She should have accepted the grief seeds. Denying them was very idiotic of her...

She should have accepted the grief seeds. Denying them was very idiotic of her. Her being alive might have helped against walpurgis.

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Sayaka is my favorite, but she was being really darn pig-headed at that point.

>Helped against Walpurgisnacht

Any help would have been helpful. Even if it means being bait.

Why is Sayaka such a bitch?

Sayaka is a good girl.

Poor girl is idealistic and stubborn. And well, Homura is shady.

The first time I watched Madoka, I hated Sayaka because of the slut meme.
You're an idiot if you hate Sayaka after watching this show more than once. She is the only well-rounded, down to earth character out of a cast of crazies, edgy lords and idiots.

What slut meme?

Anyway, Sayaka only wanted to be a Hero of Justice. Pure.

>She should have accepted the grief seeds.
From Apple, if you know what I mean? Sorry.

Yes, yes! Of course I support you!

Of course Homura did nothing wrong. You guys don't understand the OP's clam and the failure of Rebellion. Homura did not need to call herself a devil. Yeah, there is an impossibility in the plan to rearrange MadoHomu as yin‐yang. Why was Homura able to rip off a fragment of Madoka's memories, even though she is a goddess? When Madokami was captured by Homura in Rebellion, Madokami's behavior had been like an idiot's. Madokami forgot the reason that she became a magical girl in the scene. Otherwise, she would have been omnipotent and must have known Homura's actions. In other words, Rebellion does not hold good in this case. Magica Quartet are going to make more self-contradictory plots for the next project.


Teenage girls are irrational beings.

Sayaka just didn't trust Homura.

Okay. She's cute, post more so I can lurk and avoid the drama.

Sayaka or Oktavia?




It's not really Sayaka's fault, she was going through a lot and in a bad place. It didn't help that this horrible girl bullied her and made things even worse for her. Kyoko spit all over all of Sayaka beliefs and morals, and convinced her that the only way to properly be a magical girl was to drop all of them and become a degenerate. Kyoko really is the worst.

In addition, Madoka told Homura that she was able to see everything in naked space hug scene. The statement of Madoka was clearly inconsistent with Madokami's behavior and the obliteration of memories in Rebellion. I predict how Magica Quartet will give an explanation about it. They would brazenfacedly claim Madokami just forgot about Homura, because she has been very busy with salvation of a lot of magical girls in various places in different periods! Good grief!

Posters in Cred Forums as well.

It's nice to post cute Sayaka-chan instead of Kevin-kun.

>I can lurk and avoid the drama


Do you summon "him"?

I'm glad she dies in every time line

technically she doesn't die
she turns into an eldritch abomination


She goes to Madoka's heaven in the end.

I'm literally going to marry Sayaka

Kevin-kun pls.



Part of the episode 12 that says the lack of knowledge of Madoka about the fate of Homura:

Is that what you want, even if I don't remember you ever again?
How am I gonna know you're there when I can't even feel you're standing next to me anymore?

It's a little soon to be giving up hope.
You managed to follow me all the way out here, didn't you?
Besides, even though you're going back to your world, maybe you'll still remember me.
I mean you never know, right.
You'll see, everything will be fine.
Just believe.


We are magical girls, remember?
We make hopes and dreams come true.
They might not happen all the time, but there's no doubt miracles can really happen.
Don't you think?

Madoka! Please don't go!

I've gotta go meet the others now.
I don't know when, but I will see you again, Homura.
So, until then, take care of yourself, okay?

He's probably found another waifu on Daganrappa.






I love Sayaka even though she is a bit silly.

Sayaka is a fun person. How can anyone hate her?




It's beyond the scope of Madokami's work. Of course, Madokami can not look what is another person's memory, because it's not included in Madoka's wish. I told you guys Madoka was physically able to watch over magical girls as far as her wish. It is important that Madoka in space told Homura the fact that she was able to see everything in her wish.

Will you watch Daganrappa?

Is she a good trickster?

Kyoko too!

Leave Lawnchair. No one care about you.



Reminder everything is Homura's fault and Madoka does not love her.

>perpetual failure
>hateful bitch
>abuses Madoka
>has a loveless obsession with owning Madoka
>ruined everything constantly
>psychopathic murderer
>literally evil itself having destroyed Madoka's heaven
>torments and brainwashes everyone for her own amusement
>Madoka never cared about her
>fucked a wraith out of lust and selfish spite
>is the most selfish whore ever
>original wish was made solely to keep Madoka to herself
>most hated character by far globally
Sayaka was made to suffer for Homura's evils, Madoka will never forgive Homura.


>not replying
Okay you really are Lawnchair. That explains why you are posting Kyosaya.

These Madoka threads should just die, this is a pointless image dump and tripfag circlejerk

Where's the circlejerk?

I can't disagree with you.



I was a fool to copy the title of the user. Fuck off.

Keep posting Megucas.



>only kyosaya
>no madohomu
It is how you can tell that user posting those KyoSaya images doesn't even like yuri.

Why are Modaka threads full of tripfags



She should have, but she felt worthless at the time. She felt like she did not deserve the help of others. It is understandable what she did.

She is not

Even Sayaka knows she was stupid. Every character should have flaws and Sayaka's flaw was realising her stupidity too late.


*Found this in a great thread a few days ago.

why is sayaka's outfit so excessively lewd?

salacious sallaka?

You are making me feel weird. On one hand I do not like beards much unless they are on a fatherly/grandfatherly sort of man, but on the other hand I think that fake beards on anime girls are really cute.

This looks too well done to be a fake beard but it clashes with Homu too much to be real. I don't know what to think.

It isn't. Artists tend to over exaggerate how much of her body is showing. All you really see are her shoulders and a little bit of her legs and belly.



Obviously. Now Madoka can drink with her mom.

Self-esteem problems mixed with a need to serve others in order to feel validated. That plus an emotional shock big enough to cause depression-like symptoms lead her to self destroy pretty quickly.

Just finished Rebellion after watching the other two the other day.

Homura dindu nuffin and she is by far the best girl in this show. Second being Kyoko. Every other girl is pretty irrelevant.

You're welcome, Cred Forums, for being blessed by my superior opinions.

No you perv.

The official art may not show so much skin but it's still quite lewd combined with her personality.
I bet half the anons here look at the official art fantasizing about kissing the exposed erogenous zones while she tries to explain the importance of justice. She'd struggle in the most adorable way to maintain her composure till finally submitting to the affectionate pleasure. So many portions of that outfit are just barely staying in place on their own. Those arm warmers could be slid out the way with so little effort or the shirt readily lifted exposing even more of her adorable tummy.
She's a textbook case of a sub pretending to be something else and being completely miserable for it. Her outfit exposing those vulnerable areas erotically taunts viewers with this knowledge. Honestly the fanart is only emphasizing the inherent lewdness of the outfit to a higher degree than appropriate for the show.

stop right there criminal scum

She didn't trust Homura's methods. Sayaka refused to gain grief seeds at the expense of other people, so accepting them from Homura, who she thinks is the type to sacrifice people in order to get them, would be no better than sacrificing those people herself.
She was also suicidally depressed.

Sluttiest magic girl


The window to her madokamis is too big.


Well, it would be the anons who fantasize about those things that are lewd, not Sayaka.

No, she is pure. She loved only one boy and didn't even do things with him.

You call people's private parts after their names? Remind me not to ever ask you for an apple.

2d characters as windows into our own desires and conflicts? Sure, that interpretation works.

She was beyond the point that a grief seed would have fixed her. The more red pilled a magical girl gets the faster they get corrupted into witches.

Fictional characters are very good for helping people deal with issues, yes. If someone lewds a non-lewd character that does not make the character lewd though.

Unrelated but if anyone has the 640 size of this image let me know. I am trying to collect all of the Nagisa cards and there are some I cannot find as a full size.

The opening isn't that big.

I don't understand.

I want an OVA of Sayaka exasperatedly babysitting Nagisa in the afterlife

We all agree that Homura was the most evil, right? Literally pure evil.

An OVA like that sounds cheesy.

How about I slap your shit

Plus she also had built up Mami in her head as some kind of angel who was the exact opposite of the "evil" Homura and justified all her stupid actions with, "Mami would have done this" or "Mami wouldn't do that" even though Mami was the one who taught them about grief seeds in the first place.

I made a case for the character being somewhat subtly lewd.

I think that was flirting. Give her the apple.

I love this idea. Throughout the day Sayaka has a hard time dealing with all of the shenanigans that Nagisa gets into but Nagisa ends up falling asleep at the end of it all just as Sayaka is about to lose her cool and Sayaka just smiles and carries her off to tuck her into bed.

I would really like that. It would be funny for the first part but it would be really heartwarming at the end.

>Sayaka is a idiot
Woah this is a new insight nobody has known for 5 years

Calm down. No need to turn into a muenster.

Kyouko? Okay.

What's in the box?

Your soul?

Not quite
Just got the wrapping off

Is it your soulmate

Never understood why people think Homura is evil, magical girls don't turn to witches, everyone gets revived and gets a second chance, and it looks like a good ending for everyone but Homura, since she has to walk on eggshells knowing Madoka is going to one day remember everything.

Oh and Kyubey also gets fucked.

Because she's presented as evil with what she says, the way she acts, and the way she looks.

Plus a lot of people really don't like the original ending being changed.

Quite sure something like that won't fit in a hand sized package.

How did you know?

wanna meet that Sayakachan


Not even Anonymity can conceal fate.

Am I the only one that doesn't want Kyuubey to suffer? I would like for all of the characters, even Kyuubey, to be happy.

Very nice. All I have so far are the Nagisa and Kyouko ones. I was maybe going to get a Homu soon though.

QB can't be happy, nor can they be sad. So it's fine.

Want a peek? :3

Show us already!


I realize that. I think it would be good if his species could learn happiness, don't you think?

And misery. The incubators need a taste of their own medicine.

Ahh kirei

This could lead to interesting results.


Nice. Does she stand on your desk and watch you post?

My can is bad

I do not find it right to blame them too much for what they did. They don't have emotions so they cannot understand what they have done to those poor girls. I would rather they learn to understand emotions and learn the error of their ways than for them to just suffer.

They are cute. I wish they were less expensive though.

They're about 20 dollars each free shipping

Really? Those are a lot cheaper than the ones I have seen. Are they knock-offs?

I buy them off amazon

Sayaks looks real nice

Those are very nice for the price. They were new in package or no?

Yeah good stuff.I will probably get madoka in the future

What brand are they? Who is the manufacturer? I cannot tell from the boxes.

I am looking on Amazon. They are the Ban Prestos, right?

Yes they are new. and all three figures are banpresto

Sorry for bothering you with so many questions, but I do really like them. I'll have to see if they make a Nagisa one.

New movie when?

yeah they have nagisa, but she's a bit more expensive magica


and these are the ones I bought magica magica magica
also Don't forget to vote me on twitter again :^)


That is a different brand. I have that one already.

You are the Minnesotan? Can I ask the region? I am in Minnesota too, you know.

used to be in Wayzata but I live in Plymouth now

Oh, we are close. That is interesting.

interesting stuff. I'm just enjoying the warm weather while it lasts.
-20s soon

I like winter actually. It gives a very good reason to hug people. Although I do get a kind of seasonal depression if I am alone during those times.

But we have gotten off-topic. So, Mr. Minnesota, who is your favorite Meguca? I guess you like Kyouko, Sayaka, and Homu?

face looks like an amiibo
got a better pic?


I've always liked them all, but Homura, Kyouko, and Sayaka the most.
Homura because she really goes to out of her way to make Madoka happy, it's also really impactful when you see the part where Homura breaks down and starts crying at Madoka's feet.
Kyouko is also a favorite because she is always trying to act mean and tough, but it's really all fake. she's just sad and angry on the inside because of her past.
And Sayaka too because she fought for what she thought was right, but ended up killing herself because of how bad everything became.
I just think those three characters had a lot of depth.

You have a good opinion on them. I love Homura and Kyouko a lot. They are my sisterus. I love all the characters too though, not just them.

Do you like Nagisa at all?

I am leaving for the weekend though so I won't respond. I would still like to hear your answer though.

She didn't really have much of a presence. I hope we get a lot more Nagisa is there's another installment
anyway where are you off to? I usually to Texas for two weeks during the winter or early spring.

>Kyouko is also a favorite because she is always trying to act mean and tough, but it's really all fake. she's just sad and angry on the inside because of her past.
That doesn't excuse her just being such a mean bully all the time. Sorry, just wanted say that, and also she was always pretty heartless anyway. She actually really disgusts me.


Don't imitate me! The juicy Apple is mine!

Also, why did this thread turn into a buyfag thread?