Mob Psycho 100

Best girl edition.
Tome is also welcome.
fags are welcome too

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What did they mean by this?

>"mob, you are so hot"
>"mob this is so hot"

That drawing is incredibly good, I must compliment again the drawfag


this is really good
was this made by some drawfag here too?

I can read Tome at the end but I don't understand the other moonspeak

That's a shikishi
Extremely unlikely

Oh shit, that's hot.
Tome is still the best girl.


I forgot to link the uncensored version:

>Carpet doesn't match the drapes


Where does this come from, they look almost like the original

nice, artist?


zakuro_chinoaji on Twitter

What are you, new?


sorry man
english isn't my main language

generally the pubes are darker than the hair color
or the same color as the eyebrown

I think I got home a shaved version of the drawing you guys interested?

Please do.
Also where are you from?



It's funny that only part of the body that looks like Tome is her face (not that there's anything bad with it)


I don't really remember but I think I drew the pubes on another layer of the photoshop file

I am from hueland

How about some Tome feet?

>Tome will never be relevant

>raw update
>kuso mobu psycho mobile phone game ads
goddamnit i just want to know if reigen get brainwashed or not

tome feet when

I drew some tome feet a few threads ago

But I like her as a side character, side characters are best characters in MP

Is the Tome-user going full out or did Tome suddenly got more fans?

Anywaysgreat work as always user.



>tome feet

She will be as Lord Psycho Helmet's Head Priestess aka the Cult Bicycle.


Life is suffering

meant for

Are you working on anything else MP100 related? If not I'd go against the current and request, cute BIC no homo
unless you want to go full homo

Ishiguro >>>>> Mukai

Mezato's likely already offering herself up for the spot.
This whole thing is partially her fault anyway

I am at work right now but I found it in the archives
there you go

damn she is a cutie
also the fit woman looks nice

Shes nipponese, did you expect the blonde hair to be natural?

Or were you thinking she would dye her pubes


I'd really like to go for the mainstream request and ask for a Reigen but I think drawfag is more into drawing girls

you're a champ.



I dont like drawing men fucking men but I don't mind drawing sexy or cute males

meant to quote

That's fine with me. I can find all the Reigen I need thanks to fujos.

The Body Improvement Club. Pic related. If you'd be cool if you could.

user means Body Improvement Club members

But really? That's awesome because I really like your style, then I guess I'll ask for a lewd Reigen

I'm not even on my phone and I went full retard.
It would be*

What about Reigen fucking Tome?


That would be a first

If OPM and MP share the same universe would OPM characters count as aliens?

Stop. Reigen is pure.

Oh I'm fine with it too but I asked if he/she could draw a Reigen anyway, just in case

are you guys the most degenerate fan base in Cred Forums?

Rare Tome thread????


All you have to do is look at the post asking for Reigen to fuck a middle schooler to get your answer.

No they're not. But it's the tumblr crowd being overenthusiastic again, especially since it's Friday.

Post more Tomes

umbrella man tha best.

That's why it needs to happen



Mob Psycho artists (or maybe just western artists in general) seem really into chromatic aberration for some reason and I hate it, it turns otherwise good art into a blurry fucking mess.

I hate it to, I only saved it because it's Tome.

drawfags posting their (sorta)lewd works and occasional conversation about the current manga chapter, the most revolting and degenerate kind of thread

That's why I saved it, I need way more Tome pics. I only have like 5

Why would you not draw the eyelashes? Those are probably her most defining trait.

He would totally go for compensation dating with a schoolgirl.

Could Teru beat Serizawa?

are you the most dedicated shitposter on Cred Forums, to ask the exact same question or a variation of it in every single thread?

Here, have some Telepathy Club.

Not with a Tome though.

a lot of artists seem to forget them.

Have we even seen Neet-kun fight? I just remember him exploding against Mob.
But my guess would be that Teru would lose, just because he seems to be as strong as than the blind guy, but is not that much into fighting unless commanded to.

Serizawa could take a hit from Touichirou (at a low percentage, granted), if nothing else. And he was supposed to be the strongest Super 5.

Serizawa tanked Shou's trump card easily and we're not even sure Teru could beat him.
I'd say no, unless he finds a way to use Seri's uncontrolled power against him.

Yes with a Tome

I would rather see a Teru vs Shou fight but that would be impossible at this point in the manga.

What about conlady fucking Reigen?

She'd do it to get the evil spirit he cursed her with away.

Well that's what I call kill two birds with one stone



her pussy is perfectly shaped to fit mob's shota dick

Allow me to go full autistic here for a second.

The problem with Teru vs Shou is that we know shit about Shou's real powers.
He has only won against Ritsu (Who Teru at the time could definitely beat as well) fodder, and the weakest S5 (who he must have known about, he went for a direct physical attack that KO'ed him immediately. )

His greatest attack was stopped by the strongest S5 and like pointed out by Seri could also resist his ,definitely stronger, father's own attacks. So there is no way to measure that feat.

We don't even know if he can use two psychic attacks at the same time like Teru or Shimazaki. We know he can do basic esper stuff, plus the invisibility and storing his energy, that's about it.

The best thing about this is they are original, unlike Teru who copies his techniques. However, it wouldn't surprise me if Teru learnt how to use something similar to Shimazaki's mind eye, nullifying Shou's invisibility technique.
His Charged Bomb, needs preparation, maybe a 5 minute bomb is really powerful but again we don't know.

In the end, I'd give Teru the edge if the two are equally powerful (it could be that thanks to genes the Meme could be more powerful, we just don't know) due to Shou's cockiness and how he underestimates his opponents.
I don't think he knows about Teruki's power or abilities, and the later definitely knows not to judge a book by its cover.

Holy shit, a very straight Mob thread. Is it a full moon today?

it actually is

nah mob's got baby dick.

Shou's invisibility mode only works when he's not moving. It's literally useless except for surprise attack which he did to his father.

>it actually is

I guess fujos are like the opposite of werewolves.

Or maybe they are werewolves and are too busy mauling villagers and being chased out by mobs heh to post here.

He also nearly one-shotted Ishiguro whom neither Teru, Ritsu nor non-serious Mob could beat at the time.

And except for when he's spying on Ritsu.


I'd say Teru can get cocky though, despite being taught a lesson after his fight against Mob. See what happened to him in the current manga arc.

I'd like to see this


and she got a loli vagina

Ishiguro was pretty much done at that point after exhausting herself.

I assumed he could, but I thing you are right. But I think that proves he can't do two things at the same time, unless the light distortion thing is special or something.

Again, I think is because he knew about the Scar members and their abilities. He knew how to go against his 'black holes' to take them out, while the gang had never seen something like that.

Ignoring his father, Shou's plan was horrible from the beginning. No one he 'recruited' could really go against the strong S5. Even if he did distracted them and wasn't obligated by his father, all his S5 would have come back against him.
I can't hold it against him as a character , since he is a kid so of course he wouldn't be able to create a master plan to beat his 10x stronger father. But he did seem sure it would work.

Was he though? Iirc he was about to blow up before Shou shoued, and no one could do deal with it (since you know what ran out).

Forgot to add. So while Teru is cocky, Shou is much more and would be willing to fight head first without really thinking it trough if he wants to win. Plus Teru was pissed about what the cult is doing.

Anime only confirmed

You're literally retarded if that's what you thought after reading that.


I may be retarded, but fuck you anyway.

Now that I think about it's Teru might have a definite edge over Shou if only because he seems to use his head a lot more.
Man, I'm usually not into powerlevel shit but ONE really could have given us more when it comes to Shou's abilities. These offscreen fights were a bad idea.

I never realized this before but Tome is actually pretty cute.

I was just about to post this

I was suprised by the "amount" of fanart of these two this episode produced

i think it was deliberate. he lost to his dad who was about as strong as full powered mob, but it still doesn't reveal his actual power level yet. i'm pretty sure one is planning to do something with shou soon, which is why he's left his powers so ambiguous

Bro, we all know ONE wants to end this with chapter 100. We are in 96.7. The largest chapter was chapter 90 that got to 90.12

I doubt we are going to see Shou this (apparently last) arc unless he comes to save the day right now. I hope he is back at least on the final chapter just to know how he is doing and if he still stalks Ritsu.

Not that user, but dont you think he'll actually figure out something is wrong if he still stalks him?

Are we sure ONE wants to end at 100? Did he really decide that when he reached chapter 90? Is he gonna rush everything and leave questions unanswered and characters underdeveloped? Nah, I think he's just trolling us.

I'm guessing on the tittle of the series, pottery and all that, along with the fact that ONE is slowing down the chapters by using decimals as he sees fit.

Does Ritsu know how to feel other espers? I don't think he does.

It's speculation because of how much he's fitting in so much stuff per chapter

I wanna watch X-Files with her while we cuddle.

I want to Mulder her Scully

The tomefags are disgusting. Post more homo stuff.

Since we are in a such a Tome mood but I don't feel like converting one of those multi panel tumblr comics I'm simply going to dump it.

Is that art done by the animation director for Diamond is Unbreakable? Looks like his art.

Better question, is he working on the show? While "Mob & Reigen" is could just be referring to the characters he drew, it's also the name of the final episode this season.


No, I was talking about Shou. Don't you think he'll figure out that there's something weird going on with Ritsu (provided that he still stalks him, ofc) ? I don't really imagine him just standing idly by if hiss butt buddy is being brainwashed.


Have some best boy.


Mob sees right through you


This was cute

That Beetlejiuce referance gets me. It is Halloween time, might be time to watch it.

It was indeed, and it made me smile, both are very much in character

So much Tome in this thread. Gracious

I see. I said it because it's a meme, but he does consider Ritsu a friend I guess. Maybe he could check up on him once in a while. I think is more likely for him to find out about what's happening because it'll eventually hit international news, if it hasn't already.

this was really cute

>"h-hey mob.. how about we do some telepath-hunting at my h-home?"

Can I have a source for this? I know it says 'saku' in the corner but that's an incredibly generic name.

unless you got a source, it's not ending at chapter 100. even if it was, one could do chapters 99.01 to 99.99 so stop with that bullshit already

If Mob has to end up with someone at the end of the series, probably not but, I'd like it to be Tome rather than the girl he has a crush on. Or Teru, he is good too.

Sure senpai.

senpai does things to me

Just read the new chapter. Gives me the goosebumps. I can't wait a week. I need more.

>So dreamy...
>I can't help but admire you!!
It looks like Dimple is brainwashing people into liking Mob to try and get him to join him.

I'm sorry to say this but next week we are not getting a new one.

Thanks senpai.

agreed, good stuff.
true, the only bit that was slightly off for me is that I can't really see mob using the word literally like that.

I'd like them to stay buddies, but whatever ONE is in charge and he (thankfully) doesn't care about mine or anybody's shippings

who told you that?

ONE menages to make me laugh and hurt me in one page



I don't ship them at all but this was really cute (and in character too!).

>she has an arm around his

These crazy kids

Another reason for season 2: we need to see karaoke night and BIC and Telepathy Club hanging out together to celebrate whatshisname's birthday

I hope the VP gets one last time to shine before the manga end. Wishful thinking, but I'd love it if a random assortment of non-powered characters didn't get brainwashed.

If they go for canon anime-original filler, like what ONE and Murata are doing by expanding Murata's version of the OPM manga, I could totally get behind it.

love = 70%

Greetings, anonymous user on Cred Forums. I am a representative of Warner Bros. I am glad that an anime show you like is one that was produced by us, but it is obvious that you are not appreciating the boylove BONES is showing.
Thus, I shall conclude that our company is losing our true purpose, and it is not worth to continue financing any further seasons of the Mob Psycho 100 anime.
I shall inform the Japanese office that they should immediately cease any further work on the anime show with the Bones Animation Studio, and destroy and bury the remains of all the master tapes.

>YFW we get another endless filler hell right before the arcs we want
Nah, I'd rather have them adapt the good stuff than risking alienating even diehard fans.

Clearly the solution is to make Tome merch if this thread is anything to go by.

I'd buy it.

I get why Murata and ONE are padding out the OPM manga, but I actually like the fighting tournament and monster "invasion." It gets to showcase some characters who never really got to shine in the original webcomic. And by "shine," I mean, "get beaten to a pulp by Garou."

I don't want any fillers, those moments were canon and covered just a couple of pages, and they're somehow useful to the arc story

You'll take your fujo merch and you'll like it.

I support this

Sure, I'll take it as well friendo.

Mob's enthusiasm kills me every time

>yfw they stretch it and make Tome sing the OP in that part
I doubt it though.

Official Waifu power rankings (no homo edition)

God tier:
Novel girl

Ok tier:
Clairvoyance girl
Those chicks in all girl school

Snot tier:

Absolute dogshit tier:
newspaper girl

I heard Shou's VA sang the OP. The reasoning was her name SaChi = 37 which is the alias of the vocal. San = 3 shiChi = 7

>Forgetting about bully-chan

Pretty much, yeah.

Why the Mezato hate?

What the fuck is wrong with you guys? Have some decency, these characters are like 14. Its Pathetic. pls keep going, you guys are great

>can't even be arsed to name them

MP100's only decent waifus aside from Tome are crossdressing middle school bois, user. Give up.

Yes homo edition

God Tier:

Good Tier:
Everyone else*

Garbage tier:

Official Husbando power rankings (full homo edition)

>Reigen tier

>Top tier
BIC bros

>OK tier

>Shit/They Belong With Each Other tier

All her bullshit throughout the series has culminated to the current arc.

I personally don't hate her very much, but she really is the closest thing this series has to a recurring villain.

I want a Tome Nendo.

it's funny how this is almost all her fault.

>Shit/They Belong With Each Other tier
Indeed. They have competitions to see who can be more shit.

she really does look like a fucking potato


>Reigen tier

>Top tier

>OK tier

>Shit/They Belong With Each Other tier
Body Improvement club

I was joking but I agree with this.

>That pic
Cute as fuck
A high detailed redraw of pic related is definitely something I'd use as a wallpaper.

>Shit/They Belong With Each Other tier

I hate this meme.

>Reigen leaves while she's showering so she's stuck paying the bill at the love hotel

>Placing Mob in the shit tier

Women don't take nudes like this.
Shoving the camera in your crotch is a guy thing.

>This atrocious list again

I agree
Also why is she even topless if she's just going to take a picture of her snatch.

Holy fucking shit, I want to take Tome to see Predator now.

>woman don't take nudes like this
go to and then come back with another answer

What song do you think she's singing?
For some reason, I'm thinking "Hotline Bling."

Mob is a faggot and Shou called him out on that so Shou is a little better than Mob.

Well... it might surprise you, but somethis they do, especially when they're in their preteens. Maybe not with a camera as the photos can be leaked, but they do use mirrors just to check what's going on down there. I think there was a scene like this in B Gata H Kei.

Who do you think Tome's Alien-fu is?

This relationship is the best. Two edgy esper teens, what could go wrong?

Don't Open This


She was taking a picture right after she had just taken a bath

>Mob will never feed you with his psychic powers
Why live?

I haven't posted my list and that line like a span of a month.

>these characters are like 14
I know that's pretty old, but we have to take what we can get.

What the fuck is that?

actually she was originally naked and I put a panty there for the sake of the blue board
the link for the unc is in this thread

I told you

>OK tier
My husbando is top tier, fuck you.

>that dimple

He only needs more screentime to really be top tier. Pls no bully user, I respect your taste.

I'm still wondering why the singer used an alias if we know the identities of the Mob Choir. It's very fishy.

Of course they do, i got a few on my phone you just have to send them something of equal value too, she is a halfu asian chick. i could show them if you guys want to see them

It's friday night. Why can't Reigen take me out for some takoyakis?

> i could show them if you guys want to see them

I apologize for bullying.

He ain't real, first of all.

Don't fucking remind me.

is there any more art and/or hentai of Ichi Mezato t-t-th-anks

I really want Ritsu to just punch Shou square in the face as revenge for the arson.

Mob said he already forgave him for that.

Shou isn't particularly edgy though, I think. If anything he's more on the opposite end of the spectrum (which might be why I actually like his interactions with Ritsu), even though he's a cunt.

Just look at him: this clearly looks like a kid who ain't worried about nuthin

I don't care. I still want Shou-abuse.

What's the opposite of edgy?


ADHD-stricken upbeat midget cunt ?

Is he actually short or is this another meme?

He's one or two inches shorter than Ritsu if I remember correctly.

Did someone say cute

Mob is so cute.
Trap Mob doujin when?

Also muscle lady too for Body Improvement /fit/ boys

when is the next chapter getting scanned ?

you drew both those?

This is fantastic.
This is fucking fantastic.

Naw, but I am a drawfag, so I'll draw some Tome. Gimme a sec.

She should join BIC

Official heights go: Shou (5'), Mob (5'2"), Ritsu (5'2.5"), Teru (5'3.5"), Reigen (5'10.5").

Reminder that Rei is a slut.

I'm sure Ritsu is only taller than Mob because of his hair.

>it actually exists
and hetfags here were starting to lose hope


Gotta say i was losing hope for getting some decent hetero fanart i could enjoy and this thread seems like a godsend after half a year of gay ass threads.

nice work.
It would be nice to see muscle psychic interact with the body improvement club.

Unrelated rant ahead. I just went trough the most embarrassing moment of my life. A 'friend' told me about a Mexican themed night in a bar/lounge and agreed to go with him. One hour before I texted him and received no reply. Assuming that he would be there anyways I went there and awkwardly tried to make myself one of a group that was waiting outside. After getting in they ignored me for 1 hour. I even tried texting another friend and they also never replied. Since it was so late I didn't even bother to try and reach anyone else. I awkwardly left. Thank god my flat is literally a street away.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm still here. And stuff like this reminds me why.

Sorry for the blogpost, I needed to let this out. Let's resume posting cute kids.

That sucks, user. Have a cute Mob.

I'm sorry that happened to you. Is that picture one of those age swap AU things?


Yep. I didn't save more though.

This is great.


That's not an alien, why would Tome let a human probe her?

Who's the guy with the cell phone?


Might be Tokugawa from the outfit.

Whoever you want it to be



I don't know what you're talking about user, boys drawings give me usually very hetero feelings

Just for you, senpai.

Teru is cute!

He's too pure for something like that.

Was ONE just trying different hairstyles with him?

He is indeed.

"hey mezato we found your pic on the internet"


Delinquent Teru is the cutest.

Stop lying, there are no Grills in here! You gay.

I can't wait to see superior short haired Teru animated.

Another one. There's very little stuff of her out there.

Excellent taste.

Cover one of your eyes with the palm of your hand. Render the image into "3D."

I feel guilty about interrupting our straightest thread in a fucking long while but I can't help it, he is too cute.

Why do people like this slut? He's 14 and probably already crawling with STDs.

Don't worry user, there's literally nothing gay about Teru.

I just wanted to express my love for Teru I'm sorry senpai

There is nothing gay about acknowledging another male as good-looking.

Nothing wrong with being a boy slut.

Why do I get the feeling that Dimple was also brainwashed by the Tree?

Don't be so jealous Ritsu.

We don't do slutshaming around these parts, user. Teru is for everybody and everybody is for Teru.


I think so too. Dimple did nothing wrong.

Everyone wants to believe that Dimple isn't fully responsible that's why it's not going to happen


I'm kind of surprised I've never seen any Teru x Shou.

>25 is full of QUALITY
>25 fucks up Rem revelation

You can only avoid one. What's it gonna be?

how is the drawing going? mind posting a wip?
soon I will have to leave work for home and there I wont have time to browse the internet for like the rest of the weekend ;_;

I hope so. Though it wouldn't surprise me if Mob has to exorcise him at the end anyways..

Shit. Wrong thread.

Please and thank you.

Have they ever interacted?

I just want him to be OK.
>in the anime opening, the broccoli turns into Dimple, who turns into takoyaki, which is eaten by Reigen
>in the manga, Dimple brainwashes the entire town, including Reigen
It was in front of us all along.

I want Mob to ask Teru how to ask a girl for a date, get advice and approach Tsubomi. And then fail horribly.

This is really cute art.

Elder God tier:

Ok tier:
Lesbian School Girls.

Snot tier:
Every other girl under the sun.

Absolute wet dog diarrhea tier:

I think they've spoken once or twice, but it's not like fujos care much about canon anyway. I just thought the fujos would like the Slut x Fuccboi dynamic.

But that's objectively wrong you fucking idiot.

Absolutely horrendous

I wonder what a mixed waifu/husbando tier list would look like. Aside from Reigen being his own tier at the top.

Nah, I don't really see it. I think there's hardly any discussion on the pairings in the fandom. It's all Teru/Mob and Ritsu/Shou. And then there's those degenerates shipping Mob with Reigen or with Ritsu.

Think the word you're searching for is: subjective.

You fucking idiot.

And, Mezato is God tier. Everyone else is debatable.

That'd be cruel, but glasses Teru a cute.

But that is objectively wrong. Tome is the best looking of all the girls and i am one of those guys that hate all this waifu shit.

So what i'm getting here is that you have shit taste.

A best.

>the spoiler
those are actually the most popular ships, user.

There's nothing degenerate about pairing Mob with the people who love him the most.

Whatever you say Mezato

Still degenerates. Who goes for pedophilia and incest when you can just have pure teen romance?

To at least talk bout something instead of needlessly dumping fanart.

What do you think the esper kids will do when they grow up?

Let's be honest here, trap Mob = best Mob.
Doujins when?

Reigen tier:

Elder God tier:

Ok tier:
Lesbian School Girls.
>Snot tier:
Every other girl under the sun.

>Absolute wet dog diarrhea tier:

Figures. Fujos aren't content with just faggotry, they need everything to be extra degenerate so they can schlick to it.

Only among the Japs and Koreans. The west fujos are moral fags that have no problem with sexualising 14 year olds but incest is where they draw the line.

>still looking like a cutie q highschooler even though he's 18+
I need more Uni Mobu.

Teru is very social. I can see him getting into something related to sales or marketing. Ritsu is smart so he'll probably go for Law or Med school or something like that. As per Mob, who knows. I can see him freaking out when he has to choose what to study cause he doesn't know what he likes.

This is all I have.

>neet-kun that low

>west fujos
Who cares about them?

How annoyed is he going to be at all those females wanting his dick?

I like how Ritsu is two seconds away from punching Reigen in the dick.

>best looking
Tomoe look like a short hair Sadako. She have barely passable looks and appearance.

Ritsu is very smart and ambitious, so he'll probably get some high position in the government. Teru will keep training young espers at the Awakening Lab and will basically be Professor X. Shou is rich enough that he could fuck around all day with his hamsters. As for Mob, no idea.

No, she's just the most quirky and eccentric of them, which makes her automatically stand out more. her fags are just rationalizing their attraction by saying she's cute even though she clearly isn't and was never intended to be.

That's cute as fuck.

Shou can be pretty clever, although I'm not sure if this was because he already knew about Ishiguro's powers beforehand and had already come up with a countermeasure, or if he came up with it on the spot.

I want to punch Reigen in the dick with my lips

I actually wonder how long he would be able to keep rejecting the groupies before giving in and starting dating one out of sheer curiosity.

He might have known about it but while first reading this page it definitely seemed like he was completely improvising.


Is chapter 96.7 out yet?

Teru with Mob is cute!

nigga how tf would you brainwash a spirit

On the app, yes. Some kind user reposted it in the last thread, and there's a rough translation of the pages that comes with it.

eyedelater on tumblr probably has one too by now.


Thanks user

They do actually.

I figured as much: they're usually pretty fast.

this omake needs more fanarts: their outfits are cute as hell

Did everyone somehow forget that there's less than 3 days left until GRATITUDE?

Reigen is truly a beautiful man.

Everyone is a bit chill about it cause of spoilers for animeonlys i guess.

He is. I love him with all my heart.

Ah, that makes sense.
Why is he so perfect?

Anyone here on tumblr? I need mob blogs to follow.

Time flies by faster when you don't think about it.

So I have a theory about Mob Psycho as a whole, and I think it's why ONE stays a bit more closely to it than OPM.
I think the whole thing is slightly based on One's life. the way I see it is:
>Psychic Powers
Probably represents artistic talent, or a drive to do art. It's less about the psychic powers themselves and more about how people react to them.
>Reigen and Mob's Parents
This is really where I get the artistic talent thing from. One has said in interviews that his parents never approved of his want to be a mangaka, and that even to this day they don't approve of it. I think this goes into mob's parents.
His dad sees his talents as a cute little thing but nothing serious, and his mother straight up reprimands Mob for him, telling him that he should be paying more attention to studies like his brother.
In a recent chapter, Mob's mother reprimands him for not knowing what he wants to do in his future. His father is more lax, but tells Mob he should become a salary man. Salary men are a reoccurring theme in One's work, if you haven't noticed. On the other hand, Reigen tells Mob that he can do whatever he wants to in life, and that he shouldn't let others define his life path.
I think that here Reigen is probably one of ONE's teachers who greatly inspired him to be what he wanted to be.

Scar probably represents Art Schools. They take people who aren't psychic and put them through a long, painful process that, in the end, barely gives them anything to show for it.

There's probably a few other things I'm forgetting, I may post them if I remember.

>Reigen and Shou have the same shade of hair


It makes sense for a father and son to have similar hair, doesn't it?

I've always thought Reigen was meant to represent ONE himself. He also used to work as a salaryman, and his mother doesn't approve of his current job. If you want to go deeper with it, perhaps Reigen's clients who feel like he legitimately helped them are meant to represent the people who enjoy ONE's work despite its messiness, and Mob is Murata, who is incredibly skilled at the one thing ONE isn't good at when it comes to crafting a manga (i.e. the actual drawing part of it). I feel like Mob doesn't represent ONE as much because unlike him, it seems ONE did more or less know what he wanted to do (become a mangaka) from a young age.

It's actually true. Plus we were busy discussing the latest chapter until not too long ago.

They really know their audience, huh. Reigen in a butler uniform or we riot.

Did this game come out? Is it on android?

Not yet, and it's on both on android and iOS.

>not maido Ritsu
what the shit is this


What is Dimple's facial expression trying to convey?

I honestly don't give a fuck so I guess I'm one of those people.

WHERE do I buy this?

Maybe meido is an upgrade?

With training, how strong could Ritsu get? Teru level? Mob level?

If we assume that it's your emotions that defines your maximum capability, I'd say somewhat above Tery level, seeing how both of them used to be insufferable edgelords

He is still kinda bad with his psychic powers, as shown in one of the recent omakes about bugs. He couldn't even hit a cockroach and ended up catching it the normal way. It seems like he just wanted the powers but doesn't know what to do with them.

I wouldn't really call Teru an edgelord. A prick or a hooligan - yes, but not an edgelord.

To be fair, he's only had powers for a few months, compared to the rest of the Fuccboi Four™, who have had them since birth.

>Mob is LITERALLY Ness without his hat
>Even dismantles a Happy Happy cult
>Hardly any crossover art

It should be Bully-chan.

It's just not fair.

is she 2d? otherwise fuck off

But Bully-chan a shit.

Well she is a real girl so 3d i guess.

Predictions on where the Episode will leave it off on Mobday? My guess is on The whole fight till face reveal.

I'm thinking the same.

Yeah, that would make sense.

also ritsu turns into a cactus which turns into teru! ritsu = teru confirmed!


Can't read moon well but he's said something about eps 11 and 12 but it sounds mostly that he's hyped for it

I'm here for you, user-kun.

I like how there's that girl saying he's dreamy and then there's Tsubomi in the next panel, unfazed even though she's supposed to be brainwashed too

NEET-kun a cute! A cute!

Wait, that's a girl?

>when your brocon is so strong it turns into a separate homosexual


does dimple's va voice mob's dad too?

Who drew these? Is there any more?


So what do you think Mob and Dimple will talk about?

Dimple will probably try to get Mob to join him by convincing him he'll be popular if he does, but Mob will refuse.

Is Mob autistic?

>"to be honest Mob, I have no idea what I'm doing, I just wanted to brainwash some people for the lolz"

I hope Reigen doesn't find out that's where Mob spent the money he gave him.

Did you ever post this?

yes, I will join your club

It's sad that they won't finish the Claw arc

No he's like any other beta guy that doesn't know women.

Did this scene make any one else feel sad and uncomfortable?

>pedophilia and incest
B-but user those are my favourite things.
I can't fap to anything else.

Episode 12 would be gratitude.

Maybe he is autistic and how he uses psychic powers is just his unique way of expressing himself.

It was amazing. When is the last time you saw a conflict like that in any other shonen series?

Evangelion that chocking scene is like that one scene from EoE


Too easy. Reigen stands up and flexes his powerful aura.

Clearly says episode 11 would be Master, Leader.

Gratitude is after those chapters.
Bones would fuck up if they animate start of gratitude and cut in the middle of it.

Episode 12 would be the start of the bullying and the other half would be conclusion + that short omake

Are you autistic and doesn't know about SWAG?

We've gone over this a few times already. If they don't do Gratitude next episode then they'll only adapt about 3 chapters in episode 11, leaving about 7 chapters + omake for episode 12, whent they've been animating 5 chapters per episode so far (and that's after cutting some minor parts). If they animate 5 chapters in episode 11, they'll stop at the Ishiguro reveal, which is a fine spot to end the episode.

>Each episode color is based on each of the volume covers

I really hope they get a lot of the different urban legends in there they're omake but they have bearing on the plot later in an odd way. Plus I love the mood of those chapters.

I can already see people complain about them ending it with the lighthearted omake chapter.

What 7 chapters?
If they left off episode 11 with Reigen standing up, they only need to adapt 3 and a half chapters to finish the arc including the school part. First half of episode 12 would be the fight and 2nd half would be the conclusion and omake which is short as fuck. Episode 12 would adapat 4 chapters worth. Omake isn't really dialogue heavy.

Doesn't that omake lead into the Urban legend arc anyway. If there is a second season it's the perfect place to stop the show

Not to mention OMAKE is only 8 pages. It really is only 4 chapters including the whole gratitude part.

Huh, I thought there were a lot more chapters between Master and chapter 50 for some reason. My bad.

the entire episode had a lot of evangelion refs

When will we be getting Reigen dakis?

Don't even say it won't happen. If there isn't a Reigen daki then whoever is responsible for producing the merch must hate money.;_;

i doubt there'll be an official one

I'm upset he didn't even get a pillow like Mob and Dimple. ;_;

Probably didn't want to encourage sticking your dick into a pillow. or rubbing your vagina on it if you're a woman

>implying men can't have vaginas and vice versa
Whoa buddy, that's pretty problematic. Didn't you realize it's [the current year]?

I want an edit of this with the part in Stardust Crusaders where Jotaro is walking up to DIO.

i just caught up to the manga's latest chapter after watching the anime
how often do chapters come out?
next chapter when

Every week on Thursday, translations are up usually on Friday.


sometimes there isn't a new chapter but an ad for stuff instead

Then get to work m80, if you hurrt you could post it in the next thread

When will Tome trap Mob in her room and force him to have sex with her?

Never, she only does that to aliens.

Seeing how everyone now worships Mob as the original Psycho Helmet, really soon

When will this faggot Mob die? After all the shit he said, Dimple still wants him to be a cult leader together with him.

Mob is literally a faggot and a jobber.

Fuck off.

Woah there, calm down on the forced memes user.

how many episodes is the anime running?

are they going to make it to the bossfight chapters?

nah episode after next is the last one for now hopefully

Here is a preview of Voyeur Ritsu bath time version.
My hand has been hurting quite a bit lately so I've been moving slowly on requests. I do have some days off coming up so I hope to finish most of the wips I have going.

oh geeze this looks great so far

also please take care of yourself user, don't force it if your hand is hurting and take plenty of breaks
if it takes a little longer it's no big deal, we can wait

This is some good shit user.

>DUMDUMDUMDUUUUMMMMMM dshh dshh dshh dshh DUMDUMDUMDUUUUMMMM dshh dshh dshh..

Ost fucken when?

finished this

Why is he such a little shit?

That's very cute user!

That's really cute! Good job user

thanks guys

Mob teaching Ritsu about psychic powers when? Ritsu could help him with his studies in exchange.

The girls need much more porn.

>I can't hold it against him as a character , since he is a kid so of course he wouldn't be able to create a master plan to beat his 10x stronger father. But he did seem sure it would work.
About that, I think that Shou really just "recruited" people based on affinity as opposed to how well he thought they would fare against the S5. He does try pretty hard to rationalize his choosing Ritsu (over say, someone like Teru or Mob), but I don't think he was dumb enough to believe for a second that either Ritsu or his lackeys could hold a candle to the likes of Shimazaki or Serizawa.
Which might explain why he felt the need to trigger Mob into joining the fight by making him believe his parents were ded: deep down, he was certainly aware that more help was necessary. I wonder if Shou ever got into contact with the infiltrated government agents who were planning to destroy the organization from within, though. Would've been a nice touch if he did.

That's also pure speculation, but I assume that a good part of his insistance on reassuring Ritsu that he had more potential than his brother was him projecting his own issues (and insecurity) onto him. Same thing for the "why didn't you just kill me when you had the chance?" thingy: I think Shou choosing to face Touichiro head on was more of a matter of what he felt was the right/responsible thing to do than how confident he was in his success. I mean, the little guy's spent 13 years with his dad: he of all people should know just how stupidly strong he is.

Boi, I want this Claw Boss movie so bad.

>but I assume that a good part of his insistance on reassuring Ritsu that he had more potential than his brother was him projecting his own issues (and insecurity) onto him


Here you go


They need more fanart in general.
But it's understandable why they're not popular, since they have hardly any relevance to the story.
Romance manga by ONE when?

It's Saturday, we're getting close...

Is this the silence before the storm or am I just late to the party as always and destined to only read posts in the morning because everybody here sleeps/works when I wake up?

The former. Besides, some people, myself included, are trying to keep quiet about the upcoming episode so the secondaries don't get spoiled.

Upon rereading the manga, I've started feeling sorry for Shou. Poor kid.

It is so funny how the second the homoposting stops, the thread almost dies. I suppose all of you retarded landwhales finally went back to Tumblr. Maybe now your shity homo general will die and normal people will be able to start watching this show.

Yeah, he's kind of a cunt but it's understandable, considering his upbringing.

>Romance manga by ONE when?
I thought he didn't like writing female characters?

>Why is he such a little shit?
Daddy issues

Let's be honest. It's always shippers and waifu/husbando-fags who keep threads on Cred Forums alive longer than it is necessary.

He wrote tatsumaki and Fubooty and all the other female characters on Mob Psycho. They just dont have any powers, so they only appear in the slow sections of the story. What made you think he doesnt like it. I mean romance is the absolute central point of the story almost, well that and loving people altogether.

It is mostly the homos and fujoshits, and the yurifags, but this show does not have any, so it is just the retarded Tumblr homoposters here.

I remember someone saying it in a thread a few weeks back.

Could it be that a majority of the people here posting are from tumblr? Quite interesting if that were the case, i thought this site would be too sexist and toxic as they call it for them.

Exactly. Shippers and waifu/husbando-fags.
Same problem with Evangelion, same problem with Madoka, same problem with Re:Zero now, same problem with any popular anime of the season.

There's Tumblr people on all of Cred Forums, not just on Mob Psycho threads. I've seen Cred Forums memes being posted on Tumblr within minutes. You all seem to believe that this only happens with series like Mob or Osomatsu because there's more homoart than usual, but honestly I don't see how that's surprising given that their all-male cast series. As long as there's no shitposting, I don't see the problem. Besides, it's not like fanart and discussions are no compatible.

The homo was more than justified with EVA.

>I mean romance is the absolute central point of the story almost, well that and loving people altogether.
Loving people yes, but romance is different, and doesn't really appear in the story except as Mob's one-sided crush on Tsubomi, regardless of how hard people meme about Mob's supposed harem.

I want all of them, i dont even use keychains but those are too cute not to.

>As long as there's no shitposting
You do not seem to understand. Homoposting is shitposting. All of the fujoshits and homos are shitposters by default.

I would read it, there isnt enough gay romance novels. Good ones anyway.

So posting straight art is no shitposting, but homo art is? OK, I'm starting to see your problem then.

Its the fundament of all of Mobs hardships and his goal so to speak. I am not talking about how well it got integrated into the story, just that for Mob its one of the most improtant things for now.

Excellent strategy, lazily shitposting in order to spur on discussion.

It's all part of his plan user.

There is not enough straight art for posting it to be shitposting. If there was more of it, it would be shitposting. For series that have lots of straight fanarts, straight posting is shitposting too, but here the volume is not high enough for it to be shitposting.

Romance i would say is more ancillary than anything else to the story and plot while only for Mob it's a factor. It's a big motivator for Mob but aside from influencing his actions in some ways i wouldnt say it's completely key. And really it's not even "romance" we're talking here, it's a one sided crush that pushes him to try out things to make him stand out.

You wouldnt know shitposting if it slammed your face into the floor.

I'm no fujo, nor gay and I don't mind the homoart. I like the characters and the art is really good. As long as you don't post /y/ stuff, I'm good.

/y/ stuff isn't allowed per definition on this board.

This is the first phase of becoming a fudanshi.

I like the homo art. But I'd like it if we discussed more about the show, not dump fanart. For that we have a /cm/ board.

Yea i can agree to that.

There's nothing even /y/ posted here.

as109 set when?

About half the shit posted in the thread was female focused though, not just cute boys.

I've seen plenty of neo/y/ stuff as spoilers here.

It goes both ways, but this is Cred Forums Asking people to stop dumping pics of their waifus is futile.

For something to be /y/ it has to have genitals or very explicit fucking. Ritsu wearing a maid outfit is not /y/ is /cm/

Yeah, which is why i think letting people who enjoy their guys once in a while do it isnt a big deal. It might happen a lot for this series but it's pretty much the same thing you'll see in every other thread with a different coat of paint.

As is always the case, everything in moderation is the key to a good thread.

You think half the threads currently up employ any sense of moderation in their waifu posting? It just sounds like a silly complaint with not only threads supported by it but ones just dedicated to posting them as well. Whether or not they can be considered good is up to who's asking. Before the guys started getting posted it was the girls sustaining this one. Just sounds like a nonissue.

fuck no


The athletic , quiet student from Azumanga Daioh.

To the idiots complaining about shitposting in every thread, complaining about shitposting and never coming up with topics to discuss is shitsposting too so fuck off.

Who hyped for Mob vs Dimple again here.
>possibly more epic than Mob vs Touichirou
>possibly more suffering than Mob vs Mogami

If Dimple gets exorcised for good I will cry

Hello, Juzo

>My hand has been hurting quite a bit lately
Damn dude thats rough, same happened to me when I used to play guitar back in high school, I had to stop playing regularly.
Don't force yourself.

Just let it be Monday already

The broccoli arc is kind of Mezato's fault desu.

Tome looks like a man.

I thought they were already a cult and she just teased them about Mob's identity

Fuckin perfect.

They were, but she's Psycho Helmet's no. 1 fangirl and kept adding fuel to the flames.

she was a big part of it.

She almost certainly thinks about Psycho Helmet while schlicking.

We're almost at bump limit anyway, so please post Trash-kun.


Here's your (You)

nice quads

Have some 3DPD

Like you wouldn't rub yourself on a broccoli god

>Lord Psycho Helmet will never brainwash you and do with your body as He pleases
Suffering and more suffering

is that a girl cosplaying?

Is Lord Broccoli the new Reigen?


Why did you eat the candy?

Nothing will ever reach Reigen levels of lust.

>romance is the absolute central point of the story
Barely. Mob's infatuation with Tsubomi is hardly anything more than a motivation to start working on himself and become more attractive as a man (and even then, as the story progresses you realize his motivations go way beyond that).
You can't present romance as a focal point of a story when there virtually no interaction with the MC and the love interest in question nor does their relationship play any major part in any pf the story arcs.
It's really about Mob growing up: hos first crush is just one of the many parts of his experience as a middle schooler.

Just eat the damn candy

That's almost unsettlingly accurate.