What's her deal?

What's her deal?

She is the best girl who is a little too concerned in defending best bike.

I would be angry too if I wasn't fucked 24/7 with a body like that.

Suzuki love is too strong.

Why there is no porn?

Please don't project, Rin is the second purest bakuon.

What's her deal?





She loves her bike.

Best of course.

Well, there is the not-Bakuon!! stuff by the author.

Right down the middle. With my penis

Hungry for cocks

Fell of her dad's bike one time too many when she was a kid.

Why not both?

I need to fuck Rin.

Need or want?


How does this outfit work?


It's a swimsuit, stupid.


I didn't catch that. The gaps in between the S match her skin tone, for some reason I didn't know what the hell that was. Thanks anyway.

She has Suzukiphilia, in other words shit taste, and takes her fetish a bit too far which makesbher obnoxious.
Pic related is best bakuon and a miracle of the universe.

Does it matter?

Hane is retarded.

>second purest
Well, she is the first purist.




her manga is translated by tortoise people.

Hane is a mature young woman who should be treated with the molestation she deserves.