Is Chinatsu a good girl?

is Chinatsu a good girl?

But of course, she's my daughteru, after all.

I don't follow

I'll rape your ass nigga, don't say anything bad about Chinatsu or I'll kill you if I find you.

Come at me bro, I'm inside Chinatsu right now.

My wife Chinatsu is so cute!

She's top cute.
>you will never go shopping with Chinatsu

>that incest doujinshi with all the family

>you will never get to watch Makoto and Chinatsu use this

She is a fashinable girl.

A red bag.

No implications of any kind exists behind the posting of this image.

>, don't say anything bad about Chinatsu
Wanting to fuck someone in the ass is not saying something bad about them

She's better than I expected her to be.
Thought she's going to be an annoying little cunt, who doubts magic and is scared of it whole way through, but her being enthusiastic was much better.

>mfw better loli service than Prisma Illya

>not Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

If I had a kid I would dress her like this.

dat turtleneck unf, chinatsu is so fucking effay


Why are shorts/skirts and long sleeves such a thing in this show?

Chinatsu is but a lewd loli corrupted by witchcraft and heresy

its a bit chilly?


yes, because she doesn't want smelly farts


No, she's a predatory lesbian who rapes older women.

Yes, yes she is.

I want to befriend chinatsu.

How much of Flying Witch is meant literally and how much is Chinatsu's overactive imagination?