Why does no one rescan old anime for 4K? I know the Giant Robo blu-ray was 1080p downscaled to 4K...

Why does no one rescan old anime for 4K? I know the Giant Robo blu-ray was 1080p downscaled to 4K, Belladonna of Sadness got a 4K release in theatres and the 80s Transformers movie for a 6K scan. Why is it not more common?


Yeah, man. Video games are the only things that look nice in HD.

4K is meme

Bet you want them done in 144fps too, faggot

Nah, that's dumb as shit.
720p was meme a decade ago.

>1080p downscaled to 4K

For now 4k is a meme. It's not until it doesn't cost your first born child to buy a 4k tv that it will stop being a meme


Aren't they around $300-$500 for the cheapest models? Early HDTVs were around $700 cheapest back then.

Monitors are even more expensive

I looked this up and was surprised to see that. I still wouldn't buy them, I got burned too many times with cheap tvs

Yeah, early adoption is a risk but people have been touting "4K is almost here!!!1111!!" for almost four years now.

Those UHD Samsung models are fucking beautiful.

I've an old Toshiba 1080i TV in my livingroom right now.

Maaan. I'd love an upgrade. If I could snag one of those UHD Models again on sale for 60$ off. I'd do it in a heart beat.

>Missed out on Amazon's Warehouse sale when they had 55 inches on sale for 680$

Because it'll still be blurry shit due to how it was made.

You mean drawn on cels and shot on film? Which part of that makes it blurry shit?

You can get a decent 65-70" Sony or Samsung for under $2500. I know most people here are poorfags and NEETs, but it's something can save up for pretty quickly.

The brush lines will not be any sharper in the end.

I mean if you're talking 16mm or digital anime then sure, but anything filmed on 30mm should still look fine at 4K.

But to answer , because they've released so many BD's already (with many more that still need to happen) and I doubt they wanna start over at this point. At least wait until 4K is standardized.

No one watched old shit anime.

144fps isn't feasible no matter what, unless they redrew frames for everything. Having a larger resolution release wouldn't be any extra work, I'd love to watch something 2k.

if they were on 35mm film then they could probably get one