Danganronpa 3

Don't watch this anime

It is sure to leave you in despair

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I have one more power

The power.

To Mind Hack

Have the juzoboys killed themselves yet?


Yeah with how shit it is.

Chiaki's death was forced as fuck. The only weight it add was seeing a sympathetic character limping for 10 minutes and then moaning and sighing loudly. It was downright annoying.

2-5 had a much better execution that didn't feel obscene and there just to get make her feel pity.
Seriously despair 10 was the least elegant way to make us feel empathy with a character. Story telling lvl holocaust movie

>Mastermind isn't Chisa
>Or Junko
>Or Chiaki
>Mastermind is an Old Man who is actually Asahina's younger brother who was sent 100 years in the past when his bracelet activated in Towa City

>He was with Naegi but offscreen

You're sounding alot like a man in black cape that carries a wicked long sword.

What's the point of Junko's corpse being taken apart and implanted on the other members?

Kodacuckboyz stay strong!
I-It's just a comedy, they can't keep making fun of Cred Forumspologists.

Why would we?

>the mastermind was always there
>you just couldn't see him because of the CAMERA ANGLES


>Chiaki's torso got pierced like at least 3 times, completely through
>She is still alive and has conscious even after more than 5 mins passing considering everyone else left their room and all when her lungs are supposed to be full of blood and she shouldn't be able to breathe.
>She fucking tried to get up, even though it would have been normal for her to lose her conscious after like 5 secs just like Juzo did when he got stabbed.
>She lost so much blood but her heart is still didn't stopping.
This is indeed bullshit.

Can your favorite character take Chiaki execution as far as she did?
Izuru,Hopeman,Sakura doesn't apply.

>She knew nothing
>saw classmate shot by super edgy hinata-kun
>he has red fucking eyes and doesn't know who she is
>junko was an autistic freak who told her she was the mastermind
>anime dude was being held hostage and saying he did nothing wrong
>chisa threw a fire extinguisher at junko, a student
>warned by hopeman about how dangerous these people are

>s-she knew nothing!

If you even give a shit about her at all you'd realize how stupid this way

Miracles can happen!

Juzo should've just come out of the closet like Kaede!

Can someone post reaction faces of Komaeda? I find him really entertaining.

That part scared me. There was no way she should've still been alive, much less moving. I thought they were genuinely going the zombie route.

Because your boy is fag

I'm hoping for the next game to leave us with even more despair. We need to touch the bottom of hopelessness.

But not as hopeless as Saionji's chances to not getting bullied today! Because I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

Indeed, Nanami-kun showed great resolve in fighting until the bitter end

Her cadaver will make for excellent research material

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

Anybody have that Twitter account of that guy that draws the cutesy Mukuro pictures after ever episode

Well she is the show's marysue, she just wasn't that much of a mary sue.

Fuck off asshole, leave her die in peace.

Why is AnimeChiaki so shit and pathetic?
Only thing she can say every time she is on screen is Hinata-kun. Even AIChiaki was better
And compared to Kirigiri Chiaki is just too shitty that you can't even take her seriously
Not to mention they did this torment fest so that you can feel bad about her and accept her and this shitty writing.
Sure seeing her death was sad but it wasn't any more sadder than seeing a some random guro video on internet. I felt sad watching the ep but not because it was Chiaki that got tormented.

Shit man. Chiaki really didn't take any hints.

did u rike it mina-san?


KYS scum

I really just don't care about that at all. It's like complaining about how Nidai's farts shouldn't be able to destroy buildings. If a character being physically unable to do something but still being able to do it was a pertinent plot point like in a class trial or the crux of the whole mystery, sure, but who cares if it's just to make Izuru feel bad?

Back to youtube you go filth

>the fact that he's a fag was extremely obvious since the beginning
>he's been an asshole this whole time, yet we're still juzoboys

Take a hint.


>Kirigiri is a good woman who sacrified herself to save Naegi. She didn't fear death and spent the last hours to solve the mystery
>Chiaki AI is a based character that even when she was going to get executed, she showed great courage and accepted death. She saved her husbando even after getting killed. Also many DR2's were pretty gallant about facing death as well.
>Anime Chiaki is cheap waifubait that can only say Hinata-kun all the time and chases after a guy for months just because she played games a few times. She was saying "my friends this and that" all the time but a guy that she saw a few times was actually much more important to her than those friends.
>They kill off Anime Chiaki so that we can feel bad about her and accept her just like that.
>They also hope that this make us forget about this shit writing.
Honestly Kirigiri is indeed much more superior.
I felt more shocked about Kirigiri dying because she impressed me.
And I felt bad about Chiaki but it was the same level that I would have felt if I saw some random guro video about some girl getting tormented and all.
Chiaki is indeed pathetic.

With blood?

But its official now you fag

Kiss Your Sister



Accept it already!

Remember when Chiaki was alive?
No really i mean it can you remember that? i can't
I mean in DR2 she was an AI and in DR3 she was just a walking death flag waiting for her execution. Poor girl she was never truly alive

let me off your wild ride

how are you going to stab me in the genitals in V3


Defend this writing, Kodakacucks.


She's alive in my heart.

It's a better explanation than Junko turning them into necrophiliacs because she pushed the right buttons

Despair 11 is going to end with Kodaka telling us we're on the Japanese Candid Camera, right?

>i don't know what true despair tastes like
What a faggot.

>I don't want to die!

She says, even though she rallied her entire class to go into a situation she knew was life threatening.



Im still with the multi-protagonist theori , but obviously robohope will die.


How is your reading comprehension this bad? Read my post again.

Juzo has been violent with a high school boy, an old man, a cripple, and women, AND he turned out to be a cuck. Yet we're still Juzoboys. Do you genuinely think another "revelation" changes anything?

Get this smelly slut out of here.

>Guys I'm gonna kill this cheap waifubait character that can only parrot muh Hinata-kun all the time
>Be sure to feel bad for her so that you can ignore my bad writing o-okay?

>let's take everybody, including unconscious and injured people

And people complain Junko's the poorly written one.

d hobeman

Post more of that smelly slut

>she thought her class could take on junko even though she saw izuru literally teleport behind komaeda

Why didn't Komaeda's SHSL Luck prevent this situation?

Komaeda wanted to go by himself, no one really asked him to.

So what do we know about the new protag, beyond the fact that Kodaka chose her specifically to cuck Robohope?


I fully expect Hopebot to die as well but I hope he at least lives until Chapter 5.

It's called SHSL Luck, not SHSL Good Luck

Anyone feeling bad for AnimeChiaki is just eating the shit that Kodaka put in front of them like a good sheep that they are.

fug migan cheese ugly and fad
t stingyloli

Stop attacking the "juzoboys" its not funny anymore and they will continue to follow their sexually frustrated gay cuck forever

Junko is badly written. Chiaki is just badly written too. As is the entire despair arc.

I can see him being the surprise first death actually.

his luck isn't absolute; it's willing to allow a negative effect as long as the net effect is positive in the end

plunging into despair allows for an even greater hope to shine, so it's lucky


I agree with this user.

Junko's not poorly written at all.

Also it's poorly not badly.

The whole class choose to save their teacher. Calm down Chiaki hater.

>we didn't get a whole scene of the classic style execution
>its just this one still and then its back to the shitty anime artstyle

Well yeah, Junko is still poorly written.

No user, you dont get it.
Being violent isnt problem.
The problem is that he is fucking fag. Thats not just "revelation"

She was so fucking stupid it's unbelievable. I can't even find the scene touching because she made them go there in the first place.


Is V3 gonna have executions too

I hope so because they were the best parts of 1 and 2

But why should it change anything?




That sounds neat

Komaeda goes through a cycle of extremely lucky thing followed by extremely unlucky thing.

>it's willing to allow a negative effect as long as the net effect is positive in the end
That's not necessarily true.

And since when does the class do everything he wants?

Juzo sacrificed millions because he didn't want to come out of the closet. I'm completely serious when I say he might be one of the most despicable characters in DR, maybe #1

Because you loved fag all along

It will all depend on his personality , if he is like totally 100% hope defender , he will die the 1º or 2º , if he's just a good robo , he may last a little more.

>777 KB
>777 x 777
Based user, saved.

He has bad luck cycles too, not just infinite good luck.

You really think they have that kind of budget?

>Theme of Danganronpa is how hope is born out of despair
>Kirigiri has cure W
>Chiaki has SHSL Paramedic/Surgeon/Doctor/Nurse

Chiaki and Kirigirifriends, we have to keep hoping until the last episode is over.

You're right ESL-kun, it isn't a revelation, because we already knew about it. If it's a problem, we accept it. Really, work on your reading comprehension.

You silly, silly, frenchanon. Your entire country is being torn to shreds by the Muslims and you have no chances of a Reconquista to save you. Your despair exceeds all of us, and thus you will never be able to bully Saionji.

You knew everything.

They were going to go against it.


So Naegi is not the heroine anymore right?

Holy fuck, Kaede's Kaedes aren't half bad at all.

>tfw Ripper mode runs out

Everything about me.


Reminder to all Chiakifriends and Kirigiribros that this will have a happy ending.


She's pretty poorly written user. The amount of plot armor and bullshit she pulls go above and beyond what's acceptable, even in the Danganronpa Universe. She's not a talented manipulator or even remotely good at hiding her insanity, it's just for some ungodly reason no one seems to notice. She's really the center of the shit ton of terrible writing and plot choices that DR3 despair arc suffers from.

I wonder what kind of executions would the remainding members have

It's called 超高校級の幸運, which means SHSL Good Luck.

>They were going to go against it.

Chiaki decided that Chisa's sacrifice of saving her and Komaeda should have been ignored.

Even my despair.

Right. He's hero's dead and now it's all up to him. Bring it Naegi.

Agreed, Chiaki will get bullied a lot but we have to stay strong for her my friends.

We get to play as a thicc one. This is one waifu we can't let die.

Until the SHSL shitty talent rallies them to do it.

What "and?" all fags should burn if you love fag you should burn as well.
>accepting fag



what was this guy doing?

Reminder that the author for DR3 is not Kodaka, but the Gakkou Gurashi guys. The same maestros who thought butchering the anime adaptation with a stupid dog was the greatest move ever.

What's her name again?

You will probably have one , but it will be a fucking dirty fat gross guy.


are those monokuma's colors?

No, that was because real Chiaki built her character by interacting with everyone. AI Chiaki just went through the same process and that's why she developped a similar personality to the real Chiaki.


I feel bad because Chiaki genuinely thought 77 could save Chisa.

The only reason Chiaki's death was emotional was because they tortured her. They could have replaced her with anyone and it would have been just as sad.

I felt just as much, if not more pain for that couple in the killing game who got a spike pounded into them.

You need to be 18 to post on Cred Forums.


Does this show want me to believe that they would not have the same reaction if it was any other classmate in that position? Excluding hopeman, they all bonded offscreen for about a year together. But of course mary sue has to be elevated to jesus levels. Would be better if Twilight murder was what started it off.


No, there were still areas where they heavily differed, such as on emotional capacity.



I was wondering why some characters suddenly changed eye colors and then it hit me. Like most questions about this show, the answer is despair.

Because Izuru can't into emotions.

You're an autistic ESL retard that's been spamming the same shit for 24 hours now. We get it, your autism prevents you from saying anything intelligent whatsoever as you're just another ESL into the massive mix of third world uneducated garbage. That's not even the main problem here, the main problem is that Junko already had the necessary fragments for her despair video to turn the entire world into her playground and even if that incompetent idiot had done a thing, she wouldn't have been stopped as she was one click away from broadcasting it all over the world.

Do I have to explain this 100x for your incapability ESL-kun?

This isnt jewbook or twottor user, we dont allow your gay degeneracy here.


>I-I wasn't forced to follow her but it's all her fault anyway!
Stop trying so hard.


>Ahahaha you got it, shitty writing was intended

Out of responses, huh? That's okay. Danganronpa's fun, don't you think?

Didn't Kodaka give them material for them to turn into an anime script?

Komaeda: "We should like stay here and wait for cops"


>she dies and they turn into zombies
TXH Chiaki

Kirigiri will be back because it was foreshadowed and she is actually intelligent and competent but anime chiaki is useless and completely unneeded at this point. She was a plot device to bring the class and Hinata to despair and she has no point beyond that but saying "Hinata-kun." And Hinata was already saved by AI in the game which gives her even less reason to come back.


>Chiaki gets one of her thick, soft thighs perfect for a pillow penetrated with a fucking needle
>Makoto gets one of his thighs penetrated with a needle and has to hobble around
What's with this show and thigh hatred?

my sides

Chiaki is stupid and shitty
Thank God we still have a competent heroine like Kirigiri so it is not that bad.

Does this trigger you?

You're an idiot. The moment a single one of the main heroines is resurrected, all others are expected to. Real Chiaki is completely necessary to give Hajizuru his happy ending.

Of course, I know you're just a troll, but it needs to be said for others.


"allow"? Who's stopping it? You're getting mad over nothing that actually matters.

That can mean anything. It could be a bulletpoint list that they followed to the letter, or it could be that he tossed a few ideas at them and they did the rest.

>fat burger is this mad
Why don't you try out some french delicacy to chill down a bit? Oh yes that's right, you can't. You're not french. I feel your pain.

He look like the prison guard who know the most what going on here. I think he dies first like Twogami

Ok I poorly worded this question last time but what did Junko do for the budget

being a model wont get you enough for all those monokumas and all the shit she did and causing pain and despair does not pay shit

That's fine. The others students are stupid too. Especially (Kuzu)ryuu who couldn't use his information network to figure out why the reserves rioted.

But Chiaki and Nagito withheld information from the class.

>nothing that actually matters
It matters user, fags are still alive this is serious issue

Because Chiaki is shit
It was good to see get BTFO
Still it was indeed cringe that in her last moments she was still parroting Hinata-kun

Homothreads and shippingfaggotry in regular threads were allowed on Cred Forums for more than a decade though.

>Implying Jesus Hinata isn't going to ressurect everyone at the end
There is no other possible happy ending.
Hagakure's predictions are always right.

Not even American, but thanks for the ad hominem response that made 0 sense. Shows that you are indeed not capable of saying anythinng intelligent besides your standard copypasta you've been posting for the past 24 hours. Bravo ESL-kun.

>epic parrot meme
you sure showed me

How? How the fuck did they intend to save her? She took everyone there without informing them of everything she witnessed or what?

I hope Kirigiri survives while AnimeChiaki stays dead. Real Chiaki was pathetic.

>and causing pain and despair does not pay shit

Once again yes it does its called being a dentist

>sakakura here
>take the fucking binder

Don't forget Ruruka and Hopeman.
I think Kodaka has just a fetish for penetrated thighs.

When all theories fall, we can at least believe in Weedman

I hated Juzo and Munakata when DR3 started, but they've become some of my favorites in the series. What did everyone else see in the beginning that I didn't?

>first Nasu with Zero and Grand Order (The only main story arc from GO actually written by Nasu was the latest one about Camelot)
>Now Kodaka with DR3
Why the fuck can't these fuckers handle canon material for their franchises themselves?

>hating a 2D character this much

>Friend is playing DR2
>He loves Chiaki
>He just ended chapter 4
>Still has DR3 to watch
I feel sorry for him

Yeah if you think about the funding then a whole lot of plotholes open up.

You can't just get resources by killing and kidnapping people.
How'd she build the fucking death trap under the school?
Where are the construction workers?
Where's the paper trail that would lead back to Junko?
Did she just brainwash people to do that work for her?
Since when is she also SHSL architect and mechanic?

Meme potential. Mememagic made it reality.

Kirgiri isn't being "resurrected" because she never fucking died. She had a backup plan with the cure and was foreshadowed to have investigated things unlike Chiashitty who walked right into Junko's hands.

It is not a meme but a fact
I hope she will stay dead while Kirigiri survives because Kiri is actually compatent and wanted to save her husbando no matter what, even after she thought she was going to die.

Hajime or anyone else for that matter probably never even comprehended how thirsty Chiaki was for him. She was off her fucking tree crazy for him.

Hajime did the right thing. He got to meet the better Chiaki.

what is this show even

>Being Chiakifag
She is dead deal with it.

Stop him before it's too late.

Yeah, it looked like Chiaki didn't tell them what happened while they were slowly walking there. I think their plan was "If we just plow through, we can do it!"

>not even american
So basically, you're part of the third world you despise so much?

I want to use nagito as a sex slave

I hope somebody is screencapping all the waifu haters just to BTFO them when they inevitably come back.

Nique ta mère fils de pute

I didn't like him in DR1, but he's managed to rise above the ranks to hold a special place in my heart. Now it all depends on his prediction being right.


Duh, we knew that long time ago.

>tumblr gif
Nothing I said even hinted that I was a Chiakifag but nice damage control.

People say Juzo, Mikan, Ryota, and Chisa are at fault, but I refuse to believe that's the truth! This wasn't manipulation and a push into despair, this was complete and utter mind control! Junko forced them to watch the mind hack video, kidnapped or threatened them, and enslaved them against their will! IT'S ALL HER FAULT!

Same. I hated Juzo in the beginning but now he's my favourite. I hope he's alive somehow.

She brainwashed people to do it for her. The Board was already on her side considering they're the ones who mandated that she and Mukuro be admitted. Plus she's the SHSL Analyst so even if she essentially didn't already have unlimited manpower she already has unlimited resources

Watch out guys, we have a bolosse over here.

Learn your geography please. There's a big distinct between what's third world and what's not. America=/=1st world, ESL-kun.



user don't just go calling everyone an (x)fag simply because they like and/or defend a character. There's a big difference between that and blatant waifu worship.

No need to worry, I'm the faggot with the Kirigiri collage.

Actually it's all HPA's fault for being extremely irresponsible.

They weren't just being villainous - they were being villainous in an over-the-top, ridiculous way. You just had to love them.


>Moronkata BTFO
>Juzogays BTFO
>Real Chiaki was cringeworty that could only say Hinata-kun so seeing her getting BTFO was indeed satifying
Now we only need Kirigiri surviving and everything will be perfect
Do it Kodaka, I will even forgive your poor writing.

She brainwashed the building into existing.


It's funny, even Junko, the ultimate analyst, was unable to figure out how hilariously thirsty Chiaki was.

>that delusion
You're insignificant, not ESL-kun.

Chiakifriend reporting in

You're not gonna make us turn against Kirigiri you obvious falseflagger

Now let us mourn for our waifu in peace

For the second time

A cuck, a circling beta, a fag.

And worst of all, a liar that allowed a brainwasher, torturer, mass murderer cunt go free putting many more inocent people and Munakata himself at risk because he would be embarassed otherwise.

Stupid also, because being a hero would surely outweight being gay for a guy.

They started as assholes but they were so over the top about it that they were entertaining. Then they got some actual development and became tragic characters.


Despite Hope's Peak's missteps, none of this would have happened if Junko hadn't forced everyone into despair!

She took it from the show's budget. That's why the quality dropped pretty hard after the first few episodes.

That's about me too. But I'm on 4th chapter now. Are here many spoilers itt?


This one was pretty lazy all things considered. He does use footage from the show sometimes but he was really realiant upon it this time. Still chuckle every time though.

>calling out falseflaggers
Nice try, falseflagger.


>user don't just go calling everyone an (x)fag simply because they like and/or defend a character. There's a big difference between that and blatant waifu worship.
>Muh cheap waifubait character got BTFO
>Please don't go around calling on them because they might not a be cheap waifufag
M8, Look at the Chiakifags in the threads, they are so pathetic as their dead waifubait was when she got killed. It's only normal to tell them about those things.

Just report and ignore his posts. Also make sure to use recursive filtering.


Keep believing in your own delusion, ESL-kun. It shows that your educational system is at least 20 years behind what's comsidered 1st world.



Reminder that this is the kid who thought Junko could be saved.

>setting in prison
>no black character with huge cock mass anal raping everyone


Liking Cred Forumsgirl is even worse than blatant waifu worship.

He's done pretty much exclusively terrible things this entire anime. It should be obvious why we still like him.

Kirigiri will survive while Chiaki stays dead
It will be good to see Chiakifags BTFO again.

He warned her she'd die.

Why didn't they call the cops? How does Junko tell someone she is the mastermind of EVERYTHING and let them walk out scot free? How does Nanami not find that clearly suspicious?


He was right. This episode proved that Junko was brainwashed into loving despair like everyone else. Izuru shows that even an analyst won't immediately decide to cause despair, somebody else needs to force them into it.

Because the only thing she thinks about are Hinata-kun and her geemus.

It was all her fault, but still... Naegi still had hope that even the worst person could change!

Don't worry minna-san, I have a foolproof way of taking out the culprit

Fuck off.

Heh, good to see Chiakifags getting BTFO all the time.

His posts are so obvious with 'pathetic this pathetic that'
We knew she was dead from the start and we'll always love her.

That's the dumbest logic ever. Junko and Izuru have a common talent but they're still different people.

Killing yourself?

When was it proven?

If you're talking about the swirly then that doesn't prove anything.

If you had told me at the beginning of the series that Juzo would become one of my favorite DR3 character I would have laughed my ass off
I just want him to be happy man

real chiaki is autistic and her class is basically one character with a very low intelligence factor

Did he? I only remember him saying that in IF. In DR1 all he does is ask her not to kill herself.

the swirly eyes*

Fuck I hate being a retard.

I should've worded that better.
My point is, earlier on Junko had to push Izuru into despair.

It proves it perfectly. They needed brainwashing to become like her, which suggests somebody else brainwashed her to end up like that in the first place.

Mourn your shit girl but don't compare or equate her torture porn to Kirigiri's fake out.

Of course she pushed him into despair, that's her thing. Doesn't mean she's brainwashed.

How the fuck is it even possible for despair to be even remotely losing in the future?
Did Junko and her companions forget about how to perform brainwashing?

>Why didn't they call the cops
They know blue head people can't beat characters with faces for some reason.

>Chiaki watches the most dangerous, lucky and intelligent member of the class get outlucked, and then have a guy working with Junko basically teleport behind him and shoot him with his own gun
>the most physically dangerous member of the class limps in having had their ass completely kicked by Junko's own lapdog

What the actual fuck did she expect to happen? I mean, Izuru alone could total the entire class if he wanted to.

As it turned out, they didn't even need to use Mukuro or Izuru to keep them in line. They just used the geography of the building and a big screen.

>I just want him to be happy man

He went out taking his boy Munakata's long, hard shaft all the way to the hilt. What more could have possibly wanted?

Ah, okay then

Maybe they lost the tape.

But it's really excites me to feel risk of being spoilered here...


>AI Chiaki accepted death and still saved Hajime from despair
>Real Chiaki tried to play tough but still died miserably
>Kirigiri tried to solve the mystery and made sure that Nage wouldn't fall into despair after she died.
The quality difference between waifus are incredible.

Then why does she have the same swirly eyes as Class 77?
Explain that.

Nantoka naru!

I hope next Zetsubou ep doesn't feature 77-B. They're a shut case. We need to tie up the loose ends with Mitarai, Munakata, and Junko. Maybe some Kizakura and Jin too.

Yes, embrace the delicious despair brought on by spoilers.

>You can only fag alive characters

Oh and Tengan, that sketchy old nigger

Have kumas gone too far?

kodaka made chiaki stupid for maximum despair

I wonder if we will get to see what that despair kun was doing the next episode

>next game's mastermind's goal is to find Junko's magic VHS tape

Someone post the gif.

You know the one.

I like his voice.

Does anyone else find it sort of hard to care about real Chiaki?

>everyone loves her
>she doesn't care about talents unlike basically everyone else
>always spouting feel good advice
>incredibly loyal to Hajime, to the point she's still waiting for him six months on

I mean, there's such a thing as a little too perfect.

It's not Chiaki fault for being stuck in a shitty rushed anime.

This has always confused me. It's not like a character stops existing just because they die. They're 2D.


If you had to label yourself as something in relation to the DR3 anime what would you be?

Chisabro reporting in.

>HOPE and hope never met each other
>Not going to see Naegi again

I'm gonna miss them. Shit, might as well just jump of the series here.

Someone perfect wouldn't die crying like that, she was just a sweet normal girl.

The Chiaki hate is in full force this thread.

Do you really have nothing better to do than spam the same stupid stuff over and over again?

It is her fault for having a shitty personality though
>Muh Hinata-kun
>Muh I'm innchou

What would happen if we replaced real chiaki with AI chiaki in the anime?

Komaeda kills himself but it turns out he forced the traitor to kill him unknowingly thanks to his luck. The traitor and the culprit is Nanami. The cast figure it out and she gets executed.
By the way Hinata's the mastermind. Or rather, his other personality is.
So, did you get your thrill?


user hes baiting you.

Shut up Satan, it's one idiot doing it.

Juzo's assholeness was so over the top at the beginning you couldn't help but love it

Don't want, though. I'll end up being hated by myself and the dearest person of mine who I like to discuss DR's cases with. Isn't it an ultimate despair after all, heh? I'm Junko's fag, so I should do it for art.

Yeah, I'm a waifufag and surprisingly I don't care much for Chiaki at all.

Better question:
What if we replaced AI Chiaki with real Chiaki in the game?

>One's an AI program
>the others a detective who's spent several years heading a branch of a major organisation and is dying next to her loved one in the knowledge that he sacrifice is accomplishing something
>the other's a schoolgirl who's just been tortured and is bleeding out in front of her loved one, who not only doesn't recognize her but informs her that his past self is effectively dead

Gee boss i dunno why their reactions are different

It just means you're crazy. Besides, Izuru might fallen to despair if given enough time by himself, if he went down the same line of thinking as Junko.

I am convinced the only way AI Chiaki is remotely tolerable and as intelligent as she is is because Chihiro never met her dumb ass and just winged it.

In Future arc Juzo is still alive.
In Despair arc Nanami is still alive.

Havent't read just because it starts with character's name and long. Looks like spoiler.

>Episode 11 of Zetsubou-hen
>Chiaki is not there anymore

You just fell for his crap.

What if V3 is a sequel to DRIF?

>>incredibly loyal to Hajime, to the point she's still waiting for him six months on
This is what I found pretty weird

>Play games with a guy for a few times
>He goes away
>Always think about him and wait at the entrance to his school for hours so than you might see him.
>Always ask to the teaching staff about him
>Always think about him if there is some kinda demo or whatever
What the hell is this? Is she some kind of stalker or what?

They tried to hard to make her a tragic heroine it stops feeling genuine and starts feeling manipulative.

>it was indeed cringe that in her last moments she was still parroting Hinata-kun

I dont think you know what cringe means

>episode 11 of Zetsubou-hen opening
>Chiaki is still there

>Does anyone else find it sort of hard to care about real Chiaki?
I wouldn't call it hard, more like how much you cared for her in game and what you expected from the anime. The execution only got me at the end because I'm weak to "I wanna live", but otherwise I saw it as a lv1 blind Dark Souls run.

I wasn't going to force myself to try and care about someone I'm mostly indifferent to.

What if you stopped being a tripfag?

>mfw she's there and smiling

Munakata is honestly pretty competent. If he had found out about Junko back then he could have stopped it likely.

This is why I want Junko alive, I want her to have her comeuppance in some way. Like, utterly get trashed ideologically. She lost on her own terms in DR1.

faggot posting?
faggot posting.


This. Fuck hope, fuck despair, I'm gonna be a useless piece of shit and play all these video games. IN SPACE.

I think it's implied that they met up a lot of times that we didn't see.

You mean AI Chiaki?

>a point in the series ends with Junko and Naegi liked in a place where nobody knows where they are to end it all

They've known each other for more than half a year and he was the first one who knew about her games and wanted to play with her.


She is indeed weird.
So hard to sympathize with.
And this is coming from a guy who is a waifufag and can get waifubaited easily.

No, he bacame a tragic heroine


She'd go against Monokuma after he's already shown how dangerous he is and die like Mukuro again.
Then Souda will create a small mecha version that dies in an obscenely stupid way.

>chiaki is the mastermind in Future arc
How would people react?

Did you forget DR2? She didn't die on her own terms at all there and fell into a deep despair.


You mean Despair AI Chiaki?

It's the same guy who was spamming these threads ever since the show started airing. It only died down the past couple of weeks because his attention diverted towards despair Mikan and Kirigiri getting killed.

I like him so much...

Will Juzo ever confess his gay feeling?

Good riddance.

HOPE born from DESPAIR

Shocked that they tortured her so brutally beforehand, but I'd still say "called it" in threads.

>>One's an AI program
Yet she still saved Hajime even after getting killed.
A fucking AI program is more capable than the real one. Kinda iconic.

It's pretty much a vocal minority. Same as the ones who hate Chisa, Juzoboys, Mikan, and Kirigiri

Pre episode 10 Izuru.The perfect amount of indifference and apathy to everything.

Fair point m8, just watch where you're aiming them dank reticles so the thread doesn't become a shitpost war.

>Smile At Despair In The Name Of Hope
>smiles in third version of the OP
guys what's going on here

Baconboy, Juzoboy, possibly Kaedefag when the time comes. That or twintails.

Why is kodaka such shit?

The absolute best.

Why is everything "rushed" if something doesn't go Cred Forums's way? It's such a buzzword.


Hang on there Cred Forums. Don't just throw that around here.


Chiaki is the Mastermind.

She wanted to see Class 77 again. Her desperate, dying wish. Can't do that when Munakata is trying to execute Class 77.

Dangan Ronpa plots are never what they appear to be.

Right now it is easy, borderline obvious what happened - Chisa as a Remnant of Despair instigates the killing game to get revenge for Junko and spread despair

But i maintain that that is the cover up. Just as Junko loved to trick participants into thinking her games had a higher purpose only to have the motive be LOL DESPAIR, so too is this case a trick - but the opposite way around

Munakata, Naegi, et al have operated under the following premise
>This killing game is to spread despair

But that's not it. The killing game was clearly intended to stop the Future Foundation from prying out where the Remnant of Despair was hidden - most via murdering them.

The "game" is a smokescreen - a deflection to make everyone think it's Junko up to her old tricks.

As for evidence, look no further than this - Monokuma said that the game was being broadcasted worldwide, but it wasn't

Why say that, if not to mislead the participants into understanding the TRUE MOTIVE for the killing game?

>I don't know what an AI is

Yep, they look as big as Aoi's.

do you still love your'e waifu after she had changes of heart?

Would be great to shit on her once more for the road.

>Izuru saved her but she's comatose
>Junko finds out
>her mere presence is enough to make Chiaki shake and cry with her eyes wide open
>she assures her that she already got punished so she doesn't care that she's still alive
>instead she brings up a monitor, flicks it on, and forces her to watch despair-ified footage of her classmate and teacher's atrocities added in along with her own previous execution
>leaves to go do other things because she cannot move her body in any way and her subconscious is being destroyed by despair

I am a Mikanfriend through and through. I will post Mikan til the day I die!

I wish

>that image
What the fuck is this?

He was about to before Munakata penetrated him

Either that or it's "shit writing" or "what a hack" when nothing goes their way.

I really hope Chisa isn't the mastermind. As it stands, everything seems exactly as I predicted from the first few episodes.


>more than half a year
Really? I can't be arsed to check the older eps now but I feel like it was nothing more than just a few game session that they spent their time on tohether and nothing more.
In the first place it took more than 6 months for Izuru to be completed and Hajime accepted the program just after joining the school for a few months.

>not as big as Akane's



This. I hope he won't meet the same fate as Twogami in DR2.

It's clearly Chiaki's ghost in the final trial.

>knew about Hajime's past self in school
>existed even though she should be dead (as hajime himself pointed out)
>deflects any questions about the previous two points

Because it's rushed. Little time is allowed for development of the relationships between characters or even big events such as Natsumi's death and the first killing game.

Can you imagine if she was as stupid in the game as she was in real life? They would be fucked.

Love it

Kill yourselves
you faggots are so easy to bait with cheap waifus

>Munakata sees this

It's true though.
Rushed is a shitty way of saying "I don't like it" here.

Unless there's actual source saying it's rushed I'll believe it. For now, keep memeing it up, user.

I still love junko.

That's exactly why she'll be the mastermind. They are playing it really safe and by-the-books with this anime, and with Chiaki's death (which might not actually be a full death) you can take all of your wild speculation, and well... channel it into your own stories or something instead of expecting them to do it.

She gets killed again by munakata for being the mastermind
Would be funny to see tb.h

She's probably already on her way back down after realizing that she should probably plan something before trying to suffocate or starve herself in a dark void all by herself.

>buzzword itself is a buzzword
How deep does the rabbithole go, user? Should we keep digging and find out?

>Is boxing real? World champ bodied by normalfags

Do you have a hope? Despair awaits for you.

Would you really say there are not serious issues with the writing? I'm not sure about it being rushed though. There should be a climatic event at this point but the build up was less than satisfactory.

Yeah, I'm a Chiakifag and the execution left me thinking more that most characters have been ruined to some extent by the show. If this hadn't been an anime, or if it, at the very least, had been longer, they would've been able to show and develop her character traits instead of mentioning them, which felt insulting at times.

That said:
>unlike basically everyone else
She's not the only one, nor would it be odd for her to think that way even if she was. You can like something and be good at it and still feel like you're being limited by it to the point where it mentally suffocates you. Especially true for mentally frail people like the real Chiaki.

>always spouting feel good advice
Just like in SDR2, only with an added tinge of weakness and depression. Even beyond her vidya talent, her therapeutic words were always her defining trait in both works. It's hardly unrealistic, it's just that it's been done atrociously poorly in DR3.

>incredibly loyal to Hajime, to the point she's still waiting for him six months on
He's the only truly good friend she had, they spent quite some time together offscreen and he just stopped showing up one day. The only problem here is that the anime did almost nothing to show anything else that she did while looking for him and thinking about him, which fucks up the onscreen perception of her character. You're left to assume things in an entry which is entirely focused on clarifying and canonizing them - a sign of very bad writing.

He can't stop a thing.

But see, she had HOPE that they would all survive.

Komaeda would be able to figure her out easily and the game would end very early

It's not rushed, there just isn't enough time created to make a satisfactory story.

I'm ever so slightly disappointed that we won't get swirly eyes despair Chiaki, and more disappointed in how we never got a backstory for the real one, but I still like both.

>>It's clearly Chiaki's ghost in the final trial.

>Ghosts can enter and exit the computer programs easily
Geh, stupid as fuck.

She literally calls him Hinata-kun the second time they meet on screen, even though he never introduced himself in the first meeting. It's blatantly obvious. It's just that they end up relying on such things far too many times. Given that DR3 is there to clarify things, making viewers fill in the gaps in one particular area is excessively bad.

Please, I enjoy them breaking down about shallow fictional characters constructed with deathflags.

Will Mitarai redeem himself or will he die a useless shit who only brings trouble for those around him?

Don't worry, Kaede is the one taking up the position of leader this time. She'll just have to experience the despair of failing to save anyone again and again.

Buono. Saved.


I'm surprised how hard Chiaki's death hit me considering how much I disliked her compared to DR2's one.

She was a shit character but god damn that death scene was fucking rough.

>baiting Chiakifags and shitting up threads
For what purpose?

>Cheap waifubaits
>Shit tier writing and twists
>Showing torture to exact emotion out of people so that they won't call him on his shit.
I hope he gets fucked up

Chiaki with green eyes is pretty cute


Lets assume kodaka can't do any asspulls/miracle ever again.
How do you think the anime will end?

>but I feel like it was nothing more than just a few game session that they spent their time on tohether and nothing more
Because it's not specifically stated and thus easy to miss. The gap between their first and last meetings is significant. I don't know if it's exactly 6 months, but it's enough to form a good connection.

>it took more than 6 months for Izuru to be completed
Aren't we more than a year ahead of episode 1 by now?

Is anyone else now hoping Junko is still alive just so they can watch her die again?

>Juzo isn't afraid of hitting girls because he's a poof anyway

REALLY makes you think

>Would you really say there are not serious issues with the writing?
There is, Despair hen is the worst Dangan Ronpa story yet, it's just bad writing, nothing to with it potentially being rushed.

I'm waiting for the announcement of the real Dangan Ronpa 3 anime hoping what we have now is a joke that's gone too far.

I shouldn't laugh at this.



Why is Chiaki so shitty?
If there was more to her other than just Muh Hinata-kun then I would be able to actually feel something for her fate.
Fuck you Kodaka, it is all your fault you faggot.

Fuck no. I'm still scared she'll show up again in DR3 or V3 somehow despite having been "dead" since the first game.

I hate that bitch. She's a waste of screentime.

No, this is going to be a miracle-filled ending with Chisa, Chiaki, and Kyoko alive, not in despair and in their husbando's arms. Expecting anything else is silly.

Your awfully delusional on that last bit user. Plus he isn't actually writing dr3.

>Chiaki gets killed AGAIN for being a mistermind.
Yes please.

The gift from god known as the Danganronpa stageplays.

Why does Chiaki look so soft

But what if Juzo and Chisa switched places in the lobotomy sequence?

Well yeah, Junko is bad precisely because anything that comes near her also turns into shitty writing

Why are all of your posts the exact same drivel? Don't you have anything else to do with your life?

That edgy one is so true and it just doesn't apply to this board either.

Maybe that's why so many Kodaka Cred Forumspologists on here try and convince themselves Dangan Ronpa is a comedy and only a comedy, can't handle something getting a little serious or dark. It's sad really.


I don't care about you enough to bait you.

>Hajime had a qt girlfriend who was trying to teach him his lack of talent didn't matter.
>He goes and allows a bunch of scientists wipe his own memory, turning him in to an edgy superman all because he got beat up by some fag.

Whomen cant be good detectives.

Phoenix wright proved that.

Because she's a soft, cuddly girl who would spoon with you while playing games together.

It's a mystery.

>dat junko

Sometimes I just want everyone to die to make way for V3

He would act like Chisa and probably attempt to rape Munakata.

At this point I hope Izuru goes back in time and saves everybody.

>someone probably got to fuck her in her Junko outfit when she came home
Lucky son of a bitch.

>with Chisa, Chiaki, and Kyoko alive
Chisa might show up still alive, but she's not surviving this. Chiaki is 200% gone. Kyoko might show up still alive and WILL survive this if so.

You clearly cared enough about him to respond, though. user why

V3 is scifi. If there is any connection whatsoever to the previous games, then somebody making a clone of the person who caused the Worst, Most Despair-inducing Incident in the History of Mankind is inevitable.

Of course it would be her getting corrupted by AI Junko so she dindunuffin but it would be hilarious

This is so sad,

>DR3 ends with everyone dying

Stop posting this everywhere. You're not getting it. Torrent the ep yourself and close your eyes during her execution. Or learn how to make webms.

>you will never strap Chiaki to a chair, gently assuring her this will make her embrace despair as you take your spikes to her skull
>you will never gently remove 40% of the mass of her prefrontal lobe, watching in delight as she slowly loses herself as you carve away her higher brain functions
>you will never bathe her and flip her daily to prevent bedsores as she is in recovery
>you'll never see the childish wonder in her eyes when she awakes, essentially an easily stimulated doll for you to play with
>you'll never teach her how to drink from a bottle, or gently spoon mushed up food you chewed yourself into her mouth to feed her
>you'll never tuck her into bed, gently stroking all over her body as she murmurs and falls asleep
>she'll never inquisitively suck on your rock hard cock, licking up precum greedily as a tasty snack and gripping your shaft like a lollipop
>you'll never fuck her ass raw as she sobs into the pillow before putting talcum powder all over it as a punishment for when she's naughty
>you'll never greedily slurp up her drool every morning to wake her up, suckling her cheeks for the sweet nectar
>she'll never call you Master in her slurred, barely coherent voice as her feebled mind tries to process who you are despite lacking long term memory

Ah fuck, there's a typo in one of the chat boxes. Here's a fixed version.

I would try writing that but then I'd realize how bad my writing skills are.

The anime version is complete shit, did Kodaka actually write this? I can't believe he'd fuck up his own characters like this as she's not the only one who suffered.

Naegi and the final despair perish together at the bottom of the ocean.

>If there is any connection whatsoever to the previous games
Only Monokuma

No fucking chance.

>>Chisa might show up still alive, but she's not surviving this. Chiaki is 200% gone. Kyoko might show up still alive and WILL survive this if so.
Thank God. Only Kirigiri is worty enough to save. The others can just go away.

I'm pretty sure Junko does absolutely nothing with Mukuro enabling her

Juzobros I'm scared, is our boy going to make it?

Was he really killed?

But I mean we have confirmed Ghosts exist in Danganronpa, so who knows what kind of bullshit they can actually pull.

>tfw this is actually canon

Stop replying to him, user. He'll stop once it's school time.

>you will never strangle the faggot behind this post

>Chiaki wants to be classmates with everyone till the end.
>She actually manages to kinda fulfill that dream in DR2
>She dies again

true despair

>Juzo sexually tortured
There is no god good enough to grace this world with such a thing.

Yes, and guess who's synonymous with Monokuma?
I'm not saying it's happening, if anything I hope it isn't, but I'm prepared for the worst.

>tfw one of your posts becomes a copypasta template

Feels good tbqh

>>Just like in SDR2, only with an added tinge of weakness and depression. Even beyond her vidya talent, her therapeutic words were always her defining trait in both works. It's hardly unrealistic, it's just that it's been done atrociously poorly in DR3.
Chiaki feels superficial. Especially compared to Kirigiri, Chiaki feels so shallow.
Hard to think that those two came from the same author.


No, but apparently there is a god good enough to spare us from such utter cancer.

>Suwabe moans

They shouldn't be able to enter the computer programs, at least

Yes yes, we all know what you think by now, falseflagging amigo.

I wish I could draw a complete edit. Literally the first thing that came to mind.

>mfw chisa and kirigiri survive
Nanami deserves nothing

>She literally calls him Hinata-kun the second time they meet on screen
Confirmed for being a stalker. Scary as fuck

Edgy. If one lives, the others do.

If you live with self doubt for the longest time, just because you found something good recently, doesn't mean that feeling can't come back at full force if bad things start happening again, even if it's not entirely hopeless.

The whole death of his classmate plus Juzo threw him over the edge again.

That would have been as hot

Wait until Monday man. Even if he's dead, I'll still be here.

>everyone saying that Juzo was gay for Munakata
>it was a joke
>Kodaka made it real
We need to be careful to what we say, he's lurking here. Specially those shitty "Chisa is alive" theories

But she didn't actually lose in DG1, we know the Junko doesn't give a fuck about her own terms, she only lost because it was in the script

I can confirm us Chiakifags love Kirigiri almost as much.

I need it. I want to bully him.

Did he get bored with DR or what?
Still fuck him.

Why did she lie, Cred Forums?

Who's fault is all this the most? (Junko doesn't count)

>>everyone saying that Juzo was gay for Munakata
>>it was a joke
I'm sure it was partially a joke but I'm pretty sure there was also legitimate speculation.

Danganronpa anime is tonally way off from the rest of the material

The original Izuru's. There's no way Hope's Peak could ever work.

>you will never even remotely have the chance to strap Juzo to a chair, gently assuring him this will make him embrace despair as you take your spikes to his skull
>you will never gently remove 40% of the mass of his prefrontal lobe, watching in delight as he slowly loses herself as you carve away his higher brain functions
>you will never bathe him and flip him daily to prevent bedsores as he is in recovery
>you'll never see the childish wonder in his eyes when he awakes, essentially an easily stimulated doll for you to play with
>you'll never teach him how to drink from a bottle, or gently spoon mushed up food you chewed yourself into his mouth to feed him
>you'll never tuck him into bed, gently stroking all over his body as he murmurs and falls asleep
>he'll never inquisitively suck on your rock hard cock, licking up precum greedily as a tasty snack and gripping your shaft like a lollipop
>you'll never fuck his ass raw as he sobs into the pillow before putting talcum powder all over it as a punishment for when he's naughty
>you'll never greedily slurp up his drool every morning to wake him up, suckling his cheeks for the sweet nectar
>she'll never call you Master in her slurred, barely coherent voice as her feebled mind tries to process who you are despite lacking long term memory

I sincerely thought that Junko would give Chiaki a fucking info dump on what happened with Hajime. Could they not cut down at least two minutes of the torture for that?

everyone on that list was brainwashed or tricked so I'd say Juzo but he's still far below the likes of Izuru, Mukuro, and Jin "WORST PRINCIPLE EVER" Kirigiri

Same butthurt chiakifag


Lost it at the first fucking line, kek. Nice touch.

Me too, my friend. It's especially hilarious not only because Juzo has a secret crush but because he's literally touching a photo of Munakata.

She's talking about the previous trials in DR2.
Even though it's strangely uncanny how these random lines are fitting into DR3 situations perfectly.

>wanting Juzo to be even REMOTELY controlled

>Call Chiaki on her shit
>S-Stop b-baiting
Whatever, you faggots are probably Remcucks as well right?

>yfw Juzo

>She literally calls him Hinata-kun the second time they meet on screen

They had enough hints in the show for it to be more than a joke.

Izuru first and foremost and, as much as I love him, Juzo. I get why he didn't come out of the closet, but I'd imagine it's still not easy in Japan.

Chiaki did nothing wrong, she had no idea what the SHSL slut and edgelord were really capable of.

Couldn't the fucking ultimate analyst see that Chiaki was so in the tank for who Izuru was before he was born? she knows about Hajime right? She had to know the subject who became him at least, right?

That would have given Chiaki even more despair.

>all about juzo
>suddenly "she'll never call you Master "

One guy.
He can't handle criticism of his waifu.

>Characters other than MC, their waifu, and their closest adversary being a leader-type and living for more than one chapter
You will get your one spearhead and you will like it.

Junko killed Chiaki for the audience not for practical, plot supported reasons

Juzo. His shitty security was the reason Junko was able to kidnap Mitarai and brainwash Chiaki. Then he acted like an ass and became one of the reasons Hajime agreed to become Izuru. And now we know that he lied to Munakata and let Junko go which led to her turning Class 77 into Ultimate Despairs and kicking off The Event. All because he didn't want to be outed. Juzo literally helped facilitate the apocalypse.

What is his NG code? Munakata knows it and completely ignores Mitarai.

Even Naegi's CV dissed him for killing Kirigiri off, so what makes you think that he isn't the one pulling the strings here?
He also showed torture so that we will fell bad and forgive his shitty writing.
I'm not falling for his shit.

Now that we know Juzo's secret I can't help but laugh at this shit.
Juzo probably thought that Munakata killed him because he's gay for him. And was probably panicking about for how long he had known.

>Munakata knows it and completely ignores Mitarai.
The anime didn't want to show us, because it's obviously very important/it will be important.

Nothing surprising. She is socially inept and finally found someone who plays and love retro games.

Gachimuchi Juzo when?

Yes she did. She clearly thought they were going to murder Chisa which is why she was so panicked. Komaeda warned her about their despair level, how they could die, how dangerous they were etc and she acknowledged and said "but we must still do this real stupid thing that will likely get someone killed".

Did you just post that THREE times because you mess up the first two times?
Holy fuck, the autism is strong with this one.


I could do that

He can't do anything to alter the outcome of the games or deaths.

He has to simply watch.

>kidnap Mitarai
What? The kid voluntarily showed her his shit.
>chiaki and the brainwash
You mean Hopeman lucking out on a secret facility and that leading to this? You can't blame Juzo for those 2 things.
>He caused class 77 to despair
No, they were already in the underground complex. Even if he told Munakata, they wouldn't have been in time to save any of them.

It wouldn't be really surprising if Kodaka actually came up with some general plot line first.

I mean, Nanami has to come from somewhere after all.

>He is an Emiliatard
Well now everything is clear.
Fucking Emilitards ruining DR threads as well. Fuck you.

Fucking glorious. user.

FAT you meant.

That's what made me despair. They just half-assed her execution and used excessive violence to make up for the lack of truly emotional gut punches Junko was proven - in the very same episode - to be capable of exploiting.

The extra 5 minutes of Chiaki and Izuru were completely contrived and are a perfect case of emotionally manipulative writing

It's something to do with the phone OR the shots of him looking at are because he's looking at his own reflection evaluating himself.
Could even straight up be 'End the game', because he was given the capabilities to do so.

He is an Emilitard, so it is expected.

You know I wanted Chiaki to die but not like this fucking hell

> 'End the game',
Worse than Kirigiri. He can't escape death.

>truly emotional gut punches Junko was proven - in the very same episode - to be capable of exploiting
When? Don't say Juzo because that was even more ridiculous.

Are you serious? Juzo was confirmed gay on that episode where he talked with Chisa and later punched a wall. Also, there were tons of clues.
You had to be blind to not see it.

it was just cringy

>Now that we know Juzo's secret I can't help but laugh at this shit.
You and everyone else for the last 24 hours. This shit was written like poetry.
>thought he was a cuck when in fact he was a gay cuck

W-would you? Please?

They are going to take those body parts from them and rebuild Junko.

Yeah, Chihiro. Kodaka said DR2 was self contained.

It was Juzo. It's something. My point being, she had ample opportunity and time (like just hanging around the reserve course building for a couple weeks) to see that Chiaki was incredibly hung up on Hajime and could've deduced that much, if not finding out why Hajime became Izuru in the first place.

>is boxing real

holy shit

that would be amazing, my friend.

>there were people that didn't already know he was a gay cuck
Why doesn't Cred Forums have any gaydar?

The way this scene happened literally just after Naegi confronts Munakata is weird. It's almost like he was watching.

There were clues but no one admitted it. A lot of people kept saying that he was actually after Chisa hence all the memes and that twitter pic of her seducing Juzo.

I heard cucumber helps a lot for the cases of painful butthurts

That was because most of it was clichéd hackneyed dialogue
>I don't wanna die!
>Why am I crying?

"Not be useless"

There's no way this cheese can't just be Mitarai's awful anime. It's too hammy and manipulative.

He is still alive though.

And then being murderer last chapter which will cause baseball cap's ahoge to grow 3 sizes.

Do one for Chiaki

>That drive-in
V3 better have a movie theater as an excuse to watch cutscenes of my inmates doing horribly.

Yeah, because he's been useless so far.

don't forget "i wanted to play video games with you". that was the worst.

You could have replaced real Chiaki with anyone. I felt more bad for the student council people.

Class 77 tarnished Chisa's sacrifice by coming back to fight Junko

It has a love hotel, if that makes you any happier.

>MFW Danganronpa Togami is canon
>Junko just got MINDHACCED by a fucking book
This is true despair

Kirigiri deserves better than getting love from the ones that fall for cheap waifu baits

Only gays have gaydar, faggot. Time to come out.

She sold all her organs to buy videogames. She lives solely on the will to play Persona 5.

Monaca figured it all out and doesn't give a shit about hope/despair making her canonically smarter than Junko/Izuru/Nagito. APATHY IS THE STRONGEST EMOTION.

>Even when fucking impaled Tengen just keeps tearing into Munakata
Died too soon

Nah, that'd be this guy.
Turns out he was offscreen this entire time.

Oh it was certainly the worst but atleast it wasn't a complete filler cliche line

He wanted the best hope - he got the best despair to serve as the stepping stone for it. He's trully lucky.

Why did he say that?

Fuck off.

I agree with the fag that says if one of the three lives then they should all.

Of course I want them all dead. Chiaki coming back, she'd just suck Hinata's dick.

This. Monaca learned the only winning move was not to play and managed to get out before the MINDHACK ANIME plot reared its ugly head in

>waifu baits
There's that word again.


Look at this fuckers face. He knows they are idiots and cant win but he's wishcasting and thinking with his dick that if they hope hard enough, they'll win.

Fuck Nagito. If Izuru had actually killed him, class 77 would NOT have gone back.

I bet you just like her because she's cute, shallow fucks.

>she had no idea what the SHSL slut and edgelord were really capable of
It's not like she was there when Komaeda was shot, right?

>Trying to make sense out of DR

Just roll with it, retard

Not just any dick, his hopeboner for Chiaki specifically.

Nah fuck Izuru, if he wasn't there Nagito would have killed Junko and ended all of this.

>remove all waifus the anime
I'm scared for Aoi


Bullshit. They'd run straight there because Nanami convinced them with no hesitation or his warning. He knows his words are useless against the class rep they actually love.

Funny. I finished 2-5 a little while ago.
Possibly the worst overrated trial in the game.

Fresh bread

So, Mitarai and the boxer are solely responsible for the Tragedy? Faggots and neets turning world into despair shithole - pure poetry.

Looks like an outhouse so he's probably shitting.

This sprite is gold.


>What? The kid voluntarily showed her his shit.
At first. And then he was held hostage.
>You mean Hopeman lucking out on a secret facility and that leading to this? You can't blame Juzo for those 2 things.
The location she used to brainwash Chisa and hold Mitarai captive was obtained when she killed the entire board of directors. How the hell was Junko able to do all of this on school property without getting noticed? Juzo's shitty security.
>No, they were already in the underground complex. Even if he told Munakata, they wouldn't have been in time to save any of them.
Junko was right there and he chose to not only back down but agree to her terms because he was scared to get outed. He let her go so she could initiate Chiaki's death game which would lead Class 77 to despair. And before you say he didn't have the strength to keep fighting, he sure as shit had strength to smash solid concrete during his temper tantrum afterwards.

>we still have a competent heroine like Kirigiri

True best girl Seiko may but 2nd best girl Sonia is alive

Holy fuck.

>Chiakifags are this butthurt

What sacrifice? She didn't know how dangerous Junko was. Nobody really did.

She's dead, Jim. They're both dead.

I will be here to laugh at your fags when Kirigiri will survive


Don't be. The Gluttonous Air-headed Athletic Big Brown Boobs are too strong for despair, she is pretty much immortal.

So I think we can all agree that Saeko is the best Danganronpa 3 waifu?

that gave me boner

This shot is the best thing to come out of the anime.