Ange Vierge

Episode 11 preview up.


>massive Ouroboros as the final boss
>not Dark Saya

God damn it.

Maybe the cliffhanger is Aoi corrupting Saya. You can't stop me from dreaming.

>bottom middle of pic
Saya switches places with Amane and gives back her harem?

In your dreams, Amane.

Nah, Amane will join Saya's harem too.

>Amane is back
>her harem return
Those girls are sluts.

More like win it.

But Saya has to take responsibility for the cripple.

That's not a way to talk about Saya's girlfriends.

>those girls are sluts
That was clear when they flocked to Saya after Amane sat on the frozen cuckthrone.

It's a flashback.

Amane is out of the crystal already? Damn, there goes all the fun speculah.


When Saya visits the frozen Amane, MIkage Aoi appears.
Before Aoi's overwhelming strength, Saya, Almaria, Elel, Stella and Naya could not do a thing.
On another side, at the same time, a giant Ouroboros assaults Seiran Island.

It's a flashback. It's always a flashback. Amane's future is just endless cuckolding.

How much blood will Mikage shed?

If I was Ruby I'd bury my face in those mammies.

Cross Link newest chapter reveal that it set right before the Ouroboros appeared. Claire, the clairvoyant foresaw the Ouroboros attack inside Seiran. So Cross Link might be some sort of prequel for anime. Last chapter will be out on Nov on CW.

So if it's a prequel why is there a chapter in which Alma sucks Sofina's blood?

She didn't. Alma ran away again.

So, what happened to those two that cause Ramiel to never mention them again?

Amane will be the final boss. My dick can't wait for more evil Yukarin.

They became irrelevant to the plot.

Guess we will have to wait until November to figure that out.

Stuck in a crystal/tube

Nya is OP with the claw nuke, yet she will job in this episode.

Aoi a literal who to her. Not enough to fuel her into action. If Aoi lay her hands on Eins then maybe Nya will get quarter-serious. Maybe.

Alma is a failure as a vampire and as a girlfriend.

This is the power of the true Japanese katana sharpened and tended in the bath for over ten episodes.

Give her time. She'll eventually embrace her true feelings.

Very nice.

I don't think this is quite right.

This is everything I wanted since the show started

I like how erect that tail is.

Where did you find this picture?

Looks like it came straight out of Sofina's dreams.

That time of the month

8gag's /u/ board.

Why are these two so gay?

Anything designed by Takano Saku is designed to be gay.

Seriously, I can't stop appreciating htis.

Well, you should. It's wrong.


bob is such a fucking shitty artist. Everything he makes looks like melted plastic.

If that's wrong I don't want to be right.

Pick one

Euphiria any day of the week.

Or Euphiria.

Mayuka is too cute.

There has been a serious lack of Ruby bullying Clara and being fluffy/smug/etc in the recent episodes.

Clara probaly fixed Ruby's bullying the same way Mayuka did her Onee-chan's.

What is this?

Hinata Miumi.

Purest form of love.

Now what


It's not like there are that many translated Takano Saku works. Just look for the one that has incest.