saori's fate to become a soft glasses-cake sensei?

No, she will be a soft-glasses sensei married to the love of her life Sawreehfag


very likely the apology is for leaking what he shouldn't have leaked, and not for saying something wrong - he's the FUCKING PRODUCER, of course he knows what they are doing

I hope so.

>soft-glasses sensei
Something's no right here.

My thoughts exactly. Godspeed Sawrehfag, don't die on us.

Or he just considers any form of moving pictures a "movie" by default. I know enough people who do that in English at least.

it decided to movie.NOTHING new season

The term you're looking is "fat".

Nah, the character animation's too unpolished for it to be a movie. It's either an OVA or season 2.

>"there is no (new) announcement"
>"It's simply a slip up"
He's saying there's nothing and that he's not allowed to say anything

The tweet said he was intended to say something along the line of "not final chapter announcement" if I read it correctly



Become If you think income movie








I want to feed Anzu sweet potato crisps as she uses my lap as a pillow.

>ATF badge

my man, you just missed the /vg/ themed thread, it was the last one

He wants to shoot dogs and get away with it.




Hey remember the fags who said season 2 never and that ACTAS was death




If I wanted to get cancer id rather start smoking.

That shit is god awful. Sounds are breaking, tanks are glitching. PvP is fucked by arties and rockets. PvE is fucked by totaly retarded spawnpoints for bots and by their AI. Its unoptimized as fuck, a lot of people have problems with performance or artifacts on screen. And its even worse grind than fucking Warthunder which is already fucking painfully slow.

Sound breaking is already fixed since a few patches ago. Arty was never a problem and people have been saying that missiles are useless for ages now because of ERA.

Bot spawnpoints and the glitches, I'll give you that they are a problem.

Grind, no. I have no problem grinding in AW at all. WoT and WT is much much worse grind-wise.



What a fine collegiate you have there.





what if...

Haifuri crossover


No Dave

GuP is too good for Haifuri.

Haifuri has redeem potential

remember the first three episodes

So much this.
The first 3 episodes were very good, but misleading aswell.



I really didn't like the first 3 episodes and the bloody hamster was the breaking point.

for me was the toilet paper

also the bath scenes were better and more lewd

I want to sexually serve Katyusha

What's with the blue coats?

Also, I thought it had been said that the Student Council will have graduated for this installment?

g-guys counter attack happening

Cromwells and Comets, since we got the delicious Centurion Mk1 in the movie. Cant skip the two tanks they directly evolved into the Centy.

That and the Cromwell would be perfect for Rosehip.

Fuck tanks, jet fighter anime when?

>jet fighter
shit tier

Modern jet fighter anime would be boring because of the move towards BVR. Korea or Vietnam might be fun though.

Winter uniforms I think

Is this a second season or not?

>fuck tanks
i heard you talking smack

>Modern jet fighter anime would be boring
But the A-10 is the most fun you can get out of anything that moves.

>not wanting to fuck tanks
Am I in the right thread?

Literally the most boring shit to watch.
I bet you think Itano Circus is fun.

>Saunders uses a SR-71 to spy on their enemies
fund it

Yeah, but that's ground attack. When one says "Jet Fighter Anime", it doesn't tend to pertain to ground attack aircraft.

They really clash with the regular uniform in that case.

They canonically have a U-2 and a bunch of other shit highschoolers probably shouldn't touch

>Pravda sends MIG 25 and shut it down

Format is still unannounced. All we know is that it isn't a movie.

>not giving highschool girls access to high grade military equipment
You are one boring user.

Post cute Carpaccio please

>shooting down a sr-71
like, nigga, just accelerate, hahaha

Is Erika a Richthofenfag or a Hartmannfag?

Cute Pepperoni you say?

I want to lick that belly.

>implying she knows who either of hem are

Or that is really is a movie and the producer fucked up big time

>Trying to shoot down an SR-71

I forgot, but there was some quote out there that if a Blackbirds were getting chased down by jets, they'd just have to push the throttle to go faster.

>Cute Pepperoni

she's disgusting, probably smells like pepperoni too

I love Carpaccio, she's clean and pure love

What is Area88

Rude, Erika isn't the hippo team after all.

It's from Brian Shul's "Sled Driver", and yes, it can outspeed any AAM and SAM from the 20th century, and most missiles even nowadays.

Godammit, I posted the edit. Fuck me.

That pertained specifically to SAMs if I recall correctly, but I think it would apply to either regardless.


Just adapt AC0, buddy

It started being good as soon as it got riod of the trite, half-assed 90's dark-and-gritty conspiracy red herring plot and started with the real series, you nigger.

Stop being gay.


>and started with the real series
But the series ended once they got rid of the half-assed 90's dark-and-gritty conspiracy red herring plot.

I've been tasked to say herethat you're not the only ones to find them cute

Are there any recent anime done in native 1080 or near 1080p?

I only remember GuP and Nyaruko.


>mine for minerals
>home islands sunk
how does that work?

Let's be clear, guys. If you think that a fucking producer doesn't know if he's producing a movie or an OVA or a series, you're thinking he's an incompetent moreon. Which many producers are, but NOT this one - he's produced motherfucking GuP, FFS. When he sliped his tongue and said it was a film, it was about as sure an anouncement as if you were already seeing the "TODAY'S SESSION" cartels at your local Japanese ;_; teather. Those saying otherwise are just deceiving themselves.
Just like those who said GuP's first movie would be dark and gritty.

>dat denial
The real series was the glorious hamster overlords, you infidel

I want to cum inside Wilhelmina's fertile german womb

Does Iroiro no Nanika GuP set in sadpanda complete?

Koko, please

Achmed pls

What is Hana's job?

Erika is a fucking bitch

Married to a faceless fat old man for political purposes

The military theme of the series always reminds me of Recess theme


Hana Valentine detective agency
Erika is a cunt



This is going to be so fucking good. The little animation they've shown looks crisp and nice. I'm actually beyond stoked for this.

Cred Forums is superior to Cred Forums

Not nowadays, it isn't.

Amanchu! apparently.

That's fine, but we should still say "unannounced, probably movie" rather than just "movie" until they make it official, just in case he somehow managed to get it mixed up in that particular interview.

So what's the best release for the movie?

the only things I've heard from Cred Forums in the past few years are when they come here complaining about how tumblr has taken everything over. yeah, sounds epic mate.

you should stay there since you like it so much

To be fair, they are right.

Enjoy your 10-minute special episode.

Mizushima WILL be directing it, right? I hope we don't get another Ikamusume S2 situation.

I don't know what Cred Forums is like but I think Cred Forums has been exceptionally bad this year.

As long as he doesn't go full Mayoiga, it's fine.

Right in the childhood.

Was a fun show to watch right after school...

I always found it to be somewhat similar to the septième compagnie's theme.

Mayoiga was only the way it was because he hated the concept and wanted producers to stop giving him horror titles. GuP is Mizushima at 100% motivation.

So what was Haifuri then?


He wasn't even involved with that so 0%.

Fuck you, monogatarifag.

So what new marching song will they add?

>Shiho riding a Tiger I into battle
>Alte Kameraden start playing

Pretty sure it's still Actas.

Let's see how that works.

>tfw I can recognize Oreo's and Erwin's tights
I want to have an smelly threesome with the three of them

Pretty good, if I do say so myself.

I love this Goliath meme.

>The whole will advance!

Yes. He's even appearing at the Oarai Anglerfish Festival this coming November 2016.

One cay only dream.
>Has wellington nothing to offer me but these amazons?

Spic team when

el peruANO

no puedo +

Would this work with cute girl voices? Commies love their men's choirs more than vodka.

At least yours is present in the manga

Gregor High School never ever

Fuck GuP!


You should not be allowed to have so many successfull threads.

Shizuka's theme

I hope they show other schools in this new project. It's last chance to see them in anime.

Why is it their last chance?

I'd rather have a spin-off about Shizuka if we're going to get them, so we can learn more about BC Free and possibly Maginot.



I want to be tickled by Shizuka!

Because she just wants to have fun.

I want to see Kay and the girls at Saunders march in cadence to

Fucking best cadence.

If it's so good how'd they lose

None of them was in a tank, so she probably doesn't care that much.

Spics already did X und Panzers

starts around 3:08
>Kuromorimine school is closed down
>Senshado team joins Pravda

Song says otherwise.

Translation for non-krautz?

here's the translation

>not knowing the translation anyway
It's like Panzerlied, you just have to know these things.

Bloom a cunt in the fields
and her name it's Erika

Last chance in anime in this style, RW have little diffrent presentation and characterization (everything more edgy), not as much comfy as original anime. It just don't feel right until I see RW introduced schools in main anime to see them fully. Even if there is more GuP anime like this it would be next year with some of characters gone.

Not that I'm against RW anime, would love to see that too.

Also, is there chance to see Alice in new thing?

>goddamn I love Erika
:the song

>knowing anything related to a language of barbarians
No, thank you.

Treues Schätzlein = faithful / loyal darling / sweetheart, something like that.


>I'd rather have a spin-off about Shizuka
go to

its called girls and tanks you savage


kill yourself

You might want to consult your dictionary again, user.

>saying that in English
>there will never be an irish team
why am i alive

Just to suffer.


>there will never be an irish team

Caesar non supra grammaticos

Only once you bring on that shark, Quint.

O Canada


Shadilay! Shadilay!

se llama chicas y blindados

Be they Russians, French or Dutch
Sure it doesn't matter much,
We're the boys to give them sugar in their tay
For we're the Connaught Rangers,
The lads to face all dangers,
Faugh-a-ballagh, faugh-a-ballagh, Clear the way!

What's the translation?

Is that a fucking Outrun arcade machine? What does this mean?

>Momo playing Space Harrier

Yes please

are they lesbian?



I'd give my life up to rest on that lap for a minute.

Sadly no, that's only comic relief

Rin is, and Shizuka abuses this fact to exploit her.


>lick me like this horse
I know where this is going. Rough, violent bestiality with the horse.

Make way for the better parts of the Nishizumi family.


I don't know why, but I like the way this artist draws Miho's eyes.

>not gerek

Criminally sexy

Has Darjeeling nothing to offer me but these amazons?


As I was walking down the coplands road
I met a bunch o strangers
They said tae me are ye gon tae see the famous glasgow rangers

Graecum est, non legitur.

They better be going commando under those kilts.

Goliaths hard counter carriers

I want to hold hands with Nina


>there will never be an irish team
Brits can't handle the Irish banter despite claiming to be the bantz masters.

If we're going solely on historical tanks, an Irish team would only be fielding Churchill VIs and Comets.

>Irish banter
is it still banter if no one understands their accent?

I recognize enough kanji to realize this is some kind of finale. No more GuP already?

I'd contest that the Irish accent isn't that hard to understand, but then I remember that Ulster exists.

Where were you the past few weeks?

I don't go on Cred Forums very often anymore. I have a hard time picking up and watching shows for some reason.

Irish are just poor man's Scots.

I want to spoon with this duck

>We will never learn if Mika and Alice are sisters


Just go with Commie.

Happy birthday Darjeeling.

Who in the right mind wears underwear under a kilt?

>not wanting ireland to be british again
All I want is a home rule Irish squad in st gloriana. Not too much to ask for.

>I have a hard time picking up and watching shows for some reason.
Being on Cred Forums and watching anime aren't mutually inclusive.

>Scots in any way better than the Irish
I like the Scots, but they chose to remain under English rule. The Irish hassled the English until they just went "FINE!" and fucked off. I know which course of action I find more admirable.

What happened to her skirt? Did she wet herself?

>Being on Cred Forums and watching anime aren't mutually inclusive.

Yeah, but I don't see the point in hanging around here if I'm not watching the shows and don't get any of the in-jokes and references you're making.

user pls, no one's going to understand what you're talking about here.
Remaster when?

>not wanting ireland to be british again
There's maybe 10 people in Ireland who want that to happen. I'm proud of Irish contributions to the British empire, but being part of the UK was never worth it for the Irish people. And why on earth would we want to be part of the UK any time after the end of WW2? It's been nothing but downhill since then.

>I like the Scots, but they chose to remain under English rule. The Irish hassled the English until they just went "FINE!" and fucked off. I know which course of action I find more admirable.
I hate when foreign dipshits think they understand anything about britain.

Big spoon or little spoon?

Didn't the Scots basically ran the empire?

Would Pepperoni be a good mother?

She seems stupid so I don't know

>but I don't see the point in hanging around here if I'm not watching the shows and don't get any of the in-jokes and references you're making.
Well, what is the case for a lot of Cred Forumsnons is that they rarely watch anime any more and just hang out in the threads of the few ongoing anime they still watch or anime that finished ages ago.

I live just across the water and for some bizarre reason have a strong interest in British politics. I think I understand just fine, m8.

You don't really seem to understand what you're talking about

>I think I understand just fine, m8.
you clearly fucking don't

>not wanting to be the big spoon after giving her a long and affectionate head pat.

What kind of faggot are you?

I really enjoy listening and singing along this while doing my speedy walks.

March tempo is the best tempo for walking.

britain sucks and is gonna stop being a thing in 10-20 years

Go on.

She's dreaming about her lost sister, Mika

>I think I understand just fine, m8.
I disagree.

>you're wrong but I'm not going to say why

I like making pantyshot edits of GuP girls because their panties are not supposed to be seen and that makes it more arousing than any other pantyshot.

Gora Jainko maite maitea
zagun denon jabe.

>describes uk as English rule
>expects brits in the thread to recover from their aneurysms this quickly

>because their panties are not supposed to be seen

Show me a man who hasn't sexualized a Garupan and I'll show you the face of pure evil.

It's a second season or OVA?

Yuuki's boyfriend. Clearly he's secretly gay because you'd have to be to dump her.


Wait what happened at Ika Musume S2? I remember liking it as much as S1.

Less than 2 minutes into the series and she was my favorite. This was all it took.

What feather radius do you use?

Probably a burger who has a distant Irish relative and thinks that makes him a member of the IRA.

I said English very intentionally there. I had a feeling it was this that was triggering the Brits, but saying British rule would have been inaccurate for obvious reasons. It's a United Kingdom, but one of unequal partners. England has the dominant role within the Union, to an extent that I'd wager it's fair to say that Scotland (Wales and Northern Ireland) are under English rule. Not that it's really relevant, but that's always the way the Irish saw it when they were a part of the United Kingdom.

The actual director was changed to a literally who and Mizushima's role became the chief director.

>shitting on peruvians


Soft round 30 brush.

You may have heard of kung fu, but the girls at Oarai Academy practice gun-fu - really, really BIG gun-fu, in fact. It's called Tankery, and it's the martial art of operating armored tanks!

They may not be on the half-track to fame and fortune, and maybe some of them would rather shop for tank tops than become tops in tanks, but once their focus is locked and loaded, they're absolutely driven!

Scotland has a pretty sweet deal all things considering. Scotland actually takes more money than it puts into the UK.

I completely agree. It's even moreso the case with Northern Ireland, to the extent that the Republic would probably enter a recession if there was ever a United Ireland.

But just because Scotland gets plenty of incentives from Westminister doesn't mean it is an equal partner in the UK, which is what I've been getting at all along. This sense of imbalance and powerlessness is where a lot of the Scottish Nationalist sentiment has sprung from in recent years.


I fucking hate you.

The Scottish referendum was ridiculously close so whilst you're correct you simplified it so much you lost the meat and potatoes of the point

Your idea of how the Irish gained Independence however is laughably incorrect, it wasn't so much hassled as it was a war that you could argue is still raging to this day

Holy shit that short skirt on Saori.

You know that if you walk around behind her, her giant butt will be sticking out.

Oh, I thought you had to use the marquee tool to do that.

Anyway, once I've got the soft round brush and I merged the 2 pictures together, then what?

I just use layer masks to remove most of the Yuzu CG and the front of the skirt.
I also make another layer behind everything else and paint the skirts color between the thighs.

True. But a lot has changed since 1934

But here's something that Scotland has which Britain does not.

>not wanting to be the little spoon after receiving a long and affectionate head pat.

Eclair confirmed.

I've been away, what's happening?

So like this?

That's rough as hell but yeah, that's the gist of it.
Please don't lewd fluffy

>more GUP

The end is near.

Where's Yukari's fluffy bush?

Elaborate please.


>Please lewd fluffy


nobody has any idea what it means atm famzer

>Your idea of how the Irish gained Independence however is laughably incorrect, it wasn't so much hassled as it was a war that you could argue is still raging to this day
As an Irish person who has studied quite a bit about Ireland's fight for independence, I'm interested to hear why you think I'm wrong. I was simplifying, sure - but I don't think I'm at all being misleading.

>Scotland has an anime festival
Are you sure England doesn't have at least one of those too?

A new anime called The Final Chapter was announced. There's nothing else we know.

Fuck mussed a couple spots

How can I not sexualize fluffy? C'mon

You were more than simplifying, the British didn't just fuck off, we literally still have troops in Ireland to this day

I want to fluff her fluffy fluff.

I want to eat and enjoy Erika's cooking.

There is no Hippo team in this. I just noticed.

We just see Erwin and Oreo's legs.


Can anyone post that gif of the duck team angry at leopon from the OVA?

I want Oreo to strangle me with her tights and then queef on my face

Sorry, I was referring specifically to the Republic - the actual independent country. As nice as it would be to have a United Ireland, the North isn't worth the hassle any more.

This is so funny.

Thanks user, I haven't used a mascot in ages.

Anglos are Irish are not European, neither are Sicilians, they are Islands close to Europe


Does the Sun rise from the East?

Why is Boko so shit?

I want to die with Kay!

It already ended twice.

Shizuka is old and busted.
Rin is the new hotness.


I don't care about Shizuka. I was just answering user's question about if those two fanfic characters are /u/ or not.

I will fight you.


Scotland has GuP der Movie.

get that limey outta here

yeah but who has Scotland?

but not with a title like FINAL CHAPTER




I prefer they quit before they run out of ideas.
I'd rather this be remembered as a classic instead of another milked to death bandai property.


you have a point. i would agree if we get some kind of spinoff.

>Froggirls und seemine

C'mon, user. You've seen teh angle on which she's holding atop that hatch. She HAS to have some hidden point of support.


>just googled what a feeldoe is


>google feeldoe thinking that it's some sort of handle
>it's not

Why is Miho dead eyes too? Shouldn't she be enjoying this?

People need to stop teaching you guys new weird words.


Is that an actual translation or is it a gag?



>Dirty secrets of Tankathlon 4.jpg

I wonder what the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ones are?

>needing to google it
You need to be 18 or older to post here, kiddo

most of them were jokes at what Shizuka uses as anal dildos.

People have more to do than learn about lesbian erotic toys, user, believe it or not.

>People have more to do than learn about lesbian erotic toys


this one was part 3

Bullshit. Show me the raw.