Prepare your ears

I'd like some more kafuu chino.

This is your sensei tonight

It's not like it's Megu singing acapella, isn't it?

It's her character song

Then why am I hearing Maya's voice?

My wife Chino is so cute.

It's not as bad. There are still worse things, like painful death, or the state of Cred Forums right now.

My sensei Chino is so cute.

I think it's excellent. It is as if your brain was immersed in the sweet liquid.

Is that just Maya's part or the whole song is just Maya?

It's Megu's song that will be realesed on 28th.
Maya's character CD is already out and is on nyaa.



Her singing voice doesn't sound like Megu.

My wife Chino is so cute.

Dokidoki shite

My card Chino is so cute.


Are you deaf?

I think I'm not alone in thinking that voice sounded more like Maya than Megu.

I agree, it sounds like Maya's cheeky voice rather than the air-headed tone of Megu.



I want to _____ chino!

Protect and keep safe and return to the original Chinofag who waifu'd her in the beginning before everyone dogpiled and defiled her.


>Your wife Chino is everyone's wife.

Why does Maya's voice turn me to diamonds?

Because you're a degenerate pedophile.

Because she's small, energetic, healthy girl. It's natural.


Is Koi secretly a furry? That's two wolf ear pictures in a row.

make Cocoa happy by marrying her little sister

She sounds completely retarded so that's unmistakably Megu.

I think its supposed to be cats in that one, not wolf. Look at the tails.

Story preview says "ookami" though. Wolves don't have demon wings either.

They are such a happy married couple, even matching hairpins.

Too bad Chino's mom is dead and never coming back.

>This Megu meme again

You should get banned to be completely and utterly honest. Also, I can make it happen.

My wives Megu and Maya are so cute.

When are we going to get character songs by Chino and Rize's dad?

>sounds completely retarded
Why would you say such a mean thing?


Wow, it seems like every Gochiusa character is married these days.

Except the novelist. Nobody likes her.

There will be a Chino's dad solo song. It's on bonus CD that you get when you buy all 8 normal ones.

Rest in peace ;_;

Reminder that Taneda isn't dying anymore.

She is going to give birth to my child instead.

Which girl will win the Cocoabowl?


Chino is MY wife! All of these imposers are just jealous.

Chinocucks are cancer.


Season 3 any time now.

Best semen demons

Don't bully Megu!

The ears and teeth holy fuck I want to nibble the chimame and be nibbled.


That's adult Chino, her mom had white/silver hair.

The only imposter is you, Cocoa is the real deal.



>Dat cute Anko
>Megu & Maya fangs
>Chiya tits

Gween tea, of course. Who else?

one word: object oriented programming

I love Megu! She makes my heart go pyon pyon!

pyon pyon pyon


Stop fooling yourself Chino. You had a lot of husbands already.

What are they doing?

Is there any chance they break their hymen by doing that regularly?


No chance of that happening since I've already broke it for them.


It's not the Cocoabowl, it's like a game of hot potato. Whoever pairs up last gets stuck with her.
And that wold be Chiya because she doesn't have anyone else besides Sharo who cucks her with Rize

Girls who do ballet are simply the best.

OVA when?

Enjoy waiting two extra months for ESL subs to come from livejournal or tumblr. The only subs you'll get.