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>inb4 gappy makes me happy

Gappy makes me fappy

one of the few older characters to look decent in araki's new style


Gappy a shit

When will the next volume of the OST come out for part 4?

Post em

It's been cancelled and the anime itself delayed indefinitely.


Pretty damn good taste, your part 6 appreciation is brilliant. 9/10

I suggest when VA anime starts we switch all JoJo threads to GioGio until it ends.

Giorno was always extremely fabulous and Araki's current style is the most fabulous it's ever been so it makes sense.

Does anyone have the PV for today's ep?


Pretty good save for Part 3 being the lowest in so many categories, it's far from the best but I think it's still pretty underrated here.

Pretty good taste

I like that idea.

>handjob from Caesar-chan
>bubble launcher goes off

What the fuck Joshu?

Gappy me fait plaisir.

joshu is truly a genius.
He's #2 favourite character now.
Little motherfucker.

Literally can't find a flaw in your taste, unique as well as fucking great. 10/10.

t-thanks man, l-love you too

Thanks, you're the best

>all this Jolyne love
Why is she so perfect, lads?

Joshu hasn't learnt nothing from Milagro Man. He is still an annoying little shit.

Haha holy fuck Joshu is a legend. Kaato is actually pretty fucking hot from what we've seen in this chapter. Even though she's no doubt evil she deserves better children.

We don't' agree on absolutely everything, but this is really, really good all round taste, well done.

The only thing you are dead wrong on is The Sun, which is a fun unique stand that leads to an equally unique short battle. Real shitters are things like Wheel of Fortune as you point out, or Tower of Grey.

Do you know how character development works? People don't completely change and do 180s from experiences like that. It's planting the seeds for future development.

She has a fat ass but she's far from perfect. She's the only JoJo that lost.

>He finds Holy has been moved to a different room and is now strapped to her bed because nobody's been paying her hospital bills since August
Kyo what the fuck?

I just don't like the Stand, the fight itself was pretty entertaining for what it was. Didn't need an entire fucking episode of the anime though, but int the manga it's pretty good.

Well, not even jotaro managed to fuck pucci's pucci and he's (according to araki) the user of the most powerful stand.

No she didn't. She died but she got Emporio the disc which let him stop Pucci. Same shit as Jonathan but the payoff was quicker.

Kyo's a maid and also autistic, she probably doesn't know that they need to pay for nice rooms in hospitals. And if she did she couldn't afford ir.

I think it's a unique and interesting stand, it gets shat on for no reason, a lot more since the anime because they stretched 2 chapters to a full episode. There are plenty of stands that are not unique or interesting.

No idea. The one thing I DO know is that she's MINE.

>tfw no anons to ERP Jolyne with

She threw your ring, Annasui. Give up.

It was unique but I just couldn't bring myself to like it as much as the rest because it's just a ball of fire and doesn't really do anything. Even the shittiest of early SC Stands at least had basic mechanics or a cool design, which The Sun lacks. The way Araki implemented it was pretty cool I thought however, more than makes up for it being my least favourite actual Stand. It's all about context.

Even rat can defeat Pucci.

Jonathan got his head cut off and his body used to torment every other generation of Joestars, including Jolyne. Joseph won through blind luck and became nothing but a liability in later parts. Jolyne got further than either of them, and although she lost her life she didn't lose what they were fighting for. Pucci failed to complete his objective because of her sacrifice, that's more of a win than poor Jonathan got.

So we can all agree that;

Emporio > Pucci > a rat > Jotaro > DIO

is the official top tier powerlisting in the original series, right?

>he says he's she's his mom

>tfw Jonathan's fate happened because he was too nice
Imagine the poor fuck if he were living in this year and age

What else can Echoes 3 do besides 3 Freeze? What else rhymes with 3?

My name isn't Annasui it's Wea- um, Heather Rapport, and I'm going to marry her. She reminds me of my sister.

Emporio nearly got electrocuted due to Jailhouse Lock, and pissed blood when Rykiel attacked him
Miu Miu > Rods lmao > Emporio > Pucci > a rat > Jotaro > DIO

Miu Miu > Emporio > Pucci > Shigechi > Josuke > Ratt > Jotaro > Dio > Jonathan

>Jonathan being nice as fuck


Talk nigga.

Three Flee: Joestar secret technique

That's the only thing he can do. Koichi's peak of potential and development was to make one very specific and unfunny pun become real. It was the ultimate goal of his prior abilities and what they were attempting to achieve.


Echos Act 3 can reduce the price of all objects to zero.


That sounds like a pretty undignified ability.

Pretty sure Jonathan died because he got very unlucky and was caught completely by surprise, not because of any personality-flaw.

Honestly, if he were living in this day and age I bet that whatever part he was in would be more similar to DIU in tone, with the vast majority of stand-users being beaten into friendship rather than killed off or hospitalized for the rest of the series.

>Koichi's ultimate ability is making a terrible dad joke

Truly a man with no dignity

Pretty unorthodox though there isn't necessarily anything wrong with it. You seem like a cool guy.

>Favorite animal
Rude, and here I was thinking you were cool

>is making a terrible dad joke

3 Bees. He send a swarm of angry bees to the target.

Koichi really steals, and Joshuu really undresses his mom and asks to suck on her tits

I think Araki meant to include more rhymes and abilities for Act 3 but he forgot.

Well then

Fuck that piece of driftwood Gappy, Joshuu is the real hero of this story

Jotaro with a personality and tits. Also Spider Woman

>favorite animal
>least favorite villain

Jolyne turned me gay


joshu is now my #2
he's the real hero.
and also, gappy makes me happy too

Three Blitz

>3 mes - creates two clones of koichi
>3 reads - causes three people to think differently about the same situation - three readings of one scenario
>3 feet - trips up one target.

and my personal favorite, >3 cheese
don't know who originally posted it but god bless you.

Rank each part in terms of the quality of the music referenced.
Part 4 > Part 1 > Part 5 > Part 7 > Part 6 > Part 8 > Part 3 > Part 2

4 > 8 > 6 > 3 > 5 > 1 > 7 > 2

>3 cheese
Enlighten me, user

it was just that, just "ECHOES SURI CHIZU" with a bag of kraft three cheese as pic related. gave me a chuckle

Turns anything it touches into cheese. Imagine Act 3 in the hands of a language professor instead of a retarded 1st year high school kid

bretty good
I was thinking along the lines of exploiting the shit out of a situation it, or 'cheesing' it. Then again, that's more or less the average stand fight

Episode when?

1 hour 29 minutes

We Jolyne now lads

She has huge knockers


>Jolyne with cowtits

I've really been putting off reading part 8 partly because of Joshuu, do you think its worth me catching up now?




Why does he put you off enough to not read the Part? It's great and always worth catching up on. It's the only Part that hasn't had any real quality dips and has only been getting better as it goes along. Whether the final payoff on all the mystery is worth it remains to be seen, but what we've got is great so far.

Fucking perfect! I'll get back on it tonight!

Also Joshuu has the best EoH theme and I hate it

Sorry to hurt your feelings but I can't think of politician as a human, as you may have noticed from my unfavorite villain.

>hurr durr Saint Corpse chose me I'm fucking messiah
>*tries to rape 14yo girl*
>hurr durr I am glorious patriot and man of a word
>Hey Johnny don't kill meAHAHA I HAVE A GUN
>*gives Saint Corpse to edgy dinosaur asshole just because he got offended by a cripple*
All this confusing mix of shit he's doing made me feel like he tried to jump above his head, made unnecessarily many enemies, spilled all spaghetti and got deservedly roasted just because of himself.


You've fallen under the effect of my Stand ONE MORE RED NIGHTMARE

does jolyne wear boxers or panties?

Oh fuck that's a good one.

Boxers, she trying to channel her daddy issues

She doesn't wear anything down there.

my dick just collapsed on itself

nice watch you got there

canonically she wear panties

This is a lot better

Old man in a polaroid today

That's the true power of my Stand. I can create images that cause men's dicks to collapse. View one too many of my images and you're dick will become so small and dense it forms a black hole.

old man get beaten up by a group of teenager

>jolyne got fucked untill she was unconscious and then drawn on with a sharpie


Giorny makes me horny

>tfw Jojo AND Thunderbolt Fantasy friday

Why jojo's has some sick ass ideas?

>Overprotective dad that comes back from the dead to watch over his beloved son.
Even tho his son is a serial killer.

My stand
Dr Dick,
Can repair genitalia and and create dicks on people through punches

Found it

I hope you have more than two hands then, I can crank out shit porn faster than Star Platinum can punch.

old man flies off on a crow after teenagers and a fish fucker invade his house

So you're just dog welder but with cocks?

Name a single character as aesthetic and cute as Josuke.

His stand cry is WANKAWANKAWANKA

Polnareff makes my pole erect

Araki likes to put the Bizarre in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
If you haven't read part 5 I recomend it, its got the sickest stand concepts.



Stream is in about 1h30 right ?

Oyecomova makes me oh yeah cum all over

1 hour 7 minutes

Killer Queen is the most beautiful stand in all of JoJo, just look at that creepy yet cute cat person


He's got the aesthetic down but his cuteness can't compare.

only time I've ever laughed at one of these

[Spoiler]Ringo wouldve been the better as the secondary main villian of SBR instead of diego [/spoiler]

that's not jolyne's body. delete this you degenerate

>have a explosion based stand stronger than killer queen
>get beaten super quick

goddamnit araki

Ctrl + S for spoilers
Ringo a shit


why does Johnny and Gyro so cautious of Diego even before 「Scary Monsters」?

why does you type so 「retarded」?

Because he's a shady motherfucker

>1 hour untill papa phantom

Downloaded 3ds max. ran NKC through its 3d to sprite converter. What do you guys think?

>yfw vento aureo doesn't get an adaptation because King Crimson is too confusing

Because Johnny said he knows from experience in the horseriding world that Diego is a vicious and ruthless cunt and that it's best to just ignore him completely. Also it was meta and araki trying to make us think Diego would be the main villain like Dio was and that he was gonna be a bad guy again. He did the same thing in Part 8 with introducing Josuke as actually being Kira to make us think WHAT THE FUCK WHY IS HE KIRA

wow 「rude」

Absolute Dog shit.

Literally only English and Spanish readers don't understand King Crimson because of the translations.

then explain it to me in italian.

Why does nobody ever talk about sugar mountain?

I'm sure 11s understand how KC works more than us.
Looks good

Pure Trash.

I don't know Italian.

People who over-hype it like you are the reason he's putting it off.

She's cute.

make a render from the side to prove you made this.

Because she's shit.

I'm pretty sure he's putting it off because of Joshu
She looks ugly

Maybe my favourite arc in all Jojo
>comfy snow scene at the beginning
>lots of humor
>that fucking amazing fight at the casino
>that end with Johnny and Gyro drinking in the street

All I said was that it's been really consistent and getting better, I specifically tried not to overhype it. People end up hating 7 because it's so overhyped.

Part 7 weren't that bad too

i'm leaving this here for five minutes. don't touch him. dont fucking touch him

is king crimson being hard to understand just a meme?


Fuck off


It wasn't as consistent as 8 and it wasn't as good to read monthly. It's great to read at your own pace now that it's finished though.

Explain it.

Even worse. fuck off

Yes and no.

gay baby

How do you think he would have acted in part 7? Do you think he'd get into finding and accepting the lord and savior jesus christ into his tender interior cavities?

she leads to one of the saddest moments in SBR
>this vine bottle

He erases time.

Nothing in that post sounded like overhyping, it sounded pretty level to me. Are you sure that's the reason user?

He would be silver bullet

Epitaph shows Diavolo what's fated to happen in exactly 10 seconds. King Crimson can make time jump forward by up to 10 seconds. The results of what would have happened in that skipped time remain. So let's say you were fated to stub your toe while walking down the street, only for Diavolo to skip the time that occurred in. When time jumps forward all of a sudden you'll be lying on the ground with a sore toe and no memory of how you got there since the time in which you stubbed your toe and fell was skipped. However, while everyone else just jumps forward in time and has the results remain, Diavolo gets to move around in the time that was skipped. In this timeless world, nothing but Diavolo exists since that time was literally removed from the timeline. He sees how everyone else was going to move in the skipped time as projections around him, and he can move however he likes completely free from what Epitaph forecasted. So when his timeless world catches up to where the skipped time landed, everyone will be where they were predicted to be according to Epitaph except for Diavolo, who got to move differently. To everyone else it seems like just teleporting randomly since only Diavolo gets to change his actions in the skipped time and is the only one to remember it (since he's the only thing that existed in that skipped time). Additionally, while Diavolo is immune to results that affect him in the skipped time, his own actions against others that would have occurred in that time still remain. So if Epitaph forecasted that he would punch you in the face and then you would punch him in the face, he can skip that time and go do something else. So from your perspective you'd just get a sore face for no reason out of nowhere while Diavolo is off kicking small animals or something.

he fast forwards time but the cause of stuff is erased but the effect still stays because fate

you mean if pucci was there? he would have helped diego reaching his goal probably


Prove it

Looking good, I thought you died though Arcadefag?

>Joshu literally demands to suck on his own mom's "fat tits"
I love him so much

>It's great to read at your own pace now that it's finished though.

I agree, actually.

Read the manga


use your stand right now

>arcadefag is making a fan game for us to enjoy
>peoples tell him to kill himself
i find it harder to defend this fanbase with each passing day

44 minutes

Everybody lost that fight.
Honestly, it would have been worse if they somehow managed to win that fight as is.

I was expecting Jolyne to suddenly develop "string theory" as a power.

Dubs of truth, this is literally why we can't have nice things.

I left for a few weeks. im back on track now.

Ignore them

Keep up the good work senpai, looking forward to the demo someday. Hope everything's been going fine for you.

its a shit poster. dont get mad at the community.

> one thing you'd change about your favorite part
> one thing you'd change about your least favorite part

I read the manga in Japanese. I don't have to prove shit to a pirate like you.

>> one thing you'd change about your favorite part

> one thing you'd change about your least favorite part

Yes but I don't know why you're talking about her front door.

>Steel Ball Run: Give Sandman more screentime so his defeat and sudden turning were brought up better, also give Hot Pants a better death.

>Phantom Blood
Give the supporting cast more time, have the part start with Stands from the getgo.


>People end up hating 7 because it's so overhyped.

Well the part 7, either you like it or you dislike it. However, I often see people talking about this part a lot...

>No AU Diego

>More Jonathan in SDC


>Diamond is Unbreakable
More character deaths

>Phantom Blood
Give Jonathan an actual personality

what time does horriblesubs usually have the new episode up?

Around 12:30-40 EDT

reminder to report streaming mama when he show up

> one thing you'd change about your favorite part
FF has her stand naturally so she can exist in the reset universe.

> one thing you'd change about your least favorite part
Give it better anime without wasting 20 minutes on 5 sec timestop and hovering burning Dio and Jotaro.

>Stone Ocean needs more funny interaction between the characters

>Lisa Lisa, Caesar and Stroheim need more fights

Is user goin to stream again ?

thanx senpai

Whats everyone's least favourite color palettes?

Mines ASB Avdol

EOH Gyro

Seriously, what the fuck

>you will never strap johnny to an operating table, gently assuring him it'll be okay as you take your saw to his skull
>you will never gently remove 40% of the mass of his prefrontal lobe, watching in delight as he slowly loses himself as you carve away his higher brain functions
>you will never bathe him and flip him daily to prevent bedsores as he is in recovery
>you'll never see the childish wonder in his eyes when he awakes, essentially an easily stimulated doll for you to play with
>you'll never teach him how to drink from a bottle, or gently spoon mushed up food you chewed yourself into his mouth to feed him
>you'll never tuck him into bed, gently stroking all over his body as he murmurs and falls asleep
>he'll never inquisitively suck on your rock hard cock, licking up precum greedily as a tasty snack and gripping your shaft like a lollipop
>you'll never fuck his ass raw as he sobs into the pillow before putting talcum powder all over it as a punishment for when he's naughty
>you'll never greedily slurp up his drool every morning to wake him up, suckling his cheeks for the sweet nectar
>he'll never call you daddy in his slurred, barely coherent voice as his feebled mind tries to process who you are despite lacking long term memory

i wish i were dead

Green Killer Queen
Fugo, i hate fugo.

>without wasting 20 minutes on 5 sec timestop
A lot of dialogue would be skipped
>and hovering burning Dio and Jotaro
They were floating in the manga.
I wish you were dead too

Orange Gappy looks like shit

I wish you were too

I never understood Kakyoin's green school uniform even in «natural» colors.

no che non funziona brutto schizofrenico

What is this?

Some cuck.ignore him.

>Hears King Crimson
>My mind only sees a drugdealer boss from the mafia angry af

I can't hear music without seeing all the jojo references

Nut King Call


wait is neetball not the jojo stream, i'm getting all these fuckin streams mixed up

Hello Cred Forums, tell me, how goes you attempt to "stick it to da wymen?"


Part 6: Dio's plan was really just a setup to prep a stand to consume a meteorite made of the same material as the arrows. Everything else is the same, minus green baby being cut.

Part 1: Make the villains besides Dio not utter trash so you aren't stuck with shit enemies for 1/3rd of its length

mate i was annoyed by cuck as an insult too but then i realized it was replacing 'faggot' and i'm fine by it now

Even my shitty recolors are better than ASBvdol

>Moody Blues
>Is pink

Actual best ASB theme, this shit is my jam.

Ah Fusion fag! Can you make...Notorious D4C please? I would appreciate it if you did.

Anime Jotaro and orange Gappy

Hey guys! I just finished Part 1 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Does it get better after the first part? I've heard something about stands or something?

Kira dies you double nigger

Yes it gets better with each Part.

kaykoin dies

no shit man, he's the main villain
bad bait

I made this .text to put all the request so i didn't forget almost all the edits i should be doing.
my pc is in spanish.

Dio dies




anybody would lose if they had fucking string for a stand

What's the point of that fusion shit? I'm sure you just think of two random stands when posting that. All the "pls fusion fag do this" posts feel the same.


oh so you're actually making white queen. i am pleased
i just found out there's actually a queen song with that name

Where did rabbit steam bro go



Dio lives. Jotaro can stop time, Ceaser dies


In manga that felt like they are in middle of jumps during sweaty combat, not like they are just autistically float and talk. And if tons of dialogues appear on one frame of manga that doesn't mean that the only action occurred during that was a single punch depicted on that frame.

>What's the point of that fusion shit?
It's FUN

There's a friend sleeping in my basement so i can't work how i'm used to
maybe this weekend i work in the edits from this board, reply with request if you want and i'll wrote the details in the .txt
I still think my english is broken af and i'm not sure if the people here understand what i want to say

double doubles don't lie.

>part 7
Tidy up the end so it doesn't feel like it drags on so long. It really feels like they could have done the ending without it seeming to want to stretch itself forever

>part 4
I like part 4 a lot but it doesn't have any tension till kira starts playing a part. Red hot chilli pepper being on the loose just didn't feel scary. The space between keichi dying and kira showing up just felt like drifting.

With all these chapter leaks, are we gonna have the chapter early this month?

What's your favorite thing that Araki forgot?

Who's best girl and why is it Foo Fighters?

not my favorite but probably the first case of "araki forgot"


>Dio's birthmark
>Giorno didn't have the joestar and the Dio's birthmark
wasted potential.

Nope, these spoilers happen all the time.

FF is second best.

Any French here ? I would like to know if this is true Jojolion will come out in November

I thought those were ear rings holes at first

>Giorno didn't have the joestar and the Dio's birthmark
David will deliver


david didnt forgot however

>Il ne lis pas les scans

F.F best JoJo





I don't recall ever seeing a full plot summary of a chapter days before it coming out

Oui c'est vrai, Tonkam l'as annoncé l'année dernière déjà et l'as confirmé en mars de cette année je crois. Ils vont finir la partie 7 et le mois d'après Jojolion 1 sort, en tadem avec la suite de la partie 4.


He's reaching for「 HEAVEN」, I'll stop him, don't worry.

A couple pages are leaked every month before the chapter releases, and a japanon gives a summary of the spoilers.


oh yes yes... baguette polnareff turtle to you too!




Check the pastebin.

Ok merci !

trips confirms Giorno with Dio's birthmark

what if giorno has them in the anime

Omelette du fromage le baguette hon hon hon

i would gladly accept this addition


*La baguette

The OVA in general

>That sound effect when they hit the wall
Thats someone blowing air out of their mouth, what the hell



Vento Aureo
>Give Diavolo a proper fight, where the crew has to outsmart him using their powers to defeat him or at least get the arrow from him.

Phantom Blood
>Another fight between them defeating Tarkus and fighting Dio that isn't pathetic (see: Doobie), which involves the monks and develops their character.
In the anime: Wang Chan fight isn't cut out.

Post a joke-taro. I'll start. What did the fish say after he paid bail? I'm off the hook.

There is no stream. Wait for the download.



I forgot this guys name?

There is no stream in the pastebin, dumby.

>they skipped that panel with Shinobu having her legs spread open

baka David



Called I'm not my Dad being on this episode. That means RPS kid is one episode



It's just ended.




>RPS Kid is one episode
>They fitted the Kosaku reveal chapter in this ep
Someone edit the episode list.



yess, rohan bullies an elementary schooler is next

So that was, what, 6 chapters? Good lord.

Damn Kosaku had some good bod'

He sure works out.

Anyone else really happy about that. Personally i hope I am Alien gets 2 episodes (With Highway Star Part 1-3 stuck on the end of I am Alien Part 2). Will Stray Cats get 1 or 2?

They skipped lots of things in the Kosaku parts, jesus fucking christ that last chapter with Kosaku using Killer Queen to get the landlord's money was super rushed.

its 4 chapters of course it was gonna be one episode

I wish they didn't short the safe scene and just cut the ending.

I think they did a good job this episode.
>Shinobu looks fucking waifu-tier
>Kosaku looks good

Trips confirm this ass is fucking beautiful. SHinobu is so lucky...

Cinderella was 6 Chapters. I don't see a problem with them doing 6 Chapter Episodes

Any good Shinobu screenshot?

6 chapters.

fwiw the very first thing GioGio is shown doing involves fuckery with his ear

>It's also a remix of the old one

God that episode was fucking awful.

Super rushed and felt disjointed. They really should've planned for more than 39 episodes.

Nah RPS Kid being 1 episode is a good thing.

And Cinderella was really rushed.

just walk away


There never was a stream, dumbass.

Even more anime inspiration for my quest to get fucking JACKED.


I'm okay with this.

Who the hell cares about Cinderella


Half of the chapter was kira slowly turing around. The other one was he slowly approaching a safe.

Didn't really feel like it, they just cut some of Aya's monologoues and the car scene, plus it had some REALLY nice art as well.

RPS kid has a fuck ton of dialogue. Im an Alien too.

the ending never change in this part.

I can't wait for the shower scene with Hayato

This is how the entire third cour will be like.
>redhead shinobu


Misunderstood me.
I meant the ED of the episode the safe scene could of being longer.

Good point - i guess the argument goes - would you rather have two episodes where the budget is less for each episode but gives more time to each arc or would you rather have one episode with a larger budget that's more rushed

I'd rather have this episode be more rushed so the final arcs aren't.


His muscles are just really defined.

>I'm a man of loash
What did he mean by this ?

I hope they make the towel bigger

dialogue are quite fast to put when you actually say them compared to reading them on paper , cause you can get rid of some exposition dialogues and show it animated instead of having characters explain it

I still think RPS Kid as One Episode is a good thing. My guess is they will cut AHF's scene or make it much shorter

This calls for a little sexy dad, oh and some old hag with bow.

Was the new OP in this episode?

Guys, I'm not even memeing around when I say I had a full erection every time Shinobu was on screen.
Why is she so perfect?

She ready for it.

>Was the new OP in this episode?
Episode 26 at the earliest



Why did Kira have to die?
Why couldn't they just live a normal quiet life together?

why is she so perfect?

New OP is September 30th IIRC

>Was the new OP in this episode?
No, wait 2 weeks

I have a feeling RPS Kid won't have an OP but I am an Alien Part 1 will

nope, this episode had no OP. We are likely to get it next week

Would you be an satisfying husband for her?



We're still in episode 25
New cour doesn't start until episode 27, and we probably won't get the OP until episode 28

Her frumpy look is really giving me, pardon me for saying this, a boner.

someone pull that stupid sexy Kosaku Kira off the site


>at least get the arrow from him.
But that's exactly what happened?

The fuck are you talking about?


>Gorgeous despite her frumpy, disheveled look
>Sweet when in love
>Red head

Stream is never put in the pastebin as it is generally frowned upon for widely spreading the stream links
Why is Killer Queen half-faded?


I like his suit.


The look of a man who got away with it all and got a smoking hot red head in the process


I only had a full erection for one of the scenes she was in.


Didn't he end Milagro Man by forcing the other guy to suffer again? Hardly a gentleman.

Jotaro looks 10x less retarded than he did in his concept art, chill out.

>mfw some people thought Koyama will voice Kosaku Kira

Man, Shinobu's so hot. I wish I could strangle her.

>Durability : A
>Die from one explosion


I'm just glad it looks better most of the time in the show. Its design is so weirdly inconsistent though.

Anything is guaranteed to get blasted with Killer Queen's bomb

>you will never choke Shinobu almost to death while looking her in the eyes and see that her expression conveys only love and arousal

>Random kira bomb defeats an A-tier stand in durability

Too perfect


I get it. Super secret club, ay? Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Just tell all those newfags off. We don't actually hate newfags, we just don't want them getting in on a piece of this super secret delicious pie. Ay? Wink wink, nudge nudge.

No dipshit, more people in the stream makes it lag.

More like the stream will get banned and then nobody can watch it

If too many people join the stream the streams lag to the point where they're unbearable to watch.

just find the channel it's on and find a stream for it god damn

Your retarded ignorance on why people do not share stream links just shows how new you are.

Too many people in the stream = it lags, ends up unwatchable
wrong person finds out about the stream = It gets taken down.

That's why

It wasn't just a random bomb, it was a Killer Queen infused Stray Cat air bullet, the air bullet itself was the bomb, and Kira's dad was caught inside the bubble. We know that Kira's bombs, if they come in contact with you, completely erase you, so durability doesn't matter.

Are they will add op/ed for episodes without them in BD?

Damn, if Shinobu looks like this, I cant imagine how HOT Trish will look in VA next year.

Fuck off

Could Killer Queen blow up Sheer Heart Attack

and thats just trashy looking shinobu , imagine how hot she will be when she have her hair nicely done when we see her later


Could froggshitters fuck off?



that will blow up Kira's hand but maybe yes
Kira can't ignore durability but his bombs are atomic/molecular level soy if you aren't insanely strong with hax durability doesn't matter.

Trish is already top tier.

Then Stone Ocean will blow everyones minds. QT overload.


What about my post implied I didn't know that? It's secret for a reason.

Abosulte Crap. worst sprite i have ever seen fuck you. i got eye cancer because of this spirte. KYS

Jotards why do you have two threads?

>We will get to see gwess, F.F. Hermes and every other Prison bitch in animated glory
>We will see Weza repoto in his glory
>We will see Anasui and his sadistic ways
>We can finally say, Gay priest is here now

What does baito za dusto actually do in EOH ?

i cant wait for QT Gwess

Wtf? They would barely actually show third op.

OP is a idiot that didn't put "JoJo" in the subject.

Mostly the same it does in ASB. It resets the clock, health, meters and posistions back to how they were at the start. It essentially resets the fight.

Though I think ASB actually made it more accurate in that it only resets back so far.

Episode is up for the Spanish who don't mind to stream:

they will probably add her later when she have more screentime

> >We will see Anasui and his sadistic ways
You mean Anastasia?

Gyro > FF > Kak > Caesar > Shigechi > Zeppeli > that guy in part 5

The entirety of it, user.
This is exactly how frustrated people who don't come here often and can't find stream links act. 'wink wink' included.

>Narc Anastasia
>Weather Forecast

it definitely looks like a 3d model converted into a sprite, but i don't think that's a bad thing

JoJo is there you idiot.

>DIO is rapresented as a villain and an asshole in every jojo part

Well that makes sense him being the star villain, i mean almost all the parts were a result of his actions

Is this bait?

>GioGio thread
No it isn't.

720 is UP

720p IS UP!!!

meant to respond to :


GioGIo can be read as JoJo.

Well I did know, so I don't know what to tell ya, bub. Maybe it's because I'm usually pretty irreverent. I wasn't overtly respectful of the reason so you figured I didn't know the reason.

i would love to be her pet

Not when you search it in the catalog
>Bruno under Caesar, Kakyoin, and Shigechi
Gee I don't know

It's protection from shitposters.

What website? It's not on nyaa

But all the shitposters from the previous thread were linked to this one.

I was actually talking about Abacchio or however the fuck his name is spelled

Araki's girls are so perfect. Neither 3DPD nor lipless noseless animes give me 「BONER」 anymore.

i dont know user , seem way too risky for me

I Sorta wished Jolyne staged a full scale Breakout so people like gwess would come with her or get more screen time.

Abbacchio did a fuck ton. Just because he wasn't in that many fights didn't mean he didn't help.

I'd argue he helped as much as Giorno did.

Right here, can't wait for the Rohan Zone to begin next week

The men are identical. Which is why they are perfect too.

Why isn't it called JoJoléon? Isn't that how ジョジョリオン is pronounced?

They showed Kira cooking but not him serving the dinner both for himself and Shinobu

Pronounce "lion" like you would in "Evangelion"

He did, I'm just not a fan of his character

They did.

It's like Evangelion


>Puxci caused the first impact


>Service area ahead
Yes pls

70% of the jojo porn is from her

>She never grew up to work for the Speedwagon Foundation

I'd let her service a head alright.
Just joking. She is a child. That isn't cool.

>Kira, a murderous sociopath, made the Kosaku household better and happier
I wished he could've just stayed undercover

Is Araki redpilled?

So a video I was watching mentioned people made fan art of Jonathan watching stand battles. Despite my googling I can't seem to find any. Does anyone here have any?

Gappy makes me happy


Oh no

Is Shinobu voiced by Sawashiro??

>best girl already has the best voice actress in ASB
>best girls with best voice in animated glory with all her tons of dialogues
>「BONER」 on all possible levels

>6 chapters in one episode twice in a row
>Fucking up RPS Kid

This really wasn't a part fit for 39 episodes, it's probably the longest too, along with part 7

Kek, episode was rushed and cheap as fuck.

Sasuga David


Looks like it, does that mean HanaKana will voice Jolyne?

>Gyro > FF
Opinion discarded instantly.

Thank you

>yfw RPS Kid is QUALITY

But Jonathan has Hermit Purple just like Joseph.

Who's Shinobu VA actually ?
Is it me or she sounds like Jolyne's VA.

I swear to fucking god if David fucked up this bad

Damn Jotaro wasn't this funny in SDC, was he?

better that than kira

Its her. I'd know that voice anywhere.

Honestly AHF was kinda a boring arc with some unessecary fluff so making it fast paced was a good thing but it was a little on the fast side

I thought it was Kosaku who locked the cat outside and Kira just got blamed for it

3 Breeze

Sooo rushed...

It's implied in the oingo boingo arc that he does stupid shit offscreen to impress the crew, like the cigarette trick. Also

Are we still doing these?
R8 my taste pls


The last scene was rushed very badly, they should have leave the ending song out in this episode

3 Gobacktoact2please

I think the durability refers to the fact that the stand persist even after the user died.

If Jotaro has such powerful mental energy for his stand because of his severe autism, what does that mean about Dio?

>Check out this man-dog I created.
>Why are you walking down the stairs, Polnareff? It must be because u scared.
Oh, right.

I mean, its a whole part away. They could just use her again.

But its unlikely given their track record

Since RPS Kid is one episode i am pretty sure I am Alien Part 1 will have the new OP and have Kira Wants a New Life Part 2

It's not Sawashiro

It's sweet in a way

It's Shimamura Yu

Are you sure? It sounds just like her

So is Joseph going to do anything this part or did they just bring him back just to shit on him, again.

yoshihiro is objectively the best father in all of jojo

No, it's Yuu Shimamura.

Wow shes a total dead ringer then. I honestly wouldn't have known.

The only thing he does in the rest of the part/series is hold Shizuka and get his wallet stolen by Josuke.


Which is really fucking sad if you think about it.

That's Bruno's father. Yoshihiro a shit.

Crisis averted then.

They'll still get a new VA for Jolyne anyway. Inevitable.

Annie from SNK?

Thats not much of a competition tho

God Part 4 is fucking awful. Is it almost over? This and 5 are the only parts I haven't read yet.

16 episodes left



David surely knows how to draw handsome men...

You know what really bothers me about Part 4?

How come Okuyasu only had like, three fights in the entire thing and he fucking lost each one?

Jotaros face is destined to be split in two at every single opportunity.

Thank God.

Yes and no. I watched Parts 1,2,3. Then I read Parts 6 & 7 and some of 8. I skipped 4 & 5 since people said it was filler and doesn't really affect the plot outside of their parts so I'm just watching the anime but God Part 4 is the worst part, almost as bad as Part 1.

Because he's a shit, poorly thought out character

>I skipped 4 & 5 since people said it was filler

Why would you listen to them
you moron

God you're the super retard

Not only were those fights very early in the part, but he never gets a solo arc like every other supporting ally. Fucking Koichi gets like 10.

Read the manga. David has been rushing some of these episodes and usually skips dialogue in every episode to save time.

That bothered me too. I mean, a chapter about Okuyasu tending to his father or something would have been nice.

This is really disturbing since we are at the point where you can't even if it's a bait or not.

My biggest issue is that these aren't even fights it's just "Oh this guy's power inconvenienced me from doing mundane thing."

It also took WAAAAY too long to get to the main antagonist and his power is fucking boring. We go from Dio's timestop to creepy bomb dude. No thanks.

I hope Part 5 is way better. I don't know anything except it's Jonathan's son so hopefully a Hamon stand?

if it's time shit that you want, then just give it a few weeks

Wait until he gets Bites the dust + Stray Cat.
Also, Sheer Heart Attack is fucking coo.


Crunchy you filthy fucking hacks
You're supposed to be translators


You infuriate me on so many levels.

I thought Sheer Heart Attack, while a cool fight was also very bullshit. He just has a 2nd stand out of nowhere? Ok.

And why didn't he send it after Shigechi instead of risking someone finding him.

You're a funny guy.

They really shouldn't have added the Kosaku reveal this episode, should have made RPS kid 2 episodes, so they could add the Kosaku stuff at the end of the second one.

SHA is a bomb, not a stand.

he had to retrieve the hand you fucknut

He's Dio's son

I'm happy that my country is getting an official translation subs every friday via multicast streaming, because the translation is a lot better compared to the Crunchy subs... (The stand names are still fucked tho)

RPS Kid is the worst character, get him out of the fucking way

>reading JoJolion with any parts skipped
You are really retarded. Skipfags are even worse than animeonlys. Each part is unique and it depends only on your taste which one you find good or bad.

>I skipped 4 & 5 since people said it was filler and doesn't really affect the plot outside of their parts
>Part 8 is mostly build on references to Part 4
>nobody knows how the next part will be affected by older ones

He can't send SHA after Shigechi, it's an automatic ability that seeks heat, a lot of students would die before Shigechi

It's not a second stand, but Killer Queen's second bomb, like, not only can he blow shit up by touching it, but he can deploy it from his left hand.

Also, he didn't send it after Shigechi because it seeks only heat, it really isn't conscious and Kira himself has no way of controlling it because it's not really a stand, it's just a toy tank that Killer Queen has. If he send it after Shigechi escaped it could have gone somewhere else, could have blown up someone else, and attracted unwanted attention.

They explain it in the second part, his left hand releases SHA, his right hand turns everything into a bomb, his third bomb is a tiny version of the KIller Queen that leaves him defenseless.

Yeah, release a heat seeking bomb into the school with hopes that after ~30 people it will eventually find him, maybe, who knows, he has no way of controlling it.

You can't be that retarded, do you? Who am I kidding, you did skip parts after all

I don't care about him, but the fight was fucking nuts.

I didnt ever liked okuyasu in the manga.
But in the anime hes so dumb and sweet its like magic.

Thank you david.


Jojo can make any gambling game giga intense and incredible.


>Oh no that ghost guy is getting away using a bird
>za hando
>oh we got him nevermind


>It also took WAAAAY too long to get to the main antagonist and his power is fucking boring. We go from Dio's timestop to creepy bomb dude. No thanks.
Okay, animeonly faggot who judges the whole arc without even getting to final fight, you succeeded. I have a butthurt now. You gave me a 「BUTTHURT」. Are you satisfied? Can you stop doing this now?

>his fucking hat

You are a great person ! (I tell you something sweet because every people who replied to your post were really mean. )

Actually, it kind of is a Hamon stand.
Hell, sometimes it's as broken as hamon too!
And just as consistent too, at least when comparing the first few arcs to the rest of the part