Fairy tail 502 spoilers

Prepare your dicks. In this chapter:
>Mavis and Zera loli fanservice.
>Levy body.
>Lucy bondage..



Fairy tail could have been decent if it was made by someone competent who kept the main plot lines.

Mashima is an hack

Power Creeps and making abilities so powerful you have to make them sympathetic towards the hero. That's always the issue when one is trying to make unique abilities, they go overboard, make something clearly overpowered and then have to pull back and downplay it by giving them a cliche flaw.

>who kept the main plot lines.
What plot lines? there were plot lines?


>plot lines.
I think there was never plot lines to begin with. I always had the feeling that Mashima just thinks on the events at a conceptual level but is unable to link them.

Like "they'll go to another universe" or "here there will be a tournament arc" but he never really thinks on how make it happen, it just happens.

Now that we already pretended that we care about the "plot" can we start to put the lewd pics?




What happened to Levy boobs?

You didn't know? Boobs increase when the person you love massages them every day

Post your 3x3 FT girls


They get bigger when the woman gets pregnant.

That or it's just fanservice. works either way

Naked lolis

will this trigger Natsu to go full END


That would lead to plot progression. This is chapter is just Mashima giving himself an erection.

It triggers my full END

Is she riding his dick in public?


>no Lucy

it perfectly describes MUH DICK

>That last round
Muh nigga

Mavis trolling so hard Irene is hilarious

She seems quite angry

Erza raping Irene when?

Irene will btfo Erza that will be saved by Wendy.
It was foreshadowed at the start of the arc.

Oh so probably there will be also Wendy's "death".

You're making me think it would actually be fun if he "kills" everyone this arc.

Probably the arc will end with the death of all characters and Mavis that revive everybody with Fairy Hearth


DiMaria face is fantastic