Grand Blue Chapter 8.5 & 9

Drinking game edition.
>Helvetica confirmed for plot to purge Cred Forums of anons with good taste via alcohol poisoning.

This is a diving manga.

I'd rather not die so I think I'll skip out on this.

Stop shilling.

>starting a thread to discuss a manga is shilling
Trying way too hard.

You know what's funny? I've made the drinking game too. It's very severe and some drinks aren't tested, so it could be harmful. But check it anyway for corrections. Also, I liked yours as simple and easy to organize.

I'm a fairly seasoned drunk, but even I find Grand Blue mode intimidating.

That's why it's called so. Maybe its conditions should be divided as different game tasks submersions, not in a row.

Why is normie mode easier than easy mode?

Lost my shit when they attened to class dressed in the extra chapter

I want to protect this smile

What tasks exactly? Glass of pure whiskey isn't easier than a shot of gin sweetened by liqueur. Beer tasks?

Nudity and funny misunderstandings are way more frequent than me feeling embarassment, sex hair and the guys doing based shit.
But that varies from person to person I guess.
Also, I wouldn't survive half a chapter on any mode.

Nah I like the game the way it is. If I felt like being a pussy I would just drop down a level. I think to the other user's point a glass of whiskey tastes better than a shot of gin no matter what liqueur you mix it with. Maybe that's just my pallet though. I dislike dry tasting alcohol.

I didn't make the game. It was done by Helvetica and an user.
Holy shit, Grand Blue mode scares me. I have to try it.

Caught up. My idiots can't be this moronic, can they?

I have a question about the translation though. It irks me, that they use "school" every now and then. Like in school festival. I'm not a native speaker, so I'm not sure if it's normal to use "school" even for university activities.

No wonder they have troubles reproducing.

Wonder who are the others two girls

>way more frequent
Yeah, I'll think about it. I'll definitely change 'half a mug' for nudity to few sips.
>sex hair
It requires more heavy drink to complete.

>I didn't make the game. It was done by Helvetica and an user.
I've already got it when opened the new chapter.
By the way, the chap is great.

This shit looks like they're summoning their stands.

What are their names?

American here. We call any education center colloquially as school. We differentiate when trying to be more clear what level of school or if we're being formal. Another weird quirk we have is that college and university are interchangeable where as I's seen in other cultures a separating of the two by grade or types of post compulsory education.

>we're best friends now!

This is fucking gold. Anime when?


Soon maybe, it's selling quite good.

>Wanting cgisa to change her pure white panties for some slut ones

Iori is a retard and has bad taste

Btw good job user. Reading the game brought me smiles.
>and thirst

I swear I felt myself getting buzzed just READING that.

Wanna say he deserves all the shit happened to him? The manga follows this way because of comedy rule.

Grand Blue mode looks quite deadly.

>140:3 male to female ratio

Sounds engineering alright.

Too bad the few girls that do exist aren't cuties like Chisa.

I did IT-engineering for a year, which probably has the most females in engineering departments here and we had 3 females in a class of around 35.
It really brings a cringe inducing element when everyone tries to hit the same average looking girl. Then I switched to a degree with pretty much the polar opposite gender ratio and have no one to talk to since my hobbies are too autistic.

If Kouhei can do it, so can you, user.

Well, he will eventually.

I'm actually planning on degree hopping to a major with about equal gender ratio with the kind of demographic I can't stand.
Kill me

when i was in university my enginerring class had 100 odd guys and 3 girls
only one was cute. but she was super cute. had all the guys doing her work having a different guy take her out every week
hated her

>trip over yourselves and get turned into a beta orbiter for one girl instead of just dating someone outside your major
Are engineering majors all stupid?

>Tfw cs major

You can easily count the number of females in the classes with one hand. It's fucking sad

It's probably for the best, from my experience girls in these sort of majors have an overly inflated sense of self-worth, regardless of how ugly or good looking they are.

New girl isn't as cute as the other 3, but she's still fairly cute.
I wouldn't mind seeing her sandwiched by 2 of the giant barbarians

Who's that? Some otaku girl? VA to one of his anime?

She kinda reminds me of the "imaginary" girl from an early chapter

She's the sister to that famous VA they alluded to in one of the earlier chapters

What happened to that girl?
She was obviously thirsty.

Probably went to get some oolong tea.

She never existed in the first place. It was just his drunk dreaming.

Oh yeah.
Shit, I need to lay off the tea.

I wish my uni had less women, these drama queens ruin everything with their presence alone and drop average scores by like 15%

I'm studying sociology and the girls are surprisingly tolerable. But I'm taking a math class with business students and those are the kind of people which make me want to push a screwdriver through someone's skull.

new girl's a bit of a wimp


Cakey is olev

The casual nudity in this will never not be funny.
I mean, how is Iori and otakun fine with it even when not drunk? In front of girls and strangers?

They got used to it.

At this point, it's weirder to them to be drinking while clothed than not. Based bros.

One thing I like about Grand Blue is that Kouhei, as the bro character, isn't ignored by the females in the story. Very refreshing.

They're so used to it that it's just "The same as usual"

Well he's supposedly very good looking.

You'd be surprised what even the most awkward shut-ins can get used to when exposed to it enough.

Considering he got naked and wasted in the first 5 minutes of him coming to the club, I doubt Iori was too big of a shut-in before.

You don't have to tell me.
>thought co ed sauna and showering was no biggie when a teen
I didn't know how good I had it.

I'm just saying that even anti-social people like Kouhei (although he wasn't a shut-in, just a hardcore otaku) could get used to it, so it should be no problem for Iori.

Why do you have to remind me that everyone I know drinks responsibly now a days.

[Swimming Pools]
>Allows the stand user to turn water into grain alcohol and vice versa. The volume the stand is capable of converting is proportional to how inebriated the user is.


Can they convert all the water in the human body into alcohol then?

Yes, but remember that their ability to convert is based on how drunk they are. I'm guessing they'd have to be pretty shit faced to do it.

The crux is that to convert water inside a human body into alcohol they have to be so shitfaced that they're just about to pass out, but not quite passed out yet.
Even just a little too shitfaced and they're lights out.

I wouldn't want to fight them in the rain though.

>"Don't worry, the rain is just oolong tea."
>Kouhei pulls out a lighter

she is pretty good, but I think the other 3 girls are better-looking

This manga sure is a gold mine.

Chisa's faces are the best.

Chisa's insanely cute. And has a nice butt.

Very nice butt

An absolute gold mine.

I'd like to explore her gold mine if you catch my drift

more chisa butts

That chapter had an insane amount of Chisabutt.


a manga about diving into a sea of alcohol

Fun fact: in Russian language blue meann dark blue colour is also an euphemism to alcohol. 'Blue' is synonymous to vodka and 'to blue' means drink heavily on regular basis.

We have something similiar in german. The expression "blau sein" (to be blue) basically means to be drunk. I don't hear it very often anymore though.


>Iori is a retard

One of the grandest.

>has bad taste

False. He falls for Chisa. Excellent taste.

damn cock-blocking senpais

I'm amazed we haven't had a single dick joke yet.

How does Chisa feel about her future husbando's size?

That skirt hat looks good. Iori is very fashionable

Why DID sex-hair make Iori keep dating Chisa?

Because otherwise Chisa will be all on her own against all the college guys. This at least all of it is channeled to Iori instead.

>False. He falls for Chisa. Excellent taste.

Does he actually?

They're protecting Iori's mate, it's ok.

>I want to protect this smile
yeah, the smile of a devil girl

How do you even get a she-devil like Chisa to fall for you? Be a diving autist?

no, by beeing a drunk hentai

Nope, by being a drunk dumbfuck who also loves diving.

What the fuck is Iori doing right
>be degenerate, alcoholic nudist who tries to steal your clothes, decorates his room covered with pictures of you, and flips your skirt with bouncy balls on a stage in front of a huge audience, and afterwards ignores your efforts to help a cake with her issues
>still obviously her endgame anyway

Korean translations going on here

well, those actions are kinda funny and alpha, right?

thanks for the translation, but i won´t read it
not because of the qualitiy( which looked quite good) but because my waiting time for the next chapter would turn from 1week to 2weeks, which would be kinda frustrating

and i don´t know if it will be translated more often than weekly by some user on Cred Forums

be a decent looking raging alcoholic who has some interest in diving I guess