That one arc that ruined the entire series

that one arc that ruined the entire series

It was just too long and out of context but at least introduced fusions.

Should've posted a picture of Raditz instead

Better than the fucking spin off series we have now which completely shits on everything the previous series ever established.

Should have posted the entirety of DBS instead.


>fucking spin off series we have now which completely shits on everything the previous series ever established
Yeah, it's called DBZ.

The fuck you talking about.
only because this arc shits on gohan doesn't mean its not worth it.
Vegeta's sacrifice
Gotenks vs buu and one f the best fight in the series funny as fuck.
And ending it of with a genkidama was just perfect.

Kill yourself. Buu saga was not only the best saga of DBZ but Buu himself was the best villain.

So was the entire Android/Cell saga.

a villain with the mind of a toddler is good in concept, but only for a 10 epsiode arc at best, not a 60 episode arc

>confirmed for not even watching the saga
Buu was a manchild only while he was still fat. Once he game adult Buu or whatever, he was awesome all over again.

>taking a gag manga seriously
BOI the autism is off the charts


Wait, they're all guys ?

ghosts, bitch

I loved Buu and his arc.

I disagree, he was more or less still a manchild, just the malicious kind. As expected of a djinn.

>"Part 5 is bad" meme isn't dead yet

But it is, user. At least to me.

Fat Buu is legit one of my favourite Dragonball characters/designs. His fighting style was pretty cool and inventive, and his friendship with Mr. Satan is also excellent. His general jolliness is also infectious.
Basically, the fat idiot is cool.


Androids were introduced in the red ribbon army arc. So the cell saga/android saga certainly was not out of context.

>he was Cell all over again.

The Buu saga was great. I loved it since it had a return to comedy with a funny villian and heroes. It felt like a return to Dragon Ball. Even from the very beginning with Gohan, it feels much more like a part of Dragon Ball than the rest of Z does. Anyone who hates the Buu saga is clearly a faggot who only wants generic power level battle shounen.

Dragon Ball and Pokemon are the only anime that had tournament arcs I enjoyed thoroughly. The rest are shit.

not even...

I forgot that one.

I still stand by my statement.

It was the best anime arc at least.
QUALITY was much less frequent and all of the best animation and artwork was in that saga.

Why do people go on about the dark tournament arc like it's even slightly good?
I just dont understand it, it was so long the tone of the series changed halfway through and it was filled to the brim with cliche.

>Araki went from drawing swole men to twinky fags


The manga took itself pretty seriously for a gag manga. The rage fuelled revenge brawls and genocides don't usually pull in the laughs.

On the other hand the babidi arc was solid fucking diamonds.

World tournament.
The kais.
Trunks/Goten comedy.
Best android.
Fucking Majin Vegeta & more I've probably forgotten about.

because not everybody is a buff huge brickwall of a man.
Why would italian gangsters be fucking jacked?

Buu was a manchild in most of his forms, he was just a different kind of manchild. The more people he ate, the more developed his mind became. I liked that part.

They migth not be, but they don't dress like trannies.

Kid Buu was an actual child though.

>"Muh cell arc was the perfect end" meme

oh wow

That's not Cell arc, though.
Buu at least reintroduced to good old DB humor.

yeah, because poop jokes are so funny

I thought it took too long especially on the jokes that weren't that funny to begin with.

But it was fine as far as DBZ goes.

Doesn't change the fact Toriyama's much better at kiddie humor than serious stories like Cell arc.

Meant "the".

>Being cliche = bad