I might actually give the new Pokemon anime a chance, honestly

I might actually give the new Pokemon anime a chance, honestly.

why does the animation look good

Jesus no. Make it stop.

I'd have to watch all others or it wouldn't feel right, so no.

Ash became moe.
Fucking end it.

>imma go to school, LOL

ash is dead

Only took like what, 6 league losses to make him realize he wont be able to make it in this trainer business

why is charmander in bondage


It reminds me of that one stitch anime where stitch is chilling in okinawa or some shit.

Pokemon fans usually have little else going on in their life, so might as well.

Can somebody guess Lillie's VA?

What happened to ash?

He got moed

we /jojo/ now


Literally everything but Ash looks great. Why.

probably someone who normally voices cumdumps.

Losing that tournament changed him

they brought goofy numbnut personality back to ash from the first and second gen, turns out the fans of the series liked the megane-ash who had no soul or any likable traits for that matter

also people seem have something againts ash going to school altho this a kids show

I want to fuck Ash's new waifu



you guys have been eating way too many memberberries

So, why is Serena leaving? I thought she was thirsty as fuck.


because status quo

looks like CBDCT slice of life bullshit. Looks like i'll never touch it now

It's literally the same shit every fucking time, why even bother

>over animation

No thanks

>overalls with no shirt
>it's an edit

the designs are better suited for it

he's just gonna lose again wont he?

What does Cred Forums think about Lana?

Well am also one of those thinking about watching some episodes to see if any good.

But will probably drop it, the problem is for me not the animation, not even the 'wont win league' thing but the fear that having changed it to a kiddy look they also try to appeal to the younger generation again and made Ash more braindead then necessary for any stupid jokes again.
Tons of stuff he should already know, he suddenly doesnt, makes tons of beginner errors and so on.

>try to appeal to the younger generation
Maybe that's because this is a kid's show

>guy who visited like 7 or something regions
>still needs to go to a Pokémon school

No, actual school

>the fear that having changed it to a kiddy look they also try to appeal to the younger generation
It boggles my mind how people like you exist. Like, do you even realize you're talking about fucking POKEMON and not seasonal otaku anime #358612?

>we want the youkaiwatch audience.

Well yeah that I get and?
There are even kids show with mature protagonists.

The last season compared with BW, made him far less braindead,
How stupid he is obviously can strongly vary in seasons but still like in last season it is possible that he isnt in all of them the most stupid kid in their world.
Last season was okay, you apparently didnt watch it but expect him losing in the end it was not such a bad one.

Means he can finally grow old

>There are even kids show with mature protagonists.
So go watch those

He went from 11 in the first season back to 10 in the Orange Islands, so no

Fuck off canipa. Nobody gives a shit.

Looks fun, the old design is old.

And here we have those answers again...

Well thank you for your unbelievable helpful advice.
I will watch what I want.

Beats complaining about stuff that don't matter

>muh sakuga-friendly design
It looks like Rewrite