It's Friday. Grab a pint and a questionably-psychotic German kink and just unwind.

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then again her A-1 route was nice and simple imho.



"Questionably sane" makes more sense. Otherwise you're saying that your natural assumption is that she's psychotic, but that you're questioning it.

Has any more of this been translated since about... Say two years ago? Last route I remember doing was monshiros

Guten abend!

A-1 is up

Oh Boy


Although actually looking forward to the A-3 translation when it happens. A2's at 35% total done.

I want to hold hands with Maru-san



I'm downloading the VN at the moment. What I'm in for?

Blonde girl looks like best girl.


Which? The first?

Blonde is interesting.

All the girls are love.

Why are there two threads up?

Who's your favorite bro?
Mine is either Gakuto or Capt.

Because people are stupid and never check.

Because somebody forgot the title in the other one apparently

Good Friday everyone!

Threadly reminder that I love this scheming lass



>mad momoyofags who are still crying that their badly written mary sue lost a fight

Ageha route when?


She's in love with Ren, not Yamato.

This is the closest we are ever going to get there



Put on your trip, fag.

Also momoyo is neither badly written nor a mary sue, and deserved to lose less than Tsubame.

What a shitty route.

I wish we got more of this.

I am a Benkeifag user. And Momo had to lose at some point, but he the way Tsubame won was just dirty.

I like how they made her lose to teach her a lesson while literally making Tsubame never really learn one herself.

I have no problem with Momoyo losing, it was something that had to happen at some time, but Tsubame was just a big bitch to everyone except herself during her whole route.

I just don't like that the adults in this situation conspired to make her lose to teach her a lesson while ignoring all the things Tsubame was doing to do it.

The biggest problem for me is that Tsubame get out of it without any issue, she pretended to befriend Momo, get close to the Kazama Family, and tricked Yamato into loving her, just to beat Momo, and in the end, nothing happens.

The fact they end up thanking her for it is the most mind boggling.

The fact that you can't just plainly reject her is the most mind boggling.

I was so happy when I saw that option, only to be completely let down when Yamato comes running right back to her. In that situation, how on Earth would Yamato stand for her doing that shit willfully just to defeat Momo? Man, the characters are kind of fucked over at times.

Yamato was OOC all that route, only when he takes the lead he turns back to his true self.

Also Tsubame does't deserve Ya"M"ato, Momoyo or Chris do.

I'll just go play Benkei route a third time to calm down, shit is too good. Also Benkei confession has to be one if not the best confession.

That just sounds like sore loser talk.

Read the 10 or so posts above.

How did I miss this reference the first time I read this ?

There's quite a few of them in Majikoi.

This one was obvious. There is a lot of Fate VA in Majikoi too, on top of my head I can think of Shirou, Archer, Illya, Kirei and Medusa. I am sure I forgot a lot.

That just sounds like sore loser talk.

>The fact that you can't just plainly reject her is the most mind boggling.
This is what made me really upset. Tsubame manipulating Yamato is shitty, yeah, but when I want to dump the fucking cunt I expect the game to fucking listen to me. Manipulation is one thing, but why does the game have to fucking lie to me?

>Majikoi Yaoi when?

I just want a scene with trap Moro

>not tsundere-kun Gen
>not Touma
>not Hideo-sama

You lack ambition user.

What position does Ageha like

Ren's Wife.

there's this one from KR Decade

Is it finally time for these threads to die?

So what's the funniest moment for you majibros? For me is this. Nearly killed me since i played this while eating.

Holy fuck where is this from? I only played till A1 is that really ageha?

That's Mon if you said that she will look like Ageha when she gets older.



Not today!

Reminder that the A series has been a colossal waste of time and A-4 is easily the worst entry in the entire series.

A lot of the routes were good


they were just put along side shitty routes
A4 being nothing special and just boring

Nah they will probably die for a while A-3 is being translated

All routes that went to shit the instant they fucked. Hell, Stacy and Mon went to hell before that point even.

Why do people say A-4 is shit? Looking at the CG the Chinese girl looks hot as fuck and so does the Kraut harem.

Only the gun tomboy looks boring.

The routes had terrible pacing and didn't spend enough time on the new characters. Further, Oomura's route was very slow, normal and a bit boring.

If Takahiro had written A-4 the way he originally wanted to it, it would have been great. Instead, it was just a disappointment.

I thought Kousonshou was fucking CUTE though, so I ended up liking A-4 in spite of myself.

>If Takahiro had written A-4 the way he originally wanted to it, it would have been great


They should have made Rinchuu go full yandere.

Originally A-4 routes were meant to longer than normal due to having to spend a longer amount of time setting up the girls but that got cut so we got shorter routes than normal and it really shows. At one point Takahiro was planning to add another route to A-4 to make up for the shorter routes but that got cut as well and instead there was a price drop on A-4. All and all A-4 isn't that good although I did enjoy Rinchu's to some extent

We were going to get 2 routes instead of 3, but each route was going to be 50% longer than normal (so whereas most A's have 3 routes with ~300k words, A-4 would have had two routes with 450k words).

This would have meant ample time for introducing all of the new characters (Western 10 and Ryozanpaku). Instead Takahiro got caught up dealing with Akame ga Kill and didn't have enough time to write the extended routes.

Then he was going to toss in a short 150k route (he hinted it was going to be Kokoro's After) but he didn't have time, so even that got cut. As a result we got two routes that are each missing 1/3rd of the content they were supposed to have and it painfully shows.

Still bummed out Kokoro never got an after route.


Maybe, and that's a big maybe, they will improve those routes for the packaged version. Or add that missing route they were planning to do to compensate it.

>tfw no mom route
why live

yoo\u literally can't cuck the dad

Fucking DELETE THIS!!....I can take it even now it still hurts...

How is the translation for A-2 going?

They literally trained Wanko wrong.


Something like a prequel route where you play as Yamatos dad would be great, too bad japs self-insert to a ridiculous extent so it's impossible to get an alternate protagonist.

Seiso is apparently done

enough....wanko's suffered enough x.x

Maou and Mon-sama, can't wait.




I completely forgot the manga existed, is it any good?

Better than anime

Worth reading at least once


Posting favorite girl.


Anons please it's lonely.

Is this the School Days MC?

Was it some sort of VA dispute that caused her to not have an after route, or was she that hated from the fanbase? Her route, like pretty much every other heroine in S!, was complete dogshit.

Well, she's dogshit.

Margrit's route went to shit quicker than any other route in all of the series, so I'd actually argue she was treated the worst of them all.

Isn't sama higher than san?

Think about what he's saying and who he is.

does she stalk yamato?

dont play the Miyako(blue girl) route first skip her last

Ah, of course

>Isshiki Hikaru
Music to my ears

You'll be happy about this then

I'm pretty sure there's also a Ninja Slayer joke in A-1 somewhere, but I'm to lazy to go and find it.

Is this going to be more of a series bit or pretty lighthearted? I can never tell with these.

That's quite a bit of sameface.

I always see these MajiKoi threads up on Fridays but I can never download the game. I have tried a couple different sites but I always get an error as I extract the download.

Can anyone help me out and shoot me a link to the original MajiKoi download.

Favorite sideroute?

I really like the one with baseballko (I can't remember her name for some reason). it's short and really sweet.

I love you.

More maji friends is never bad.

Seiso daki fucking when?
Benkei -!gspUWAoT!IQsxdPGrWOUyQT0bIgmV4Q
Margit -!dlIUHLjS!8v-hInFYJT3oKjVeb2o4Sw


The series is dead after this compilation comes out in December.



There wasn't a dispute or anything. Takahiro just didn't have any ideas on where to take an After route for her.

Meet her family, more/actual interactions with his friends, and literally anything else he can come up with since he threw so much shit at all the other girls routes. I just don't think he wanted to.

I can't decide who's better between Mayucchi and Miyako.

Mayuchi is my favorite of the original 5 heroines.

>No threesome with Kokoro and Mayu
It still hurts.

This will never be translated, will it?

Ageha only has a route on the PS2 version.

Dick status : MUH

Like fine wine.

Shame her route in the original was so terrible, but at least her after route was adorable.

It was hard to pull off a route for her following the same pattern every other route had (problem arises -> solve problem -> get girl or get girl -> problem arises ->solve problem), since there wasn't anything to interfere with their relationship.

Still I think it had some good moments, especially for the other members of the cast.(Chris and Wanko got more character development than in any other route besides theirs) And seeing more of the Kazama family past is always nice.

Her route should have been like Kokoro, fixing the way she treats people outside the family and making her more social i guess.

But then they wouldn't have made Kokoro's route like that, and that'd be a huge loss.

I don't mind her route not being one of the best, since she's got the most endings with Yamato in all games. If all endings count as parallel universes, she wins Yamato more often than not.

And Kokoro's route still sucked, at least she gets her moments with Mayucchi.

>you'll never laze around in highschool with a genderbent version of an ancient hero

Now I know why japanese suicide rates are so high.

feels bad man

maybe in the next world you get to live the dream


Mon is adorable.

Can't wait for wife Mon.

I don't want her to grow up.

Don't sweat it user. It's all part of the Circle of Lolis.

I heard it was temporary?

It gives an optional ending where you get to choose to have a time skip and see her grow up.

See you all next Friday.

He's gonna die alone, isn't he?

I mean, he'll lose interest once the loli grows up, so he'll never get married.

Its the life he chose

He just needs to find a cute loli who won't grow much bigger.



I just wish S wasn't a complete pile of shit when it came to the new heroine routes. I loved how they featured Kokoro slowly becoming a decently person, but terrible pacing and packing in as much H content as possible ruined it.

Of all the magi-girls, she has my second favorite butt. I would attack it so fucking hard.

>Hark! The urine flows

Look, Takahiro really likes Ricotta games.

Admit it. This was bullshit.

Majikoi jumped the powerlevel shark during the common route of majikoi.

Help! I think I'm falling in love with Angel! What should I do?

Fuck her in the butt



I just finished the first VN, does gen ever get a bigger role?

No. Unfortunately Agave is the biggest role that Gen ends up having.

Claudio best boy.

He was one of the best parts of Lee's route.

Can't wait for Lee.

What happened here?

Claudio being amazing.

Chubbychaser Best Fetish character

>Pushed to the side in her own A route

Takahiro literally can't think of what to do with routes other than trying to make filler with other girls in them. Look at all the A series and that's largely the truth.

>Mary Sue
>Has clear faults that are brought up multiple times
>Loses in her own route


No need to worry. Since she's already over 18 she won't be growing any bigger.

And Kawakami sake is not water.

Kawakami water is non-alcoholic. It's non-alcoholic.

All of you anons who told me Azumi's route was shit, why did you lie to me? It was my favorite A-1 route.

People just don't like how her about face happens

>Guy woos you for years
>It takes listening to some old audio clips to realize you love him

>Guy woos you for years
>It takes listening to some old audio clips to realize you love him
It seems more the other way around, her issue wasn't just that she didn't love Yamato, but that she's loved Hideo for too long.

I'm not a big fan of Azumi, but her route was interesting. Yamato built a lot more character than in other routes.

Advanced Butler Yamato is one of my favorite Yamatos

Just realized i only fapped to Momoyo on A-1, Majikoi really would be fine without porn.

Which would significantly improve how Yamato woos Margit and Chris without rape.

Kuki Yamato in Monshiro After is also good.

Don't get mad at me. Azumi's route is in my top 5 list of A routes.

Seiso route TL when

Probably by mid November/early December.

Natto a shit

Bet you haven't even ate Natto

Everyone says that natto smells terrible.

As a person who has eaten Natto once... yeah, it does smell bad, though the japanese friend who invited me to eat it said it smelled normal. Same happened with taste. IMO, it's one of those adquired tastes honestly, either you like it or hate it.

I ate some Natto at a convention once and it did smell funny but I liked the taste
so yeah I would say personal preference is the key

The route itself was great, ninja butler Yamato was awesome and his attics with the village chief were hilarious, however Azumi herself simply doesn't have any chemistry with Yamato. You can tell she wasn't meant to be a love interest for him, and they only did it because Majikoi became popular and the fans wanted it.


I'm not looking forward to her route. It would feel like cucking the words of power guy.

The only thing about Seiso he is interested in is that she had a sealed personality

This. Kyogoku seems very asexual and never shows romantic interest towards Seiso.

It wouldn't. They're supposed to be parallels to his father seducing his mother. (And if you've noticed Chris and Margit's routes are the only ones where his father comes to meet his girlfriend.)

Besides Chris and Yamato were already going out before the "rape". He only did it to change her mind about going back to her father.

I like Seiso's and Haou's taste in literture

Non-consensual is still non-consensual. The only reason it was "okay" was because both Chris and Margit are masochists who get off on that sort of shit.

Yamato isn't crazy, he wouldn't rape just any woman, especially those he'd have doubts about them enjoying it. Look at Azumi's route as an example, he waited for her like 10 years and barely touched her in that time. You need different baits for different fish.

Actually, it was "okay-ish" because Chris and Margit aren't American whores who'd throw a man behind the bars without thinking twice. They are better than that.

>dissing american whores

>implying Stacy is a whore

Watch your mouth.

Too bad her route was shit.

Stacy has fought in war and now works as a maid. She isn't a degenerate American whore.

Yamato's dad is a shit character anyway
>Muh edgy wife abuse


What ?

Is it that hard to read?

Yeah I just woke up, didn't read the last word.

>Musashi will never tell you she thinks your dick is PREMIUM.

Route someday.

and yet she still doesn't have a full silhouette

How would you rate others?

Justify it however you want, still feels wrong to me.

I'm really look forward for those thighs, can fap just to this CG alone.


It's funny because they already updated her sprite twice, one for S and one for A-1. Which is sad because she will never get a full route, even though she had one of the best scenes on S.


Really, i don't remember any other girl with legs this nice, maybe Mayucchi on that lap pillow CG.

Yamato praised Chris's legs IIRC

Oh right, Chris was the real leg girl. How could i forget the second CG i fapped to the most?


Superior cloned legs coming through.

Please user stop, I don't have the timeto replay Benkei route yet again

Miyako route is best. Just avoid Miyako route and if you want play Miyako route.

Fap to the cgs, then play her after route in S.

>two german guns

get your shit together japan.

Armpits are also good

She has nice legs but, I think Stacy has my favorite pair.

But that's Lee, the best meido.


>no handjob in the bath
What a wasted opportunity.






Mon-sama a cute.

I want to shampoo her hair.

Ageha route when?



>no sex
>side character

Real route when?

VA doesn't want to do those scenes, so never.

I wish the Prime Minister of Japan wanted to be my friend.

Well she already had 2 different VAs, so what's the hurt in getting a third one?

What would Abe be like as a friend?

Probably a little boring to be honest. I'd rather be friends with Koizumi. We could dress up like Elvis and go spend the afternoon at Graceland.

I'm so happy these threads are still a thing, and it's nice to see they can last this long.

This was a very slow one. I think it's just been me and two or three other anons today.

It'll start blowing up when the A-2 translation comes out and the guys are making some great progress, probably the most dedicated translators Majikoi has had.

But it's still nice to have these threads to look forward to every Friday still, considering how long they've been going on and such.

Yeah. These threads blew up after A-1 finally came out. I'm sure A-2 they'll really blow up.

Honestly I'm not looking forward to A-3 (all the Tsubame shitposting is going to suck) and I'm sure A-4 will get a lot of, "Lol worst game didn't read" shitposting as well.

I don't regularly post here but it's nice knowing that every Friday there'll be a chill thread to browse over the weekend. I've yet to finish S after the full release so hopefully I'll have something to contribute by next week (and maybe A-1 by then, too).

Seeing wagi's art is always a treat, as well.

Cool, glad you enjoy it, and I hope you enjoy S. Majikoi is probably my favorite VN series. It has such fun characters and crazy situations.

What was your favorite scene or segment of the original VN?

By far the most entertaining was the first time I read through the Kawakami War. The large number of character interactions that happened during it were a pleasure and specific moments like Yamato's final counterattack, Mayucchi getting serious and the Kawakami family males getting their time to shine despite their OP female counterparts kept the route from fellating Momoyo too much. Was the first route I read through and was what sold me on keeping up with it as it was translated.

Though really, it's hard for me to pick out other specific moments since it's the sheer talent and passion the voice cast has for their characters that make reading through it so much fun. It's hard to find visual novels where a relatively small cast has consistently good voice acting, let alone an entire cast of ~50 characters.

While I probably don't have many of the main routes of S left to actually read (I recall doing Margit, Kokoro and Monshiro's routes as they were released) I'll probably just end up re-reading the whole thing just because. Coming back to Majikoi (the original, to finish Agave) after first reading it almost 4 years ago with quite a few more visual novels under my belt let me appreciate it much more how consistently entertaining it was.

Pic related I suppose is my favourite character interaction. I love their dynamic and Yamato having both a face and personality was extremely refreshing. The date was cute as hell, too.

Moro is such a fruit.

Don't be mean.

Have you watched the anime? It had some pacing episodes, but the first episode is the Kawakami War and it was pretty fun seeing it animated.

does anyone have the image of benkei acting like a tsundere?

They really should've animated the prologue of the first game for the anime. I don't know why they always need to jump into things, but it wouldn't been nice to see things go right from the start.


True. It was still my introduction to Majikoi and I thought it was a pretty great way to introducing the characters, the over-the-top-setting, plus having Yamato confess to Momoyo in the first episode and then have her turn him down was pretty unusual for most anime, so it got me hooked.

Also, holy fuck, I want to be friends with Kokoro.

>Also, holy fuck, I want to be friends with Kokoro.


I enjoyed the anime, when they weren't being dramatic for no reason.


qt patootie. Adult Wanko also looks a lot like Yamato's mom.

Why you gotta do that, man?

Are YOU implying that's a bad thing? I meant it as a good thing. It's the closest we'll ever get to having a Mom route.

>A-2 translations at 45.42%

Guess these threads will be slow for a while

Can't wait for Seiso.


Have a good week everyone, and see you all again on Friday.

Not even bump limit yet.

Yeah honesty I think A-3 is going to be a great game

It is, Tsubame's A routes are a stain on the series though

Im not looking forward to them but I prefer to judge them for myself,

I really want Stacy though

Too bad it's doing the Takahiro bit of just throwing new characters in there instead of actually developing existing characters.


So what is Margit's after route like?

"Hey Yamato, let me introduce to you: my squad. My squad: this is my boyfriend Yamato. I command you all to now be his mindless sex slaves"? Do the girls get some screen time for themselves or are they just there for H scenes while Margit hogs all the non-h screen time?

Is this what the Germans pay tax money for? So they train soldiers in the military that get sent off to Japan to give some high school kid blowjobs?

Margit has a very minor change in performance in the battlefield and the squad goes to check if Yamato is worthy of Margit/seeing if the relationship is worth the change in performance.

The first half of the route is about Margit and introducing the squad girls 1 by 1, you choose if you fuck them or not here. The second half is in Germany where Yamato interacts with Margit and the Squad while training

Who is that between Hume and momcon?


Marple, she used Mephistopheles.

I love seaweed

Oh my God


HAHAHA No. Grown up Mon

Grown up Mon route when?