How the fuck is that blonde kid still in one piece after being hit by Nanoha's starlight breaker?

How the fuck is that blonde kid still in one piece after being hit by Nanoha's starlight breaker?

Seems like the magical lasers are only good for destroying the environment

Garbage fucking movie. Can't believe it took until Madoka for this genre to have any real consequences.

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>real consequences

They're of nearly equal power.
And Nanoha didn't want to break her new sex slave.

If you hadn't have had the stupid Madoka line I would have replied seriously to this.

Nanoha became shit right after evereyone caved in to anti lolicon bullshit going on in anime.

For the record mages in Nanoha choose if their spells inflict physical or mental damage on living things.

Not that it makes anymore sense since Starlight Breaker pacts roughly the punch of an atom bomb and that much pain should kill a person anyway, but there you go


Thats some serious bullshit right there.

The only new Nanoha project is ViVid Strike, which is basically a ViVid, but in popular fashion with a non-loli protag.

That's not true, since in Force, they need some bullshit equipment to convert their magic damage to physical damage against enemies who are immune to magic. Disregarding the fact that very much physical structures have been blown up with magic since the start.

>inb4 Force is not canon
Same writer.

There's just no point trying to apply common sense to any of this.

Magic is non-lethal in Nanoha universe
It'll blow buildings, destroy your device, rip your barrier jacket. But remember, non-lethal

At least when convenient.

Hmm, I wish they finished Force somehow and then animated it with A1's style. Probably the only way we would ever get more Nanoha and Fate (and Hayate and et cetera).



Fate has protection

Force is made by the original guy?

>real consequences
>one character can stop time and go back in time

Yeah, Masaki Tsuzuki writes everything in the franchise. Dunno how much he lets the artists pitch in with their ideas, but on paper anyway.

Tsuzuki is a fucking hack. He came up with a great premise but someone needs to take the show off him before he ruins it any further.

Do you suppose Fujima Takuya was like "I wanna draw china-dresses!" so Tsuzuki decided bam, magical China?

More like

> real consequences
> 99% of the show is reset by the ending
> Then in the sequel they reset that too

> non-loli

>That's not true, since in Force, they need some bullshit equipment to convert their magic damage to physical damage
I dropped Force at chapter 1, but that's not the same. Magic can deal non-lethal magic damage or physical damage, depending on the specific spell or the choice of the mage, but the source of the spell is still magic and can be blocked by anti magic fields or reduced by regular shields and barrier jackets. Now there are ways to indirectly cause physical damage though magic, which cannot be countered with any antimagic means, like Nanoha is shown levitating some rocks and throwing them in the A's manga, and that giant thunder storm Fate summons also counts as regular thunders and goes through AM fields.
Also for some reason non-lethal damage can destroy complete building but only scrap Fate's barrier jacket, that's what is called bad writing.

>>inb4 Force is not canon
>Same writer.
Writer has nothing to do, Nanoha has had more than one writer even if Tsuzuki has written almost everything. Force is unofficially cancelled and its events won't affect the rest of the franchise.

I don't understand what you're implying.


Can I watch Vivid Strike without Vivid? I don't want to watch Vivid.

This, pretty much. He has this weird idea that plot progression means introducing more and more characters and doing jack shit with the existing ones.

Yeah, that's the point, it doesn't even have Nanoha in the title anymore.

I don't know. Maybe the same reason how they can shoot beams?

>Homura's PTSD
>Betraying and driving herself away from the one show loves
>No consequences

You can love or hate the reset thing, but to just say 'nuh uh it's bad' is pretty small minded and you clearly didn't get it.

>if even one aspect of a story contains non-realistic elements then all logic goes out of the window
Underage detected

>it took until Madoka for this genre to have any real consequences

This is why I hate Madoka fans, this is why I will never watch your precious 'favorite magical girl show' this is why I sometimes wish all of Cred Forums were dead so they can stop pretending to like a genre I love when all they've ever seen is CCS, Nanoha, and Madoka but somehow that makes them experts.

Go kill yourselves goddamn it, rid this world of your disease.

To be honest, Nanoha is mecha/action, and no speck of mahou shoujo in it, so it shouldn't even count (after A's that is).

Its fucking magic.

They set it to inflict mostly magical damage(AKA nothing but pain) against people.

It was mentioned that when Fate(And Vivio) was hit by SLB, all she felt was a huge warmth devouring her, and then she passed out.

Befriending beam saves people

>Same genre
I came here to laugh at you.

>There are newfags in this thread who don't even understand the joke in this video

>There are even worse tryhard newfags who'll try and look up what the joke is and pretend to understand

>when you're a mahou shoujo oldfag and can tell this joke is too shonen for you

I'm going to throw this out there. SRW?