Enter in a room

>Enter in a room.
>See this.
What do you do?

*unzips dick*

free her.
How is that even a question?

Start to torture her.

begin the interrogation of the prisoner

put on a mask
have my way with her
walk out
remove mask
run back in
pretend to be her rescuer and free her

Nice dude

She will never forget the shape of that dick, though.


Literally Rance 01 OVA1

Is that you Rance?

masturbate behind her as long as possible.

Enjoy the view.

The fuck is up with that door? Was she nabbed by Ents or something?


When will Mashima learn how to draw the feet?

wow gj guys you got the joke

Feed her eggs

Leave the room.

call the police since pizza deliverer is late

See if the dental work is done. If not. Get plyers.

>Give her a slap to wake up her.
>Strip her bra and start to play with the boobs.
>Start to rape her.
>Stab her leg with a sword.
>Shot a beam in her belly.
>See her diying while she cry and cough blood.

>Still reading this garbage
>inb4 Read it for the tits
Not even tits can redeem this trash. The god awful writing was there since chapter 1 but chapter 500 really crossed the line. Fuck Mashima, and fuck myself for actually giving this shit series a read. I want all those wasted time back

You just wrote a guro doujin

How come Fairy Tail has so much dungeon porn? Is that just Mashimas thing?

Whats this? Spoilers? 502 isn't out afaik

You sound triggered

Spoilers of the new chapter

>Again? Are you sure you don't like this?

Thanks user
You know when it will come out? The spoilers seem a bit early for mondays release

I think anyway Monday


>facebook shit

As if an hole in the belly can kill a Fairy Tail character

What happened to this manga?

How is unzip your dick feels like?

>Do you feel in charge?

What do you mean by 'writing'?
There's no writing there, just tits, hips and asses.

His head looks like a potato.

How do people continue to overeat when even their face begins to get heavier as it becomes covered in fat?

He can't even form a proper smile.

'sup, /tg/. Didn't expect to see you here.

>girl on girl femdom this chapter

Apathy and depression.
How young are you to not get simple things like that.

Lol. DiMaria did not take well her captivity

>see thumbnail
>must be fairy tail

>it's fairy tail

Not every fat person is a drepessive fuck, some are just lazy.

I had depression and still am very apathetic for a long time and didn't got fat

Her design is amazing but she is sort of a pussy. Unless she was actually raped like some anons imply, then goddamn, grow a pair, you lost and some guys tied you. Its not a big deal.

I never said every fat person was depressed.
He asked what makes a person stop caring about their apperance and that was my response.

Man how useless lucy is in the rape dungeon already. Should have busted out celestial king dress.