How do you feel about maids?

How do you feel about maids?

Maids are for ____
Browns are for ____

Brown Maids are for ________

Into the

I dont understand the problem. are you more of a tensai guy?

Ghost a best.

Real maids are never this good.

I like maids. I don't like trap maids.

I had two and was greatly disillusioned.

Man I fell in love with this character design weeks before I even watched the show and when you add KanaHana into the Mix I was crazy hype.

I just decided to look past the penis and enjoy >him for what it was.

>watching this shitty show for her
>it is actually he

I prefer sassy bossy ones

my opinion is both at once



Often a sign of best girl.

Their uniforms are super cute. I'd be a maid if I were a cute girl just so I could wear one.

What's your favorite kind of maid uniform?

I don't really get the maid fetish

There are multiple parts to it. Some like the uniform, some like subservience. As a general trend maid characters are incredibly loyal regardless of other personality traits, which has its own appeal. There's the underdog aspect in romance stories, etc.

I have a soft spot for both versions of Hanaukyou Maid-tai tho I suppose they both look pretty old now


Maids are ideal, for they can be both dom and sub.

How the maid can be sub is obvious. For dom, meido disciplining her young ouji-sama also works. They're in perma-s/m mode and that's great.

Also the uniform. Can't argue with it.

what the fuck is this show what am I watching an user said this is good why isn't it good


gay nigga

I wish I was a cute maid.


maids are for garterbelts actually


Surprised no one posted Maria.

horny, but only if they have the DICK under the maid dress

Couldn't care less



Daruku is actually a straight trap. He lust for the tensei pussy.

What the hell is that? How long has that been there?

There is only one kind that I want

Maids are for rapes.

They're dumb.

If by "trash" you mean my bed, then by all means.

Traditional maid.

French maids are a disgusting American aberration that only exists because of 18th century Christians conservative religious beliefs about showing skin being haram.

That's why it's a fetish. If everyone liked it then it would just be typical human sexuality.

>not posting best maid from best maid show

Seriously underrated manga/anime.

Maids are bitches too ugly, or too dumb to use their pussy for prostitution to make money quick and retire. They're the roaches of humanity, cleaning people's toilets instead of selling drugs and enjoying life. They're the people who don't have the guts to be winners, so they settle for the breadcrumbs from the table of people who actually have the guts, the strength, and the intelligence to go out there and do something with themselves. I don't respect maid

There's something about the role reversal that comes with a dom maid that hits a sweet spot for my femdom fetish.

What's the preferred age for your maid, Cred Forums?
Kehki for me.

Younger if master is older, older if master is younger.

The frills are the part I like the most about maid uniforms. A white headpiece and large frilly white apron on top of black clothes is pretty much the ultimate combination.

You said that on purpose to mock me, didn't you?


If you like maids, you might want to check this game out if you haven't already.




Needs more sipping.

Best maid

Low tier fetish Japs keep cramming everywhere. When did this meme land in Japan anyway?

Someone post the food baby belly scene please.

westabooism was always a thing