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The survey I promised:

Pic unrelated.

>rank 1 to 29

what the fuck is this shit

Pre ordered.

Pretty excited for this one. Aquamarine better do a good job

Anyone who completes this is retarded.

So is anyone getting this?

How good is this? Is it worth $150?

was going to but decided not to

No one wants to do your shitty survey
Its worth at least double

Reminder about HLJ's summer sale:

Considering how the last sale went, it'll sell out pretty quick, so get in early

Looks like it could have some serious lean issues.

It's confirmed to. So does mine. I've displayed it with it's clam included for support.

How do you even go about fixing lean if it starts to happen?

Cheers, I'd almost given up on getting the 1/8 Ramlethal figure.

I'm about there too, I love Subaru but at this point I'd rather just hang up a piece of the gorgeous official art.
I'll pick it up later if it bins.

you should, it's pretty awful

I was considering it but it looks kinda eh painted. There's way better things I want for the same money.

Grabbed a cheap Picnico.

I'm surprised she binned but whatever. Not my favorite LL but she's a total cutie and it's a great figure, especially at that price.

Are figmas a meme?

Just to tell you about the fig in particular, it's not really bending or damaging the main post (the dress part supporting all the weight). The peg just could not support the weight and it's slowly prying itself loose. When I bought her, I took precautions and took measurements after a couple of days. When I realized what's happening, I rested her on her clamshell. Though if I let her continue leaning, the weight could possibly bend and damage the bottom pointy parts of her dress. Worse, the peg could let go and she will fall on her fragile wings. GSC / Stronger fucked up bad.

The best solution is to customize your own support to balance the weight on each side.


Yes they are. Be that as it may I have 5 and most likely soon to be six thanks to

is that raiden

I'm ready. I'm ready.

Sure is

Yes, but if it's of a character I particularly like a lot I have no problem getting it. I just have the symphogear and nanoha line.

>Is X a meme
Really, what the fuck does this even mean?


Just ignore it, he's clearly too stupid to ask an actual question.

Might jump on the Bahamut Warden figure and yukata Yami.

(Pic not mine) Just recently claimed my copy of this and since this was a delayed order, I checked on how much this costs now. To my dismay, I found out that it's dropping to 6000-8000 jpy like what the fuck I bought it for 10000 jpy (all in all). I kind of felt cheated.

I'd do it, but this survey is way too long.

Why is the Vividred Akane fig in the summer sale 90% off? It's cheaper than some fucking straps.

i bought her for the initial amiami-discount and even though i paid more then some other peoples i dont regret it. it's my first and so far only Miku.

>he actually did it


>People are going to buy this just because it's cheap

I'm just shocked it hasn't been sold out since long ago due to ebay resellers looking to make a quick buck.

Wasn't planning on getting it but seeing the discount, I just had to... hopefully it lives up to its name.

Only got a little disappointed but I still love the figure. I just want people to appreciate the Miku's that are actually related to her songs than those repeated money milking racing, snow, yukata, whatever the fuck versions.

I did ask about this last thread, I think a lot of people weren't to fond on her. Is she good? I'd like to get a Miku and the racing ones I want are really expensive, but this one looks nice enough. What's the detail like?

It's Figuarts Zero, so half a step above at best. Still, it's cheap, the packaging is reasonable for once and I doubt Mirage is getting anything else.

Just get this one. It's only 9k now

Yeah, I'm doing the exact same after I noticed she began to lean.

What's your monthly buyfag budget?

she looks exactly like advertised and i didn't find a flaw with her paintjob as well. I got what i paid for.

How terrible is this going to be?

This. It's supposed to be really well made and it's pretty heavily discounted.

'Bout tree fiddy.

But seriously, it's "whatever my wallet and dick can justify given the time between now and the release date." Coping with Native's pay up front policy will be interesting though.

Did anyone actually watch Locodol? I remember people talking about this figure in the threads when it was announced, at least. Half off now too.

Vocal minority

shit. any more cheap sales senpai?


His face is just way too young 2/10


Thanks, just grabbed a cheap Tiamo

Is that a vinyl record?

Unfortunately the contents are CD

I just bought her new on rightstuf for $150. Never used rightstuf before, did I fuck up?

1/6 Yukata Yukino looks cute! I still want Yui more though.

I have 80 spare euros a month to spend, but for now I don't have anything preordered.

Man this is so tempting. I wasn't too fond of her before but that price is hard to resist.

So I bought my first gunpla on an impulse and I had a bit of fun putting it together. Don't mind the sub-par posing, I made it look a lot better after I took this picture

I've never watched a single episode of Gundam before.
What kit should I do next?

This would be tempting, if not for those toes.

not here bud, prepare your anus. I recommend going to the Gunpla thread on /toy/

Which one of you ordered the last Hera while I was going through checkout

only one left and I can't bring myself to do it

>Has to fill 29 different options on the first question
This is not how things work you dumb fuck. It would be much more easier to rank each company with a score from 0 to 5 or 1 to 10 and then ask in another question which are your favorite top three companies or something like that to get a better understanding of the scores.

Perry the Platypus for 2.2K. What a deal.

I'm the first guy you quoted. I think it might be from the people who were claiming that her skin was yellowish. I haven't opened the copy I got earlier but from I'm seriously not seeing any yellow skin from mine. The only thing I'm not fond of is her hair which is a little shiny.

I personally prefer buying figures of her wearing the costumes on her songs than those money milking lines like racing. The Mebae version's not that bad as well but I'm not a fan of the face, same with the upcoming Hanairogoromo Miku (although this is not made by GSC). What I'm looking for is her MaxFac fig that's based on the decorator costume:

>on an impulse

but that's a strike freedom

Whatever everything I want costs.

Is that a RG? Get its enemy, the Destiny Gundam.

As far as HGs go, I highly recommend Crossbone Maoh. Looks good OOB and has tons of fun accessories.

If you want something bigger, get the MG RX-78 Origin or the 1/100 Graze Custom.

Or just get whatever you think looks nice. It's not rocket science.

Does Cred Forums buyfag any unusual stuff or is it just figs and dakimakura?

Most of us get books too, I think.

>first gunpla
>a RG

Get an Exia

>Buys Strike Freedom as first gunpla

Just stop right there and rethink your life.

What's wrong with it?


Wow, thanks for sharing that, that's an incredibly nice fig, I might have to pick that up. I totally get what you're saying btw, I love the racing ones, but I'd much rather get one of her in an outfit from one of the songs I like.

Her ass is definitely worth it at half price. I knew it would bin but I still wanted it on release

Don't know the character but she is cute and cheap, thanks user

I've seen people get all sorts of weird shit. There's cardfags, bookfags, cel animation collectors, there's even some fags that actually buy anime, could you believe it?

Buy what you like. Post it if it's related and interesting.

I want to order this rabbit

Tempted. I don't even like Cordelia.

At first glance, I saw it as the giant beetle from the movie Beetlejuice.

If I have money, buy it.

NZ customs also taxes imports if they are over $400NZD so it's a good incentive to keep my monthly limit down.

That bottom lip

I picked one up. That price is too good.

That's a good idea, I'll probably do the same to mine.


Nah CD is the proper way. Since it is a digitally recorded music, it would be redundant to pressed on vinyl.

I've been in the game since 06 and I did the poll, then I realized that the poll options scroll to the right. No thank you.

Thank you to the user that posted sale link.

How much was she down to?

What's this supposed to be and why is it so cheap?

Holy shit user, I've been looking for her since forever. Thanks, you just found my grail for me.

I can spare 1000, but I usually limit it to 500 and use the rest of that for fancy food vidya or card games.

It's a M Y S T E R Y figure.


>it's been advertised with hot glue

c'mon now

I'd wait for the MaxFactory version.

must resist CUTE.

If it makes you feel better, looking at the photo before it, it's pretty clearly just been added in over the top.

I'm almost glad she's gone because I would've impulse bought her for that top alone.

Never watched it but I have a thing for sweaty girls.

But she's just too small.

I bought it at release, I'd definitely pick up at its current price

Depends if his mouth is big enough to slide a 3d-printed cigarette in.

That sounded way less lewd in my head.

>List Price: ¥10,600
>Sale Price: ¥1,060

Which figures do you keep in their packaging vs which do you put out for display?

I finally got myself a proper display for my collection, which has been sitting in their boxes for years, but I can't bring myself to unbox them for some reason.

This show is proof that even with a lot of fanservice you can't make it work if you have a godawful writer doing the story.

All of my figures are displayed user.

>which has been sitting in their boxes for years
Enjoy your rotting PVC.

Everything goes out for display, that's what they're for. If I don't think I can display (or play with) a thing I don't buy it.

What do you guys do with figures that suddenly feel out of place in your collection? I don't collect to sell them on but sometimes I wonder if I should just sell them and make some space.

What I've heard about this show is that it was shit, she's pretty cute though.

That figure looks shit, no sane person would pay 10k for it.

Records are the better collector's item imo.

Be aware that she has a second faceplate that may or may not be included from hlj.

I just wish she had huuuuuge titties

I've had so many opportunities to buy that (even right now) but she's just too flat. Her outfit is very cute though.

But I really want those knockers to be at least the size of her head, preferably bigger.

I saw, and it's not. The second faceplate looks pretty decent too.

I was really tempted to pre-order her after following some photos of her prototypes and initial paint. Then Koto decided to make the faceplate that she'd had up until that point exclusive to their own shop and I lost interest, even though the newer face was still kinda nice. Oh well, she's one for the future now.

I sell them and make space. They're hunks of plastic not pets or children; getting too attached doesn't make sense. It's okay to move on, just ensure that your taste gets progressively less shitty.

If it's sexy enough I'll buy it from you.

First figurine I bought how did I do?

Damn I really got burned on Cordelia. I like her better than Tharja either way though.

Thanks, you're talking sense. A few of the figs I have I don't have any attachment to the series their from so I think that's pushing me to maybe want to get rid of them.

wtf is that

Already gone, rip me.

Casual vinyl fags are the one who blindly buys vinyl solely because of its media

You sure bought a figure, that's for sure.

>wtf is that
>Not recognizing something from one of the most well known manga in existence.
Newfags should just leave.

I've jacked it too her sweaty tits so much I feel like I have to buy this.

That makes sense. I've been living in a veritable closet since 2011 so I never had a place to put them out. I sometimes see people keeping the boxes on display and I was curious if people deliberately keep figs in their packaging.


Pretty expensive for a company's first figure. Hopefully horse pussy isn't as bad

Did anyone ever fill that thing with cum with her inside like they said they would?

Why would you buy Gunpla if you've never watched any Gundam before?

Had me a giggle.

I've always subscribed to the "buy it if it's pretty" method of buyfaggotry, but if the love fades or you change your mind there's no shame in getting rid of them, despite what some artists here say.

People do it, sure. I personally think those people need to take their crap out of the boxes and display them properly, but opinions. I suppose it's at least better than hiding them in the boxes in the closet. At the very least I'd expect you to be able to toss up a shelf or clear some space to display a few though. A little creativity is all it takes.

Why does it costs so much?
Would someone really pay that much for it?
I mean it's good looking but it's no seibah.

1/4 super detailed scale from a really small company is going to be expensive

The limit has dropped significantly in the last month. Sorry user

holy fuck

I spent that much yen years ago on a few items but back then it was a better exchange rate. That is just criminally expensive.

Right? I personally don't care about vocaloid at all, but the sculpt and colour were just too good for me to resist.
I personally feel that they give her more character and a good level of detail.

Usually one figure a season, but I had to break that rule after the HLJ sale.

whos getting this?

seems pretty expensive

you can tell from that picture that the paint job is going to turn out to be shit on the final release

Too big. The nendo is the perfect size to pose with Raidou.

Oh fuck. I can't even work our what the new limits are. I've got Maki and some other stuff arriving soon so I guess I'll find out. Stupid greedy government.

Thanks for the buyfag guide.

I fell into a buyfag slope thanks to my first figure purchase a few months ago. The guide helped a lot and now I've become addicted to this thread and checking what new figures are out / coming out on a daily occasion.

Are there people here who don't have the thread constantly pinned?

>Managed to get Galko
My life is complete, thank you Japanese Jesus

What are you fuckers on about? The limit hasn't changed and it's not going to change any time soon. They haven't even put out the discussion document about the possible options that was promised like a year ago. If they ever do start collecting on low-value imports it's very unlikely to be by lowering the threshold for customs because they know it's unworkable and pisses everyone off. They're far more likely to follow Australia's pending approach of asking bigger companies that sell a lot to us to register for GST and collect at their end.

>can cancel galko which is coming out in sep but not the shit coming out in dec

whats the logic?

Maybe he money problems right now and not a few months down the line?
Some people, believe it or not, (This confuses me too) don't budget their shit out in a hobby based on monthly purchases.

>Have so many Sabers now I need a separate case for her.
I'm disgusted but delighted at the same time, she's just too cute.

Hobby search gives you like a week to cancel after your order is placed. His other orders are older and therefore past the cancellation period.

I like displays where the owner clearly has one or two shrines to characters they love. It's sweet.

>tfw she will be my first boat
feels pretty good

Amiami order just came in

There's supposed to be problems with SAS Gappy and Soft and Wet. So you fucked up.

I popped my boat cherry with Re when she binned, now waiting on Iowa to increase the FREEDOM in my display, though some of the other girls look nice too. The Germans in particular.

Welcome aboard user!

>didn't get a slip

You'll need to get her a Prinz.

Stupid Sexy Aoba

more natsume when

hurry up koto

Needs more Hajime.

I want Alter to make another Natsume. Koto's looks mediocre

Preorders when?

Don't sexualize video game developers


better than nothing

Does anyone have this figure? Is it good?

Maybe Alter will re-release it when the next season of Natsume airs.

>Don't sexualize
I hate this meme

>A third release of one figure

please no

God I wish the Japs were really into LoL so I could see a decent fucking Jinx figurine that wasn't a shitty chinese knock off.

I love huge titties too but hers are okay so it's fine, guessing you're getting this then?


>Not loving superior Harley Quinn

She sexualized herself shen she made my peepee feel funny

Not worried about coloring issues on the guyver?

You will take your nip-produced Texan weebshit, and like it!

Would love like, a figma of Jinx though. And Leona. And Diana.

>liking Teh Penguin of D00m with explosions: The character
>liking LoL in this day and age
Even that one doujinshi gets reposted way too often. I don't care if you fap to the characters but anything outside of that is just faggot shit.

Look at the user images on mfc. It has some of the obvious problems that plague UC scales but if you're okay with the price point get her.


Shit I would love Leona and Diana.

But Jinx is mai waifu. Maybe a Sona figurine as well, but Riot don't seem to like money so they aint made anything other than Thresh and TF super-figurines yet.

Pls not again in this thread

I have placed the order. There was only one Freeing's Subaru before. No matter how terrible she is, I want to get her at first time.

Actually, I think the only problem of Subaru is the lack of lips.

I just wanted nendos of Yellow and maybe Yellow's wife Green.

GSC never delivered.

I'm glad at least one person bought it.

Some things I got recently. Not pictured: four B2 Tamayura movie posters.

good cop, i'm jelly. show me those posters user.

>fulffy x fulffy

I just paid 12k shipping for drawn loli porn, wish me luck anons.

I hope you make it on a list faggot.


Is $700 a month too much spending?

It depends on how much you make a month.

Ask yourself

>12k in shipping
That's a lot of tree

Hey man, Hirame-sensei is God-tier. I'd love to get a copy of that LoL doujin.

Glad I was able to get a copy of "Seven Lambs" at least while I was in Japan though.

I'm gonna say yes.
Every once in a while, fine, but personally I try not to spend that much more than once a year.

Will she bin?

>6000 animu dollars for porkchop

convince me not to buy this Pork

If you doubt, then it is.

Amazed it took this long to show up

It looks like shit

can you masturbate to porkchop?

>In Shipping
>For books
Better hope that doesn't raise any red flags among the customs officers workin' the day that comes through.

Then again, who am I to talk? Paid like, $700 in shipping 5 packages, 2 of which were loaded with a fair amount of loli, and they made it through no issue...


>not buying the superior maid Pochaco


I bought it because it looked like fun to put together.

I dunno, you can buy Yoko A/B on Amico right now for 13.4k if that means anything

Do you really need convincing not to buy that shit?

>$300 USD

Why the fuck is it so expensive?

1/4 porkchop is about 100kg worth of pvc

Because they can cash in on porkfags as they will pay anything for her

It's difficult to get pictures of them because they're still rolled up in the boxes, but they're just these posters here:

Porkchop takes a lot of--

What's the K-on one?

kek shes only a bit bigger than sonico and her figure can be found for $200
seems like a good tactic
didnt they also sell that Pochaco mousepad for $400 which got sold out in a few hours

>Sold out in a few hours

Exactly my point

The top picture is all playing cards. Pic related is the K-on! deck (not my picture). Azusa on the Jokers.

>missed out on buying the 5kg porkpad

ill never get to rub my crusty dick on those buttcheeks

No limit

i've got maybe 300-500 per year to spend on this shit
so i guess that's about 30-40 a month


150-250 bucks, give or take. I share it with my MTG budget, so it fluctuates.

What I make a month minus bills and food.
No fucking brakes.
I don't always hit the limit though so I have money.

Where did you get them from?

however much money I have left over the day before I get paid. I usually limit myself to £150 a month on non-essentials so if I'm lucky I've got £20 left for buyfag/vidya

Congrats you have abysmal taste in games and figs

not the guy you asked but they're on aliexpress

You better fucking scan the unscanned fluffy x fluffy ones

>buying shit from china

praying they're not counterfeit

that's why I said I wasn't him
I just googled for them and thoat's the only place I found that deck

Pretty much Due to release schedules it varies a lot though. This month I'll be getting on for about $600 or so I think and next month might be almost the same, but the past 6 months have been hovering around $100-200.

The last few months of this year have turned out really expensive.

She'll take up too much space in your display case/shelf/whatever.

Yea, I'll make it to the list of people who are living the dream.

56 doujins, and 5 tanks.

As long as its not drugs nor weapons it's ok in my country.


Hueco Mundo

I hope you split that in 3-4 packages at the very least, while it's not taxed it's still illegal to transport via Mexpost any kind of pornography, and since its the federal postal system it can be seized and destroyed.

Also, large and/or weighty packages are perfect targets to get inspected

Hopefully not, I've imported multiple times doujins but this is easily the biggest order I've ever got so far.

From what the proxy said, the box is small but weights 10kg. Lets hope for the best.

I got them from YAJ for only 200 yen, and they also came with some other random stuff (stickers, an Azusa sound egg, two melody cards (one doesn't work), and a small envelope with nothing inside).

How good is Solaris for new figs? I was thinking about letting my proxy buy something from there since it's like 30% off compared to their japanese stores

Better hope the mexpost workers don't steal your lolis user.

Read the guide.

> Azusa sound egg


No kidding, I've had that happened before and it was just 8 tanks

Parfom: yes or no?


They're not as fun to pose as figmas but they're super fucking weapons grade cute.

>just won an auction for three Jumbo Nesoberi

Shipping's going to kill me, isn't it.

It has a button that you press and it plays a sound ("nya- nyaa~" or "tokubetsu desu yo").

Don't scare me user, I paid too much for that to happen.

Yes. I've got Snowhalation Rin coming this month and I'm scared.

I filled my bag with the things last time I went to Japan.

is that one of those envelopes you put money in for new years?

I shipped an Eli over a while ago and she wasn't cheap, so I'm dreading what it'll be for three at once.

I shipped two in the same box for $50 EMS. Never again.

I'm expecting a 10k shipping bill with all the other crap I have in the same order.

Oh well. At least I'll have a pile of 5 of them to drown my sorrows in. Still need to get a Nozo.

Does anyone have a pic of the Maki and Rin figmas butts from Love Live?. I saw a pic of them both on here a while ago and have been thinking about it ever since.

Want both Nico and Balzac and both are about 40% off. Very nice

Jesus, I don't like that face. It's probably fruitless but I hope the final product is going to be better

Oh shit, I thought it was empty, but I just looked inside, and there's a film strip with a few frames of tea being poured into a cup. I don't know how I missed that before.

I have a hard limit of $1000 per month, but in practice I rarely spend over $300




So did anyone else order the "numbered" edition from Canada?

I did, ready for the disappointment of them canceling.

Yap. I also have one from the .com site which I ordered within the first few hours.

Pretty good.
I've had it for a while and no leaning problems.

Here's to hoping there'll be a sale online too. If MF's Asuka gets a re-release I'll be happy as fuck.

Am I too late (or too early?) to join buyfag secret santa this year?

I've been considering it for a few years now and I finally want to join

There is no buyfag secret santa.



I'm sorry, we usually only do the secret santa between those of us in the Skype group to avoid shitposters like

I hate how /ss/ autism brings in so many extra retards to this thread.

search the archives

Jesus Christ just save up for your fucking McDonald's toys. How fucking hard it is to keep an eye out on sales? Don't fucking say you want to join for the cards too, they're shit.

Holy shit, always loved that Yukiho figure. Nico is so cheap too. Want to pull the trigger so badly. Not being completely financially independent is suffering

>secret santa
Please leave, the buyfag thread isn't here for that stuff. Read the guide if you need to buy something, but go away.

My bad

>helping retards out
The cancer that killed buyfag.

which is the best figure to hot glue?

your dick

Yourself to the pavement.

Look around the gunpla thread on /toy/ and you might see something you like. Watching a bunch of gundam shows could also help to pick out what you want. They're basically giant plastic model ads.


Happy birthday mikudayo!


Happy birthday mikudayo!!

>Picnic Nico 40% off

And here I was going to not buy any figs this month, to begin saving up for the holidays.

That deal's pretty impossible to pass up

Happy birthday mikudayo!!!

Fuck off Frozen.


Funny you mention Harley Quinn, she looks like Leto's Joker.

Link posted above in the thread for an HLJ sale

Anyone got a picture, or could take one, showing the various figure scales next to each other?

I'm curious how like, figma stacks up next to 1/9th, 8th, 6th, etc.

No kidding.

Those will never be accurate, why bother?

Because I dont know what types of figures I should be hunting for if I want to keep all around the same scale with my figma. I know some are huge, some are smaller

>same scale with my figma
figmas are approximately 1/12 scale.

user, will you provide me with a place as to where I can acquire this figurine as Reverse Image Search has yielded no relevant results.

>The Sakura version is 60% off in the HLJ sale
No one likes that thing.

>le sekrit diskord klub

Fuck off with this shit.

It was 76% on Amiami day 2 of release
Mikudaiyo is meme nendo

Probably won't turn out the best but I'm interested

dat nendo collection...マイニッグル

Don't know how I missed it, god bless you user.

No problem user. It's too good of a deal to pass up


Pochaco obviously.

Has anyone ever bought from "The Cat" on amazon? Reviews seem good on the site but just want to be safe before I throw money at it. Would be the cheapest for the figure I'm looking at since shipping would be free.


save them for secret santa.

Ship them to my little sister for christmas/birthday

is there any reason not to get this? its just so cheap. i saved about 122.249 CAD.

1) It's a Valvrave figure
2) It's a really shitty Valvrave figure
3) It's a fucking Valvrave figure

>PSP stickers
Oh hey I got those, they came with the PSP game.

If you have a PSP, they go on the back like this.

This trend of having a lying-beside-you side is kinda neat.
I still think they need to include a CD of sleeping noises/breathing with all dakimakura cases.

Unironic elitism.
Even if I got it for free I wouldn't display that figure.
Same reason I don't buy nendroids, unless yhere's some emotional connection. Even then it wouldn't be displayed with the rest of my collection.

alright whats her name/age/address

Like playing cards?

Nice shots.
I can't fucking wait for mine.

who hype

No hype, the manufacturer is not Alter. I just imagine what the dress could have been but never was.

Still deciding on whether or not I want to preorder her. Wing's other Nep figure was a disaster.

whats considered valid and not valid to get an entry in MFC? for example, Umio doesnt have an entry for his plushie that came with the limited edition megadimension game.

Wasn't that for the western release though?

Says you. I enjoy every bit of her.

Manda's usually good about describing any damage that might be on an already opened item, right?

does she have an MFC link? I suck at searching on it.

>that photo frame on a 45 degree angle

LiViNg oN The EdggE

>he actually bought one

>Crotch support

Every fucking time


She looks pregnant.

You'd look pregnant if you were carrying a dozen of penis worms inside.

I used to think that figure was great. Then I became a buyfag.


You should know buyfagging is a selfish type of hobby in which we save money to buy all the plastic butts we want. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that at all!


We are also ANONYMOUS. We post feels. We shitpost about emotions ranging from hating, to loving fictional characters. We lurk, we criticize, we shoop. WE ARE LEGION.

That ESPECIALLY goes for this thread!







There is a lot of things I can say about this general, but the one I love the most is:


We are

Cred Forums buyfag thread.


calm down faggot

show me her FLUFFY PUFFY

Is she from that Full Metal VN?


Naw she's from Shinra Bansho. Saw her in the HLJ sale and was thinking of buying.

Anything ever come out of this?



I ended up finding it but what is Shinra Bansho Chocolate?

Just paid for this qt. What are the chances she bins? Like the last 3 scales I bought ended up being available for much cheaper later.

Thanks, user. I do have a PSP, and a Vita.

I got her when she was on sale for 80$ 5 months ago, some things you should know;

1.Her legs look bent out of shape if you look at them from the side.
2.Someone on MFC complained that her footwear broke off while putting it on the base, i display mine without the base, its stands on it's own.
3.There's a gap on the right leg, see pic.
4.Mine has a manufacturing defect on the tails, it's cracked but painted over. Mine also came with one very deep and one shallow scratch on the front left tail.

Otherwise 50$ seems like a good price

Post pantsu and side boobs.

I found a garage kit I've been hunting for some time on an auction site, but I'm sure it's a recast. If the cast quality looks decent, does it matter if its a fake? It's not like the original creator gets any of my money regardless of if I buy it from a recaster or some price gouging reseller.

She's been sitting in my cart for a few hours now, still haven't decided if I want to get her.

It's a snack that comes with a collectable card

Who is the girl then?

I don't really care when I buy bootlegs as long as it looks decent.

Around ¥15000, gotta balance plastic butts and vidya.

Other picture wasn't mine but here

Some of those have separate entries and others have them in one. The Nep Nendo has a separate entry, so this could probably have one too.


I don't know anything about shinra other than it's a snack that comes with a card


My camera is pretty shit

Nice blogposting

Maybe a little fun the first time, but we definitely don't need this each thread.

I want the whole set for this one

and the kimono ones

Trying the new camera.

Where is your pet ferret user?

It's the greatest meme this side of Spurdo.

I love memes.

same dude, same.

How long does it usually take for manda to check stock on and send you an invoice for a storefront item?

Well thank god I didn't checkout at HLJ. She's still up on AmiAmi for 5.4k, with both First Release Limited Bonus + Store Bonus.

They're paying me that much?

I'll think about it...

Was really tempted to get this and then I saw the original... But I can't find that anywhere so now I'm kicking myself for not getting this.

Curse my indecision.

The meme is not dank enough, unlike Billy Herrington's. His figma prices keep going strong after these years

The thing on the right is cute.

So, there is that.

she was up for a while A/B for about 2k

When will they re-issue the nepdroid

Don't make the same mistake I did.

Get her from Amiami: Bansho Choco$pagemax=40$getcnt=0$pagecnt=1

And at least get the extras.

Shit, I should read the thread.

Right or left?

>inb4 jointshit

I'm not seeing it from the pictures, what problem do people have with this figure?


thanks senpai

they're OK
I intend to display her in or behind a teacup surrounded by coffee beans. I wonder if they make fake ones.

You need to learn to respect the sanctity of "inb4".

I have an emotional attachment to Atelier games and I'm contemplating on buying a $300+ Box set for Atelier Firis. Help

Those joints don't look that bad

>Those joints don't look that bad

>tfw you had to cancel your Yuki Takeya figure because you spent all your money on Byzantine gold

>each thread
Calm down newfag.

why not real coffee beans? get some that smell divine


>Condition: displayed in a glass case, smoke free home, no pets. Smells strongly of good mornings everywhere.

if it was my number 1 favorite thing i'd buy it. Top 5 i'd question it, but probably splurge for it.. For reference I'm currently saving up for Mushishi Volume 5 and 6 which are around $400 total if that helps you at all

Probably a prize.

I got Alice B from them and it had no image.

>USPS tracking still down

I've clung to the waxing and waning hype train for FFXV for a full 10 years, and pre-ordered the $300+ Ultimate Edition.

What's your point?

seriously, unless you intend on reselling and even then, I can't think of any downsides

Gonna probably just stick with the premium edition. Game look great if you were satisfied with Sophie.


ye the "sale" is just all the shit they cant sell at the same discount it would've been at anyway

It's too late user, they already stopped producing them.
Your best bet is getting them second-hand from a gallery of some sort, but good luck with that.

Your child can make a really good counterfeit figure if you ask

Help, I have a doll in my cart.

Fight it user, you don't want to spend time in those doll threads on /jp/ I assure you.

Is it safe to buy Assault Lily, or are they the gateway into the abyss?

Not that disgusting individual.

Is it Leviathan?


I'm still salty about the fact that they released a fucking bunny figure.

>HLJ sale page is 404

It's a very nice one, admittedly. Even if it's not canon and shit.

I was wondering where to get a custom print pillow. (Not a daki) Preferabl different pictures on each side. I keep hearing Artcow and Snapfish.

No it's not

I have one from Artcow from 3 years ago(or Cow cow I don't remember). Just get the cheaper one with the different coupons/deals.

Is this the best Nymph?


The floaty one is a close second but I don't have a pic so just imagine it please

Lol paying hundreds of dollars for plastic

Better than paying for sex.

Plastic is a wonderful material


I know right? What's the point if you're only spending hundreds?
Selling both Tsumugi and Azusa, message me for any questions. £100 each or £150 for both



i kinda love that derp-face.



Should /buyfag/ threads be sent off to /toy/ or some other board?
They're discussing it here.

It's been discussed tons of times already.

does /toy/ have anime? i need more places to discuss chink girl figs.

You discuss anything with joints on /toy/.
However they shun scales which is where the term "Statueshit" originated, even though it's universally agreed joints look ugly as shit and work much better if they're hidden.

All the good sales are gone anyways, and are either out of stock or back to their presale prices

what a mess. /buyfag/ is fine

Sent your payment yet?

>115€ with shipping

Got my shipping notification earlier today.

Speaking of this new?

I like the concept but the execution feels off, especially the faces and hands.

Still waiting for another fig to come in-stock.

Every "new" idea someone has in the last five years ends up making this site more shit.

Only noticed it up last night.

This huke Saber is no joke. This is the heaviest box I received for a figure. Easily weighs more than a Chogokin box.

post pics my tomodachi

It's all the mayonnaise used in her hair.

When are you gonna find a better blanket for her?

Not my pic, but you get the sense of the size. This box contains the figure and a framed picture too. It was also packed inside of practically THREE other shipping boxes.

Apparently it's the outer box holding the fig and the picture that constitutes most of the weight.

anybody else getting this slut?


>gay crossplayer



Not until Galko's ready.

Not me.

I thought about it, but I have enough lewd on pre-order.

>buying a hotglued figure


is this whore delayed? she's holding up my september ami order

I'd buy her simply for those legs

Oh fuck, I forgot I ordered her. Now I wonder too.

it's soap, son

I usually don't really get behind bunnygirls but since it matches the theme of her show I love it.

Does HLJ do payments on the weekend?

I got my order confirmation last night, but there's been no email for payment yet.

Holiday I think

It's supposed to be soap suds. My hotglue will look a lot better.

Well shit.

I hope it's only a day or so

Got my waifus Cardboard VR set in today and a sketch with an auto signature on it that was a prize for a lottery.

The VR set was a bit of a pain to put together and its very flimsy but it was kinda nice seeing Miss Monochrome perform a song in VR even if the graphics in her game aren't that great.

If you're interested in cardboard VR for your smartphone please consider buying this set, and please support my waifu.

How do you feel about BellFine's horrible paintjobs and the fact they're making your waifu's figure?


And I like the finish of the paint, and the blush and whatnot. It looks really well done.

I'm a little worried but her figures were delayed from this month to november, hopefully the delay will ensure better quality control.

is it a cast off?

I seriously doubt it but if she turns out okay (I'll know from your pictures, surely) I'll pick her up user, Miss Monochrome a cute and so are you.

T-thank you user, ill be sure to give an unbiased review like i did for her picconeemo which i wasn't too satisfied with.
I believe in my waifu and im hoping her figures come out great, but i won't regret owning them anyway since they're her first scales, of course I'd want them in my collection regardless.

You could probably see the same app with any cardboard VR set. And most aren't flimsy at all, just solid plastic.

What the fuck! They completely canceled her! What the fuck!!


take a guess

Either, they didn't get enough orders to bother* or they took too many orders to fill. Sorry you didn't get her user.

*they do this with gk recasts all the damn time

Did you ever get a pillow for your daki cover?

hmmmmm hard to tell...

Yeah of course, the only thing that makes this set different than any others is branding, this one is only about twenty dollars before shipping, so of course I wasn't expecting something amazing, but its simply just an item for my collection, also ive never tried cardboard VR so it was nice to check it out for cheap too.
Yes I did finally get one just this week actually, now every night I get to snuggle with her and it feels wonderful, especially when i come home tired from work.
I'm a morning shower guy but i shower at night too right before bed now just to make sure shes kept as clean as possible.

if all else fails do your research

glad I ordered her


I come to Cred Forums only for this thread and also go to /toy/
I definitely agree, I hate how joints look. I do like collecting nendos like the fag that I am though. But figmas want to make me kill myself
>figma can occasionally look good to me if they design allows it, samus looks OK to me since her knee joint is well concealed.

Heres hoping it gets picked up for mass production

I just sold all my BRS figmas. I once thought that those were basically the only good figmas since their joints were pretty well concealed. Now I think that joints are just one of the problem. Lack of detail and ugly proportions make them look way cheaper than they are once you get a good scale.

Do you get all of your money back?

Im jealous, i want a daki of my waifu too but im scared of what my parents would say.

Yeah I was pretty upset when I found out this morning, I don't really understand either how did she not meet their quota. If I remember right she was on the best sellers list for a while and the GS Project gathering Shinobu from a couple months back met their quota.

They refund you with credit which makes it even worse.

If you pay via PayPal they will send you a cash refund. Still incredibly disappointed, Shinobu is the one character I still actively collect, and I was really looking forward to it...

>They refund you with credit
Oh that's kind of disgusting.

I did pay with paypal but they've given me a refund as credit. I guess i'll email them. I guess I'm back to finding someone to commission her.

me gusta el maiz :)

Maybe they're getting lazy and got so many orders they said, 'Fuck it, too much work, just cancel."
It wouldn't surprise me from e2046.

>dem toes

I messaged them yesterday and they replied with
>We are so sorry to tell you that production will be canceled due to insufficient orders collected.

Really surprised, if I knew demand was that low I would've shilled in a bunch of places to try and get more people to place orders.

Are you willing to hotglue her?

Why would they bother if they keep your money regardless?

>Figure I've pre ordered has been on "Few Quotas left" for months now.

Good luck.

e2046 really needs to start doing smaller batches.
What really bothers me, mostly because it affects gks I'd like, is instead of having a smaller but steady batches they just keep stuff on pre-order until they fill the quota, then produce it. This means something can and will be on pre-order for months if not years.

Just bought a daki with those silicone inserts

Can't wait till it comes in

It's a shame, they really seem pretty shady now and I wouldn't support them at all if possible, but if you want painted GKs at a reasonable cost they're the only option. Getting a commission will cost 3-4x as much.

Nice. You'd never be able to stop me humping it.

I've had one paid for for a year now. Preorders closed ages ago and when emailed they said they expected to ship the last quarter of '16, but dealing with them still makes me nervous. Hopefully the quality is at least good.

They've been pretty shady since the whole 'GK share-a-kit program' fiasco. It sucks they're the only ones to offer pre-painted gks. I've mostly switched to GK-Model, but they don't have the massive catalogue that e2046 has, nor do they seem to offer older kits.

Stop typing so much like you're important.

I wanna dickbuy this so hard and haven't even played the game.

Asses are suffering.

How much did it cost you?

When the Halloween eli was up (before it was picked up as PVC) they did the same time to me. Complain through a support ticket and they'll refund $$ instead.

$60 free shipping

What? Asses are hometown. Everyone knows that.