So which Loli Vampire is your favorite and why isn't it this smug Semendemon?

So which Loli Vampire is your favorite and why isn't it this smug Semendemon?

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Google gives me nothing. Who is this?



Because there are much better ones out there.

Lady Yupiel

Towako 2 when?


>No shinobu
Shit taste confirmed

she or mina

Not an argument.

Rachel. Her smugness and haughtiness makes me diamond.


This cute jobber.

>non blond vampires

She's gonna make a comeback.

The other Towako vampires were better.

this cute slut

Best vampire, best sister, best meidos, best pet.

>3DPD hair color.

>It's not 3DPD if she's Japanese
kill yourself weeb

What are you some weaboo?

Is that the one from Mondaiji-tachi?



Evangeline is love, Evangeline is unlife.


Definitely Mina.
She's so good but she's stuck in a series that doesn't let her shine, what a shame.


Who else is there?

Because Suzuka-sama is objectively superior in every way.

second part when?

This. How can you not love eva?

Can't wait for the next game. I really like the artstyle of the series.

This hot loli slut already experienced in cumbucket tactics

But can she beat Shinobu, Rachael Alucard, and Mina Tepes?

True enough. But smug vampire loli was pretty nice and gentle so that makes her pretty damn good.

>Gentle femdom
So good. The part where she lets him take over for a bit and just lazily grins up at him is god tier.

That amount of smug shouldn't be allowed.

>tfw you become a forgotten blond loli vampire

It's perfect.

Worst girl.

Said no one ever. Need a cup of coffee user?

Lolidom is best and vampire lolis are made for lolidom.

I'd rather drink with Yupiel-sama, many thanks.

No problems there. I can't find my coffee cup image so I guess I have to make another one. Just you wait user, Suzuka-sama makes a mean cup of coffee.

H-manga is still manga.

Sorry, i meant to say drink FROM Yupiel-sama.

okay so doujin idea

vampire lolis are rampant everywhere devouring mens life essence and its up to Van Cocksing to impale a stake through all the vampire lolis hearts, except instead of a stake its his dick and instead of their hearts its their vaginas.

Get to work. Make the final boss Draculina.

Make it a VN.

Draculina drawing inspiration from Vlad the impaler she massages mens prostates as part of her "punishment"

Hold on, but wouldn't that mean that they'll die after getting impaled?
Wouldn't that lower the population of vampire lolis?
What is Van Cocksling gonna do after there are no more lolis to fuck?
Wouldn't the setting mean that it would be mostly rape?
How are you going to fit femdom in it?

>no best loli vampire posted

Nah man, make her after Elizabeth Báthory: she bathes in the cum of virgins to stay eternally young and beautiful.

They kick his ass sometimes and torture him but he always finds a way out and then fucks them.

Maybe he kills all of them but one and they fall in love

Isn't she an eel or something? She can go away, not cute at all.

There are too many vampire lolis for him to really terminate all of them, each chapter would focus on a different monster like Frankenstein. a loli compose of the best parts of other lolis

femdom is the status quo as this lolis ravage men

>Wouldn't the setting mean that it would be mostly rape?

pic related

Found it. Here's that cup of coffee user.

>pic related
I mean rape is fine and everything but it's no vanilla sex or femdom.

Kinda like the idea though, makes it sound like a h-version of Berserk. Make it so one of his friends gets raped and converted into the slave of one of the loli vampires out of his own will. Even better if it's a girl who was MCs love interest.

The lolis were made by to help her collect cum for her rituals.

>Hold on, but wouldn't that mean that they'll die after getting impaled?

Could go either way: the lolis are just cum homunculi made by Draculina's magic and disintegrate after a fuck, or they're normal young girls she corrupted and revert to human girls after a fuck.

I like 's idea: he eliminates al but one vampire loli, who becomes his companion.

>What is Van Cocksling gonna do after there are no more lolis to fuck?

Travel on to other adventures, like the Frankenstein idea here: Perfect premise for an ongoing series. Van Cocksing travels the world fucking the problems out of the places he encounters.

>Wouldn't the setting mean that it would be mostly rape?

Pretty much by definition, yes. Maybe the one loli he saves is the only one who consents.

>How are you going to fit femdom in it?

Plenty of opportunity for that as he fights his way to Draculina.

No thanks, give me Yupiel's special honey instead.

overlord is isekai garbage

Remi has always been the only loli vampire for me.

>Make it so one of his friends gets raped and converted into the slave of one of the loli vampires out of his own will. Even better if it's a girl who was MCs love interest

Van Cocksing comes to this kingdom because he received a letter from an old friend who lives there worried about the strange things that have been happening. Arrives to find his friend and friend's wife dead, their daughter turned into a loli vampire.

She's the one he eventually saves and goes off with.

I know what you mean, user. Remi is a miracle. She just has that special charm.

How about a setting where vampire lolis are easy to recognise and avoided, so that rather than getting rid of them or their powers entirely he just degrades their rank by 80% with his cum into a no threat?
Then there could be a sequel where he notices how the ones he defeated are getting bullied and he could side with them, letting them drink his blood and all that stuff turning into eternal gentle vampire loli femdom we all dream of

this is simply too perfect

>not her liquor stash

That's a chair, user.

Best smug

Why not have some wakamezake?

You're thinkiing of a Lamprey.
But nah, she's an "Original" wampire, as in the oldest, first of the first, before the condition even touched humans level.
A freak, but still a vampire.

That's a strong loli.

You are objectively wrong


Not a loli

>The part where she lets him take over for a bit and just lazily grins up at him is god tier.
This is supreme elder god tier shit, mate

>LolisRDead is here now

Remember to ignore it.

Has boobs not a loli

If a girl uses a wooden strapon on a vampire does it kill the bloodsucker? Let's assume it is a smooth and polished dildo made of wood, as they used to be made in the past. Does it count as a stake, does it count as impaling? So many questions.

The correct answer is all of them because they're perfect and sex.

Shalltear's boobs are fake, user.
That's why she was flat after being revived in the last episode.

>Replying to that troll
You should know better.

Double zeroes for truth.

No give me back my oppai loli

The war between blonde-haired vampire lolis and silver-haired vampire lolis rages on.

>silver-haired vampire lolis
Silver-haired demihuman lolis are here to issue a challenge. Smugly.

Half or part what?

A sort of beastmen. It's complicated.

Why is the anime so shit, though?

LRD pls.

I miss Mondaiji-Tachi. Her and Pest were great.

Better idea.
The world is split between warring factions of vampire lolis. The heroine, a vampire loli of modest origins, must rise to become the supreme loli vampire empress and unify the world to bring peace, sexually dominating men and fellow vampire lolis in the process.

Throughout her journey she must grow from a meek girl who's reluctant to dominate her prey to a hardened Machiavellian genius who can make men swoon with a single whisper.

Think The Twelve Kingdoms but with loli vampire femdom.

Leticia is great.

Kind reminder volume 12 has been recently translated, thus ending part 1 of the story.

i remember when the anime first Cred Forums the first episode thread was a really long economic discussion.

Of course, Pest is great too.

Just leave my cute blue-haired waifu out of that war.

You should read this one.

I love how she does that gentle, natural smile in one panel there instead of the usual grin.

Why black haired vampire lolis aren't popular?

Because black is boring and plain. A big appeal of vampire lolis is either the purity and innocence associated with blond hair (contrasting their dark nature), or the sense of mystery associated with silver/white hair. Black hair works better on adult vampires.

Best taste right here.

>I suppose mankind could do a lot better than a vampire hunter who wants to bang the shit out of the vampire he is meant to be fighting

Because vampire is an exotic concept. Black isn't exotic to Japan.

I like it when they bite off more than they can chew.

I think the reason so many vampire lolis have blond hair might be far simpler. Western foreigners in anime often have blond hair and most vampire loli characters are foreigners.

BBCF soon. Prepare your dick.

She isn't a vampire, though.

It's because they are associated with foreigners. Nips didn't have vampires in their stories until they were introduced by the west.

Sure, good point. But you have to admit there's something about a little girl with the features of an angel, backed by the powers of darkness. Can't be a mere coincidence that this aesthetic keeps being a huge hit.

I just finished fapping to this. Great doujin

>Yupiel-sama will never bring you to her mansion to be her sex slave forever

>those hips

Look at that non-loli

774 a shit.
Kill yourself, user.

Fuck off LRD.

>draws great enf
>draws great loli
>rarely draws loli enf

What's wrong with you?

Loli enf is my favorite fetish

Same here, wanna high five?

I love Mina and Shinobu and Remi and etc.
But vampire girl from Monmusu stands out for some reason. She gets named Vanilla and you can recruit her and she's got a lot of extra character in Paradox. Really fun girl.

>No cute teasing loli vampire to serve for eternity

Paradox will never be translated and you won't enjoy having the four loli thieves on your party.


But user, I've already completed my loli dream team and taken them across the continent. Maxed their levels, turned loli Goblin into a battlemaster, dragongirl into a ally of justice, lamia into master maid and vamp into black marketeer.
Just waiting on the last 5% of the game to be translated so I can finish the epilogue.

wait , how much of paradox is translated?

>100+ posts
>no love for Pachira

I knew Cred Forums had gone to shit, but damn

As of now most of the UI so it's very playable. And the story goes up to Witch Hunt village, so about 90%~
A lot of side stuff isn't translated yet though, for extra monstergirls and their little dialogues and side missions.
I only started playig because I couldn't wait. It's a lot of fun even in the unfinished state.

But Pachira is not a loli, a cutie but not a loli.

>so about 90%~
holy crap this is actually happening

She was such a nice caring character. Best nanashi girl
Yeah I think the story might actually be better than the original. There were some strange twists and turns, and it's only the first chapter.

hopefully the 100% translation will renew interest

doesnt she have an adult form?


You're too late

Sorry user, but my dick is already committed to another smug blonde Eastern European loli vampire

No one can beat the best loli vampire Shinobu

Little Remimi trying her best to seduce you.,

Remilia-sama is sexual, she doesn't need a micro-bikini to seduce me.

I honestly couldn't fap to the doujin, which is weird since over 70% of my 32 GB doujin collection on microSD (phone) is loli doujins.

Her personalization was too much baba for me and not enough loli-esque mentality. It ruined it.

What a weirdo.

She won't need to try hard

The baba is the best part. It's stupid when ancient lolis don't act their age


She must have hundreds of years, even if the body doesn't grow older, it does the brain and the soul.
For example, is right. If she did behave like a loli it wouldn't fit

If the body doesn't grow, then by extension, the brain doesn't grow either.

They'd still have their old personalities. Change in personality is change in brain, which is a physical phenomena. If I was an immortal vampire at 12 years old, I may try to act like a 1000 year old but the body can only go so far, the result would be the 12 year old brain leaking in at a much more pronounced rate than what the doujin would like you to believe or what you've personally thought it would be like.



Composite of behavioral patterns.

Happy now?

Make sure you're seated, there's something you need to know.

People with 12 year old bodies that live for 1000 years aren't real. It's fiction. It's not possible in real life.

Behaviour learned over hundreds of years

Not yet.

Major tech companies are working on extending life and making immortal bodies.

If not through physical means, then through artificial or a hybrid.

Physically stopping aging process
Brain upload
brain upload on a new clone body

When the goburin passes out.

Thats not the problem. The problem is 12 year old body will act 12 year old, even with 1000 years of learned behaviors.

There's no reason you can't just assume the brain ages but the physical appearance doesn't.

It's real I my heart

If the brain aged, the she would be a retard that wouldn't even be able to speak let alone do anything.

If the physical deformities don't fuck up as you age, its the brain aging that fuck you up.

I'm starting to think you're the one with the 12 year old brain here and you're actually just speaking from experience. It's like talking to a brick wall.

just throwing this out there,
there was a girl that for 20 years never aged past infancy,
she also seem to remain the same mentally for tall those years

>Not liking loli-baba
I pity your taste.

No, I like them. Just not over-babcization of it.

She was already posted or at least was mentioned. You should check the thread more carefully next time, friend.

Well, we are all little girls.

>applying science to ageless little girl vampires
Their brain is a still child's brain, which means it is highly mutable. They should be able to learn and retain new information and experience pretty easily.
However many lifetimes it takes for the brain to start overwriting/forgetting old memories and experiences is a different question.

Obviously how they process and act on their knowledge and experience would be influenced by their biology, with factors like hormone levels, but real kids can easily develop very un-childlike mindsets and behavior based on their upbringing.
Centuries of social isolation, traumatic experiences and outliving everyone around you couldn't be healthy for anyone's psyche.

Of course this whole argument is pretty irrelevant in any setting where vampires are more "supernatural" than "superhuman"

Except me, i'm here to kidnap you and your loli friends.

Think about what dementia can do to a brain in 20 years after onset.
Now think about what it would do after another hundred.

Eh, I look at Shinobu as more of a loli than a vampire
It's not bad, I wouldn't say it's shit

What about her?

I still need to watch this, have it downloaded from months ago.

A cat is fine too

Is this a vampire?


It's not a cat?

TATARI copy of a succubus or something.

Is a hard choice between and Haven't played it yet but wins hands down art style wise.

>why isn't it this smug Semendemon?
The droopy eyes ruin it for me.

The four loli have their own game? That's amazing. Didn't realize that they're popular.

>Haven't played it yet
Get on it, it's good stuff.

Not their own game. They just have more characterization in the Paradox RPG.

I thought she was German or nordic.

Oh, I see, thank you.

Any update on the immortal list?

>Length: Short (2 - 10 hours)
Why? I just wanted to enjoy some vampire loli.

It's probably longer than it needs to be already, it kind of drags on in the middle.

>Title: Monobeno
>Length: Medium (10 - 30 hours)
VNDB isn't always that reliable.

I like my VNs at least Medium.

There's no universal "right length" for VNs, even if you may think there is. For the amount of story there is in Biman, the length is sufficient if not overly so.

I want her to sit on my face

I know that, but i enjoy when a VN can keep me busy at least for a very long time.

>Overlord has a silver-haired vampire loli and a blonde-haired vampire loli
Covering all bases.

Latest update is still 04/09/16.

I'll prepare my heart. She'd better not die.

Worst loli vampire passing by.

>A cute loli vampire will never dominate you and turn you into her personal blood bank
Why even live?

She's probably german, but her design has more nordic features because those are more beautiful.

Flandre is a great girl, why is she the worst?

Where's Road?

My rage will have no end if she dies. Even if she survives, I'd still be bummed over the fact she won't win the Ragnabowl even though she deserves it so much.

There in Strange Existence - Unknown.

Thankfully we have Nihon Dandy for that.

They wouldnt weaken her so bad in CF then kill her off like that. She will be fine.



What a comfy place

Good taste

Shinobu has a better personality and body though

Shinobu doesn't have those lips

She'll only survive if Ragna survives.

No discussion.

Add Chiaki, she's a ghost

That list is missing one Touhou Fairy.

Eh, Rachel is so strong that they need to weaken her to near death so that they can kill her.

They are linked in a way, but Ragna can live even if Rachel dies. However, if Ragna dies before Rachel does Rachel, per her request, will be killed with Izayoi's immortal breaker to avoid some foreboding outcome.

Who sleeps like that? Wouldn't it be hard to breath?



Flexible loli vampires.

Oh no you didn't.

Oh man, cute Flan feet.

The one you posted is cute, the other one is too detailed.

>What do you mean, you are a Father now?

Stop that user. Loli vampires are for daughterus.

Indeed, i would make many daughters with Flan.

Alright, thanks.
How can they be daughterus if they're almost always older than you.

It's missing Lily White under fairies.


Chiaki's more of an angel really. Literally a winged messenger from the afterlife, and she has physical form.


This. Her and You were the best.

Plebs, the lot of you.

Is that that one chick that got killed on the carrier? I liked her.

That's Lolicard.

I forgot there was a prequel manga.

Add Barbatos, a demon lord loli from Dungeon Defense. if you haven't read this yet then I suggest you give it a shot, STALKER. MC is awesome and he fucks pic related.


>You are such a dork
>A dork

I can't recognize Yuyuko without her hat and a milf body.

There's only one for me.

How does one feed a loli vamp with out dying in the process?

depends on the vampire. Usually you don't have to completely drain the individual.

Don't you become one if they bite you? How does it work again?

depends on the vamp. Completely draining either turns you into a vampire, or a ghoul. Or, having blood taken from you enough times turns you into a vampire. It really just depends.

I want this little semen demon to turn me into one so I can cuddle her forever.

>No Loli dom hentai ever

l-livin the dream

>Rutheless Male Lead
>Twisted Male Lead
I hope it's not too edgy.
Feed her your blood or buy blood packs.
Depend on the series, though, generally, I think you have to drink their blood after you got drained to turn into a vampire.

Hentai is shit.

I have like two saved on my pc. You're not looking hard enough.

Fanarts give her a nice milfy body, but she died when she was in her teens in canon.

I wonder how many people killed themselves actually believing they'd go to Gensokyo.

All vampire lolis are great.

I'd fap to it

>those fangs
Kowai ne

It's edgy, but it's not that edgy. At the least there are two lolis who does the edgy stuff so far so it's balanced with cuteness. It's mainly more of ruse and scheming kind of more than anything.

It's edgy, but I don't dislike that it's edgy. Take that as you will.


Reimu is so hungry.

Remimi must be, too.


>Post Eva
>Not post the new version
She becomes even better now, user.

Obvious answer but I can't betray my heart

It is, I came to it so many times. This page, was just fucking perfect.

She was shit:
>Urethral insertion

The three worst things you find in femdom all in the same doujinshi. Things could have been different if there was at least some cunnilingus in it.

Today isn't opposite day you heterosexual.

why is she embarrassed

She's sitting on his dick. But in reality she's annoyed because he kept denying her for the entire day.
t. photographer

>Worst loli vampire passing by.

Flan is top-tier, user. She's just slightly overshadowed by her older sister living in the same mansion, at least for me.

The way it works in Hellsing, you just have to drink somebody after you become a thrall. The master's blood is just another choice.

Now that's a good doujin

My wifu is the best

Too bad she isn't a loli.


Those monsters don't belong in this world.

It was not by their hand they were once again being reposted. They were brought here by lolivampirefags who wished to pay them tribute!

I wish a loli vampire would steal my blood and make me her slave.

Hmm,wasn't Mavis revealed to have a different kind or immortality?The one that kills people randomly?




and what is "this one"?

A cute girl while also being as terrifyingly sadistic as Alucard. What an insane combination.

Don't forget the best part, her voice.

> Not Shinobu

This just reminded me how god tier Maria was.

What is a lolicon?


Scarlet sisters

since there's two of them. Double the perfection can any other vamp even compete?

So Remi can't be perfect since she's less good than Flan.

Oh yeah I forgot about that. Honestly that made me raise an eyebrow when a voice that deep came out of her mouth. Though imagine the hell you're going to endure dealing with her.


That's just wrong.
Also Remi acts a lot more like a vampire than Flan.
They're both super cute.

A miserable.

A miserable little pile of what?

What's going on? This thread's still around?

A miserable pile of secret juice.

>This thread's still around?

The loli vampire love on Cred Forums is strong. Also Remi a cute.



Sakuya is living the dream.
I'd do the lewdest things to Remi if I was her butler.

Remi acts like a classy aristocrat-like vampire, but that's just it, it's an act.
Flan is great because she calls her sister out when she talks big about fate and stuff.


>Flan is great because she calls her sister out when she talks big about fate and stuff.

Wasn't that only because Flan didn't understand her sisters power and didn't believe that Remi can actually manipulate fate?
Also if you act like a classy aristocrat and have the wealth to back it up then you pretty much are one.


the moment vr is fully integrated with all 5 senses, im completely shutting out from the world.

Stop posting foe ants.

To Loli or not to Loli

Didn't know there's a version with better resolution. Thank you, user.

What a scary lil vamp.

There isn't really any concrete evidence of her ability working or how it works in-universe.
And since her sister pretty much says it's hooey I like to think she actually just made it up and pretends.

Sure acting and living and behaving as an aristocrat is pretty much just as good, but Remilia is often shown deviating from this image and acting pretty childish.

Remember: Remilia claims to be a descendant of Vlad Tepes, but it's confirmed to be complete bull.

>There isn't really any concrete evidence of her ability working or how it works in-universe.

Not quite true. It's heavily implied that it moved the SDM to Gensokyo. The article says "it felt like it always was meant to be in that place". Also doesn't one of Sakuya's articles directly state that Remi manipulated fate so other humans would be more friendly to her despite her living with devils?

>And since her sister pretty much says it's hooey I like to think she actually just made it up and pretends.
It wouldn't make sense for Remi to be the only 2hu without a unique power. Especially with her being such a powerful youkai.

maybey she has the power to blow minds with her weapons grade philosophical insights?

That's probably what everyone else will do

I just love the constras she has with Suzuka.

Suzuka would just ruthless wring the cum out of your balls.
Yupiel just take the reins and make sure you both enjoy the sex.

>Censor the dick
>Did not censored the one on the top right
L L Lewd

I love bloomers

I don't remember any article about Sakuya being friendly with humans.

Anyway, I realize it may be that Flan is just wrong/talking shit but I have chosen another interpretation.



Came here to post her

desu it's hard to choose, are all super good

does Mina really qualifies as loli?

That's heaven.

I want her to murder me

How do Ginryuu and Wakaba compare to that?

I never knew I wanted to be dominated by a little girl, thanks Cred Forums

They share the same VA. I recall Aoi voicing another vampire loli though the name doesn't come to my mind.

What does it taste like?

You're welcome.

Sunako Kirishiki

One of us.

>all these disgusting perverts in this thread

I want a loli vampire to degrade me loli that.

But she is older than me.

>degrade me loli that
Too much loli on the mind.

It's okay, we won't judge you.

like you don't want those fangs in your neck

No I want them scraping along the shaft of my cock.

Anytime, would do anything for the ojou. But would also tease her sometimes.


Where did Japan go so right?

Because she's a proper fucking dom, and yet not an abusive cunt.

Remimi with thigh highs socks


Fucking furries.


Fuck what was this program called, I remember having a laugh about this a few years ago

>tfw anime never

Do loli vampires ever win harems?

Depends on if you'd consider those who have their own routes in a VN as winning. If you look at the list above, there are examples, but they're rare. The vampire/otherwise eternal loli is not the "safe" choice, as opposed to the tsundere, the moeblob or the yamato nadeshiko, so they're never the poster girl. And the poster girl is the one who usually wins, for varying degrees of winning anyway.

No Inaba Tewi under Youkai

hot damn OP I just read your pick related for the first time and it's fucking perfect
Yumiel is grade A waifu material
>clearly dominating the whole time but still gives the guy a chance to feel powerful for a little while

I like Shinobu a lot but apart from her I don't particularly like any other vampire lolis and I seriously can't tell exactly why. I generally really like lolis but there is something about most vampire lolis that puts me off. Maybe their personalities are a bit too haughty for me.


I want a vampire loli to suck me dry.

Remi looks great no matter what she wears, but I prefer her with as little clothing as possible.

That's because nobody likes Tewi.

Reisen is so much better.

Tewi is the most lovable

About half the cast of Touhou should probably qualify for that chart, really.

Does lolicard count?