Another Berserk anime has been announced for 2017. More clang memes!

Another Berserk anime has been announced for 2017. More clang memes!

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the second cour hasn't even started yet

Didn't expect this.

It's only one cour. Just covering the conviction arc.

Let us suffer again Cred Forums

CGI intensifies
can't wait for memeserk

is it possible for a new studio to take it



CGI berserker armor


no one is gonna put this much money into a berserk series for another 20 years

>implying they put money into this Anime

I liked the adaptation. Hype for Kushan arc.

But Ajin was still good

You can't make a good adaptation of Berserk without cutting corners.

What do you think?


Please be another studio please be another studio please be another studio...

M-Maybe they made enough money out of this and can properly animate S2.

I would accept CGI armor if they could at least traditionally animate the faces or anything fleshy.

>are you ready for more golden age kids?

They made the models already, so it could have better CG animation

change guts's face ffs


They had better models from the movies

>Kushan arc
fucking kek.

This season covered the end of volume 16 until the end of volume 21, with around 2 episodes of anime original content. If they keep the pace they will end it around when Guts fights Gunbeld with the berserker armor.

All these CGI anime are just to promote the games guys, maybe someday Mad House pick up the project.

Surely they'd do this one traditionally animated, did nips hate this CG shit as much as weebs did?

how exactly is a ghost town of a studio gonna do Berserk

Its going to be the second cour to whats airing now

I'm pretty sure the second season was planned from the start

And the game?

I guess when you make something with pocket change you can have as many seasons as you want

The new Berserk game looks pretty good

no new berserk today or did crunchy drop the ball

Crunchy simulcast seems to be delayed 3 and a half hours. No reason given on their site.

I only hate that people will be bringing this abomination in the discussion threads.

Same Staff?

of course it's the same shit.

It was planned for 24 episodes.


>shitters saying it was cutted to just 12after the fans backlash

truely dumb newfags

It was clear as day this was a 24 (or even 36) series, since they introduced Kushan

How are you going to recover from this?

So they are doing the Millennium Falcon arc. Heres hoping they don't fuck up the Grunbeld fight. Or anything else for that matter.

Why isn't episode 12 out yet on gogoanime? It normally comes out at this time.

>new Mushou Berserk trailers
>they show moments from berserk movies instead of tv
I don't get it. I though Berserk TVshit only exist for promoting game, but looks like it's wrong. Whats the point of that trash?

which trash

Berserk tv

The games are gonna cover the Golden Age and later stuff

Crunchyroll paid (as much as) $2.5 million for the simulcast rights.

I wanna believe.

>hour 30 till subs
was this always the case? seems slower than normal.

Same with Jojo, they're usually both out by now. Must be a weird hold up.

Nope. See

No clang for today.

Clangs are cancelled.

>Souma selling like shit
>CGIserk gets another season
fuck this gay earth

Wake me up when it's not 3dcg

Souma 2nd Season isnt good as the first

>people still think anime sales for WSJ series matter


>This week's jojo already out
>No berserk yet

Normal time for Jojo is 5 minutes after you made your post. Which is when it showed up.

Just gimme me more Teekyuu fampai

The Studio that managed to pull off OPM and HxH with consistent high quality animation?


I prefer it this way. Jojo is quality while this Berserk adaptation isn't

What do you mean? You know the episodes are already completed days in advance before they air, right? It's not like they need to do a last-minute patch job for a few scenes. My point is that both normally come out at the same time every friday, but not today.

No what I meant is that I don't mind Berserk being late. I would be more upset if Jojo didn't come out today than Berserk.

Oh. I just found it annoying that they suddenly couldn't keep the schedule after 11 episodes. I guess I shouldn't complain since I'm watching for free though.

>HxH 2011
>high quality

As soon as I make my first billion dollars that I can put away I'll waste it all on a Berserk anime.
You can screencap this.

I'll hold you to it user.

Most of the animators working on OPM were freelancers and every non-fight scene was full of stills, panning, and talking heads.

Well a what a newfag we got here.

what does HS do when there's a delay? blow up?

They rename themselves to OkaySubs.

Subs are out.

480 is up

I'll wait three minutes

The 720p is already on the HS site.

>they really waste money on this garbage of an anime
This is fucking sad, Nips.

The japs are buying that shit?

1080p is out

Didnt it flop in japan?
Am i really being led to believe that it was so fucking cheap that the little money it did make let them go ahead with a second season?

Hold up, it's over now? It was only 12 episodes? It says the arc continues next spring.

CG stuff always gets a second cour in Japan. Meanwhile most hand drawn doesn't. Japanese eyes adapt better to CG.

It literally costs nothing to make. Why shouldn't they keep it going as long as they can.

>show gets second season
>b-b-but muh stalker threads said...

Every single fucking time. Also it's pretty fucking obvious this was planned split cour from the start.

I wouldn't mind the cgi if it was so fucking shit


Good CG costs almost as much as hand drawn and thus negates the only advantage it has over hand drawn

loli witch CGI version

So the irony of your image is lost on you?

She even looks like her soul is crushed


Adaptation was truly terrible.

Still, best loli looks good, so I'm looking forward to her. Berserker armour might be good in CGI. And no matter how much you butcher the directing, Griffith will be chilling.

So the next season has that going for it. Maybe they improve a bit, too. If all goes well we may be looking at a genuine 4/10.

God help us

these poor poor artists
they have to live up to an art quality that took years to develop, in a week.

The irony is intended obviously

Dumbest comment I've read this whole year so far

I thought CGI was more expensive than hand draw animation. Unless they asked based tennis guy to make the cgi himself.

CGI costs far less than traditional animation, GOOD CGI however costs a ton.
This isn't good CGI though.

Also they said they went with CGI because they wouldn't be able to draw it by hand since Miura's art was too detailed for them.

Which boggles my mind why the fuck were they even allowed to tackle on a project like this in the first place.

I thought I was free.
But hey maybe the CG will improve
Who am I fucking kidding

Just use the fucking PS2 models.

>PS2 model has more detailed cape than this piece of shit

Really makes you think.

It's not that simple.

just get rid of the CG

i'd rather have shitty 2D than shitty 2D+shitty 3D

Berserker armour is where the manga fights started going bad though

You again?

fuck off, the berserk armor added more tension

That would mean a considerable drop in the quality of the already shitty 2D

why? why would they do this?

You don't have to have to literally 1:1 copy the source material down to the fucking line. You take the source and work it to the screen, that's why it's called a fucking adaption. There are plenty of good studios with competent animators and directors, it's just that everyone is too lazy or poor to even try.

Be your own thing. Make a good anime because it's a good anime. That's like those idiots who defend Hunger Games and shit like that because "it's explained in the books."

No other studio wants Berserk.

It's better than nothing.

>No other studio wants Berserk.
How did it come to this?
I honestly thought Berserk was a popular Manga in Japan.

>let them go ahead with a second season?
it was most likely already planned in the first place

Shows with real second seasons usually wait a year to announce them

>the country where the best selling shows are Love Live and GuP
>liking Berserk

the manga art has too much detail. no studio wants to pick it up cause its to tiresome upon the animators who already work like slaves.

never stopped Madhouse

Actually now that you mention it has a planned 2 cour show ever done so poorly that the second cour gets cancelled?
Nothing comes to mind

Too much of an undertaking. Having to replicate that art frame-by-frame, all those fans to please. It'd be a very expensive project that doesn't reciprocate in terms for profit.

That's why LNs have become so popular to adapt. There's no real expectations in terms of art-style and quality.

This series deserves a Hellsing Ultimate or Gundam Unicorn treatment more than an anime.
You can't do justice to the manga with a rushed weekly series. A proper Berserk adaptation needs time, money and talent.

It's the ninth best selling Seinen Manga of all time.

It's just that adapting it is a fucking nightmare.

because one punch man has as many chapters as berserk?

I can't believe we're getting another season of this garbage. Haven't they gotten any feedback or are they just plain dumb?

The 1997 version is still miles ahead of everything they've managed to piss out after 20 years

mitsudomoe maybe, I think it got cut short

Are you serious? The episodes were probably cheap to shit out and they made tons of dosh especially from Crunchyroll.

They probably already planned on doing a new season months ago but they didn't announce it until the finale as a formality.

Also, well, more than half the animators of OPM are from Bones.

Shitty CG is cheaper than shitty 2D
Good CG is expensive.

But why would they need to adapt all the detail? Even the 97 style with the old soundtrack would've been much better

yes and the 97 version was hated too when it first aired, it just looks good in retrospect

Are you implying people are going to praise this version in a couple of years?

Get the fuck out.


i didn't imply that at all. are you retarded?

Hunter X Hunter is insanely well animated and directed for a 100 plus series.

I doubt that very much.

>Berserk armor
Fucking finally

But the end of episode 12 I swear to god... I wanted to see stuff with Guts and they show Nina like 5-6 mintues straight WHO GIVES A FUCK

Is there any help for this series

>it just looks good in retrospect
It still looks like shit in retrospect, it's very overrated.

Tell me somebody else picked up on this

I mean, I know the series has been cheap and I've enjoyed it despite that but - are they even trying?

It's doing pretty well. Each episode was better then the last one. Why do you people love to exaggerate how bad something is?

Actually no, I was trying to see Nina's AIDS butt

New lows evey episode

It's not a great anime but there is worse stuff out there, people just form their opinion at the beginning and are rarely willing to change it over time

I was honestly like that after watching just a few minutes of episode 1. I stopped being a faggot and watched the rest and enjoyed it for what it was, even if it was cheap. When something is bad by virtue of meme many don't even bother giving it a chance.

Not defending it tho, see


No, they're not trying. That's why we hate it. It's very obvious they're not trying at all.

Welcome to Cred Forums, I guess.

>Each episode was better then the last one
Lies. Third ep was worst than 1st and 2nd.
Next to last episode was the lowest of lows. etc

It's inconsistent as fuck and fucking terrible. I'm struggling to find any enjoyment out of it. Stop being an apologist.

That post might have made sense if the anime didn't look objectively shit on its own

I think they're trying, they're just incompetent.

Stop being a hater.

See how useless it is to say something like that on either side?

desu for CG people at least they're detailed

>Stop being a hater.
No, I won't because all the hate is warranted. And leddit is the hugbox. You should go there.

>See how useless it is to say something like that on either side?

The hate is not warranted. It's a gigantic meme to hate on '16 Berserk now and you know it, starting with the bunny in the first episode. It still accomplishes the feeling of giving Berserk atmosphere thanks to the Hirasawa music and so on. The '97 anime looked bad in still frames too but it's still good.

Dismissing somebody as from reddit is not an argument. I've never even gone to there.

If you don't see why you accomplish nothing by telling somebody to stop being an apologist as much as it accomplishes nothing to be told to stop being a hater, you may need therapy.


What the fuck


Azan has always been incredibly short, dumbass. If you're going to try and post more """""proof""""" of the anime being bad, try to not out yourself as a non manga-reading secondary shithead first. Familiarize yourself with the source material and then get back to me, okay?

I never said I read the manga. In fact, I didn't say anything in 90% of your post. Why are you so defensive?

>I didn't read the manga
Then your opinion is automatically invalid.

But I didn't even state any opinions.

>It's a gigantic meme to hate on '16 Berserk

It's an adaptation of one of the greatest manga series in existence, and it having less quality than something as generic as Love Live. Berserk fan would've been happy if this adaptation were handled like your typical generic animation. Nothing fancy, heck even without a single sakuga and it'll probably still be liked by the fans. But instead we have this, and I don't mind it being CGI, I just hate the fact that they're not even trying, and it is so fucking obvious.

But sure, let's have it your way. Hating it is a meme, it makes me a goddamn meme master then.

>accomplishes the feeling of giving Berserk atmosphere
Wrong atmosphere with baffling music choices and choreography not working with music choices except for the, to use your vocabulary, that one "meme" song.
Is that all you have? Muh atmosphere due to one meme song?

>97 anime looked bad
It looked great, but was a wallpaper simulator. That is the problem.

>defends leddit
oh wow
Back just a few years ago saying someone's a hater was mocked and ridiculed. You don't call someone a hater even ironically.


So does anyone have a link to the new Susumu album in HQ or what

Well at least some of the repeats are in a different pose

Wow, that is REALLY noticeable. Most of the time I don't catch these.

This is what happens in all human-CG shows

>wanting to waste bandwidth and storage space for this shit

This is one of the few times I've thought streaming would be acceptable.

In 30 years this anime will be praised for the art movement it started in anime: Uglycore

Who else was amazed they actually drew Nina's hair for once?

>It's animated ironically
I can see it

My only hope for season 2 is more bunnies.

It's the only way to redeem this show.

clang rabbit is the only good thing that came out of this shitshow

Only took an anime, 3 movies, and a 2 cours of a CGI Cartoon and Berserk finally gets the Berserk armor

Search with all your heart and you will find it.
Found a trustworthy link on vk.
Russia has no laws, that's how I knew it was trustworthy.

OPM was done mostly by freelancers

>HxH 2011
>consistent high quality animation
Your head is so up your anus that we can only see your fat ass and chicken legs.

Will we ever get a 110 episode long ova series that covers all of the manga, has uncensored gore/rape/sex and most importantly, is done by a good studio like ufotable (if they would stop deep throating type moon) or madhouse (if it got some new talent to replace all the people who left)?

Ufotable's style doesn't fit Berserk

But please skip the Golden Age.

Idiotic shiny visuals with no sense of aesthetics. More unanimated then anything. Also shit directing everywhere.
Cheap as hell, death to directing, animating things is the last thing those guys want to do.

Then who?
Deen? Gonzo? Bones? Whitefox? Jc staff?

No one, it just cannot be done properly.

This though, fuck everyone who just accepts it for what it is. Berserk deserves better

Going by how Kiznaiver looked Trigger could probably do it.
Or Shuka with budget considering they have some fucking great directing

A1 or I.g

>Then who?

A totally new studio, that will be formed just for the berserk anime.

David Productions. Color me a convinced Jojofag.


Berserk fanbase is more cancerous than JoJo's, just like JoJofags complain about some odd looking shots among a decent episode Berserkfags would shit on it for not having details in the clothes or some garbage like that.

You'd just have people crying about armors not looking detailed.

Shit on 3D all you like but you can't have things like this in 2D unless you have 300 animators checking every little detail

HxH has some nice animation at points, I'll give you that, but the direction is some of the worst I've EVER seen. Utterly incompetent.

That armor sucks

So much I'm waiting for in 2017. I wish I could skip ahead to 2017 already.

source on this?

Has there been any news on the BD sales?

At least the threads are fun

So Cred Forumsirgins are happy?

What kind of news?

They're not, people constantly crying about 3D is boring really.

>I didn't enjoy Berserk (2016)

are there any projections when it comes to how much it will sell?


maybe all the budget went for the second season

I don't remember Schierke showing up until way after Griffith was reborn

Has Berserk 2016 used music properly even once?

Let it fucking rest, goddamn.

I wouldn't mind it soo much but their eyes are soo fucking retarded



Could it be?...

Lucas is the best girl in conviction arc

They wasted the last episode budget on s2 preview?

Why didn't they just simplify the art or something?


kiznaiver was fucking garbage

Is that from the movies?

Well at least this confirms another Hirasawa Susumu album next year

future movies, maybe

You Berserk faggots get what you deserve.

No these are from an old pitch by Studio 4c that got them the Golden Age movies.

well that is dissapointing...

How would you feel if it was the same studio that did Terra Formars Season 2?


They have to adapt artwork that takes months and months to draw in just a few weeks to 2 months maximium likely.