Drop show after first episode

>drop show after first episode
>Name 10 good shows with bad first episodes

fuck off digibro


really makes me think

Hinjaku! Hinjaku!


Good thread, it belongs on

>Daily reminder to always skip the first episode of this show.

>3 episodes

Never understood this meme, new characters are nearly always introduced in episode 4, which will likely make or break the series. Shaga, Fate, Yoshino, Hinagiku, just to name a few. saging a meme thread


Tatami galaxy has an off-putting first episode for a lot of people.

>every show has the same structure
>characters are more important than premise, art style, direction, dialogue, and pacing

Well, that's fucking stupid.


It's been a while but I think the first episode of Azumanga is among my least favourite.


>12 episode rule

and steins;gate was boring harem crap


That's only because people's reading speed couldn't keep up with the glorious Japanese.
Are you talking about the lack of dialogue? Because that's what made me even more interested in watching.

awful inside joke

Re:Zero seems to be a super generic isekai until you get to the end of the second episode

JoJo, for one.



Hell, the entire first arc, twelve episodes, is just setting up the actual show that comes after it.

He's right, the first episodes suck.

I'd argue dialogue would be a portion of character, as saying you stay around for a character could mean you stay around for their dialogue, as that's how the character generally exists beyond visual design.

There are plenty of great series made entirely by the characters in it and nothing else. Ghostbusters for example.

Fucking wrong as fuck. The first few episodes are excellent and still hold up as one of the bests in the series.

>thinly veiled recommendation thread

considering the entire show is like that I don't blame them if they didn't like the first episode

I dropped Ping Pong after the first episode, but it picked it up again and it was amazing.

Good episode 1. Great when rewatching.


Shokugeki no Soma's first episode is pretty bad

How a character says something and what a character says are very different things. Dialogue is an aspect of character, but not the entirety of character. How a character behaves is more than just what they say.

Anyway, the point is that if you're expecting a bad show to somehow become good with the inclusion of new characters four episodes in, you're delusional.

Why would anyone want recommendations for bad shows?

The hell you on about

I recall a guy made a thread everyday about avoiding the frist episode of that anime based on a game or something like that. Some mafia killer or whatever.

What about Re:Zero where exactly that happened?

>for bad shows
Not what the OP asked for. Take another read.
>Name 10 good shows with bad first episodes
>good shows

You obviously miss the point of this thread dumb newfag.

Literally the only reason that rule exists is because of Madoka's 3rd episode, but anons seem to forget that Cred Forums loved Madoka because threads are now tripfagging cancer

Almost done with it but the first episode is odd and I could see it putting people off. I love it though

Lucky Star.

No you are missing it or are just OP. Stop trying to pretend to be some oldfag, it is a stealth rec thread no matter how you look at it.

>having such a short attention span

why do you even watch anime if you don't bother getting invested?

>t. newfag trying to fit in

>22 minutes isn't enough to get interested in something

Sorry not everyone is a fatass NEET who can watch anime day in and day out.

Way to out yourself for not being from this board.
Go back to Cred Forums or what ever shithole you came from.

Now that's a bit presumptuous, I'm a skelly NEET.

>t. newfag still trying to fit in

Hunter x Hunter
Aria series
Rurouni Kenshin
Gurren Lagann
Anything based on a visual novel - Clannad, Fate/Stay Night, White Album 2, Kanon, etc.

All pretty mediocre at the beginning, but between like 3-10 (or sometimes more for Kenshin, Gintama), they're all are substantially better than when they start.
I don't know if people would consider their first episodes "bad' but they go from mediocre to good, especially from getting into the style and getting used to the characters.


hi newfag you realize redirections are a Cred Forums meme too?



Dennou Coil


I love Zetsuen no Tempest but when I watched the first episode I thought that it was gonna be utter garbage.

Nice recommendation thread faglord


Hell all of Part 1 is fucking awful. Part 2 barely redeems it by making Hamon fun and then they fucking take it away from boring ass stands.

I ended up dropping it after that fight with the fly in season 2 and haven't looked back. I honestly wish I quit during season 1 though.



Is there porn of her yet?
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>Gurren Lagann

It's like one of the best first episodes among first episodes

Steins;Gate? A harem? What the fuck am I reading?

Digibro is a disgusting fat know-it-all holier than thou slob, why the fuck do people watch that garbage

Why are you bringing more attention to it?

Almost every LN adaptation adapts the first volume in the first three episodes. Plenty of shows with story arcs finish their introduction by that point. The three episode rule is a thing in the Japanese fandom too. Urobochi specifically told people to finish the third episode of Madoka before passing judgment. It's the point where the show has established itself and starts doing things like adding new characters, yes. But it's also the point at which you can fully form an opinion on whether you like the show at its core. If you're only watching the show for those new characters, you're probably going to end up hating it in general when they aren't around.

the thirty episode test

Back then it was 175/233MB an episode or 4/3 per CD, it was always around in some form

I can't be bothered to go through the entire list of anime I've watched, but off the top of my head, some shows that greatly improved after their first episode were un-go, mob psycho, and paranoia agent.

The problem I have is a lot of shows start good but then turn to shit, then I can't stop watching after 3 eps because I need to know what happened. Re Zero and is good example.

I actually perfectly agree with his "first episode" thing.
First episode of Steins;Gate sucked and I ended up hating the whole show.

Re:Zero is a fucking rollercoaster of quality. I can't in good conscience call it bad or good, but the first three episodes weren't bad in themselves.

>Digibro is a disgusting fat know-it-all holier than thou slob,

So one of us basically?

I dropped Bakemonogatari because I couldn't get into it after the first episode. I'm going to try it again soon.

speak for yourself
I'm 1,80 and go lifting twice in the week

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1,80m you fucking amerika fgt

He fascilitates good discussions. He's a total moefag, though so I take his impressions with a grain of salt.

I'll never understand why people like it so much. It's like fucking Akatsuki no Yona. People tout them up as really fucking good shows when they're just harems.

I doubt you're typical of the average Cred Forumsnon.

What was wrong with the first episode of Steins;Gate? I liked it so much that I binged like 5 episodes in a row.

You're right user, I can speak for the rest of Cred Forums as I go to the gym four times a week.
He really needs to get more consistent.

then go change
Mens sana in corpore sano

>then go change

I actually work out several times a week myself, but I started doing it specifically to avoid becoming an otaku stereotype.

When Dio makes his entrance in the first episode he slams open the door to his carriage, throws out his bag and leaps out like a blonde boy god before striking a devastating glare punctuated by on-screen onomatopoeia text. He then kicks the shit out of Jojo's dog.

You're so wrong it hurts, user.

you might not be the only one

The first few episodes of Phantom Blood fucking hook you into the series with no escape like a black hole. Dio and Jonathans rivalry and relationship in PB is Arakis magnum opus.

is that so? I hated it it so much I didn't finish the first episode.

And almost all LNs are shit

Fucking this.The dynamic between the two is brilliant.Perhaps one of the greatest duos in manga/anime history.

This. Re: Zero lost all its quality later on.


If you don't like the first episode you probably aren't going to like a lot of things in the show, certainly not the ending because it's just as much of an unpleasant shit show as the first episode.

That doesn't mean it's bad. It's brilliant. But it's brilliant at being fucked up and depressing.

The protagonist ends up about where he was or worse in the end. The only purpose the interval between the two points in his life serves is to be entertaining to the audience. He could have died in obscurity in the first episode and nothing really would have changed.

Overall it's very dispiriting and existential if you ask me.


More like no. A lot of people drop the series because they think the story will be forever like part 1, so that makes it bad by general opinion.

>dude Tatami Galaxy is the greatest anime
And so the fanboys shill. I gave it a try there's an anime with ugly aestetics about an autist sperging out all the time how he knows useless trivia. Then it hammers down existentialism which is pleb detector for retardation. And he doesn't fix anything about it (judging by the last ep which I opened just to see if it gets better).
If I wanted a retarded character like that I would've stayed a teenager.

It was utter garbage though.

>The protagonist ends up about where he was or worse in the end.
It's been years since I watched the show, but I don't think he did? The protagonist sees all the cool shit he did in the parallel worlds and realizes those experiences were way better than if he just stayed in his room and studied. That gives him an epiphany about life. Or something like that.

A manlet nonetheless.

>show has arcs
>this turns some people off of the show
>this makes the show bad
That's just flat out incorrect. Plus, Part 1 is genuinely entertaining. If people don't like Part 1 then they won't like the rest of it so it doesn't even really matter.

Nah, part 4 is very different from part 1, the author got to change his style a lot along the time, so part 1 =/= part 8.
I don't like part 1, but love part 8.

Nice buzzwords you got there.

>reminds me of myself being an asshole teenager
Learn to read, cunt.

>Episodes are bad because it sets up the main conflict of the whole series


Macross Frontier
Berserk 97
Ga Rei Zero

>Almost every LN adaptation adapts the first volume in the first three episodes.

This is ridiculously untrue. Name me even a few that do it in that few episodes. Most take at least double that. Certainly all the big name LNs.

Index and Heavy Object, Sword Art, Mahouka, Shana, Haruhi, and scores of more recent ones like Alderamin, most of the 2 dozen battle academy series, etc., all take at LEAST half a dozen episodes.

Which isn't even mentioning the ones like Monogatari series (9 episodes, I think? 15 if you count all of Bakemono as 1 volume) or Rokka no Sales which take their time.

It's not that, it's the way the things are done.
You can't say it's perfect.

You have the right to an opinion, even if it's wrong.

Ok, I'll give you that. Still, episode 1 of Phantom Blood is just flat out entertaining due to a lot of elements that remain present throughout the series.

But the episodes are in no way bad

No one gives a shit what anime you watch.
Use that "rule" at your own discretion but don't expect your opinion on an anime to have much weight if you've only seen a single episode of it.

City Hunter

what an ugly artstyle jesus christ

Hello Cred Forums

HxH 2011 didn't get interesting till the 5th episode and that shit was a fun anime.

>Name 10 good shows
Last Exile
Gundam 0079
Zettai Shounen
Crest of the Stars
Overdrive (objectively better than yowamushi pedal)
Eureka 7
Buso Renkin

Considering how little known these are I suppose most people in fact stop couple episodes in.

>now Cred Forums doesn't like Jojo
Dammit, Cred Forums. Make up your mind.


CxCxC was alright, but you really need the three ep rule. Shows like this are why it exists

she looks worse now

>Name 10 good shows with bad first episodes
Twelve Kingdoms
Legends of the Galactic Heroes
Berserk (90s)
Crest of the Stars
Shin Mazinger
Yu Yu Hakashu

Still generic

This meme needs to die: the first half was good too, if not better. People just gush over the second half because muh feels.

I agree with the first episode rule. Remember that these shows are aired weekly on japanese television, and the first episode is meant to show enough cool ideas or intrigue to keep you thinking about it until next week, which is why it would make sense for a studio to spend more time and effort on it.

If the first episode, which usually has considerably more thought and effort put into it than most of the other episodes is still poor, then what does that say about the rest of the show?

>mc has more than two female friends therefore it's a harem

Don't forget that it's also fujoshit since he has a male friend, and he talks to bara Mr. Braun.

>Busou Renkin
>Crest of the Stars
>Last Exile
>Eureka 7
>Gundam fucking 0079
>little known
Have I lived too long?

not an anime but bojack horseman for one

and i guess eureka 7 also

To be honest, it still goes through most of the same beats as other isekai/light novels

>mc adjusts to new world unreasonably quickly
>meets sexy girl and goes on an adventure with her
>side character falls in love with mc after he helps her once
>mc has unique ability

Konosuba's way better, first episode included

Like 90% of them? Seriously, I very rarely watch a first episode and go "Wow, what a top-tier show this is!" I also rarely decide it's complete trash. Typically it's "Oh, this could be an okay show or it could wind up sub-par," and that's why we fucking have the three episode rule.

>Why would anyone want recommendations for bad shows?

Do you know where you're at kiddo?


Your post does nothing to explain why there should be a three episode rule. All you said was that most first episodes don't leave enough impression on you to make you like or dislike anything.

>it still goes through most of the same beats as other isekai/light novels
Because it isn't any better than that standard. I knew it was going to be trash a few minutes into the first episode when the hideous abomination CG models appeared in the background. Even with a special extended set of first episodes, it showed not a single spark of originality or innovation. Going to such lengths to showcase the introductory episodes and still failing so miserably made it pretty obvious the show would go nowhere.

the first 12 episodes of boku dake ga inai machi.
Oh right

Steins;Gate ep 1 was just as good as the last ep. Go back and rewatch it. It also was brilliant for setting the mood of the series, establishing the character of the main characters and their cercomstances and giving you a reason to come back next episode.

Was steins;gate ep 1 brillant? Nope. But it ropes you in, lets you know what you're going to get and establishes some of why you should care. It's a good first episode. The only people who don't like the first episode are people who are moe-fags or narutards with zero discernment.

Gintama had an absolutely brutal start.

Yosuga no Sora
Arguably Tatami Galaxy
Madoka But to be honest, I hate that crap, it's like all the worst parts of his dark materials, Kamen Rider, and the final fantasy series put under a magic girl show
Hellsing Ultimate
Stein's Gate

I was going to add penguindrum, but that episode was actually pretty rad.

Bad shows are bad from the start. If you need to watch 3 episodes of a show to figure out whether it is good or bad, then either it is just mediocre, or you are bad at evaluating it. Personally I go as many episodes as I feel like going. If I am not sure about ep.1 then I watch ep.2, if it still seems mediocre then I leave it there. I don't recall picking back up an anime recently and being pleasantly surprised by it.

Which Craft Works.

Re:Zero is shit get over it

I've only seen Tatami, Madoka, Dragonball, Ping Pong and S;G but their first episodes were all pretty representative of the rest of the shows in terms of overall quality. Judging anime by the content (story progression) alone is typical of underageb&s and idiots fresh out of Re:ddit.



>implying even half of /m/ has watched 0079 let alone Cred Forums
Are you serious. I doubt mal and the reddits even know it exists.

As for the rest most of them are the most well known anime.

t. is not a Cred Forums meme you retarded newfag.

Most first episodes are completely unexceptional, and if the whole show was that quality I would drop it. There are very few cases when I can say from the first episode that the entire show is going to be bad and that it would be worth dropping. Obviously I'm not going to tell anyone to watch three episodes of Eiken or Akikan before making a decision - this is a rule of thumb, not a physical law; use good fucking judgment - but too often I see people talking about dropping half the things they pick up after one episode because it didn't knock it out of the park.

>not knowing redirecting everything to Cred Forums is an Cred Forums meme
Look at this newfag.

Madoka had a great first episode, and Ga-Rei Zero's first episode was the only good part of the series.

You're right. If the show has a bad first episode, it' incompetent. Most examples in this thread are reaching or people posting are stupid with ridiculous standards.

Hope you got lots of nice recs.


The rule is idiotic. By those standars, Nadia of the secret seas should be a masterpiece. It has a great first episode, then it turns into a borefest

>bad first ep
Is this a joke? How could you not enjoy 12 year old Dio's antics?

>Eureka 7
Come on man, Eureka 7 is extremely boring
I dont know why I watched the whole thing, it seemed to me like a bad evangelion knock off

>it seemed to me like a bad evangelion knock off
That's because it was. We're gonna do Evangelion but betterer and more epic with a nice ending!

I don't particularly like Evangelion, but RahXwhatever is just boring. Characters are boooring. And the singing shit being weird feels unecesary for such a bog standard anime.

Ange Vierge

Code Geass

It was more Raideen, though. Not that you would know that, since you've probably watched five mecha in your life.

>army ordered to wipe out a ghetto
>MC makes soldiers kill themselves and smiles evilly
Unless you're implying the whole show is shit, the first ep set the standard.

This. Lucky Star might not even pass the 3 episode test desu.

>Ping Pong
>Tatami Galaxy
>91 Days
>Tonkatsu DJ
>Samurai Flamenco
>Yugioh Arc V
>Witch Craft Works

The Book of Bantorra had a terrible first episode that probably doomed a great series to oblivion.

>Not that you would know that, since you've probably watched five mecha in your life
Jokes on you, I watched every Gundam show there is.

>durr it's more obscure mecha from the 70s
Nobody cares, especially if you don't elaborate. Found the butthur RahX fan.

Why don't you just watch the whole thing? If you're spending your time watching anime then your time is worthless in the first place.

>that CGI boat

I know people who literally cannot finish the first episode of GTO

I liked it for the most part but nothing could save that ending

Since we're all bashing digibro, I have to ask

How many of you still prefer him over thatanimesnob

If I don't like the anime in 1 minutes of the show. It's sucks.


Show me a good anime with a bad OP, you can't

the OP for Berserk 97 sucked

Nice joke faggot

K-On season 2

Oh come on

the song sounds like it fit better in a fucking sega game

The only reason why people remember it is memes

One Punch Man, One Punch-fucking-Man!

That is an anime that didn't even pass the three episode rule, it's so bad at first.
Then of course it gets good and by the end it's fucking amazing, but seriously, if it wasn't for the immense hype, I would have dropped it and never looked back, it is sooooo boring prior to introducing the Hero Association.

Those lips are turning me on

Explain to me how Madoka's first episode is pretty representative of the entire series.

It definitely existed before madoka. In fact it's probably why it took 3 whole episodes for madoka to actually throw the hook at you, because their target audience would be more likely to get that far in even if they weren't keen on it.

First episode introduces the setting and the general premise.

If that is shit the whole show will be shot