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Der neue Faden erscheint

Und somit auch mein steifer Schwanz

I'm picking a new VN to read. Vote now on your phones: strawpoll.me/11234716

Here is RTK 3. Someone should probably put it in the CoR.


And everyone voted so hard that the thread caught on fire and burnt down

6) Ley Line

Did you know?

The steam of all i-adjectives ends with an "i-", "a-", "o-" or "u-"step syllable but never with an "e-"step syllable like "ke", "te" and "se".

大きい (き = い)
ふかい (か = あ)
重い  (も = お)
軽い  (る = う)

NEVER : け て せ

So which method is the best for learning kanji thoroughly? Like how do nips learn it? I was thinking for learning the radicals but I'm not sure which wont give me bad habits.

DJT book club when?


Is that difference to this?

Anyway, good to have alternative links. Good stuff user.

>Like how do nips learn it?
Doesn't matter to you, they learn it as kids. If you just pick a method it will stick eventually. RTK is better if you want to write by hand. Vocab if you don't



It's a na-adjective you fucking fuck.

your list fucken blows wheres the big names i cant even stand to look @ this filth

>I was thinking for learning the radicals but I'm not sure which wont give me bad habits.
There is only one thing that can give you bad habits: not exposing yourself to the target language.

Learning the radicals is just radical. You won't regret it.

radical freedom


>not wanting to learn japanese

Not gonna blow my kamige load just yet. One of these days I'll come by with 5 big hitters and you'll be happy, but sadly that day is not today.



oh ok well i guess gun to my head id pick aokana

im not clicking your gay straw poll tho so youll have to just add my vote yourself

Between VNs and LNs, "what's the best"?

VNs have sound true but I feel like LNs might be better in the long run as they force you to really pay attention to what you're reading. You need to put the effort to immerse yourself in what you're reading and that might make you remember what you're reading better. Kind of like "the hard way is tougher but the reward at the end of the road is greater".



There is no "best", just do what you want and don't think about dumb things like this.

thanks for your input ;)

Some people like ice cream, some people like cake.
Think less, read more.

theres a major deficiency in how people learn written japanese here so you need texthookers to fill in the gaps until youve stared at japanese you dont understand long enough to remember what it looks like so only then can you transition to books and shit

yet you're listing daitoshokan which you're just gonna ruin with your awful jap

Hey guys, what's the best, movies or books?

They're both important, I'd say you need a mix of them both

VNs are good because you get reading and listening practice at the same time, they also tend to be easier to get immersed into and read for long periods of time

But LNs are more important for reading comprehension, they tend to be more challenging and help you get used to large quantities of dense text

Still if you were forced to answer what would the answer be?

Let's say implying someone did RTK+core2k6k+TK+anime and read a couple manga while doing so.

Yeah, I can get behind these points.

My answer would be to stop shitposting and go read, retard.

those 4 things would just put you at the general djt level and you see what i do to those guys on a daily basis

But aside from this, if you really had to give an answer user, what would it be? Come on say it.

>you see what i do to those guys on a daily basis
You really have a shit ego, Jamal. That's why no one likes you and no one will ever look up to you.


you should know im not actually serious about it tho i usually never make posts like that i just had a more active than usual day so im just rolling with it

im not worried about e cred or w/e

>Learning the radicals is just radical.

I will live and die by these words. Thanks, user.

if you like LNs then read LNs
if you like VNs then read VNs
if you don't know which you like then go read a few of each and decide
you have all the time in the world and yet you use it to shitpost bad questions


I never understood what this radical freedom meme was about.

it's radical like kanji radicals, get it

Just like learn japanese

not giving up
gambatte minnabody


I don't know what happened but I got a lot of shit wrong today in Anki, like way more than usual


It's just random chance


I could find here in an instant. 乙

You managed to find this place instantly.

The problem is you should not be recognizable. Cred Forums is an anonymous website and the same way tripfagging is frown upon typing and acting in a particular way on purpose to get attention from others is frown upon.

And please don't give me your "this is just how I am", let's be honest you know very well what you're doing and have said it plenty of times already. This past week alone I've noticed more and more people fed up with your attitude. I don't actually believe you're a bad person but I do believe your attitude has definitely a negative impact on this place.

maybe deep down you just dont wana fuckin do flashcards anymore and your hearts no longer in it


No I love Anki. If I was between the decision of Anki and my mother I would probably push her off some stairs.

Kind of hard to play the ignore game when every 3-4 posts or so is one of his.

At this point we'd need to set up a chat to get multiple people to report him simultaneously whenever he says shit to finally get him banned.

Will learning kanji also help me learn hanzi?

>theres a major deficiency in how people learn written japanese here
Who do people learn written Japanese here?

>Still if you were forced to answer what would the answer be?
Cottage cheese.

>not wanting to improve your overall caligraphy

No, ignoring really is the best option

It's not that hard to just glance a post, see that it's an obvious shitpost, and just move on

Replying just makes it all worse, and there are plenty of legitimate posts you can focus on instead

i think i have more homies than haters honestly its just the haters scream the loudest and filthy frankly thats how it should be

things are getting better though and no its not because of me its because of you (all)

im sure ill help someone later only to get swarmed on by this fuck though whos already breaking rules go figure


>ESLs taking DJT seriously
the thread

You literally need to stop.

This is not your place.

So written as in writing?
Trying to see the relation in regards the question of light novels and visual novels, but I'm drawing blanks, something I know a whole lot about.

I'm confused by what you mean by this.

You are completely missing the point and are still acting in a disgusting egocentric and narcissistic way.

>i think i have more homies than haters
>things are getting better though and no its not because of me its because of you (all)

Things shouldn't even work in one way or the other, in any way, around yourself. How hard is it to understand? Are you that new to Cred Forums? Or is it because you are still at "that age"?

If despite this you still wish to be recognized and still wish to go on with your DJT e-fame then put on a trip. This is the only fair solution here as it would let people the possibility to filter you and thus avoid conflicts.

Had the argument been reversed you'd have taken an opposite stance for the sake of swarming like the larvaes that you are. Fuck off.

Remember when you get the autistic urge to start an inane argument with someone in the DJT, do the prudent thing instead and take a nap or jump in the nearby river

So much autism today


and youre saying im a problem and making things worse in one post and then trying to say i shouldnt have any effect one way or the other

which one is it are you going to accept reality or cling to your foolish ideology

dont answer its rhetorical id rather post 私はゲイ than this shit get back to work 生徒

>Had the argument been reversed you'd have taken an opposite stance for the sake of swarming like the larvaes that you are. Fuck off.
you are delusional
I would never take a stance against giving a self-important fucker like you a good shove
the people who start shit are way more of a strain on my eyes than jokester jamal


wew lad


This might make it a little less confusing. Here is the quote in question:
>theres a major deficiency in how people learn written japanese here so you need texthookers to fill in the gaps
I'm not entirely sure how writing helps one read either light novels or visual novels, as they are both published using computer fonts; one digital and one print.

Has Nintendo finally released a decent handheld?

I want it

What the hell is that reply. If you can't understand such a basic concept you're beyond helping, man.

Read again, then look at the thread. Look at everyone posting here - can you recognize them or not? Can you tell yourself "oh yeah I've had a conversation with that guy before"? No you can't. It should be exactly the same to us when it comes to you. Why can't you understand this and why are you acting like this is not something you can help with?

I know it's tempting but don't go on saying I'm some autist that is often around here because I've actually not taken part in much drama or even anything here recently.

>If despite this you still wish to be recognized and still wish to go on with your DJT e-fame then put on a trip. This is the only fair solution here as it would let people the possibility to filter you and thus avoid conflicts.

Fuck off.

"written Japanese" as in Japanese that has been written down, i.e. not spoken Japanese

ESL party tonight isn't it

I just finished and 72/71% on anki/true retention :(

Time to end it

Tfw even the people getting baited by shitposters are shitposters

Why can't we just have nice threads where everyone discusses learning Japanese

Hint: if you just ignore and report shitposts they do get deleted eventually.

what even is there to discuss about learning japanese
these threads were a mistake

>"written Japanese" as in Japanese that has been written down, i.e. not spoken Japanese
Hence the question about calligraphy, user.
You know there is narration and dialogue in both light novels and visual novels?

>ESL party tonight isn't it
I was merely asking for clarity, user, as a good 90% of silly arguments online are based off people getting riled up over assumptions and following up by talking past each other. It is a little sad that when someone sensibly tries to get someone to clarify what they said, instead of being pointlessly antagonistic, the personal insults start raining out.
English is the only language I can claim to know. Furthermore, English natives are the vast majority of the userbase here, so it is kind of odd to immediately jump to such a petty insinuation.


Questions about japanese? It's an entire language. It's a massive topic. Besides, the thread doesn't have to be active all the time.

i mean what can i do besides say thanks for the complement like honestly

i dunno dude i remember discussing japanese and just translated something by using all curse words and some kid flipped out begging people to report and shit

lifes hard

English as Second Language.
It's an insult used here which is the same as when someone reverts to calling someone else a faggot, when they have nothing to add.

Don't agree with someone, call them a faggot.
Aren't able to keep up with a conversation, call someone a faggot.
Don't like the way an user posts, call them a faggot.
ESL works in the same manner.

Literal narcissistic delusion the post


>English natives are the vast majority of the userbase here

I'm actually curious about that.


im not clicking your straw poll but if theres a 私はゲイ option put me down for that please

The phrasing of that question is poor, though. People whose native language is English could still know more than just English and Japanese.

How is that an insult? Genuinely curious, not being facetious. How did it develop into an insult?

I only just recently finished learning my kana. You guys weren't kidding when you said it only takes like 2 days.

>I'm the only EOP here

Feels good man

Acting like an user and work on your self-awareness should be a good start. This is for your own sake as well as a person - not necessarily only for others.

But who am I kidding, as said above you're very much aware of what you've been doing here.

Oh and please don't play the victim card.

reading has absolutely jack shit to do with calligraphy

"written japanese" just refers to written japanese as opposed to spoken japanese
as in, text japanese
all LNs are written japanese and VNs have both written and spoken japanese

i don't know why jamal thought it was important to make the distinction

sorry for jumping to conclusions but it really is a miracle you managed to misunderstand his post

Americans are mad that other people know more than one language so they attack them by saying their English is not as good as a natives or something.

You're an idiot, that's not a question about being a native speaker.

Not him but tl;dr would be some strong blooded people here who think that being English native make them superior to us considering Cred Forums is an English speaking board or something.

Yes DJT has people that stupid around. Also the "only English is worth anything" argument.





Yeah I hadn't noticed what I had written until after I made the poll.

I should have asked if English was your native language.

Either way, what is everyone's native/spoken languages before coming into DJT?

>thanks for the complement like honestly
He was not complimenting you.

i wonder what it's like to be a human so autistic that he can't help but interpret jamal's clowning around as an intricate personal attack on his being

Why is it so hard for you people to just not reply

Spanish native.

Picked up English through exposure and education.

That was a lot of projecting in just one sentence there pal.



Spanish/korean, learned english now learning jp

i'd actually like to know what you think projecting means


tl;dr you must know what you're talking about very well for going into such details after another user.

thanks for speaking so highly of my prose but actually what I did was just pad my all-lowercase sentence with a lot of big words (makes me look smart and quaintly playful)

i hate to do this but you really cant be me no matter how much you try

people can spot the real deal among the fakes every time without fail

Refer to

sorry i didn't mean to intrude on your style but i'm just being myself i can't help it



refer to youre not intruding trust me youre just the cartoon coyote chasing the cartoon roadrunner off a cliff only to realize too late there is no more ground beneath your feet before falling into the abyss


wouldn't this be in katakana?

its more kawaii and a sign of endearment in hiragana




Pretty intense sentence, damn

Is there some shortcut to switch the Japanese IME to katakana on the fly?


Are the children getting killed or doing the killing?

type something and press f7





Doing the killing. And that 武器に殺し seems off to me

>A Line Art Copybook
ESL here, is there some kind of synonym for this or a slang word? The above sounds kind bland.

>And that 武器に殺し seems off to me

○○を武器に is an expression meaning to use ○○ to your advantage so it isn't off

that's because 武器に and 殺し aren't connected




Oh, now it fits much better. thx I was beginning to see it as a term for killing weapon/advantage

>Also the "only English is worth anything" argument.
To be fair, I could get by with only English in all civilized countries (yes, even Japan). German? Not a chance. French? Great language spoken in two industrialized nations and a bunch of shitholes. Spanish? Awesome language spoken in poor countries only.

That's not to say there's no merit to speaking languages other than English, but having complete mastery of the English language is a lot better than having complete mastery of some EU-language and an English level that is just passable.


How much time did you guys spend to get to 2000 words in Core 2k?

>having complete mastery of the English language is a lot better than having complete mastery of some EU-language and an English level that is just passable.

What is your basis for this comparison? If anything what you said directly before this works against your point because you having a passable level in English would be enough for you to get by in much of the world AND you'd know another language to boot. Regardless this comparison is stupid to begin with because it depends entirely on where you live and work.



How am I supposed to remember words like this? I don't even really have a grasp of them in English, do I just not mine them?



Just arrived at Narita airport, ask me anything.

J-cat score or equivalent


You're only talking of "getting by" here, and only this. This is narrow-minded, knowing more than one language is more than that and considering you're in this very thread apparently learning Japanese you must probably know this by now.

Of course I agree that English is indeed a very useful language which opens you a lot of doors, myself I'm using right now to have a conversation with you - but that shouldn't be an excuse to act superior and insult non-natives. Only people with ego complexes would resort to such insults.



What colour is "止めてください"? Like mostly red with some white?

>having complete mastery of the defacto tongue equivalent of 'common'

It's like being a master at drinking water.

Post a photo or something

I'll take being the master of drinking water over being someone who can't even drink tap water because it's dangerous.

That analogy doesn't work with the former.

It went faster then expectef

Cool thanks. Why are you there business or pleasure?

Foreigner ->

Anyone got the video of some weaboo gaijin autist sperging out because random old people kept asking him to correct their English?

How strict are you with anki generally?

Like if you get a word wrong, but the correct answer was really obvious, will you let yourself of? Or will you fail it anyway?

>people are still fighting Jamal after a whole year
The fact that he feels the need to post 100 replies per thread should tell you that he doesn't realize what he's doing.


I don't use anki but if I did I wouldn't let it pass in that case. If you get it wrong, you get it wrong. Allowing such mistakes only encourages you to pay less attention which will increase the number of such mistakes you make. And mistakes are mistakes, regardless of how obvious they appear in retrospect.

Oly lifting is one of the most beautiful executions of individual prowess in any sport. The amount of physical strength, flexibility and technique required to execute these lifts are just unparalleled. Just thinking of the amount of effort and discipline she put into making that one important lift of her lifetime makes my dick hard. I channel that into learning Japanese

Why would you come to Japan when you don't know Japanese?

>what is tourism

Just because you can doesn't mean you should

If you cant even take the effort to learn the language then you don't deserve to go to the land of joy and wonder that is glorious nihon

He's a teenager travelling with his parents all expenses paid. Probably has nothing really interesting about himself that's why he has to resort to doing this to get some (You)s.



I guess, but I feel like I fail easy as fuck words quite often and I have no idea why, like it's complete luck whether my brain decides to say the right thing or not, regardless of how well I know it

How do you remember vocab without Anki if you don't mind my asking? Do you just read a lot? Any idea how many vocabs you know?

I didn't know you were such a weeaboo, hwa-kun.

Remember to report, hide and ignore.

Yes I just read. I have no idea what my vocab is, but I'm somewhere between N2 and N1 level.


I wish I could do that, my memories too shit to get anywhere without the aid of Anki

Have you tried? It is basically the same as anki, in that you get a sentence full of words that you either know or don't, and if you don't you look it up. But in addition you get the context rather than just isolated words. I think that can help you with your problem too. The context usually makes it much harder to fail at obvious words because if your first guess is wrong, you immediately realize based on the rest of the sentence.


>he doesn't realize what he's doing.
Not a reason to let is slide and not make him aware of it though.

>when you overdosed on Japanese

Why are you assuming he does only anki...? You also read and add mined words with context sentences, which is what most do. That is strictly superior to solely reading.

I do read all the time as well, just with anki on the side

I've never tried not using it, I just assume it would be a bad idea since my retention in anki is terrible, and I often forget words while reading that I've encountered thousands of times before

It's too late for me to try not using anki now anyway since I have like 15k mined vocab and there's no way to pause it or anything, once you're in it once you're in it for life


Looks like the japanese equivalent of emo kids

I appreciate you guys being vigilant but I'm not him and that post really doesn't resemble anything he would write

There's a difference between a shameless shitpost and just a post written in a jokey way

Then why do you write in typical hwa-kun fashion?

>I've never tried not using it, I just assume it would be a bad idea since my retention in anki is terrible, and I often forget words while reading that I've encountered thousands of times before

It's bad logic to assume that because you're doing badly at something it will get even worse if you change. Perhaps the reason you are doing bad at something is that it doesn't work for you.

>It's too late for me to try not using anki now anyway since I have like 15k mined vocab and there's no way to pause it or anything, once you're in it once you're in it for life.

And this is of course just in your mind. You can simply stop. Anki is not the master of your life unless you make it

I'll still be doing reps in the retirement home and there's nothing you can say that will change that

>severe alzheimers
>review entire deck every day hitting again on every card
Is this paradise?

For the prototypical DJT user, yeah. Constant delusion of progress.

>It's bad logic to assume that because you're doing badly at something it will get even worse if you change. Perhaps the reason you are doing bad at something is that it doesn't work for you.

Yeah, I don't know how it would go if I stopped, but I can at least assume that for someone that has a bad memory something like flashcards would be something they'd want to invest time into, of course I'll never know since I'm not willing to stop, but I only spend like 15% of my study time on anki anyway so it doesn't really matter either way

>And this is of course just in your mind. You can simply stop. Anki is not the master of your life unless you make it

Well sure but just suddenly throwing away something that I've been doing every day for the past one a half years isn't too appealing

Is there a pdf of the "Sou matome N1 Reading" in English? Even the one in the guide is in fucking Chinese, also what is the kanji in pic related?

>Well sure but just suddenly throwing away something that I've been doing every day for the past one a half years isn't too appealing

Surely the point of anki isn't some number but the skills it brought you? So you wouldn't be throwing away anything.

Very true, I'd be throwing away the cards that I'm still in the process of remembering though, and the one's that I have remembered but don't have a great grasp of, as well as a few hundred cards I still have yet to come up

Either way I don't think it would be worth stopping to see if it improves anything, only to find out that it doesn't, and then being unable to go back to my old decks because the intervals would be all fucked up, I'd rather just keep torturing myself with it forever

That's just the point, though. You can't. Even if you tell him, he honestly believes the problem lies with the other 100 posters, not with him.

He's obviously just a troll

There have been plenty of times he's posted comments where he doesn't act like a retard but you can still tell it's him, and then 5 minutes later he's back to pretending he has an IQ of 10

He's just a generic attention whoring shitposter who finds it easier to be retarded then useful

And just like with any shitposter the only solution is to ignore it and not talk about it, something that everyone on here seems to have a really hard time doing for whatever reason

>108 reps in anki today
I'm doing 40 new cards every day why does my review count stay so little?

>He's obviously just a troll pretending he has an IQ of 10
Then, his "real" IQ is probably around 85 or so? No person of average intelligence would find entertainment in flinging monkey shit around.

For how long have you done 40 new cards/day ?

15 days

Usually you can assume that you'll get a daily review count of ~10x your new cards/day. How long it takes to reach this level depends on how often you get the cards wrong, and how many of them are unknown to you from the start, of course. I'd say give it another month or so and you'll be doing 400 reps or so a day.

That's a very nice OP picture. Good job!

I think its 着

Do japanese people like creating random SFX or is that one legit? Found nothing about it, oh well guess it doesn't matter anyway

ピタッと叩く is a pretty common expression

It's actually 看る

I see. I tried inputing ピタピタ on a SFX site but nothing came up

表れる appear


I vaguely remember someone mentioning that there were a program that recognizes Kanji in pictures, which could be usefull when reading manga scans. Anyone know the name of it?

I did I forget that, my atama is not daijoubu.

Kanjitomo but it's shit.



What is the most shocking moment in eroge

Well not that one for me since you just ruined the surprise

Don't mind me this is just a fast way of copying phrases to my cellphone:



Grandpa I didn't know you were studying Japanese!

What game is that

I don't get it. There's two of her?

What do you americans call them now? People down here call it either that or smartphones(don't know if this is legit english)

She's a ghost but doesn't realize it. That moment is her finding out that she's actually dead, the head on the left is her real head, the girl on the right is the ghost

Are you sure this is eroge? Sounds like a normal game to me.

It's like you think only two types of eroge are moege and nukiged.

It has sex scenes which automatically makes it eroge regardless of the plot

Is every movie with a sex scene a porno?

So the witcher 3 is eroge too?

Hope she doesn't disappear, she's a cutie

Sorry, not in the mood for this right now

In Japanese law, yes.

If you have autism making unable to comprehend implicit contextual meanings of words.

Yes. And you also play visual novels, you don't read them.
Just like you play Mass Effect. No one would ever say you're reading while doing conversations in the citadel.


I aim to please

If it has gameplay in it, sure but in most cases you simply read a vn, there's nothing to play.

We had this argument hundreds of threads ago and the consensus is that the correct verb to use in terms of visual novels is play, not read. I won't lay out the very convincing arguments for that, because I'm busy playing the bible in acrobat reader right now.

>there's nothing to play.

Pretty sure you can play with yourself


Actually for your typical VN "read" would be more fitting because that's really all there is to do. However, for dating sims like Amagami, Kimikiss and Tokimemo "play" is far more fitting. In fact I'd argue that for most VNs and sound novels with (exclusively) console releases "play" is the correct word to use though I couldn't really tell you why I think so, it just feels "right". Conversely, VNs that were originally on PC like Umineko and Steins' Gate that later got console ports are still best described using "read" to me.

I hate that people use the term "smartphone" unironically, particularly in languages other than English. It makes no sense.

VN sales don't show up in gaming statistics so I'd never classify them as games but rather as novels because that's what they are.
However that doesn't mean you can't play them.


You're wrong, I do both thing. Because reading text isn't playing. If there's nothing else to do, there's no way to define it as a "game", it's another kind of software entirely.

チンカス カーン

チンカス タン

What word is this?

いつ 付けた

Finally finished my anki reps for today.

Guys how many Anki cards do you learn per day?
Also besides 2k/4k/10k decks do you use anything else in particular?


20 cards from muh mining deck and 10 cards from the RTK deck

Anyone here use the whiteboard feature.
Im horrible at writing nip.

>Daily attire inspections are crucial when you work at the shop.
Is this already something you would call a shit translation or is it still in the liberal translation meme fraction?


core and mining deck, 20 new cards on each

70 recognition, almost every day
10 production (writing), every other day or when I have time
+all vocab examples in production deck that I don't yet know, so usually 10-20 extra in recognition

How long does that take you?

>3 strokes for ち


hi /djt/. i recently came across the word '裏垢' on an artist's second account, set to private. anyone know what it means?

Why dont you google it yourself, I'm sure you'd find the answer in five seconds

i did but im still not sure.

Then maybe you should give up on Japanese.


So you want me to google it and give you the link then? lol

It's not a word, it's two words.

Wtf does that mean?

>裏 = other side, hidden, behind
>垢 = account
i'm sure you can figure it out if you think real hard

These are slang

垢=アカ(ウント) accounts
鯖=さば、サーバー internet server

>having no account means purity

This actually makes sense.

>>垢 = account
oh..... i only relied on rikaikun and didn't think to check jisho. im so sorry.

They got katakana and they still doing weird Chinese type shit

But rikaisama shows "account (e.g. online service)" for 垢

ちんぷんかんぷん literally means ching chong ching chong doesn't it

yes but i cannot use firefox anymore and chrome only has the vastly inferior rikaikun which is lacking that definition.

haha that is a very funny joke if I do say so myself!

Probably. Nobody likes the Chinese.

>i cannot use firefox anymore
I don't know why, but use icecat.



I'm sure Japan appreciates the tourism money anyway.

oh shit the MIDF's here

Took me two hours today including 10 production cards and 75-80 recognition cards total. I did most of it during a lecture, so without distractions it would probably be shorter, and I am slower than most people. But I wouldn't do that many every day.

The conversation was about his personal enjoyment of the trip. No idea why you suddenly brought Japan's economy into the picture lol

It means it doesn't matter if you're a clueless gaijin taking in the sights or a Japanese scholar who finds everything deeply significant. You can enjoy the trip on some level and even then it doesn't matter because there's a benefit to the country either way. Anyone can go. Seriously.

what the fuck is a 豆テスト


>Literally only just realising now after like a year and a half that しようがない is just する and ようがない



Hi pretty girl. Would you like to be fluid together?

I wish I could be that comfortable

>japanese speaking english
>have to say japanese words
>inevitably goes back to japanese accent

How do we fix this.


lol and cute


>Anonymous 8 minutes ago No.147291

just installed the botnet keyboard does it get better with use?

Fuck off. Leave.

Yours looks so neat.
It's useful since you can keep portrait for kana input or landscape for romaji input.

>tfw Persona 5 is already out but I don't have enough money to buy it

>tfw I have no interest in the game since P3 was boring when I tried it

>tfw have no interest in games in general because reading's so much better

>俺のface when結構金持ちだが時間が余りない
I still need to finish Youkai Watch 3

>121 days in Anki
>still haven't finished Tae Kim
Should I just blaze through it and go back when I need to review it? I've been going slow to try and make what I read stick.

>have to move to a different house for a few months because of some water damage
>won't have internet for a week
What should I download to last me for a week?

A couple volumes of Kino no Tabi

What's it called?

whats up with all the imouto.

It won't stick until you start reading native content.

If you pay for me I will play the game instead of you.

Read it slowly! You still will forget some of the grammar but your subconscious will pick up his commentaries surrounding the grammar

You sound like an idiot for saying that. However, I can't tell if your being sarcastic so sorry if you were. WERE.

Fuck me. Do you realize how specific this joke is? The subsection of people who intersect at English -> Japanese learners + philosophy students has to be something like 10 on the planet.

Dammit I laughed way too hard, but now I feel bad because I know there is no way I will ever meet someone in life who will also get this joke.

>Do you realize how specific this joke is?
You called?

I was, I figured it was just an innocent playful little post, but I quickly learnt my lesson after I got mistaken for he that shall not be named

Looks like that picture's turning out to be useful than we thought

and yet you just met someone who posted it

Everyone learns a little different, but from personal experience and advice from others I would go read material and then use tae kim and the dictionaries as a reference when you don't understand a grammar concept that you come across.

Insight occurs when your brain can make the connection between the example you are reading and the academic concept you are looking up. It's much more likely to stick with you long term than just trying to rote memorize a grammar dictionary.

Most people don't learn basic grammar by rote even for their first language.

But you aren't real.

Lets exchange some TV show titles /djt/

This one is called ダラケ, it's a bottom of the barrel TV show but quite fun to watch

Google Japanese Input

A tv show I am producing, for air in 2017

>Whose car has been this?
>Whose car was this?

Who owned this car in the past?


Why would you want to use it? Doesn't really flow great with 'whose' if you ask me.

Trying to install ef. I tried just installing it and using the default exe, replacing the default exe with the cracked exe, installing the patch and using the patched exe, installing the patch then using the cracked exe, etc. It just doesn't seem to be working. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate hearing them.

Yes I am in Japanese locale.

>the cutie telling how she wants to molest young boys

I love Japan.

my real iq is 142

this was from a real in person test not no online shit





have you googled この環境では動作できません。
just checking

Whose car is this?


have u tried ticking winxp sp3 compat mode

A show like that wouldn't be doing well here.

Mysterious ways

No. Whenever I ask DJT a technical question it has an obvious answer that I feel like a retard for not thinking of beforehand, sorry.

The solution was setting my goddamn clock to japan time. I didn't expect them to mean 環境 literally. Damn japs.

Thank you for the suggestion, it was a good idea.

oh yeah thats true thats a thing

The godan is much better.

I like that one where they enter random people's houses.

heres a ep from one of my faves and it would be good for djt i think


I see, thanks. Any recommendations then? Would Yotsuba be a good start?

I like learning Japanese, the grammar lessons remind me of being a grade schooler.

Minnasan, what's your anki settings?

It reminded me of my childhood when I saw that.
It always had been broadcasted in the morning.
So we had to absent from school, to watch the same TV show.
To skip school is... I can't say...precious memory.

>New Cards
Steps (in minutes) 1 10 10
New Interval 33%

I think that's all I changed, + no card limits.


Despair: on

I think this weekend I'm going to try to learn Japanese.

Why are you here

Me too.

>PSVita games

nostalgia is a comforting yet painful feeling

You won't.

Everything on default except leech setting (tag only), new cards/day setting (30) and reviews/day limit setting (500).

>reviews/day limit

Don't discourage the guy! Most people take forever to do simple things they aren't too sure about, but as oldfags we need to guide our kouhais, encourage them!

They never even get close to 500 so I don't see the problem here. Setting it to 500 or 99999999 makes no difference whatsoever.

If you need something please feel free to ask. We're here to look out for each other, m'kay?
Everyone in this thread will gladly help you

Accept the ones that have bullied me

They only tried to shield you from the pain ahead. Learning Japanese is not always easy.

As long as he doesn't ask stupid questions that can be answered by reading the guide.

if you do your due diligence you will be fine

in all things you do in life not just japanese

if not well im sure later on ill be posting rude sarcastic things at you

>innovative gameplay

Sounds like you are either 5+ years in or don't push yourself enough.

Oh god am I retarded? I put my settings to 15/new cards a day and 40/reviews a day limit.

I typically do Anki for 20-30 minutes. How long do you guys do it?

In a だいがくclass.
Just finished the first test after 3 weeks.
Now I have to memorize all katakana over the weekend.


It's the weekend. Try doing 100 new cards for a change. You'll be surprised at how much you can remember.
Then change it to something more reasonable but get rid of that daily review limit.


ただいまーっス みんな何してるんスか?勉強してるんスか?この言い方どう思うっスか?悔しいっスか?確かに恥ずかしいっスね


>How long do you guys do it?
Hours because I keep tabbing out

>Studied 214 cards in 31 minutes today.
Average for days studied says 23 minutes though.


What's the difference between this and 欲しい? I thought 欲している wasn't even used but now I've seen some natives use it and searching on Twitter it seems fairly common. I even see some people using it like you would 欲しがっている.


I will share the secret with you.
>Google images
>Input hiragana
>Read the first row
>Go to the site aforementioned
>Place the characters you just saw at the correct positions
>Rinse and repeat
At first your brain will simple memorize the position and won't have truly learned the kana but soon enough it will become true knowledge

>all of the links lead to virus-riddled download sites

I've used shady raw download sites for years and been fine.

can you write both words in hiragana only i think i know what your issue is

One is an adjective, the other is a verb. You can also use nouns like 欲望、欲求 or just 欲.


There's no virus (´• ω •`)

ほっしている from ほっする, not ほしい.





Jisho says it means bill. What's right?


Today I did Anki for 42 minutes and then I read a visual novel for 4 hours and 7 minutes.


Just out of curiosity why use something like this over just tying romajii in an app like swiftkey

>only then can you transition to books and shit
I can use rikai on books and shit just fine, though, it's even easier than texthookers.

use memrise せんぱい

A pageturner?

Last time I pushed myself with 50 new cards a day I burned out in a month and quit. I'm fine with 30, thanks.

if i threw a book at your ballsack and hit you square on with the corner of it you wouldnt to be able to rikai 2 things: why i threw a book at your balls and then also the contents of the book いろんな意味で

>theres a major deficiency in how people learn written japanese here
what is that deficiency?

Are you trying to make a joke?

It's a sign to tell the customers to get their bills there so cashier is wrong but also correct

Just ignore Jamal-kun. He only wants the attention.

Should I watch new game? Is it good? Does she say ganbaruzoi?

It's the official DJT anime. We made it ourselves. None of us know Japanese though, so it might be a bad influence.

It's the anime of the year

Decide for yourself
It's cute
Yes, once

>Does she say ganbaruzoi?
Yes, once.

It starts off a bit boring but it's okay. You should give it a try.

no im never joking

you certainly cant how can you expect anyone else to

lead by example thats what i do and look at how far weve come

>40/reviews a day limit
That's retarded

Do it for Sophia!

Dumb question, but why is "人は魚が好きだ" translated as PEOPLE like fish, and "魚が好きな人。" Person that likes fish?

Furthermore, why is 魚が好きじゃない人は、肉が好きだ。 not "People who don't like fish like beef"? Isn't 人 the topic in it?

What should it be?

It's shit, even Japs use either godan or qwerty.
There's zero reason for your gaijin ass to get used to this so just use qwerty and don't try to show off.

Because 人 has more than one meaning. It can also mean mankind, character etc. What you read is just an example sentence, it doesn't really matter there.
I've no clue what your second question is asking.

人 is the topic here.
As for people, they like fish.

Person/People that like(s) fish. Here you use adjectives to describe a certain group of people or a single person.

The topic here is the whole clause before は.


Review limit breaks SRS algorithm, especially if it's that tiny.
If you want 40 reps a day do 4 new cards a day.

all of those can be "person" or "people" depending on the context surrounding it
e.g. this sentence i just pulled off google describing the results of a poll: "魚が好きな人の割合は73%!", 人 refers to a plurality of people here


This is not true, when I was in Japan all the people on smartphones were using the 12-key layout.

Oooh, the whole clause becomes the topic? Alright then. That makes more sense. When 人 is used as the topic it always refers to people in general then, never person?

Thanks for trying user, the other one sumed it up beautifully for me.

context 読めえええええブロ

>When 人 is used as the topic it always refers to people in general then, never person?
No it can be either. Plural is something you need to infer from the context.


So even though Tae Kim's guide says "Here, the entire clause 「魚が好き」、「魚が好きじゃない」、etc. is modifying "person" to talk about people that like or dislike fish. You can see why this type of sentence is useful because 「人は魚が好きだ」 would mean "People like fish", which isn't always the case." He is wrong?

>He is wrong?

人は魚が好きだ。-> "People like fish"
あの人は魚が好きだ。-> "That person likes fish"

Here you're just making a statement, like a fact. And with 魚が好きじゃない人は and so on you're describing the topic or a group of people further.

Exactly what he says.

Don't think about these basic things so much or you'll just overcomplicate them. Stuff like this will come naturally as you read more.

im sorry i do not follow your question can you resubmit please

Is there a good drama this season?

I really liked Okitegami Kyouko which aired a couple months ago.





I need some advice on the core2k, So there are some words were I know what they mean but can't remember how they are pronounced and I am shit with trying to retain how they are pronounced. I don't mind doing the hard work, I just want to know if I'm wasting energy and the pronunciation will eventually come to me.


You'll pick it up as you read more.

If you don't remember their reading, hit again.
The meaning is usually simpler and if you see them in context you'll be able to figure that out much easier.

if you spend enough time youll figure it out but you can do a better job if you drill specific things in a specific way to forge mental connections

hint you can forge mental connections better if you employ more tactics beyond silently "reading" the words

Alright Sweet! Thanks guys.





I honestly find the insinuation that I am some sort of "fake Jamal" character a little bit insulting



look if you want to go on a date with me just confess to me properly under the tree on the hill after school

you're wasting time doing anki at all since everything will eventually come to you if you just open a good ole book and read

ok but tell me your locker number first


were past that stage already baby

I always wondered, how do you read this out loud?
When it comes to "romaji" I always read it in my native language in my head.
In this case it's wüwüwü

it's pronounced ばくしょう


You don't, because it's only used in written Japanese.

you can dude its like saying lol out loud which i do all the time

I still read it out loud in my mind, and it feels wrong. warawarawara also feels wrong though.


To add to this, I read a VN where a character would say wwww all the time and her voice actor didn't read it aloud.

I still read lol as L + ole as in Cole

What did she mean by this? Is it some sort of thing girls tell each other when they go peeing or something?

I don't get it. For the record ななちゃん goes peeing as well next panel.

>and her voice actor didn't read it aloud.
oh shes laughed, and the sound editor cut it cause earlier that day he asked her out and he got rejected so hes slowly sabotaging her career

"didnt lol when lolling.." *pushes up glasses and pencils something on clipboard* we cant hire this one




it hurts me a little every time a beginner posts some shitty japanese that doesn't make any sense

Never forget that you were once that retarded beginner too.

Being able to notice all of their mistakes makes me feel pretty good.

>t. never was a beginner
Proper nigger behavior right there.

you knew nothing either, don't act all mighty
if you notice something wrong either point it out or shut up


so if i post more will it eventually kill you

i made a serious effort not to post in broken japanese as a beginner
or rather to be accurate i didn't make any serious effort to overcome being self-conscious about my japanese skill

You learn faster by making mistakes and getting corrected than by being a stuck up idiot.

さすが Cred Forums


It just sounded like he was afraid of anonymous people an the internet saying mean things to him if his Japanese wasn't perfect.

the mistakes are too small and the posts are too insignificant to fuss over but it grinds my gears nevertheless


But you just fussed about it just now resulting in a dozen of useless posts. Correcting them would have been more productive for everyone involved.

You can still do it.


i prefer having a giggle to being productive

you can't say my fears were unfounded

i'm basically living them out right now except on the side of the tragic class bully

like he just did you mean? yeah great

Insecure people tend to lash out at others in the way that they expect others to treat them.

うわあっみんなの日本語は上手すぎ~ まさか日本人がここにいるなんて..たくさん教えてください~ 

If I want to pass N2 should I do kanji study or just do more vocab like usual.

You should read.

>the posts are too insignificant to fuss over but it grinds my gears nevertheless
That's called a contradiction, nigger.



That's a given.
I just know passing the JLPT isn't equivalent to knowing Japanese so I figured I should ask if I should specifically study for the kanji portion of the test.


i meant fuss over in a more active sense, like doing what imouto's doing

he pretty much exists only for the sake of beginners who've been studying for a few months and have just figured out they can understand everything he posts so i think it's alright to leave what he's doing to him

If you want the most thorough method, first learn how to read, then apply the information in Kodansha Kanji Learner's Course to your reading ability.



"lawful" evil is always just "lawful", not actually *lawful*

lawful evils believe themselves to be the law, essentially, when you're actually roleplaying



Your post still reeks of narcissism, there's no way to salvage yourself anymore, better stop posting now.


btw I have the shitty all-in-one learning pack that sakurautist put together

Speaking of Sakura, does anyone have the image that made him go nuclear?

i think maybe if i started putting capital letters at the beginnings of sentences it would salvage my posting a little

what do you say

they would still reek of how you say "fail and aids" 爆笑

this post is a little unclear

ok let me help you


みんなで朝までhow high





i dont give a fuck



yea baby



I wish there was a filter to filter out all the posts by niggers

thanks for clearing that up

You can still do your duty and report them.

i hope youre all doing your due diligence of reporting people who say the n word as it is a violation of the 既存のルール

So he exists for the sake of DJT since most posters here are beginners, at all times.
The guy corrects people when he can instead of bitching about it like you, which basically derailed the thread with niggerdom.

You mean 逃げる?

Did my トイレブース post really derailed the thread that much?

Some of you guys have issues.


djts disposition is more fragile than wet toilet paper

Not your fault though.

i downloaded the bad hop 1 day mp3s but i'm not sure i appreciate how they disrespect girls in this music

its pretty tame compared to normal japanese men i think

Was there anything wrong in it aside from that? All this drama is making me wonder now, ultimately I'd want to know.


apart from that it's just a little awkward

Can't hurt.
You could specifically study kanji alongside what else you are doing and approach it as though you are studying for the 漢検. I don't know how the JLPT assesses kanji knowledge but I doubt it is as thorough as 漢検.

Does the Kodansha Kanji Learner's Course have good Anki decks, like Remember the Kanji1/3 and Kanji Damage?

Yeah after posting I realized the の was probably not needed.

指定 probably sounded a bit stiff and unnatural here indeed but that's the thing that popped in my mind.


>Some of you guys have issues.
Welcome to the insecurity of manchildren, all fighting to see who can throw the largest hunks of shit at each other for territory control.
Not that it isn't a sign of intelligence.



Is this a new Red Hot Chili Peppers single?

>Open your Anki deck. The Real-Time Import plugin will automatically load itself.
I'm trying to figure out how to set up Rikaisama's Anki Real-time Import function but I'm a bit lost. What do they mean exactly by "open your anki deck"?

I set up all fields and all like they should be but pressing "R" key when I highlight a word does not do anything.

someone tell me the japanese equiv of baka so i can post it @ this dude

the screen before you hit 'study' means that deck is opened.

Okay I just realized no matter what key I press Rikaisama isn't even reacting, even when hovering words.

I don't know how to fix that.

Restart your browser. That happens sometimes.

Can anyone tell me the meaning of ておこっと after a verb? I've taken too long of a break in my studying and have forgotten.

have you taken a break from using japanese language resources or google in general as well

置かないと(いけない) I assume.

I restarted and even reinstalled rikai and it still does not do shit. fml