So Cred Forums actually condemn incest, right?

So Cred Forums actually condemn incest, right?

I support incest done by Japanese. Why restrict them, they barely make enough babies might as well let them have inbred ones.

uhhh we s-sure d-do bud......

Yes, we do not actually condone incest but we do find it very hot.

It's just like b, these fucks condone it

Es wächst zusammen, was zusammen gehört.


Not incest.

She was his aunt

You didn't read the manga.



Halt die Fresse.



Funny how it felt even worse than blood related brother and sister fucking each other

Father figure having relationship with someone he grow as daughter is absolutely disgusting

>blood related brother and sister fucking each other
>ever feeling bad


Incest being illegal is really dumb.


What am I looking at?

Incest is wrong and degenerate. Sisters are for other boys to fuck.

In real world, of course.

In anime, fuck no. Anime is fiction, murder, loli, incest, rape, everything is fine, its just fantasies.

t. cuck

anything goes in 2D

Underrated post.

I find it pretty hot, honestly. If they are not blood-related, of course.

Hilarious with that southern accent !!

The manga never happened..

I'll go with that motofrom now on !

nu but

No, the age difference was the weird thing

Too bad we will never get an anime about a mutant tentacle monster baby born from the union of a brother and sister. Who together with his cute magical girl imouto fight crime. With a mid season reveal that they are actually royalty who are descended from brotherxsister relations going back into antiquity. The older brother's tentacle body actually being a magical body specialized for combat that he was cursed to never leave in a past life.

If men can fuck and marry, so can siblings or whatever at this point.

>Worse than blood related brother and sister fucking each other
Your normal standards are forcing you to not enjoy good things.

Why even watch when your Christian morals don't allow for it?

>Being against the purest form of love, incest



when do you think he stopped being tsun tsun and became dere dere.


When she decided to mindbreak him with pegging.

A doujin or a fuck up manga? Either way title please.

If you're such a beat down shutin that you can't love anyone other than a fat smelly oneesan, your shallow gene pool deserves to die.

Eh, pretty sure no one expect some hardcore cant-differentiate-between-fiction-and-reality people are against anime/manga incest.

Else, personally nothing against silbings marrying in real life just dont get children or if needed then adopt.

That was a interesting anime...Koi Kaze if I recall it right.
I was going to cry if they both did commit suicide when the little sister asked(suggested?) it to her brother.

title is in the picture. Use google translate and draw them if you are too stupid to read hiragana and katakana

absolutely disgusting. All an imouto wants is to leglock her big bro as he floods her womb with semen

I didn't say she would be the one pegging him. She just needs go get a friend to help.

Man that sounds so unreal, he should have worked a bit more on his story.

>girls joining up to please the guy they love
how do you know my fetish

All yellows an halfies are inbred somewhere along the line same goes for whities and blacks too.

this is hell

Aren't humans big group of incests then?

Why are you spoonfeeding a newcancer?

because the picture isnt indicative of the content. Im going to enjoy making him spend 5 minutes drawing the japanese characters only to be disappointed

Where one gene is broken two more shall rise after the first fall.

The ending lost me, they promised to see each other once per year and fuck , the hell

>Karen is your blood and super sexy, want to bang
>Tsukihi is fake and irritating, would not touch

This is nightmare

that's not how the manga ends tho

Then I will check it

Incest is probably fine if there is enough love to make it work but I can't conceivably imagine it occurring near me considering how close I am with my family and how gross it be to feel romantic about them.

Hol up this looks interesting. What's going on here.

TOo bad that onii chan is actually a philanderer, and forgets both his imoutos name and his girlfriend's name after fucking them both

What the fuck are you talking about? They vow to stay together, no matter what life throws their way

It's cruel isnt it. An imouto totally in love with her big brother, but she never gets his undivided love.

Usually it's the other way around. I'm not ok with it like this

Im not ok with either way. Imoutos are for oniichans, oniichans are for imoutos


A sentiment I couldn't agree with more
Is that Tohzai?

And what about sweet flat chested imouto?

>Is that Tohzai?
The image name would make you think so wouldnt it user-kun.

I first saw it many years ago as a rewrite on Cred Forums. You can imagine my glee when I found the original on panda years later and it was a cute incest story

I forgot what animu this was. Can someone enlighten me

Cred Forums isn't I hivemind but I'm certainly against it.

Im going to NTR my kind childhood friend so I can get married to my adoptive father who is also my nonbloodrelated nephew who was pining for some sweet single mother but failed and now just marries me because his life is almost over and at least wants to make me happy for a few years.

yes thanks god. Childhood friends are the worst.

All I saw was : 2014-06-19 13_40_31-[Touz(...).png
And for some reason, this didn't make me think "click on the link, retard, you'll get your answer." I feel foolish

kirino, as much as I support your bid for your big bro, as he is rightfully yours. Childgood friends are still a best for all boys without a brother.

Dont put all childhood friends in one square

Kouki brought it on himself. If he hadn't been such a shithead, Rin might have gone for him.
Instead, she married her Daikichi
I wonder how much of the second part was planned. Would it have been better if it had been longer?

>that story
>that writers note about his financial situation

Its just written by a woman with daddy issues.

there is literally nothing wrong with usagi drop's ending

Never gets old

>You will never be the only person in your family to take care of your traumatized imouto
>She will never slowly improve, until she is completely recovered, but is still noted to be a massive bro-con

What is makes me more mad is he rejected the perfect 10/10 MILF. Fuck this author and her fantasie


Didn't he miss his chance with her by not opening his mouth? He dropped the ball on that one

>you will never move to the other side of the country, buy rings and pretend youre married
>you will never work hard and bring money home where your sister is eagerly waiting for you
>you will never eat her food and cuddle all evening while watching television
>you will never go to bed and feel her wrap herself around you since she is too afraid of losing you while sleeping
>you will never make love to her and tell her you love her


I wonder if Kirino and Kyou ever tried this, or if this is how they ended up

Under the right context, yes.

kirino isnt mentally scarred and probably is okay if she sleeps alone. She'll just be lonely

irl incest like irl lolis is pretty gross

You're right. It's more something Sora would do

Pikachu ate a person and this is desperately trying to get out of there?

Who cares ?

pikachu was used as a weapon and seeing the bleak surroundings of the urban life he vomits up pieces of people he consumed

People who think anime memes are meant to be taken seriously