"Harem" series

>"Harem" series
>Only one girl wins in the end
Why so authors do this? What's the point of the other girls if they are going to get cucked in the end?
Every harem should end with a harem end. And not those shitty open end where literally nothing happens. I mean the one where MC fucks them all and they all agree to share him.
Fuck harem series where only one girl wins

It's not as if the author tags the series, you know.

And how do you know that?

Because the "tags" you see, is whatever is posted on bato.to or mangafox or whatever by the mods there.

I'm sure some authors intentionally classify their harem series as harem, even when only one girl wins.

Things are more "tense" and "dramatic" when you don't know which girl will win. At least that's what the writers think, because in the majority of cases it's incredibly obvious.

Read better harem

That's the thing, most "winners" you can see coming from miles away, there are no drama or tension.

And whoever wins it will create a shitstorm either way, in Japan especially.

It's honey for shippers too. Retards fighting for "their girl" to win is the bane of most fanbases.

Harem end only works in specific settings like in otherwise it's just straight up weird and unrealistic

Polygamy and romance never go hand in hand. Affection can, and should, only be given to one partner at a time.
Trying to romantize such an immature concept will only lead to a piss poor quality of story, even worse for a harem standard

Harems only look good in porn but in reality, it results to nothing more than wives competing for the father's affection and children who are guaranteed to be treated as tools/leverage for the unending cycle of jealousy and rivalry.

The real problem isn't the lack of the harem end, but adding unnecessary girls to a romance story.

>Retards fighting for "their girl" to win is the bane of most fanbases.
It's retarded for fanbases of non harem series/non romantic series, especially shounens.
I don't mind it for pure harem series though, since the girls are the focus for those types of shows

>adding unnecessary girls to a romance story
I agree with you.
Also I believe harem and romance are two completely different genres and don't hand to hand, but most people thinks otherwise

that i hate. There should be a tag ,,false harem'' because protag is a pussy and cant handle all of them.

the only anime series i know of that has the true harem ending is the tenchi series. Isekai is the king of the tag.


>Every harem should end with a harem end.
These don't please anybody you realize

>Also I believe harem and romance are two completely different genres and don't hand to hand
It can be done, but it requires a lot of work. You need a setting that makes harem something obvious and normal (unless you're aiming for School Days or Uwakoi route), keep the number of girls low, I'd say 3 to 5, and dedicate a lot of effort when developing both their respective romances and relationships with other harem members. Also of course your typical bland beta MC won't work.

That's clearly beyond manga writers that just make a Nice Guy protag and throw a dozen of girls at him. Even a well-executed normal romance is a rarity, so how could we expect someone to write several at the same time in one story.
And since the audience doesn't really care about the quality of their escapism material as long the girls are cute, who would even bother trying.

Hijacking thread, because I'm curious.

Aside from Saekano, are there any good harem series out there? Even Oregairu's just OK compared to Saekano, and Oreshura is meh.


I don't remember how it ended did he even show interest in the girls?
What you describe is the perfect harem series, too bad it literally does not exist.
I guess Shinmai can come kind of close

That's bad and all, but I think the protagonist fainting or freaking out at even the smallest sexual thing is much more offensive.

>how it ended
well the entire female population wanted his semen. Also the anime didnt cover the entire story, anime almost never cover the entire story.

There are komikets about how it continiues. They are still getting released so there is no end in sight. Would be nice having a translated novelseries about that. GXP has one with an equaly big harem but its not translated. And from recent komikets the GXP protag does marry and fuck all girls in his harem and has kids with them. Tenchi too. So its no different with isekai.

saldy gxp anime was nabeshin cancer

What's worse is that it's pretty much always worst girl who wins in the end.

Chitoge wasn't the worst girl in Nisekoi, although Tsugumi was clearly better IMO.

Megumi seems to be the girl who'll win in Saekano, and I'd argue she's the best among them.

>Chitoge wasn't the worst girl in Nisekoi
Nice bait.

I don't even think Nishino was a bad end in Ichigo 100%. She did the work, while Aya didn't. Same thing with Nisekoi. People rage, but it's not as if people change. Those who put the work in their relationships actually do better - which is realistic.

I wasn't baiting. In terms of character development, Chitoge was miles ahead of Onodera - and I don't even like them both. I preferred Tsugumi and Onodera's little sister, but they were shafted early on.

Saw Isekai. It was good, though I think Saekano's better. There's just something novel about Megumi.

Depends on how prevalent you want the harem to be.

What was the harem series where some guy goes to an island and is revered as the incarnation of a dragon God? He actually fucks all the women in that, as far as I can remember.

I like Saekano's. There's still focus on romance, but they have time to do stuff with their lives aside from chasing the protagonist's cock.

I actually liked Kimagure Orange Road, too.

You are correct.

Umi no Misaki

Nagasarete Airantou IIRC

>Nagasarete Airantou

Misread your post, I suck, answer still is Umi no Misaki though.

Hey, my bad, man. But guy was in a deserted island ... haha.

I'm going to read Umi no Misaki. Thanks.

Will watch Grisaia no Kajitsu soon. Hope I don't get disappointed.

To answer your question, real life is all about cucking and getting cucked. It's the build-up for marriage. Even marriage isn't a definitive solution, since you can get cucked anyway.

But fuck Toradora. Taiga is so SHIIIEEETTT

Well ZW is a supernatural mystery/action series first and romance somewhat second with it slowly building up until the end. The middle school girls have excellent taste though.

Best ZW protagonist

That's the intellectual village LN, right? It has no manga?

>Real life
But I watch harem for escapism

I like watching harem because I like to self-insert into the guy. But I also like definitive ends especially when done decently because I also like to think about life.

It's like a football match, people like to cheer for their waifu hoping she will beat the others

Harem set in a mundane setting with believable harem end coming through.

The trick is to have the girls be best friends with EACH OTHER.

That's a neat artstyle. Picked up

because harem ending is trash
harem series are trash
only one male protag is trash
finally that's settled, I feel better now

No adaptations whatsoever. At least Mahaya has a lot of art for it on his blog.