What do you think of this body?

what do you think of this body?

perfect for breeding with

I think it'd look better brown.

pedobait trash

Original illya is better and not a homo

b-but she's 200 i swear

Perfect for sitting on my face


no she isnt, she's like 10 or something
perfect age

I want to lift her up on my shoulders and have her yell at me that she is too old for that.

Wait she's not actually brown, just tanned? Ruined.

That's Illya, not Kuro.

She has no ass what the fuck.

Cups are meant to be filled.

Perfect for both breeding and cuddling afterwards, not to mention pick-up-and-twirl fodder and princess carrying.

The Cups are filled.

Just a regular 9yo boy's body.
Real question would be, why is he wearing a bikini?

Where are you from for little boys to be looking like that?


I'm from earth too.

Mixed feelings, but she does look plausibly older than me.

I like that.

She's fine.


That's not 21. Imagine Ilya then.