Sakuga Thread / 作画を語るスレ

Let's start this with more casual discussion :
>what are you watching right now ?
>favorite sequences/animation from the show you're watching right now ?
>what are you going to watch in next seasons ? (reasons, expectation)

Also, feel free if you want to continue the discussion from yesterday News:
>Flip Flappers advanced screening (episode 1-4), on September 22nd (Thursday).

Not really needed, but you can use this if you are completely new to this :

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>backlink to last thread
No, stop that.
Generals are cancer.

Just keep your shit in IRC.

>mob psycho is the best animated show since space dandy
>flip flappers might top it

Mitsuru Chiba

Tetsuya Takeuchi on this

anyone going to Scotland to see Koe no Katachi ?

I wish.

OP good job, I like how you included the guide for everyone.

nice fire sfx animation

Might be interesting but not feeling the Shingo adachi like character designs.

Yuri!!! On Ice advanced screening, September 25th.

anyone here that actually draw animation ? what kind of equipment did you use ? I'm interested especially in digital animation.

Should I use advanced software like Flash / TV Paint or flipbook is enough for complete beginner with zero experience like me ?

That one looks hella good.

we /skgg/ now lads

or should I learn to draw anatomy first just like what Richard Williams said in his book ?


Well, can't go wrong with the fundamentals.

Anime in 3d in Cinema 4D and then filter it to 2D.

Probably will only look good in the first and last episodes.

The cancer has metastasized.

I use Easytoon and Tvpaint.

Small but simple and works well

The effects animation in the PV could be Chiba's own work. It looks a lot like his/her work in the Maken-ki 2 finale.

awww that's painful to read.

Do both, learn fundamentals when practicing your sketches and just draw stick figures or equivalent when practicing motion.

Why is sakuga community so shitty

Because sakuga was a mistake.

ISO was a mistake

anyone have useful chart from old archive like this ?

>more Berserk

ayy, kViN on suicide watch

What is it? The best animation of their era?

Influence chart

Flash is shit (unusable brush tool)

TV Paint is okay (crack it)

what kind of pen tablet recommended ? are the cheap ones okay ?

I have a common Wacom Bamboo (~100$ or less), but there's a nice guide on /ic/ about that (never tried the cheap ones they recommend though, but it seems okay through their testimonies).

It's okay, he's irrelevant now.

okay, thanks for the advice.

Btw I read your post a bit fast but flipbook is okay to get a feel for it I guess, you can wait to buy the tablet

I thought you were talking about a real flipbook (which would be fine too but a bit limited)

Now I thought you were talking about flipnote so I still didn't got it.

Flipbook isn't quite practical, better crack TVpaint if you're gonna buy a tablet

If you have a 3DS try flipnote first, if you have a (not pen) tablet, like ipad, see if there's an animation app or something and try to make a diy stylus

We mainstream now

Disney's best 2D animators never fail to impress. Why don't Japanese animation studios use those slanted desks? Looks a lot more ergonomic than the normal ones that force animators to hunch over.

why this guy mostly only worked on douga ? is it because people find him will be difficult if he's promoted to genga ? (because he seems to be huge Ohira fanboy?).


wacom are kind of standard though if you're on the cheap get Huion tablet.

I've got CTH-480 from wacom and the H610Pro from Huion both decent in my eyes and can do the job for digital animation else paper and pencils "2B".

He's probably just new, give him time. If fellow Ohira follower Toya Oshima can do regular KA, I don't see why this guy can't.

Wouldn't H, 2H, etc be better for the clean lines needed in animation?

Also a light table or something, at least, would be useful.

But I think he's been too long for doing that.
Even I can't feel a thing from his recent output on Mob. It feels like he wants to be Ohira MK.II but people restrain him because it could be difficult to handle (in many ways).

Not really H or 2H, from experience with a cheap china LED lightbox. You would like to have darker pencil shades so you can see the lineart from the previous layer with it maxing out around 3-4 layers.

One thing important for clean lineart is that your pencil is sharp and of a good quality.The rest is your own drawing prowess.

I recommend 2B Mitsubishi Uni/Hi-uni else get a 2B Staedtler Mars lumograph

I can't imagine a production like Mob restricting the creative output of its animators. Maybe he's not fast enough to animate in Ohira style on a TV schedule? Anyway, it's great to see another Ohira follower. It's a very interesting approach to animation.

Yeah you might be right.

Do you know if "pegs" to attach the sheets are necessary on a DIY situation or you can replace them with something else?

Ummm for me I just leave it as it is, though I guess you could staple it near the top to make it like a pseudo-peg/clamp.

I do more detail drafting/linework on paper but for most of animation practice, I try to use tablet since it's quicker for setting up everything and checking the motion of the cut after drawn. I'm still kind of new at it.

This is one legit situation where you can call out forced animation.

You're too used to limited animation.

The first two pokemon generation shorts are out but no staff credits yet.

It's beyond a question of full/limited, animation can be full without being that exaggerated and goofy. See Le Roi et l'Oiseau and early Toei douga).

Friendly reminder that Kouno-chan is no longer pure and you're a cuck

Episode 1 is well animated.

>the shit that killed him was the slide show known as dennou coil
If anything sakuga Iso wasn't the mistake, director Iso was.

Sakuga thread is behind the animators who are good at mechanical things.

Disney animation isn't often overly exaggerated though. Looney Tunes fits that category more.

On what basis are you hyping up flip floppers ? Is it a remake of Hakenden directed by Nakamura with Yuasa, Iso, Okiura, Ohira and Utsunomiya given each an episode ?

It's Kiyotaka Oshiyama's series director debut and Takashi Kojima is the main animator. There are rumours about Iso being involved with the project as well.

>slide show
>Dennou Coil
Surely you jest.

they only care about animation

山田尚子 is cute! CUTE! (*^_^*)

That's not Yamada.

this is yamada ya dweeb.


Is this the general circlejerk?

Yes, welcome. Feel free to namedrop your favorite animators.

who /YamadaClub/ here?


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So anything that's not posted here
isn't well animated?


Shinkai is OVERRATED as fuck.
his jap face makes me puke, creepier than the guy from "The 40 Year Old Virgin".
i wish he would retire right now.


大久保清朗 Kiyoaki Okubo ‏@kiyoakiokubo · 8月25日



translate this into english. help me sakuga-user.

>no webms
Nice "image board" you got here.

ignore it
this post is yamafags from 2ch's sakga thread

Probably not but it will look good nonetheless. When Mob is finished it will have like 120 entries on booru. Even if not all of them are that amazing its still a fucking impressive number. Would be cool if Flipfloppers can come close to it.

I am so fucking upset about dinsey stopping 2d animation, the best of disney or american animation as a whole from decades ago is still better than any stuff japanese people can put out. Just look at the fluidity of the Fleisher Superman adaptation.

That doesnt mean anything if all these animators named will only be doing a few cuts. They are probably running out of steam by episode 4 and then come back every now and then with nice sakuga.

well maybe this is the wrong thread and wrong board for (You).

Westerners dont do it how they used to, only japanese sakuga can satisfy my hunger for 2d animation. I dont like what the west is putting out nowadays animation wise.

What do you guys think about the French Tv series Wakfu. How did they acheive this high level of animation in a 50episode long series. Was it done with cgi or some tweening software. It even tops most anime in recent years. Sadly the direction, choreo and character designs suck, cant really feel the impact of the hits.

I saw like an episode, the tweening of it threw me off a bit. It's smooth yet static, feels like characters don't have any dimensionality/free degree of motion in their world.

Feels like watch a paper mario anime in my opinion.

fuck off to your kyoanus circlejerk thread

>I dont like what the west is putting out nowadays animation wise.
The problem is even if America doesn't do traditional animation anymore the countries that still do have the same habits that drive me up a wall with anime. Tons of clearly cgi shit clashing with the hand drawn visuals.

The west used to be very careful and very deliberate to sneak cgi into traditionally animated features (and hollywood very very deliberate about cgi combined with traditional vfx). These days fuck it who cares if it clearly looks pooped out of a pc.

>that moses movie
Yea its a really sad state in the world of animation for 2d fans, i wonder what i would do if Japan stopped producing 2d anime and went completely CGI. A part of me would probably die with it.


Why? The point of the post was conflating the issues facing both Japanese and Western animation as largely the same (with the exception of America where it's actually just dead).