What would you do in this situation?

What would you do in this situation?

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Did they fuck his brains out in the end?

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Not use mangafox like a fucking faggot


Why not, user?


World Harem

>Make a manga with the plot of a H manga
>It's not a H manga
Fucking why?

give her the old dickaroo

>Guy is one of the five last healthy men on the world
>He's the typical Japanese protagonist that,s allergic to females

Could be worse. He could be immune and already have a vasectomy.

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Its a deconstruction you troglodyte

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It's a deconstruction. It's pointing out just how much the world is fucked for your average H-manga plot to happen.

no it's just shit


Manga fails in the premise of having a mc that is a wuss and the fact that focus sex like a normal h-manga. If it were to be interesting, his troubles should focus on the absence of affection he has for the women he mates and the consequences of having several children who he will never personally meet or what to do be done if the child if born male? Instead we have a generic manga. Most focus should be drained on his research with the virus and responsabilities as a man attempting to find a partner or partners with the same goal in such a research, which would lead to female jealousy among the group and power struggles while all of this is seen under the eyes of the mc to which will and taste is put to secondary. After all he is but one and his wants are no longer listened. Another part comes with homosexual relationships among women and other viable methods of conception. It's seems the author isn't experienced in how really the world works if put in a extinction scenario.

It's generic and bland. No less different than any other common apocalypse.
It lacks deconstruction and character depth

It's accepted in Cred Forums to post mangafox pages now?


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It's been for the last 10 years.

Only for shit series no one cares about

Where did they go wrong? Was the virus too effective? Or are they just hiding the fact they have antidote and majority of women is forced to live in poverty?

Femina feminae lupus est.

>1 guy that doesnt want to do it
>4 guys that might never wake up because of 'plot'
>this guys children will be raised to be bread the moment they reach puberty
>the worlds hope relies on /ss/

Actually, 3 guys, one of them is awake.


>other guy who had enough of fucking is plotting some "fun"

I expect there to be an underground male resistance movement that is kept secret from general population.

Wait, someone is actually gonna kill some on this manga?

You tell me.

>the entire worlds male population is japanese betas
Enough alpha males exist to have already dominated all these women with their cocks by now.

Are they trying to pass him off as the bad guy because he takes advantage of a great situation?

I think so.

Also, he said he needs other stimuli, what could that mean?

>4 guys that might never wake up
Don't plan to read it, but is there something preventing the women from forcing the seed out of them?
Just a bit curious about that.

only children made through snu snu survive
all of them made through artificial insemination, even using seed from the immune men, die

This reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode where that thief died and thought he went to Heaven, but he was in Hell all along getting everything he ever wanted.
Just kinda popped in my head.

That sounds dumb as hell.
Can't they just rape them in their sleep or something? Use some shit to 'get em up'?

>Can't they just rape them in their sleep or something?


>Use some shit to 'get em up'?

Yup. That works too.

I hate to say it but, main guy is a big fucking homo.

they're about to try that but plot will probably get in the way


The MC isn't gay, he just wants his waifu.

Part of me predicts the other guy is gonna attempt to cuck him or something, probably to make the MC stop caring and fuck everyone.

>Twin Trips

Holy fuck

Holy shit.

One post apart ain't too hard

Yes. I think the manga makes it clear we're supposed to hate him. The idea that male sexuality is predatory and abusive runs very deep. Even when it's 100% consensual, even when it's good for the future of humanity, he is still somehow in the wrong for behaving the way he does.

Look at you and your little dubs, not too shabby eh?

Well, they were made at the same time

>The idea that male sexuality is predatory and abusive runs very deep

So deep that they seem to degrade themselves into male fantasies without even having males. Bark and go on all fours for the other girls.

Who are you kidding? the guy's a fucken beta japanese male who wants to assert this childish ideology of waifu is pure and sparing yourself to the special one you're going to marry when in fact NOTHING of the sorts works in real life.

You wanna see a guy deal with many women? Read Hare Kon.


He's a fucking idiot who thinks that women far more qualified than him can't make the stupid ass muguffin vaccine.

Jackass better accept his meat dildo status.

>the loli is super strong lol
I fucking hate this trope jk I love it

He wants some femdom action.

Can wait for bullshit to ensue and he somehow gets out of this.

If this situation had the genders reversed it would be a complete nightmare. Imagine this: a girl is kidnapped, strapped to a chair, drugged and left in the hands of sex-craved men walking on all four.

This. I know there's a 50/50 chance I'll become a pile of regret later but I can finally judge if this scenario is bad if you initially want and embrace this sort of thing happening to you.

>It's a deconstruction.

I want to see a deconstruction of a deconstruction.

fuck you've got me thinking hard now

>If this situation had the genders reversed it would be a complete nightmare. Imagine this: a girl is kidnapped, strapped to a chair, drugged and left in the hands of sex-craved men walking on all four.

if the situation was reversed humanity would be fucked.

a population can survive the mass near extinction of males. it cannot survive the mass near extinction of females.

If the plot was reversed the only choice for humanity would be to set aside an "arc" like area which is almost 100% self sufficient, with robots to rebuilt robots, and education about modern technology and science for the later generations, then just lock away whatever remaining women with a similar number of men and spend the rest of their lives insuring the arc/zoo is as secure an evironment as possible to safefguard the future of humanity.

then let a few thousand years pass and hope nothing like an asteroid wipes out humanity, and all their tech and science info lasts long enough to actually be implemented by the 100th generation or so.

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That's a reconstruction. Kingdom Come is the best example. It deconstructed edgy 90s antiheroes and who at the time deconstructed classic capeshit. It's capeshit and Cred Forums though but a great example nonetheless.