>our boy Juzo
>boy Juzo
But he likes dicks, therefore he must be a woman.


looks like junko is doing a pretty good job

Why the fuck didn't Juzo just tell Munukata about his homolust? I mean it's not that big a deal compared to the fucking apocalypse.



Junko did call him a young maiden in love

What is 100% confirmed is that Chisa dropped the sleeping gas ball.

Mastermind confirmed?

It's not even just the end up the world, he's also betraying his crush

I guess homosexual love just isn't that strong

I used to think Junko/Izuru were shitty villains. Now after DR3 I've come to two conclusions.

1) DR3 confirmed beyond a doubt that Junko is a shit villain. kek

2) I'd say DR3 added more depth to Izuru (which isn't that hard to do since we barely see him before this). His reasoning for entering NWP make sense too. He wanted to get back at Junko as Hajime, the talentless insecure guy, and remember the person that he was and what kind of worth Chiaki saw in him. The villain term doesn't even apply to him anymore since he was on the good guys' side.

I don't think they ever intended for Izuru to come off as a villain.

Junko talks about how she broke his spirit in 2, and in Chapter 0 he talked about using Junko like she used him.

>She was so fucking stupid it's unbelievable. I can't even find the scene touching because she made them go there in the first place.

Naegi had lots of moments in DR1 where he looked stupid for trying so hard to make things right (with everybody initially against him), exceeding expectations. He even went as far as convincing everybody to go out into a broken world, hoping that they can make their own future.

Chiaki is similar to Naegi. Naegi was boring, plain, and the most seemingly useless ultimate. Chiaki was an ultimate that made her a loner: plain, boring, and unable to relate to others. There was a lot of character development put into Chiaki: She grew fond of her classmates, set up class field trips, socialized with all of them and have (almost) everybody fit in. She had high hopes for all of them. Chiaki cared a lot and brought her classmates' spirits up, despite The Parade, Mikan's and Mitarai's disappearance, and Komaeda's encounter with dangerous strangers.

Chiaki believed that everything would be OK. She believed that they could save Chisa, beat her captors, and have everybody together again. Like Naegi, she convinced everybody to venture into a dangerous situation. They trusted her, believing the same as she did; that they could overcome anything, through their unity.

While being subjected to torture in that maze, after every blow, she still didn't give up. She still believed everything would be OK. After being brutally impaled, she was STILL alive. What kind of person could still have the will to live after that kind of torture?

What kind of person would be so convinced that there was still the possibility of being saved? That Hajime was still there deep inside what he became? Her body gave up before she did. Chiaki died trying to reach out to another, just like she did with her classmates. How is that not touching?

yeah, the guy who stopped Nagito from doing anything to Junko or killed that kid in the killing game was on the good guys side right?

Get real the only side Izuru was on was his own side.

>Chiaki believed that everything would be OK. She believed that they could save Chisa, beat her captors, and have everybody together again.
Yeah after seeing how broken Izuru is and demolished Nagito's own ability infront of her and saw Junko was a mad bitch nagito was willing to kill that sure is smart to think it can be handled by mere kids and then bring someone who's injured with them.

You can bring Naegi in to this all you want but Chiaki truly deserved to die for not thinking things through considering she's meant to be the "leader" of the class.

>MFW SDR2 Would of been pointless if Hajime was smart enough to keep a diary pre-Izuru

>Chiaki truly deserved to die for not thinking things through considering she's meant to be the "leader" of the class.

Chiaki could have lived, but Junko knew too well she couldn't afford to have her come along with the rest of the class. Junko recognized her as a real threat to her plan.

Why else would Junko throw someone into an elaborate deadly maze with no chance to survive? If she let Chiaki live, things would have definitely turned out different.

That still has nothing to do with Chiaki's knowledge though

he came, right?

>Gets most of the DR2 cast killed
>good guy
Yeah no, he's entirely on his own, not on Junko nor on Hope's side.

Naegi's Luck validates everything he does though so he doesn't have to give a shit, to be fair. All of his extreme optimism that he preaches just doesn't work that well for other characters without it blowing up in their faces somehow.

In a way that's true. But death doesn't mean your actions are nullified or your hopes don't get carried over.

I mean, in real life, we'll all die. Does that mean everything we did was meaningless? If Chiaki died (and same for AI Chiaki) & that is what they want to say. They still touched people, and that tiny hope that Chiaki carried possibly touched Izuru. That's how hope works. It lives even when you die.

I guess that probably the real reason they called this anime 'despair' because the characters are hopeful but the situation and fucking mind control won out over their hopes and abilities. The whole reason Junko is even in despair is because she's too talented, she's bored of life like the viewer is who is in a very placid society and they don't feel like they have real problems anymore.
I think that the whole series is rather ironic in that this is a series that clearly appeals to your sense of destruction and mayhem while having the main character being a slient voice of reason trying to get everything back to the normal and boring life they had before. No Junko, We are the naegis.

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