Thunderbolt fantasy ep 11 thread

Spoiler is not out yet, but manga was out and we got to see dan fei give food to ken

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We also get a bathing scene that left out from the show





It would be too much for GSC/Pili to carve upper bodies for scenes like that.

More like it would be a complete waste of time.

Dem Taiwanese knows people want story and action. Not these shitty scenes that dull the pacing and momentum of the show.

I refuse to acknowledge this doll garbage as an anime.

Why do I get the feeling vape wizard lied about the guard location and he's going to walk away with both pieces.

You have a point about the pacing, with which I'm completely satisfied so far. I wanted a bathing Tan Hi and there's no point in the story it could be placed without breaking pace.

What is ken doing ?

I found it one of the least garbage things to watch this season. Watching it is always better than complaining about slim pickings.

How can something like this be called garbage?

Taiwanese is such a shitty sounding language.

Let that be the only complaint against Pili shows.

Then again some of their women look like feet, but they're probably villanous women.

Which are the one that look like feet ? Most of the female i have seen post on a thunderbolt thread look good.

could this be what happen to ken and tan hi
this episode? They are breaking out from enemy territory too just like the girl and guy in the first two videos

looks like in an ironic twist , ken is the new one eye impaler now

Someone posted a collage of females from other Pili shows and a lot of them look like antagonists in daytime soap.

Shou is so bad at pretending it's painful to watch.

Oh, shit. I have to wait another week for the next episode.

Ken had his poem this episode:



Because he's vape wizard. It's hard to tell whether or not he's full of shit as basically all times.

That is hokkien. Think ebonics, but even worse.

Ken didn't die yet. I don't know what to feel.

It's only a matter of time.

Real fujotastic designs, if you ask me. But no one asked me.

what the hell?

this poem feels like urobuchi just pasted a bunch of words together.

What do you think of food serving Tan Hi
and hot springs Tan Hi ?

That's something a lot of people already noticed on their own.

>butt wing spread out that much
>conveniently covers up where butt wings would be

I know it's run of the mill censoring but it still makes me suspect something.

Episode is out, the disguise gets discovered almost instantly, kek.
Next episode is called "The blade that doesn't cut"
so Shou really uses a blunt sword?

His art name is Jin Muhou which translates as Edgeless Blade. Do the math.

How is that impressive?

What is impressive? Using edgeless blade?

I think a hot springs Tan Hi puppet needs to be made.

how about you try cutting down living and undead with a blunt sword

What does it say?
From google translate, I can at least tell that CR heavily modified it.

I mean Lin said he mastered " a terrific sword style" or something like that last episode. So i was expecting something more impressive.

It looks like classical chinese which google translate can't translate.

With this episode, the current theory is that Shou is a demon who uses a wooden stick for a sword to nerf himself.

He described the sword skill as 恐ろしい, something to be feared.

at the cost of losing my sanity, mind posting what abomination they put out?

in that case wouldn't it be easier to go from the Japanese angle?

The Taiwanese fan event revealed that he has another sword with a badass-soudning attack on top of that as well

There are a lot of literature reference in this one.
I'm a Taiwanese and this is my poor translation.

People laugh that good intentions are just unrealistic,
my will is higher than the clouds and I will uphold to it.
don't race time for fame and fortune
and never regret when you die

良圖: good intention
華胥: a place in mythology, meaning not real
朝夕: morning and afternoon, meaning time
黃沙染身(originally 命染黃沙): die

>expecting Ken to die
Are you guys serious? Losing his eye gave him plot armor, he'll defeat his bro and become the new One Eyed Impaler. It'd be a pointless development for him to suffer this now just to die later.

Just like the character names, I think it's the guys from Pili who's doing those poems.

>Next episode is called "The blade that doesn't cut" so Shou really uses a blunt sword?
He stabbed through a guy in this episode, though.

>generic anime faces
>almost everyone looks like teenagers
>weirdly exaggerated facial expressions

i will never be a fan of the manga

>at the cost of losing my sanity, mind posting what abomination they put out?

Even if I'm laughed at for falling with nothing to my name
I choose to live life in accordance with my principles
Rather than living out my days accruing glory
I seek to die with a satisfied smile on my face

I assumed dying with conviction is a common destiny for those who find true heroism. If I'm to be wrong I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

>I mean Lin said he mastered " a terrific sword style" or something like that last episode.
He said he "mastered a such dreadful sword". It can be understood as the sword sucking, or handicapping yourself so much being dreadful.

maybe he just pushed it through him really hard

i got stabbed in the upper arm with a ballpoint pen once

Urobuchi named the characters according to Pili naming conventions, they translated the nip poems he wrote to Taiwanese because he thought they sound better in Taiwanese.

they've already described him as someone with tremendous chi. In wuxia you can cut through everything with anything when you got enough chi in you.

Go watch the ep11 bonus material. They go into this topic.

>they've already described him as someone with tremendous chi
When was that?

>in that case wouldn't it be easier to go from the Japanese angle

Depends on how much Classical Chinese Urobuchi knows. The Japanese Court still talked like this (with Japanese syntax) up until the end of WW2 for example so students and writers know a bit of like how modern day writers might know how to ape elizabethian english.

after fighting that stone golem

oh hohoho
by the way
pink nails

So, Shang is definitely Yao tu li, right?

Ken confirmed for winning the Tanhibowl, and hopefully surviving to tell it.

He was scared of Kei Gai being a demon, though.

That means Kei Gai and Whatshisname held hands too.

If shobukan is yaotuli's reincarnation like that bullcrap from naruto im going to keep watching it because it isn't that much of a shonen shit to begin with

If this faggot doesn't drop at least one legendary


Also who else got hype as fuck when Ken's poem finally played

How the fuck do you even stomp somebody so hard he gets buried?

Can 10guy get any better? This dude is the ultimate entertaining antagonist

Can someone make the teleport webm?

Urobuchi said in the fan event that Betsu wears a mask to protect his beautiful face from the wind at high altitudes. Confirmed for homo.

There was also a Ryoumi torture scene that was removed in the final draft of the script.


Not this guy but I would like a webm of One eyed impaler doing his death reflection against Ken, that was really cool.

I feel like Shang is the guy who actualy slew the demon and that sword in the temple is nothing more than a pretty display while the true object is either is that terrible sword Shang uses or doesn't exist or Shang is the sword.


I feel like the sword is probably at least as good as the other objects but it will be revealed that the reason one and only one demon lord lost was because the wielder was exceptional.

Sword philosophy will fall apart, because a blade is as worthless as whoever wields it, and so too do swords only become great in the hands of someone who is themselves great.


Dat suzaku spininng.

>Ken gets Gino's treatment
Fucking Butcher, always butchering best boys.

yeah and they probably going to demonstrate the point by Shoe defeating Mr Bones wielding ultimate sword with a stick


I can see the line of dialogue now and it goes
>Rather than chase after others, you should have focused on making your own sword great


I'm up for giving the manga a try but I'm going to give this shit a miss.


Thanks a lot, being Ken is suffering ;___;

>Lose an eye
>Gain a Tan Hi
Was it worth

Only worth if Tanhi wasn't in a show filled with deathflags

Where can I find this bonus material? Is it translated?

Is it 12 or 13 episodes I don't remember

What is his endgame? For a sec I thought he was actually a bro but it looks like he really is just another villain.


But I get the feeling that it's going to leave some plot threads hanging for an S2 that we'll never have.

The ethos of a champion.

He wishes to become known as the ultimate thief by stealing that which makes the greatest great.

He is just too manly.

The only good with that thing dying is its owner not having to spawn more overlords.

Fucking shoe using charisma as his dump stat

He's a murderhobo what did you expect?

Lucky guy.

Do you work for Nitroplus/Pili?


So they could do that all along? Are you fucking kidding me?

Why didn't Vapeman just give Sho his clothes and go naked for safe cracking. You don't need clothes for stealth operations.

they can only travel to places where energy flows
the old shrines are mostly built on the flow
pay attention to the plot m8

Don't forget INT.

>that laugh

>implying vape-kun wouldn't want to look fabulous as he gets the last laugh


>not being aware as of last episode that you need at least 2duck to deal with 10guy

That niggers commentry was intolerable
Posting actual scene

Maybe Shang is nothing special and actually just a regular bystander
I never thought they could make such a bland and simpleton MC mysterious

I miss her so much...

>Best girl dies
>Best boy dies
; ;
Urobutcher is a dick

Giving her the anal fisting before she fights Sheng

They couldn't because they didn't know that place had energy flowing in.

Giving things for Tanhi and Ken to do is good but I really just want to know what Shang's deal is.

He was able to fight to fight through two parts of the obstacle course that protected BetsuTenGai's tower (that Rin needed two people to get through), journey through the wasteland of the dead that no one else had done and had a sort of danger awareness and Eye of the Mind skill that both BetsuTenGai and Setsu Musho had.

He is not some ordinary bystander.

He is the villain.

I don't think he lied about the location based on the final scene of the episode


Shoufukan's a demon god, isn't he?

that would be retarded

Are there any box sets for Pili shows? Or at least some place to download them?

Or maybe Mr. Bones recognize Shou and just go 'Ah fuck me. It's you again. Fuck this, I'm going back to the demon realm.' And then just leaves.


No, he probably met the demon god in the wasteland and proceeded to kick its ass so hard, it went back into the demon realm.

this is an urobuchi show.

>witches are magic girls
>hideauze are humans
>inves are humans
>????? are ?????

He's just in the country to fuck hot shrine bitches.


Yeah, probably. He even told Mr. Bones how the Tiān Xíng Jiàn actually works - it doesn't kill the demons, it forces them to repent their evil ways. This is setting up Bones getting the sword and using it on Sho just to be told "You do know I've already repented, right?"


>SYBIL is humans
>humans are demons

Where is the Irony exactly?

>random fucker journeys through a demon-infested wasteland ON FOOT and survives with barely a scratch on him
>barely any supplies, no exceptional armor or weapons
>can pump bursts of pure energy out of his body to cause explosions
>basically defeated all three of the trials all by himself
Shang isn't normal, user.

>He even told Mr. Bones how the Tiān Xíng Jiàn actually works - it doesn't kill the demons, it forces them to repent their evil ways.
It was Bones who told him.

After re-watching it, you're right. Bones thinks that Tiān Xíng Jiàn is the exception to the other blades and is capable of killing a demon god, while Shang implies that Bones doesn't really know what the fuck he's talking about.

"I've come to Dong Li to kick ass and fuck hot shrine bitches, and I'm all outta shrine bitches."

More pottery really really, but if I had to argue Irony:

>Beginning, he looks up to One-Eye and wants to become more like him. One-Eye willingly mentors him.
>Middle, he finds out more about One-Eye and wants to not become more like him. One-Eye tries to persuade/force Ken to let him still mentor him and really teach the proper ways of "Heroism/Fame"
>End, One-Eye and Ken fight, opposing one another. Ken becomes more like One-Eye in appearance, but not in character.

When Ken started to recite his poem, I feared for his life. Especially because of the meaning of the poem.
Butcher is just setting up an even greater fall though.

Man, was expecting this kind of blunder but this almost made my palms sweaty.


That's why it and Cantonese are damn good to curse and swear in.

Are you the one who makes these?

It's a common thing in wuxia though. And often played around with the concepts. Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber had people running around trying to get their hands on the titular legendary weapons. Even though most of them didn't even know that the real secret is that you're suppose to destroy both swords to get the secret martial arts move encased within the swords.

He's wuxia Lupin.

It didn't matter because sho fukan is still going to behave like sho fukan.

Hey wuxia user, I already watched the Condor Trilogy, is there any other wuxia TV series you recommend?

Have you watched Demi Gods and Semi Devils?

Not yet, but I was hoping for something other than Jin Yong stuff for a change.

Well, there's The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng 2007 and Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng 2001; they are based off Gu Long's works.

>talking about Gu Long in a Thunderbolt Fantasy thread and not recommending Chu Liuxiang aka Taiwanese wuxia Lupin.

Watch this
>The series tells the story of a 21st-century Hong Kong VIPPU officer who travels back in time to the Warring States period of ancient China. He is involved in a number of important historical events that leads to the first unification of China under the Qin dynasty.


Speaking of Gu Long, there are Border Town Prodigal and Xiao Shi Yi Lang adaptations from this year. Should I give them a try?

>people said lancerbro was going to betray the princess

you almost got me faggots

i'm glad he didn't. a shame he's going to die though

He's not going to die: once Ken lost an eye the death flag got reset.

>Chu Liuxiang aka Taiwanese wuxia Lupin

Urubochi is supposed to be a Gu Long fan: is Krokodil Cormorant based on Chu Liuxiang or Lupin?

>the jobber gets the girl
Fuck this shit, shoufukan better kick impaler, witch bitch and betsutengai at the same time to make Tan Hi realize who's the alpha male

>Punished Ken
>A man denied victory. Also, this really fucking hurts.

>There was also a Ryoumi torture scene that was removed in the final draft of the script.
W-What? Did they say why anyone would be torturing her?


These are always fun. Keep up the good work, user!

No idea. I haven't been keeping up the adaptations since I prefer the novels.

Well, I wasn't aware if there any decent adaptations of that series.

I thought chinks only know how to make shitty knock-offs. Their version of Forrest Gump sound so much better.

Shoufukan doesn't give two fucks about the pussy game. He's too old and tired to put up with that shit.
Dude's basically Sanjuro.

Ryoumi "training" scene. The punishment received after her failure in ep2.

The manga went into it in explicit detail, but then again it's that manga.

He saved her first, she's obligated to suck his dick

What the fuck man. Ken-san didn't deserve that. But he got a Tan hi so it's all good.

Also, this show is better than I expected, Tan hi Nendo when?

Who will win? Does vape man intend to keep the sword after stealing it or will Tanhi get it back?

>W-What? Did they say why anyone would be torturing her?

After losing to the one eyed impaler in episode 2. Betsutengai is supposed to torture the living shit out of her. In the interview he also said that he treasures his 3 underlings and doesn't allow them to wear masks like the others.

I'm thinking the sword will be destroyed in the end.


>We still don't know why Shou was on their side of the demon wall and where he was in a hurry to go to in ep1

Next episode will clear most mysteries and we'll get his poem.

Urobuchi said if there is an S2, it will be about Shou and Rin. So only then we'll get to know more about their backstories.

>removing doll rape scene


How many of these are subbed in English?

Thank you.

For other releases, just check here

Thanks again.

>In the interview he also said that he treasures his 3 underlings and doesn't allow them to wear masks like the others.
So those silly comics people made showing him preening Dreads' head like it's a doll or something might be accurate?

In the earlier episodes there was a scene where b210guy was caressing dreadlocks' cheeks. I say it's possible.

b210guy also teaches his henchmen all their wuxia tricks. But rarely do they get promoted because they tend to die so fast.

Best boss.

Ken will surpass his aniki becoming the real thing. The best kind of pottery.



This thread is full of chinks