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Sweet, thread actually hit the max.
Commencing Bocchi dump. Chapter 19 I think, someone correct me if I have it wrong.

One of my favorite chapters too.

Oh yes, I messed up that link.






Why are they all such good girls?

They are. But Nako is best girl.

I could start a strawpoll, wouldn't be surprised if Aru takes it. Seems like a lot of Arufriends exist. Bocchi would disqualified for being Bocchi.

One more chapter and then dinner, gonna conserve these until TL/S user is back.

Yeah, it's 19 since I dumped 18 before going to bed last night. TS and translator user also popped in to deliver a new chapter before the thread capped out, which was nice.

Browser crashed.



Aru to the rescue! I really love characters that have your back.



It should be illegal for Aru to be this cute.

That patented Bocchi execution at work.


Well, you could say that Bocchi almost Bocched that up..

That's a wrap. Will wait for TS/L user or rather, just post sporadically until they/he/she/it comes back.

A loser shouldn't be this smug.

When you're a loser you gotta make every win count.

Poor Nako can't run to save her life, still best girl.

Is Nako good at anything?

at bullying aru

Bullying, being a delinquent, having bad test results.

Also bad at physical education. Dare I say it, Aru could probably beat her up!

Alas Aru is too sweet to lay a finger on anyone.

She's more like a headbutt person.

That's just her inbuilt anti-bullying device.

I guess I'll give the dump user a break and post another chapter while I'm having my lunch.

Chapter 22, now with more Kurai.

Oops, I meant chapter 21.

Don't lose, Aru. Shine brightly, Aru. ;_;

Nako-chan is.. a bully.


Strong Bocchi makes her return.

Grinning Aru is love.

Bocchi is dangerous for the heart.


And that's chapter 21. My lunch is finished so I'll let dump user take over again when he wants.


It hurts every time.

That part actually not really sad.
Maybe only how dumb Nako is.

Wah hah hah!

It's the teary eyed Bocchi combined with the laugh and the bye text. In the actual context it's not that bad but just going off the image alone it's pretty sad, at least for me.

Is that arabic?

I honestly have no idea, I'm curious if that's what the original raw text is or if Doki used it to get the joke across.

"Behead those who insult Bocchi"

It's a good thing someone else posted Chapter 21. I was looking at Chapter 22 and would have likely skipped a chapter.

Obligatory Curry chapter. because Curry is the best food in these mangoes.

Kako a cute!!

Nako trying to reap the benefits of being Number 2.

Posting is a bit choppy for some reason. Also late dinner.



Dinner has distracted me from posting properly.



Bocchi sad

Bocchi vs. Kako arm wrestle showdown when?

Bocchi is in a never ending loop of happiness and sadness.

Whatever happened to TS user?

Seems to be aiming for a chapter a day so he'll probably pop in later on.

We shall have a bump for him!

For apparently being anti-friends she sure fits in well with Bocchi and the gang.

The Bocchi will reach her one day



Come back TS user

Just got back from work; I'll be able to start working on it and posting progress in 40 minutes to an hour.

They; I just clean and typeset.

I fixed some areas I missed

We have noticed you are a looser but we are more tactful than Nako.

yes I am the loser from the last thread, I get everything wrong like aru and I am socially anxious like bocchi

I still wont hug you.

You give your best, be happy loser user!


I will do my best!

Clumsy moe.


Nani sore.

whoops, missed the v2 TL file. I'll fix it later.


Bocchi finally meets her kindred spirit. Someone as unstable as she is.

I'll wait for v2 TLs before I look over it

It's only that first page that's missing the new file.

1) "Hah" in right panel 4
2) "Dwagh" in left panel 4

1) Change left panel 1 to "But you don't have to save up the money... now"
2) "Blegh" in left panel 2
3) "Dwagh" in left panel 4

1) There's two 'yeah' in right panel 2
2) In left panel 3, Sotoka's going 'Haaaa print! Haaaa print!' on the side there





1) Left panel 3, the Japanese says '100 yen coins only'

1) Right panel 3, there's a "Whew wheww' on the top then a 'Nnnnng' on the right side



Thanks for the fixes, I'll start on those in a little bit.

1) There's a 'tap' in right panel 3
2) Beep beep in right panel 4
3) Sniff in left panel 3
4) Their first names are on the picture in panel 4 if you wanna do those. Clockwise from top right: Sotoka, Aru, Bocchi, Mayo, Nako

Thank you TS user.

ok, fixes.






Ok, I'll upload it in a little bit if nobody posts any more corrections.

If you want, there's a 'Gasp' in left panel 2.

Otherwise, you're good


You have time to do one more?

Not today, unfortunately. Working two series at once here. I'll probably do 31 tomorrow, though.

What's the other one? Just curious

Currently it's Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro, though I'm not the regular typesetter for it.

Oh I see.

Oh shit, that's a good one. Thanks for you work on that too, I was worried that it had been dropped for a while.

Well, like I said, I'm not the regular. I'm just picking up a chapter to give our other typesetter a break. Might do more later on though; who knows.

You're one of the QCs he mentioned in the credits then?

Yeah. Mostly I've worked on various chapters of Gabriel Dropout (vol 2+) with that group.

Yeah I see.

Now to wait for dump user


boy does that need some touching up