Do you think it's possible for her to win or is the plot too much?

Do you think it's possible for her to win or is the plot too much?

Is there even a manga where such a girl wins ever...

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I don't care. As long as she's happy that is.

She doesn't seem happy at all in these recent chapters...

I'm not giving up hope. MC might realize she's the best option depending on how she and worst girl react to his reveal.

New chapter when

I will commit suicide if Botan lose.


Botan still best grill

I'm secretly wishing a drawfag to make a Botan version out of pic related

That waist to hip ratio is obscene.


I having my fingers crossed for bland mcblandyface to go full dyke and let Itsuki and Botan get closer.

It's more her puffy pants.

Mid October, if all goes well.

Better question is will anyone translate chapter 18 before Hachimitsu does whenever the tankobon releases.

Monthly dumperfag here.
I didn't translate ch18 since I thought volume 3 ends on ch18.
Anyway what the hell, I'll do it now.

I always thought
it will come the time for this.
Since then,
Since I put on this wig
I've always been prepared.
I never thought...

>reverse image search
>best guess: dog

thats hilarious.

Title page


in love with Keitarou-senpai.
So I thought maybe
you can give me some advice.

You're the fucking best.

I think it will be better
if you just give up.
Have you see the look in his eyes?
His personality should reflect on that.
No. That's not
what I want to say.

I'm too late. I should have known!
This really means that...
Even though you're not dating him
Itsuki-san, you like him, don't you!?
Which means you're my rival!
I can't believe Keitarou-senpai is that popular!


I'm not.

He is not someone
worthy for your love.
"Worthy?" That's not true.
It is true.

He's egoistic!
He's a liar!
He's just the worst.
I don't know what between you and Keitarou-senpai
and I haven't spent much time with him either

I believe I can trust the Keitarou-senpai I see
up to this moment.

SFX: Grip
It hurts.
My heart hurts.
The piling guilt
has started to overflow.
I think you say what you said to protect me.
But I can't judge him by that alone.
So I want to see him eye to eye so I can see for myself.


How can one girl be so best?

Those sincere eyes..
Those sincere words...
hurts me.
Botan's sincereness
only makes me hate myself.

You know...

he also looks like a heartless person.
His looks
remind to a character I like,
so it has a rather opposite effect for me.
He's brash.

I love you.

With that hair she does looks a little like Mikan. Sasuga google.

I can't express
how happy I would be if I've never put on this mask.
I still say he's a bad person.
Why are you reject him that much?

What are you even know
about Keitarou-senpai?!
I know a lot!
If you know what I know
Botan, you'd hate him too.
The thing I don't want to say,
the thing I should never say,
I know this because I'm no one else.
It's because I am me.

It's all over. Botan confirmed for girl of the year all years.

Oh no, my heart.


If he doesn't go for Botan after this, this guy deserves to be shot.

Because I am...

I think it's clean now.
Itsuki-san and Botan...
I've make them wait long enough.
Oh, rain.


>tfw best girls never ever win

I wonder if they have umbrella.
I have to lend them one if they don't.
Or the three of us have to share one small umbrella!
Oh, the pressure!
But if so
I'll ask Botan to stand in the middle.

They are talking something.
Because I am...
I am...

I'm sorry.

That's it guys.
Now if you have to excuse me, I have to punch a wall so I can feel manly again.

He actually did it. The absolute madman.

She won my heart and that's all that matters.



fuck fuck fuck

I hope the Dyke rejects him so hard.

Fuck this cliffhanger bullshit.

Well fuck.



This seems pretty cool. I should go read it sometime.

>they both found out at the same time

This means that Botan's chances at winning is still at an all time high, right?
R-Right? ;_;

Goddamn it.

Thanks a ton for translating, by the way.

And now excuse me while I hibernate until October 14 for the next chapter of this and Dungeon Meshi.


It means the bitch think he's a creep and Botan will forgive him because she is best. Literally the perfect outcome.

but man, he really looks fuckable




Where can I find the raws of all chapters?

Latest comes out on

Hachimitsu has translated up to 16.
Chapter 17: Chapter 18.5:

This has the ones that haven't been translated:!gVJxWJTB!5idwMudbdNfs7QlA3f2AUw

Kc was so mad about people using this reaction image for things he didn't like, that he made a follow up comic for it.

Man, I used to think his stuff was good, but I don't even get a laugh out of it anymore. Too detached, too ironic anymore.

Botan is a girl! A CUTE GIRL!

>*someone trashes the one she likes*
>"he's a kind person"

He can't any more, he betrayed her trust and there will be backlash for 10 chapters.

I wish there were more manga where MC and second girl who feels inferior to her more feminine friend fall in love naturally as time goes on. Like Molester Man or ziplock kun.

Yeah, I mean, what's he got for his case? That he refuse Tokujira's kiss when he easily could have and they accidentally did anyway.

It'll probably wrap up by volume 4 though.