Why is Natsumi so based?

Why is Natsumi so based?

She truly is best girl.

>tfw you'll never move into the house next to Natsumi
>tfw you'll never become childhood friends and grow up together
>tfw you'll never start a relationship and raise a family with your qt tomboy countrybumpkin gf
>tfw you'll never catch bugs together

>you will never grow up in the Japanese countryside


One of the top biyoris for sure.

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the top biyori*

fixed it my family friend

I am glad you agree

Nattsun is CUTE

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That is just sad

That's cute too.

>sexualizing the biyoris

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If you're not seeing the dystopian overtones in NNB then you're not getting the full experience.

Funniest biyori, the table cloth trick cracked me up.






Is violently abusing your sister "based" now?


Only when the sister is older.

The best Biyoris are the ones in this picture.

Konomi kind of creeps me out.

Natsumi isn't wearing any clothes


>No good Biyori porn of Natsumi

le epic, my brother! xD

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After a day full of hand holding and clean fun, I'd take her home and cook her a delicious dinner full of her favorite foods. During bathtime, I'd help clean her back and dry her with the warmest, fuzziest towel I could find. At night, I'd tell her a tale full of adventure and mystery and her eyes would widen in innocent repose.

Once it was time to go to sleep, I'd cuddle with her under the blankets, hugging her tiny body close to mine. As she begins to drift off, I'd nip her ear and run my tongue down her soft, supple neck. She'd startle a little and sleepily ask what I was doing, but I'd simply shush her soothingly as I begin to grind against her. She'd enjoy the rocking motion of my hips and drowsily respond in similar fashion while I delicately kiss her nape.

My hands would begin to rub her body, tender but firm, until finally slipping gingerly between her legs. She would moan softly and the motion of her petite hips would increase, marginally at first but with increasing frequency to match my fingers. As she begins to pant, I'd start to feel a faint warmth oozing through both panties and pajamas.

I'd caress her hair and whisper, "would you like to feel better Ren-chon?"

She'd nod blushingly; a dainty sound of approval would escape her lips.

I'd roll her over until her smooth butt was sticking straight up, and delicately pull her underwear down to her knees. She'd be surprised at first, but I'd comfort her gently before tasting the dirtiest parts of her adorable body. She'd begin to loosen up quickly, her delicious juices dribbling down the inside of her thighs, and soft sighs of ecstasy would fill my ears.

Suddenly, in one fluid motion, I'd drag my tongue up her butt and back, leaving a trail of shivers and goosebumps. Hovering over her warm quivering body, I'd tenderly plunge myself inside her; a small "nyanpasu...!" escapes her lips.


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I must ejaculate inside Komari.

such a cute
without that boyish attitude

>no good biyori porn


Ever wonder why Natsumi and Komachan have red hair while their brother and mother have blue hair?

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I liked her manga outfit better in this scene

>using horriblesubs when better are available

>wanting to wait another week to watch a slice of life where subs aren't important

>wait another week
I dont get you, they can be downloaded completely in a few minutes in much better quality
>subs aren't important
I really dont get you

She's a rascal

No one was talking about pretty cute.

nice work fag

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Season two had so many Nattsun being best girl episodes she got carried so high.

>dystopian overtones
explain please

That was a bit of an exaggeration, but to compare with YKK for instance, it's a story where the setting contains a kind of implicit sadness in comparison with the subject matter. NNB is about the diaspora of a tiny community that is probably just on the brink of vanishing. There must have been a time when that school had full classrooms but now it's down to what are very likely its last four students. Of course the kids themselves have no idea of the implications of this so they just live a blissfully unaware childhood while practically every adult they know is entirely absent. It's not just a small village, it's a shrinking village.

You get little hints of it with things like Dagashiya idly wondering how she's going to make ends meet.

thanks, you are sadly right
have a (you)

When is the Okinawa part 2 OVA coming out again?