FeMC Hate

What's with Cred Forums's hateboner for Female Protagonists in Action/Fantasy/Science Fiction Anime?

Is it because you fucks can't self-insert?

these are all spooks. Women are the least spooked gender because of their innate lack of these qualities and inability to manifest them. It hit me pretty hard when I realised women were right all along.


This user gets it

I don't understand.


Read Stirner
He is basically the only philosopher you will ever need

>Is it because you fucks can't self-insert?

Fucking implying.

Seeing a fictional woman do a man's job triggers them.

I wasn't aware there was one


what user listed are all male abstractions; women cannot understand those

basically, animals are driven by instinct, women are driven by feelings and men are driven by stupid male conventions

>presumptive bile

Reminder that OP is not actually looking for answers, just attention.

>You should not base your life around something which has no material effect upon the world
>Said the philosopher

It amazes me that anyone took Stirner seriously enough to reprint the shit he wrote, much less make him into a meme a century later.

All of those are predicated by them being enforced and rewarded by a higher power. If I did not acknowledge the authority of such an entity I too would be afraid of opportunistic women.

Memes are spooks kido

>Stirner has become the ultimate spook

it's because we are sexist male pigs

Duh, it' so obvious.

Any ordinary mother fullfil all of those fields.

>Is it because you fucks can't self-insert?

speak for yourself fag.

It's a meme in klk's case and I can't think of another example beyond her.

Women are categorically more loyal than men. Their entire existence depends on loyalty to one game.

*one guy


women should behave like women
OP pic is a perfect example of drawing a girl and writing a boy

Oh, look, it's this thread again

>Said the philosopher
Yes. Problem?

I want a yamato nadeshiko character who is also a badass, even though it's basically impossible.

So you want Sakura from Sakura Taisen?

Fuck off, /lit/. I'm tired of discussing with you faggot that each gender roles has their qualities and defects.

>women are driven by feelings
/r9k/ is the biggest proof that you're wrong. Literally a self-loathing pity of faggots depressed because they don't get female attention.

Yeah, I always wonder why people enjoy things that I don't.


I creaated this thread and we can't have such dissentious content like yours. Please vacate the premises.

Because most of them are absolutely terrible like Ryuko, there's some good ones like Ryougi, the major or recently Ange.

>What's with Cred Forums's hateboner for Female Protagonists in Action/Fantasy/Science Fiction Anime?