Did they fug?

Did they fug?

>young couple in love
I don't even know what series this is but the answer is yes.

>I don't even know what series this is
This better be bait

dude, sailor moon, its a classic

Chobits. Great story.

>i don't even know what series this is

really nigga

Did you mean 'hug'? Well they are hugging right there in your picture silly user.

Come on. They look so adorable together that you just know they're secretly railing each other passionately in the middle school gym closet.

What happened with the new manga? I've never heard it again.

It has all its published chapters translated, but there isn't a lot to talk about yet except how fucking cute Sakura is.

I'm not sure but maybe Tsubasa chronicle?

One chapter per month

Syaoran Tsubasa says yes

I thought it was Tsubasa or something

The publishers of this post persuaded OP to use the euphemism "fug" in lieu of "fuck" in his Cred Forums.

OP's version of a subsequent incident follows:

The word has been a source of great embarrassment to me over the years because, you know, CLAMP's press agent, many years ago, got a story in the papers which went..."Oh, hello, you're OP," said CLAMP allegedly, "You're the young faggot that doesn't know how to spell..." You know, the four-letter word was indicated with all sorts of asterisks.

The only name I recognize is sailor moon, which I've never seen. I'm pretty sure it has somethign to do with a magical girl with blonde pig tails wearing a sailor's uniform but that's all I know about it. Those 2 character in are completely unrecognizable.

I wasn't born in the 80's. You can't expect me to know everything there is to know about an series that's on the cusp of being forgotten by society.

Immediately kill yourself or go back to wherever you came from I don't care which.


Lurk more for 2 years then.

like the rabbits

See now you're just throwing me for a loop.

If you had simply said "like rabbits" then it would be rabbits in general which would make sense.

However, you specified "the rabbits" which implies that we should know which rabbits you're referring to. It also implies that these specific rabbits are different from normal rabbits, else why would you need to specify?

In conclusion you are an agent of chaos and you seek to bring doubt and confusion to the world.

Too bad they died

Shut the fuck up, Cee lo green.


quality shitposting


They never got a chance to because one of them dies in a fucking car accident as a teenager.

You and your blatant, disrespectful lies can get the fuck outta here. Never talk to me or my wood card ever again.