ITT times you got tricked into watching/reading fujoshit

ITT times you got tricked into watching/reading fujoshit

pick one


You can literally see boobs in most of Magi.

I'm not even upset.


Literally the gayest show ive ever seen. But at least its pretty obvious from the start.

Not bad tho.

The works of ONE are vegetables, gym, and lifting propaganda user. He has a nefarious agenda known only as "leg day."

More like times fujoshit turned out to be a masterpiece.


denial is not just a river in egypt

the men look and act like women. it's fujoshit.

How the fuck is Magi fujoshit?

Hakuryuu best boy

Nozaki-kun. I'm not even regret it though.

Nozaki-kun is shoujo, not fujoshit.
And it's barely a shoujo to begin with.

It's genuinely good though.

Yes goi, Magi is fujoshit

Avoid the show at all cost

It is a shojou parody but it reeks of fujoshit. Especially the OVA which is so gay

>"it's popular so it can't be that bad"
Literally everything except the matches during the later parts of the seasons was skippable. It wasn't even that gay, but I at least expected some likable characters to justify all the hype. I'm disappointed, fujos

>Not fujoshit

giant blue boobs




So should I just start posting every show with two or more male characters who interact at some point? Pretty sure that's the only criteria for fujoshit.



Cred Forums accusing something of being fujoshi pandering is a pretty accurate way to tell that something is completely straight and isn't gay in the slightest 9/10 times.

>Nipple piercing

Honestly not sure why it took so long for me to figure out

Cred Forums hates the fact that they love what fujos love.


Haku is a edgemaster who the author failed at redeeming.

Smart mangakas pander several audiences. It's not like they have guys kissing or fucking each other, so just enjoy the fan service aimed at male readers/viewers and ignore the fujopandering.

Fujos are killing the industry!!

This already looks like shoujo so I got what I expected. Bullet was best girl

So NGE is yuribait because shinji acts like a girl