Berserk: Ver.12.0a (Forces 2016: Dubstep Edition)

>KLANGING intensifies!
This is it!
We Berserk now!

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Never ever make threads again with this shit OP. That being said I'm gay.


what shit?

Klangsubs when?

I'm going to post this every week this horrendous show puts an episode out.

Where is clang?

I don't want to put off watching Thunderbolt Fantasy because CR/HS is slow

This, KEK senpai baka!

The klang is strong in this one.

I guess we'll never see the final episode

Maybe it's for the best


>it's a 'Casca is a victim of attempted rape again' episode
We fucking get it, Miura. Jesus

He's 3D right?

Where's his dick?


Griffith is a woman. The only reason to become a godhand was to finally get a dick in demon form to fuck casca instead of using the old wooden strapon

Episode 12 is 40 minutes, shits good.


What? It's not.

What are you smoking ? It's 24 minutes. I just watched the raw.

Probably 40 minutes until it airs since it was delayed.

>Griffith's rebirth ruined with Blood & Guts
For fuck's sake.

Goddamn, why is the translated episode not out yet?

What did they use in the PS2 game?

Conviction Arc isn't in the game.

Crunchyroll delayed it by 3 and a half hours. It should be out in about 40 minutes.

Did Japan delay it too?

The raw has been out for hours now. See

No, it aired at the usual time in Japan.

Raws are already available, but at this point you might want to wait 20 more minutes for the subs.

Season 2 announced.

haters just got sliced the fucked up

Not surprising. A lot of people watch it because nostalgia and it has literally zero production cost.

How would you rate Griffith's rebirth?

Yeah, it was announced at the end of episode 12.

Also, about 5 minutes untill the subs are available.

It was very shit, the music was garbage and Griffith looking at Guts had no emotion behind it, including the 2 fps they used to animate his head turning. Bad.


Very good visuals and shitty music.

>40 minutes later and still no clang

It's out on Crunchy now. It's weird Crunchy suddenly changed their schedule for last episode.

I liked the abstract visuals. Even the shitty animation. It made him look more otherwordly.

Subbed episode is out on Crunchyroll.

>Berserk - 12 END
Didn't they plan 24 episodes?


why is everyone all of a sudden interested in C development?

second season 2017
24 episodes were never officialy confirmed anyways

HS never because delay fucked up the timer

Much spoopier than the original. 9/11




480p out

720 clang soon


I don't see anything on Nyaa

Is there even a point in watching this in HD? It looks like dogshit no matter how hard you try.

720p out.

Look the fact it somehow was popular enough to get a second season despite all of the weird animation and directing is a fucking miracle unto itself.
Who knows, they could have learned from this season and will probably fix their models or even ease up on the CG all together.

720 klang

its out

So I dropped this at episode 2. Should I pick it up again or is it shit?

It's good enough®

It's the Berserk adaptation you deserve, but not the one you need right now.

It became a lot better after episode 3 and onward. It's still below what's acceptable, but it got better.


It gets better, Conviction arc once it grts going is a good enough story that you really cant fuck it up even if youre this studio.

Bitch what are you doing in this arc

Troll orgy foreshadowing.

I hate the Trigger artstyle.

> yfw chances of Lost Children OVA increased because of Season 2 confirmation.

I hate this more

I can't believe there's an entire second cour with Zodd looking like THIS that I'll have to sit through

How was this not cancelled?

Because Berserk is a good series no matter what, and it deserves to stay on the air more than moeblob shit.

I love guts quotes, its like I can hear the invisible fedora on his head being tapped.



To be fair, in the world of Berserk the ideologies of the church are pretty fucked up, and Guts has dealt with higher powers first (god)hand. He of all people should be excused for being anti-religion.

tl;dr religion is always evil in japan

Griffith's hair is weird.

Was he meant to look more like Slan than Griffith?

>S2 announcement on CR/HS video is different compared to the one they shown on TV earlier.

Well, yea, I mean in-universe he is also pretty much right, because Berserk theistic God IS literally evil.

What have they done to my beautiful Zodd

I hate this more.
2D qts should stay 2D.

Also, it needs a JUST edit.



Always thought that he would perfectly fit into 40K as Fulgrim.





Feed me moar feminine dicks, Gattsu-senpai!

Look at this DUDE!

Looks like a god damn reptile. Lizard people DO exist!

This one was a good shot.


More like
>That thing is my fucking baby!

Jesus fuck Azan that's not how you hold a polearm

>spring 2017
It's like waiting for the manga now. Liking berserk is suffering.

>Look the fact it somehow was popular enough to get a second season
It's split cour, not a second season. Doing well enough that they don't cancel something they're probably well into the process of animating is hardly miraculous.


Please tell me I wasn't imagining the susumu hirasawa music towards the end of the episode? Or was it someone else?

A track from his new album other than Ash Crow was playing, yes.

>> yfw chances of Lost Children OVA increased because of Season 2 confirmation.

Fuck yeah..... need The Lost Children OVA for the 2017

it was fucking ash crow from the new album, WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T THEY USE THE WHOLE FUCKING ALBUM THEN!?

>still not on kissanime


2/10 like every other single moment in this adaption.

here's a fun game: Guess how heavily censored the Troll rape scenes will be, if they even appear at all.

Manga Superior version here

Gogoanime is better because it releases faster and doesn't block you if you use adblock
Both are the same fucking site anyway




This page always feels surreal.

I liked hearing it, but why only use it at the last 4 minutes of the last episode?

True, but the anime is better for memetic reasons.

Someone please make it! PLEASE!

also, I swear, if the Berserk game doesn't have a single susumu hirasawa track in it, I will go mental

What would have been your reaction, Cred Forums?

It probably won't, licensing music can be pretty expensive.
But there's nothing stopping you from torrenting Hirasawa's complete works including his Berserk soundtracks and listening to them while the ingame audio is muted.

Thank god it's over

That's all I can say

And that Ash Crow ED. So fitting. It really makes you feel that the world is crumbling and shit.

>Same guy copy pasted 5 times over.

They used it in such an awful way though. The chorus kicked in at the worst fucking time ever. Should have been when Griffith was rebirthed or sometime around that.

then get ready for spring 2017 user!

>already over
i kind of grew on me

Would still headpat.

>mfw i watch Clangserk and kinda enjoy it and dont read the manga

Their religion was literally started by Void and praises IoE as God and God Hand as Angels.


At this point Ash Crow and HAI YO are more of a OST than actual OST.

It's been on Gogoanime for like an hour

Oh shit.

Guts' voice actor is so fucking bad. That was awful. Sounded like he was fucking constipated.

Honestly the remixed music from the Golden Age movies is solid as well.

It's new OC shit they made for this anime specially that's just fucking terrible and so forgettable I already forgot about anything that wasn't Golden Age movies music or Hirasawa's Hai Yo and Ash Crow.

His 97 anime VA was perfect.

Any chance they'll improve the visual quality for season 2?

So, technically, Griffith IS a motherfucker?

But I must said music would be quite good if it was used in the right moments.
Mozgus fight would really benefit from Hai Yo and some random fight music instead of fucking silence and failed climatic music.

good thing the dub has the same one, then.

Muffling Ash Crow at the end instead of using it during Griffith's rebirth was like a final fuck you from this shitshow
>it's not over
it is for me

This is not the correct response, please fuck off.


What is the correct response then, O God of Being Late to Watch New Releases?

Oh fuck!

>it is for me
See you in spring.

this is your new wallpaper until Spring 2017

>anons continue to watch this putrid shit

Name 3 better things airing curently.

91 days


Mob Psycho

is the old one, dead? or he didnt want to voice guts again?

It's some anti-stream moron, just ignore him.

I hardly watch currently airing stuff and even I could name at least 3.

I can't quite put my fingers on it, but they all lack... something.

>not watching Berserk online
>polluting your HDD with this shit
Kek. I bet you pay attention as well.


lol dumbest shit ever

They should show this on animation classes.
This anime adaptation is going to be the future text book reference on how not to fuck things up.
FFS..... even Aku no Hana has more soul than this sloppy-joe crap.

The anime could use a lot more blood.


fuck the blood, this anime could use more animation in the first place.

My god... I can see the despair in his eyes

The anime could use a cancellation of the second season.

how are they getting away this shit?

And guts.

New low standard for CG anime.
The cabbage quality animation of this generation.

>wishing a cancellation upon a series that hasn't seen a good adaptation since 1997
The second season is shaping up to be excellent if only for the plot of it (Berserker armor, etc), I think you should fuck off for even suggesting that they trash it.

I'm enjoying this despite it being cheap but c'mon, look at this shit. Anyone else notice this?

Yeah, I even noticed

Try reading the thread first next time.

You posted this in another thread already.
That scene was literally 2 seconds long, and in motion I couldn't even see the copy pasted characters.

Without fucking fail every time it becomes a meme to hate on something, Cred Forums will find bad looking still frames and judge them as if they account for the entire show.

Attack of the clones! They even turn their heads at the same time!

I believe it's anons trying to replicate the fuck ugly animation of the first episode

The grand army of CLANG

>I couldn't even see the copy pasted characters.
You must be fucking blind then.

Look I like this fucking arc and it's not the worst thing I've ever seen but you've got to be fucking retarded to defend something as egregious as that just because you enjoy it.

Go rewatch the episode or find me a webm of that scene then. It lasts for barely enough time to notice one copy paste.
And even then who fucking cares? Why do you autists make such a big deal over it? Tons of anime, tv shows, and video games do it and nobody complains about them unless they're currently airing and the next big meme is to shit on what's new. Prove me wrong.

If hope they trash your ass along with it. If the second season is anything like the first one which is the indication they can go kill themselves.

when you adapt a manga with such high quality art like Berserk, the expectations and disappointments will both rise, how is this hard for you to understand?

Prove yourself right, faggot. Go ahead and post the TONS of properties that literally copy paste foreground characters 4-5 times over.

Your post: Was it autism?

Kill yourself, I'm talking about original Jap VA.
Get cancer and die die die motherfucker die amerifat dubfag shitstain cucklord beta omega sack of nigger shit

hehe yes +1
don't forget pepe next time

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

Oxygen is far too valuable for you.

>season 2 confirmed
just why
stop it

Other than the attack of the clones, it wasn't too bad. And the part where Luca puts Nina in the barrel, Nina's face was FUCKING GOOD. Was it traced or something?

Is that supposed to be the HAI YOO song? Why does it sound like a bad remix?

It was incredibly bad, even Hai Yo couldn't redeem it

holy shit i love this.
it's meta as fuck
the angry mob is supposed to be instilling a sense of fear, of rejection.
this is the worst angry mob i ever seen, it manages to actually be the best representation of an angry mob. i really hate taht angry mob and i'm supposed to hate it. it perfectly embodies the character.
the whole series with his shitty represntation achieves this.
the shitty rendered demon is the most disgusting demon they could have made. i'm actually disgusted by that demon, which i should be. it's the only series that manages to represent a shitty world perfectly

Because it was pieced together from scratch. The official version came out today.

I pray to god they heavily improve things and actually payed attention to the feedback.

Awesome. I can't wait to see hundreds of insect children be violently murdered.


You CANNOT be gay for wanting to fuck this guy.

Instead of praying, do something.

haha holy shit

Griffith did nothing wrong

hahaha i get it it's a meme hahaha

But honestly, he really didn't.
That's what makes him such a great villain, he's just trying to achieve his own dreams.

Hahaha yes, i love this meme!
He didn't do anything wrong at all hahaah!

That is the official version of it.

Look at his lips

The manga also had lips like that.




The ''Griffith did nothing wrong'' meme is also shitposting.


webm theme

I'd kill for a pair of wings that made the noise of a cannon shot.

t-t-thanks y-you too

First I thought you where meming, but then I went back to check. There's no god.

It would get annoying after a while though.

you're welcome


Who here /hype/ for season 2 despite the CGI being absolute dogshit

>donald trump in there for no reason

Love can help overcum any struggle

That horrible misuse of Ash Crow was so fucking upsetting

It's shit but I watched it anyways

>this shit is getting another season

Me, but i generally can ignore bad animation, i mean i sat through every episode of Dragon Ball Super


Just had a thought, what if the Elf King can't do shit and the only one who can unfuck her mind, literally, is Griffith?

I really liked this episode but why didn't they play Ash Crow like, dunno, during Griffith's rebirth?

This, fucking this, I held my laughter for zodd's model but, the fucking guitars took me completely out of the mood

>people unironically defend this adaptation

>tfw to unfuck her mind, he has to fuck her again

As entertaining as that would be to watch, I would fucking rage for the rest of my life. Also, would't that technically be incest now if he fucked Casca again? The vessel he's using now is her son's right?

He's technically her and Guts' son, yes. Its weird.

I hate Nina.

Best song on his new album desu

I'd rather forget this anime ever existed.

Terrible character, way too much screen time. We get it, it's a fucking scary world. Give us more Farnese monologue instead.

Still stuck inside Caska.

The cast is like 90% veteran seiyuu so the recording costs definitely aren't cheap.

I think Miura just wants to cure her at this point. It might not be a straight up 100% cure, but at the very least it will give Casca's character arc some progress or even resolution. He knows people have been waiting two decades for it. Extending her arc at this point would just be tiring, both for him and his fans.


Give a pyromaniac a burning log and she'll be yours forever.

They better take that half a year to make guts trying to rape Guts epic.

Blood and

Reminder: Griffith did nothing wrong.

Rape horse happened, so the trolls better happen too.
>webm not on this computer

Guts and

I think she's al right. An actual coward and her development.

That's a really long neck.


Manga has better animation

Will Casca ever get another sex scene again? Then again, I'm not sure I want to see her skinny atrophied body in action compared to her juicy fit body during the Golden Age.

welp another 6 months of hiatus by miura again

Literally the best part of this very messy episode

Well one more week and we'll find out.

Puck is pretty much one of the few good things this anime did

Holy shit, that's hardcore.
But how tough are the rest of you anons?

That and isidro. The director understands humor, but beyond that he is fucking terrible

I watched 53 episodes of fairy tail. I would argue it might be worse than dragon ball super

It feels like we've been waiting for the perfect perfect Berserk anime for my whole life.

so wait im confused, we are getting a season 2 in sprint?

Yeah, what's there to be confused about?

They didn't even bother to give Zodd some fucking sound

So who's ready for every single motion in the Berserker armour to CLANG?
Oh god hold me. How can they continue to do this to muh Berserk

Fuck off haters. The anime was very enjoyable and I'm sad it's over, was 20 minutes of fun every week.

I'll miss it.

Just out of interest, have you read the manga?

Yes. I had almost no recollection of this arc though except for the big goat demon and the priest. My memory is really bad.

2nd season looks animated pls be real

>Super dramatic
>I'm leaving
>Later m8

This was funny

Wait for Blu Rays


They cutoff Azan's farewell scene

Season 2 will have better animation r-right?

He voices Lancer so he's definetely not dead

They're just gonna keep Schierke 2D

they don't plan to do the next arc with just one-cour, right

Lancer does not fit Gut's voice at all.

His current VA is perfect, he just needs to fuckîg drop the batman imitation.

2D face + 3D Body

it's been a while since I read the manga, weren't the godhand supposed to speak to them?

>have to wait until spring for Schierke

Kill me, Pete.

>yfw they skip over the entire Kushan war

God. This looks so unnatural.

I noticed that too, they did that with him, but only him, in multiple scenes

Looks fucking creepy


>the stills are the best looking part of the show

Gas the nips that made this anime.


Like the first Anime.



Just like the first anime.

>Talking shit about marc diraison
He may have been in a lot of shitty dubs but the man nailed guts's rage

>season 2
For love of God execute anyone who thinks CGI should stay and draw it already.



Do you have money to give them for a series that makes no profit?

I know I'm late, but please proceed to kill yourselves. Retards who don't know how to download should go back wherever they came from.


To be fair the entire 97 anime was a still.

But those are the parts that looked good.

It somehow made enough profit to have a second season.




Cred Forums please learn how anime works.

It's a second cour, it's planned from the start. Remember that people were saying about 24 episodes since the beginning because of leaks, this confirms that.


Half of these have the shitty 3d models with a bunch of filters smeared all over them.


And posted the last one already


Is there an exact date on 347 or just "Late September"?

Spraying parfum on a turd doesn't change the fact it's a turd.


>tfw Azan got like three frames of 2D

It's okay Miura, we still love ya.


>Spraying parfum on a turd doesn't change the fact it's a turd.

If you think that looks bad then you're retarded.

Oh wait, you're just shitposting.

In your ass.

>He doesn't like something i like, so he must be shitposting


>This is a turd xD because they used a filter on a 3D model

it could be the same but hand drawn and you'd say it's awesome.

Kill yourself shitposter

Yes, because if it was hand drawn, Gut's ugly 3d model face wouldn't be on there.

Why can't they contract the studio who did the movies?

Sure they weren't amazing, but they were lightyears ahead of this trash

Because one studio did movies and the other a TV series, Cred Forums when will you learn that movies will always look better?

It's not about money, but staff

They still look better than when they're in motion

Sure, but not THAT better.


At least I'm happy that there is a second arc coming.

Cant ask for more.

I'm going to look for more later, there are other cool looking shots

I always thought that "Guts and" was "Godhand" so they were saying BLOOD AND GUTS AND GODHAND

Kinda lame it's just them repeating BLOOD AND GUTS AND GUTS AND BLOOD over and over.

How many decades will it be before we get a properly animated adaptation of berserk?

>Ore Monogatari season 2 with Suna sacrificing and raping Yamato in front of Takeo when?

wtf are you retarded lmao

The worst part, in my opinion, is that the track otherwise sounds pretty good.


We're not getting anything else for a long time, if ever again, after this adaptation is done

The whole thing is just a bizarre uncontrolled hilarious trainwreck of a shit show
>here comes the cultural enrichment.webm

Reminds me of this monstrosity:

>tfw I was actually hoping for something like this
>tfw I actually see it in action
>tfw I regret wanting it

I'm pretty sure they went into this thinking "what is the least amount of money we can possibly spend?"

This series is the animation equivalent to a mcdonalds hamburger.

Ayano's is actually great though


You fags are like battered housewives. You just accept whatever shit they give you.

There is no defending this level of straight up incompetence.

it's better the nothing at all right

3d animation is animation user

not draw, but motion captured or made by hand

the bunny is pleased with a 2nd season

you guys ratter have bad quality berserk or the boat?

> Being abused by an anime
> An anime about horrible dark abuse
Yes, and?

>the most alpha anime character of all time is a "race-traitor"

Cred Forums BTFO

Not even Cred Forumsacks could resist that exotic meat.

This is OTP right?

Fuck this attitude and fuck you. You'll never get something good if you keep thinking like this.

It's not about getting something good. All we care about is survival.

Casca is shit.
>generic tough girl
>has sex
>mind broken
Ok. Now tell me where's the good character in that. She serves a story purpose and for that she's ok.

>Berserk Armor next Spring
>No Lost Children Arc
Damn. Though then again, considering what we got this season, maybe its better they don't tarnish it.

She's hot.

>Reminds me of this monstrosity:

Jesus Christ how horrifying.

it's true your honor, this man has no dick.

>Reminds me of this monstrosity:
>I don't see anything wro-

Is it me, but Farnese is such a well written character in the series. She went from crazy pyro religious nut to broken useless party member to strong independent witch. She has probably one of the best character development next to Guts.

I mean she's well developed but I wouldn't go that far.

Fuck this whole season.

Watching this is superior to seeing this abomination.

I liked her psycho character a bit more, but she needs more time in the spotlight.

It's becuase he's a homo.

Even with shitty music and bad voice acting Griffith's rebirth was pretty good.

This board is 18+

>blood and guts
Take that back now motherfucker.

Is this guy serious?

It's a shitty song that didn't fit the scene.

It didn't fit the scene but it's not shitty. Well the original version isn't the metal version is just gay.

>I didn't enjoy Berserk (2016)

It's mediocre. Literally every single Hirasawa's track from the first anime and the dreamcast game is better.

I don't disagree with that, doesn't mean it's not good though.

it fits guts' character very well imo, at least the whole "had an incredibly shitty upbringing" part

golden age movies had a nice soundtrack that fit the setting. hirasawa's tracks are god tier yeah, but if we're talking about the music not fitting the scene hai yo has been played inappropriately plenty of times within the 16 anime.

that being said the other remixes of sagisu's tracks are pretty mediocre yeah, though the sound mixing in this is weird so maybe once the OST is released with the full songs they'll flow better

>this would have been one 24 episode anime 10 years ago and it would have had actual animation
>instead we get 2 shitty 3DCG series
At least the new game looks cool.

>this would have been one 24 episode anime 10 years ago and it would have had actual animation
No it wouldn't.

>>instead we get 2 shitty 3DCG series
The only reason you're getting it is because of 3DCG

That's even worse. Then not only CGI ruins anime that would get adaptations normally, but also makes terrible anime nobody wants possible.

I wish this adaptation never happened.

i-i thought the Kushan looked pretty cool

It probably would have. You're telling me there was enough money in Berserk in the mid 2000s to make 2 video games in a few years but not enough to have a second anime series going past the Eclipse with actual good-looking animation? Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying this new anime, but it's objectively bad and if I didn't like Berserk so much I wouldn't even watch it.

Mozgus's arc was pretty fun, good fights.

Thank fucking god they didn't adapt Lost Children.
I don't think I could survive seeing my favorite arc getting this treatment.

God he looks so fucking uncanny. I guess that's the point.

>Then not only CGI ruins anime that would get adaptations normally
Things that are adapted in 3DCG is because they wouldn't be adapted otherwise

> but also makes terrible anime nobody wants possible.
A lot of people wanted this and a lot of people are enjoying this, nips for the most part like it and there's a bunch of animeonlyfags that like it too(it's even one of the most watched anime in CR).

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean other people can't enjoy it, I don't defend it or anything but you're just being retarded. This isn't made for you.

Lost Children is not an Arc.
He looks like that in the manga too

mad disappoint of the century.. instead of a epic battle it turns out to be no one doing nothing.. let me guess.. in some time there will be more shits like this continuing the story.. sigh

new chapter when

>a story arc is not an arc

Lost Children is a chapter inside conviction arc, it's only purpose is connect with Farnese/Serpico

Lost Children is a separate story that has more of a purpose than just introducing Farnese.

Not really, that's why it's a chapter inside the arc. It also shows Guts being edgy but Guts is already edgy in Black Swordsman arc so all in all it's pretty irrelevant.

Stfu nigger

>He looks like that in the manga too
I know, I was just commenting on the fact.

Fuck off.

>14 hours later



How did they fuck this scene up so badly?

>Griffith appears
>guitar riff
Just fuck my adaptation up.

>Goat Man was better done than Zodd's appearance
They better don't ruin best boy in season 2

It was so weird and awkward.


Hirasawa's songs were the only good things about this anime.

>expect actual discussion of the episode
>memes and shitposting from people who never read the manga

Seriously. I expected either absolute silence or unnerving angelic singing.

finally my waifu in tv the next year


>the character that ruined the Berserk manga will be adapted by the studio that ruined Berserk anime


I recognize this.

try again


>Isma being embarrassed to show nudity
it's like the artist doesn't know the character at all

Welcome to Cred Forums


Do you even cabbage?


Behelits are not for lewd!

Its weird when you realize all the God Hand were, at one point, on Griffith's level of desperation and madness. I wonder what drove Slan to that point, or someone as gleeful as Ubik.

>guts trying to rape Guts


Done, kinda. I could add quite a few more but it would become too convoluted. 5x3 seems enough

>Berserker Armor
>second season
But why?

video game is cheaper with better returns than anime


She was literally the only girl Guts knew, and he was a dumb virgin who cared about personality, so he didn't just rape civilians during raids.

It's a logical endpoint for the troll extermination arc. That, or perhaps a beach episode.

I just want Serpico to get his own episode with Snow and Fire, i'll be pretty pissed if they give him half or less.


Reminder that Griffith began as a GIRL.

>Getsuga Tenshou!

Would she have sacrificed Guts?

How could the first one become a god hand if there were no god hands to offer them a trade?

Reminder Luca pleases old men for money

Idea of evil

Most people guess there were a previous God Hand.
I like to think the IoE itself offered Void a choice.

Still best girl.
And the only one that looks good in both 2D ad 3D.

Only if Guts went after Casca again.

Isn't that just Void's motive or propagated pagan belief on his behalf? I don't see how all of this can't just be directly tied to him and behelits..

Tell that to my face and see what happens

Still best girl

Idea of Evil is an actual character. Did you not read the removed chapter?

I get that it has real influence, but an idea kind of makes for a shitty mega antagonist.

IoE exists. We got a glimpse of it in chapter 82. The lost chapter isn't considered canon though.

And she still manages to be best girl.

10/10 would give pearl necklace to

I didn't even have to do his eyes. He was already suffering.

It's not canon though. Miura said that it restricts the story too much.

This shouldn't even fit, and yet it does.

Was she talking about abortion?

Actually speaking of her.

Why does she sound older than she should be? I thought I be excited because it's Chiwa fucking Saito voicing her. But she's made her sound old.

Lancer's voice fits guts completely.

The current guts' griffith is awful compared to both the english and old jap voice.

>they actually announce season two

The ride never end. I though that I could be free after episode 12. Fuck this

No, she was talking about Egg-kun.


>berserk at its core is so good that I can enjoy it in nearly any format

Literally made an Onizuka face when I saw this

this is 100% how I feel about the series as well

I'd enjoy it even if it was presented in the medium of shit smeared in public toilet walls and I would have to travel from public toilet to public toilet for each panel.

I would pay to see such a thing

it would be a massive feat

It could easily be done in a city with a population of 2 million or higher, those have enough public toilets. We should do a kickstarter to hire an artist to do this and film it.
One chapter would be plenty enough and I wouldn't mind if the text bubbles weren't there.

I mean, call me crazy, but I think--I THINK--Griffith would be the kind of guy not to worry about things like that.

What's the best volume of Berserk? I'm looking for one to buy and I'm looking at vol 8 so far,it's the one that ends with Guts leaving. Unfortunately most of them are split up pretty awkwardly

Vol 15 or 16. Lost Children will always be the best section of Berserk to ever exist.

but why is puck so cute

Why would you even want that. She's literally ruined


>complete silence as Griffith is being reborn
Okay, perfect...

Why can't they just let susumu do the entire ost for tv

It's probably the most egregious example, but it's not the first time I've seen this shit.

Make the video

she's ugly and a shitskin

Nah, Skully's waifu is dead.

He's being autistic about the 'Chapter" and "Arc" titling Miura uses throughout the manga.

Someone already did it. Read the thread, you fucking nigger!

Seconding this. The volume that finishes up the fight with Rosine and has the Hellhound's first appearance in particular, so 16. It's just a shame that it has one of the weaker covers in the series which doesn't actually match anything that happens in the series.

hey, that's pretty good


She's not a full witch yet, and no doubt she'll be a full pyro one when she completely learns magic.

You mean the character development that happened incredibly suddenly and wasn't well justified in the writing?

I know Miura isn't a good writer, but at least Guts got multiple chapters of introspection to explain his sudden goal changes.

>tfw French volumes after conviction arc contains two colorspread

Feels fucking great m8

Wow, it looks so much worse than

There are some good stills though.
Particularly both right second from the top and far right second from the bottom.

We all know this has been panned across the board in the west but how was it received in nip land? Did they actually make enough money to justify a continuation or do they know they can reuse the 3D models for a pittance or are they just getting ahead of themselves?

Wasn't it always gonna be 2 cours?

You mean older as older woman's voice or maturer? Schierke is not actually 12. She's most likely older than anyone in that nearby trollstriken village

>Next year have to watch season 2 and hate every second of it

I wish I die before it.

Well, a bit of both I guess. I kind of expected Schierke to have a cutesy voice.



>season 2
>Falconia appears
Can't wait.

I don't remember what she sounded like, but I really expected her to be an obnoxious know-it-all, at least until they get to the village

Where was Griffith's feminine penis.

Re-watch the episode, that's basically your Schierke.

You should reread the Convinction arc.

Blowjob lips.

Where was it? I thought it would be in the teaser but I can't find her

>Griffith raped her
>She still likes him.

Explain this, please.

I think it's like, halfway through the episode.

Just like jojo threads.


How do you go from this

to this

her child is in his body as the egg ate him before the rebirth, and so that child feelings for his mom will have an effect on new griffith

so he's literally his own son/father.
>don't ever talk to me or me ever again.

If i kill myself will time go fast enough to see the end of berserk?

No fuck off this?

Thank god, no

Is ash crow out yet

With Elai- Casca, now. That's why she's mindbroken

>Generic tough girl
>Man she loves gives more attention to same random kid with a sword and elevates him to an equal rank to her
>Comes to respect this kid as an equal, turns out he doesn't want to replace her
>Kid leaves, man she loves loses his shit
>Driven out of the kingdom as criminals by the king's men because the man she loves couldn't keep it in his pants
>Spends a year trying to keep what's left of her husbando's group together, barely sleeping and taking on all responsibilities
>Kid comes back like nothing happened
>Strength facade breaks
>Tries to kill herself
>Has sex
>Loves the kid now
>Rescues the man she loved
>Man's body doesn't work any more
>Man sacrifices everything including her to become godlike
>Man rapes her
>Mind broken

An attempt to fix that for you. Being raped isn't the only reason why Casca is braindead. The rape was the straw that broke the camel's back.

>Implying Casca can remember anything older than 10 minutes with her broken mind
She only likes him because he's pretty.

Nobody deserves this, user

yeah, costs 2600 yen or 22,78 euros

no thanks

>so he's literally his own son/father
No, he is Guts' son. Well, kind of


what happens if you cum on a behelit?

It looks weird when it goes from Guts' CG expressionless face to a crazy 2D rage face

Poor Farnese's voice actress also had the same thing when she freaked out whipping Guts


>300 million sperm cell sacrifice
>300 million potential souls

you become god