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How long we will have to wait before part 5 gets animated once they finish part 4?

when's the new episode?or did i miss it?

It's coming out today, it should be up dubbed in few hours

You missed it was it?

you gotta see it for yourself man

biglongnow com

Probably within or just over a year after the last episode of DiU.

Guessing the earliest we'd see it would be Summer or Fall Season 2017.



Yeah, misstyped

>tfw your internet is running like crap and you can't get the stream up

Good thing it's just five chapters they're adapting today, otherwise I'd be complaining.

Shinobu a cute

Did we see Kosaku this ep?


We did

Can you repeat the question?

There were no pauses between part 4 and 5, the last volume of part 4 is the first of part 5, so the anime will start right away.

Hm, that sounds pretty good. Let's hope it will be the same with anime

is this how kosaku will look like in the anime?

It's fucking perfect, it looks better than in the manga.

How would you rate this episode?


/r/ing someone post the pic of kosaku with kq from the home screen (without the text)


You've got two fucking threads, fuck off with your shitty general.

seconding this

>is the character going to look the same way he does in promotional shots?

user I'd like to ask you a question, a simple "yes" or "no" answer is all I need. Are you fucking retarded?

Already better than most of the waifus on Cred Forums.

God fucking damn. Kosaku looks sexy as fuck


Here ya go!

They usually look really close, though. They aren't going to completely remake the design

Wow. Is this the only example of the promo art looking better than the actual anime?

was the new OP this ep?

The devil speaks.

Also if they were based off promotional shots I'd be fine with everyone but KQ. I still can't stand those "dude weed" eyes.



gappy is pretty handsome isn't he

I still occasionally get a chuckle out of how completely out of proportion people blew that KQ picture

No, it didn't just look bad, it was a COMPLETE redesign of the character. Not in a million years could anyone ever recognize it as KQ unless told beforehand. That single shot had retroactively ruined the anime up to that point and forever after - NOTHING david did could make them recover. People would immediately drop the franchise all over the world and the japanese fans would lead to the downfall of david, 100% guaranteed.

Then they just fucking deleted a line in KQ's face in some shots and everything was fine.

Here's the promo shot of Kira for comparison

And a pic of the Duwang crew.

Oh yeah, I forgot something, people for some reason absolutely refused to believe or consider KQ's mouth was open - no, evil david had ruined KQ's lips waaah waah waaaah

Yeah sure DP'll just whip up a 30 something episode anime right outta there asses and start as soon as DIU ends. Ye ok

Still one of the bigger disappointments in the anime for me but it was really shitposted to hell.

It's up.

It was bad but not as apocalyptically bad as people made it seem

>that sound effect when it zooms in on the nails

>Jolyne forces Emporio to perform the Joestar secret technique
>it allows him to win against the most powerful stand ever and rewrite the universe so Joestars have no curse

Joseph saves everything

RPS kid next week

So it's finally come

Good old Shigeru Chiba. I was disappointed when he wasn't Iggy.

My only issue is that the episode little on the fast paced side but that didn't affect my enjoyment too much

>he later died of a cold

Who voices Shinobu?

Yuu Shimamura

Sounds like Sawashiro, which means she's not gonna voice Jolyne.

They didn't just remove a line, retard. They also changed the shape of the eyes, and fixed the ugly ass goblin ears. Stop trying to defend david's shitty mistake.

Don't believe it's either of those

holy shit shinobu is so fucking hot


Holy fuck Shinobu and Kosaku look fucking good

It's Shimamura, look at the kanjis.

I just read the credits. It's Shimamura.


Gappy makes me happy

Can I just remind everyone how perfectly timed Stardust Crusaders was in SHA Part 2?

Music in Jojo is always good. The timing for Roundabout was amazing every time.

>Araki identifies with Kira more than any other Jojo character
>Araki's favorite character is Jotaro, who is completely autistic
>Kira and Jotaro both have quasi-abusive relationships with everyone close to them
>Araki created Jolyne as a gift for his daughter
>Jolyne is introduced to the reader talking about being caught masturbating

What do you think Araki's home life is like?

it's definitely not, i'd recognize that voice anywhere.

Shinobu was perfect, but the part with the landlord was kinda rushed.

Still pretty good.

Shinobu is fucking perfect.
Would make her another child.

Shit, i was so hyped for a new opening. Gotta wait another week.

janken boy is coming

Araki said that his favorite character is Josuke

Taking webm requests.

That was like 20 years ago

Those are fucking awful user

okuyasu crashing into a breakable window

Is Jotaro redpilled?

>Jotaro being knowledgeable on a subject that doesn't involve fish

Kosaku ass shot

Goddamn. No wonder Kira started to fall for her.

Inb4 the only way Jotaro knew that was from a fish market he went to, and he's just omitting his autistic hobbies about marine life

>tfw they're just going to have part 3 artstyle DIO in the part 6 flashbacks

I honestly didn't remember RPS Kid after this arc, I thought that I am an Alien came next for some reason.

i loved how he was like

>Quickly, Josuke, say a cool line!

He really is like fans joke he is.

Holy fuck that looks so fucking good.

Jotaro wrapping tape around the photo

Reminder that Jotaro has traveled the world and is very knowledgeable of middle eastern culture due to his travels during Stardust Crusaders.

He's pretty knowledgeable in general.

Better than the thin gay version

fuck, I left the vlc interface in the screenshot and now Cred Forums is going to bully me


Why wouldn't you just take the screenshot internally?

I assumed that's what alt+printscreen would do

even vlc should have a built in screencap feature so you shouldn't need to use fucking print screen
that alone is worth bullying over


This. That's the advantage of anime right there. Remember Polnareff's flashback to the Crusaders in part 5 where they all looked awful? They can reuse the part 3 artstyle then too.

Giorny makes me horny



Posting more artstyle shifts.

Dio looked great in Part 6, but them reusing the Part 3 artstyle for Jotaro's picture and Polnareff's flashback would be good.

>Remember Polnareff's flashback to the Crusaders in part 5 where they all looked awful?
I don't. When did it happen?

>Dio looked great in Part 6

Look it up.

This means we'll get more Shinobu porn right?

And that's all. Anyone have any more or the same pics in a better res by chance?

Is it like, David's goal to completely fuck up the second half of Part 4 in every single way?

Oh, shut the fuck up. Those are insignificant changes.

we can only hope so

Why can't he just rip Yoshihiro out of the photo?
We didn't get any Aya or Yukako porn so no.

You really convinced me there.


I hope so.

>anything meaning we'll get hetero porn in jojo

no, we're not
get ready for more kakyoin/josuke porn tho now that he got retconned into part 4

Have all 3.

I can't wait for Kira to slick back his hair, literally the best design

>one frame you'll never likely see in motion is considered "ruining the second half of Part 4"

the stand would still work, and he could still move to the other part of the picture

it only damages them, not the ghost

Oh come on, just look at this shit.

>Insignificant changes
Sure, bud. They definitely don't change KQ's facial structure and expression at all. Just insignificant changes.

Looks better than Part 3 Dio. Part 6 Dio is Best Dio

What's wrong with it? He's still handsome, and he still wears retarded things.

>put a hat and proper sleeves on it
>suddenly becomes good, or at least better than that
It's just Diego with shit fashion taste.

so Kira took over the life of the guy he stole the face from right?

Yeah. Now get out before some spoils you.

she looks like a fucking teenager/slut

thanks, for the info and the warning

No, no they didn't. The line was the only thing most people would notice since it's prominently featured in the actual anime on several scenes - changing how the ears look in exactly one shot and promotional material does nothing, and I'm not even sure what the change to its eyes is


how long is his dick?


Araki is a hack

Mob x Jojo crossover art from asikoh009 (DiU animation director)

Aren't fingernail clippings just dead cells? Especially after like 10 years
Crazy D can't fix dead stuff right?

>Look it up.
Wow, how helpful. Sure let me reread every chapter since Polnareff is first mentioned, that will be a quick one.
Unless you mean this page right here in which case you're retarded, both Enya and Jotaro look fine.

They'd have to have the most recent set of clipped fingernails.

>ywn take over the life of a boring husband and give his cute cheesecake wife the marriage she's always dreamed of

>Crazy Diamond can't bring back the dead.
>Kira's nails have been detached from the body and are dead.
>Why can't they just fix the nails!?

It's a real mystery, yeah.

What's Reigen's stand?
>Crazy D can't fix dead stuff right?
The blood on the glass shards in the finale

what did they feed her?

Ink is also dead yet there was no problem with that

Nails grow back. How do you repair something that's already repaired itself?

This is probably why, yeah. Also because Kira is a different person now you could say that the fingernails have nowhere to go, same with when he chopped his hand off.

shinobu is olev

I am crazy or in this exact moment she literally became more colorful?

Looped version next

9/10 episode
My only complaint is KQ's look. ASB style was perfect, it had the sort of playfull expression which made serious moments so much better in contrast, it's like the artstyle shift between Moyashimon seasons all over again.

some more of the protectors of Morioh VS Kira & Killer Queen

By that logic crazy diamond would only work with inanimate objects

I think you're being ridiculous here. Those are long seperated nails. Araki doesn't mean to say that CD can basically punch a pile of mixed shit and return it up the assholes or everyone invilbed even it some are halfway across the world no matter if dead of other such random conditions.

>Prominently featured in the actual anime
And it's not anywhere in the manga. Which is why people complained. It changes KQ's facial structure and strays away from his expressionless gaze. It also makes him look fucking ugly.
>In exactly one shot
>Not sure what the change to its eyes us
Look harder retard

He can heal dead people's bodies, like his grandpa. But they would still be dead.

>hetero porn

He did "fix" his grandfather's body, it just doesn't bring it back to life if it's already dead.


He's talking about this. Which I agree, he's retarded and the crusaders look fine.

Yes, because ENTIRE HANDS grow back, user

ah right, cheers

what the fuck was that sound effect in this episode

more importantly, where can I hear it again

You mean like the photograph this episode? Or rubber tyres, gloves, TVs, motorbikes

>And it's not anywhere in the manga
Yes, I was agreeing with you you butthurt faggot

If you have to specifically hunt down for shots where something is off, it's not relevant. It's not any worse than regular david QUALITY by that point



I need some good music to read manga to. What do you listen to?


r u dumb

That Okuysau laugh when he thinks of the tacks

>avdol and joseph's faces
>judgement randomly there for no reason
>>>>look fine
Come the fuck on man. Compare that to where they look normal.


Okay, you've found one whole case where crazy diamond makes sense, now try any other case where Josuke heals injuries that could have healed on their own

one more version


I'd see your point if deep wounds and broken bones healed as quickly as nails grow back.

one for best fight in part 4

It's still his body though, only fingerprints were changed. Cinderella shouldn't have been that strong to nullify Crazy Diamond.

So this woman married a beta provider and got bored and now she likes a thug like Kira.
It's like I'm reading Cred Forums.

I feel like Jotaro was being nice and trying to just not call Okuyasu a fucking idiot.

>>judgement randomly there for no reason
Are you being serious? That's when he got over Avdol and his sister's deaths.

It's probably the biggest piece of character development in Part 3.

>Fucked up face of the main antagonist's stand
>Not relevant
Sure, bud. You done yet?


He uses Crazy Diamond to literally reshape a rock and meld a person into it, and later to change writing. I think as far as Araki knew Crazy Diamond's power was "it changes stuff".

>Judgement randomly there for no reason
>The high point of Polnaref's character and the reason he got over his sister's death and his quest for revenge
Are you fucking retarded? Judgement was a huge fucking deal for Polnareff.

Why did they make Jotaro and Okuyasu so ugly in the anime?

its like women are more attracted to actual guys

When you can only see it by hunting for still frames, no, it's not. By that logic david ruined about half of the characters in the series

It's like women are fucking whores

Jesus hell will Okuyasu ever stop being useless?

shinobu is a cute whore though

Just any shot of shinobu being cute

>Kosaku's theme is a remix of Kira's but sounds more techno, in line with his theme in ASB
My dick was diamond, that was the best part of the entire episode.

>When you can only see it by hunting for still frames
That's not true though, almost every time KQ appears it looks ugly as sin.

Depends on how much he enjoys killing naked little boys

when does his theme play

Guess I needed to post in the new thread.
Am I allowed to do this now?
R8 my taste or whatever

Killer Queen has looked fucking disgusting in almost every shot it's been in save for the ones that were obviously fixed and resemblr the manga design more.

18:39 when he's serving dinner
Is this a joke?

Which part of "Araki is a fucking idiot who couldn't do consistent writing for at least 3 pages even if his life depended on it" do you not understand? How did this fact not sink in for you after 3 and a half arcs already? Do you have a learning disorder?

This is the most contradictory chart I've ever seen


Duh, it's supposed to be Mista filling out the chart.
>won't touch the 4th jojo game
>loves hol horse, another gun users
It's pretty obvious.

Fuck off Mista

You so delusional, it's not even funny.

Sometimes I forget just how goofy Jojo is

Araki is a better writer than you faggots give him credit for. Just because he wrote a shonen doesn't mean he's by default a shit writer.

>nothing but users with guns

Mista, get the fuck out from Cred Forums.

>favorite jojo is Giorno
>least favorite is Josuke
Fuck off

He can still make mistakes... like not having Rohan drive the ambulance that crushes Kira's head

use your brain

I love those dead eyes Kosaku has, especially the shower glimpse on the cat.

He is good, but consistency issues are still a problem no matter the genre or medium.

calm down neckbeard


I'm still mad. What a fucking hack.

Does Araki really have that many consistency issues, though? Past Part 3 it doesn't really become much of a problem (aside from reoccuring Stands having abilities changed).


What is contradicts what?

What the actual fuck does Jankem Boy mean?

To be honest I didn't look at the other stuff and realized he was trying to be like Mista. I just saw the favorite and least favorite jojo and wrote it off as shit.

Rock Paper Scissors Boy

Whoa... so handsome... David keeps delivering!

Janken is rock paper scissors in Japan newfriend

it means we're gonna have some jank memes son


Jankem is how Japanese (Or chinese) say Rock Paper Scissors.

Janken is the japanese name for Rock, Paper Scissors
I might be wrong but hey, more (You)s for me

>reoccurring stands have abilities changed

I laughed a bit when I reread Part 6 and White Snake was introduced as a melty jizz monster that can literally dissolve his own body at will

It means he's a jenkem addicted male youth

Part 3 has the most inconsistency because it's when stands were first introduced. It's pretty glaring on a rewatch/reread when you compare the rules regarding stands in the later parts, and even then there's a few minor slip ups.

>To be honest I didn't look, I just saw his opinion and wrote it off as shit
Cred Forums in a nutshell

Rock-paper-scissors boy

Part 4 is feels so segmented. Which is to say the high vs the low points are miles apart. Granted it doesn't have the lowest point in the series or anything like that.

We needed an entire part of Kira shenanigans. Basically just have Jotaro show up to investigate all the missing people when Joseph's picture just suggest its stand related, not that just Angelo is doing evil shit.

After they quickly deal with Akira the arc after he kills Keicho and then run into all the "turned friendly" villiains right away. But they still can't seem to get at the picture. Then they run into Reimi and bam 75% of the part dedicated to Kira. With a much bigger gap in Shigechi's death and finding him, widened by him leaving behind more different bomb types in important locations while they're on his trail and him sneaking around right in front of them. When SHA chapters finally happen and his dad gets the arrow. His dad could take up the slack in the mean time by aiding the new stands he creates and making more uses of his photo ability before escaping.

Oh well, no changing it 3 decades later.

>never heard characters say JANKENPON in anime before
Spotted the newfag.

John Cage's 4'33 on a loop

How many powers can Whitesnake pull out of its ass?

honestly right side is more kira-like

"All of this together becomes an intricate portrait of Araki as a creator, one who has a very clear idea of what he wants to accomplish, even if that idea might change from time to time. He lives in the moment and hopes his readers do the same, with some attention to the big picture and little mind paid to the small stuff. It’s this mentality that’s allowed him to create something so wild and unpredictable, giving eccentricity shape and definition that cannot form with mere randomness. It’s guided chaos. A solid framework filled out by whatever he feels most interested in and passionate for at any given time, something that is likely a strong motivational tool as much as it is the material for something truly unique and engaging. He’s irreducible, not a creator to be pigeonholed into the role of a character in his own story. He’s the kind of creator who can invent another creator and make it utterly believable that the character is a mirror of a real person. And for better and for worse, he is never boring."

I have no idea why Araki made Whitesnake jizz to steal Stand Discs. It makes much more sense to just knock the person out instead of putting them to sleep with cum.

Why are these two so dumb?


Saisho wa guu!

the jizz and the stand discs are unrelated powers. he can take stand discs just by hitting people in the head

thanks for translating docs pic

He looks like how he does before getting BtD.

It isn't even fully translated.

That was probably a stand disc it stole from someone.


fucking spoiler that shit asshole

>She wants the Killer D

>She deserves to be happy
Just like happy Gappy.

I want to marry Diavolo!

In his bio at the start of the part (I'm rereading it at the moment, so this is the only reason why I know) it says that he needs to put the person to sleep before he can take their discs, but knocking them out would be much easier.

Where did you get this? that page wasn't in the spoilers.

Well, they didn't trade skulls.

May they finally kept with one design?

Really thought Kosaku's wife was going to get murdered, then I thought about it for a moment and realized that if Kira killed her it would draw attention to him. Guess she's safe...for now.

Stand abilities play such a big dynamic in most of the chapters that screwing up with them is pretty bad. King Crimson was really inconsistent, GE had the reflect at the start, Diver Down initially stored kinetic energy on an object which was retconned, Whitesnake had the cum dungeon power, Sandman's ability got retconned and I'm probably missing several other things here.

So are Japanese locks backwards or something? He unlocked the door by turning it clock-wise

>one's innocently naive
>the other depended on his brother to make decisions for him
Two different flavors of retardation.

Can Pucci/White Snake even use other people's stand discs? I mean it would make sense and the stealing people's discs was introduced 2-3 chapters after the jizz room so Araki obviously already had the power in mind

Literally one of the only times a spoiler is almost necessary in a jojo thread and you don't use it.
thanks anyway, looks great

Its JoJo. If Araki wanted to he could have told the truth and the taca COULD have actually made enough ipen soace that he could escape. Ghost rules aren't established here. Even Jotaro can't be sure what he's capable of.

>Janken boy
Wow next week is literally fucking nothing. Just skip this shit arc and give us a SOL episode of Kira and his wife whose best girl.

Kira dies by getting run over by ambulance after having his identity revealed by Shinobu's son.

anyone has that image of Kira telling himself he only cares about Shinobu because it's his alibi and ends with him having a boner with her but calling it "his survival instincts"?

doc linked it from arakijojo

She is safer than you can imagine.

IT'S OUT?!?!?

Can I get a gift of Jotaro taping up Yoshiro?

Giorno dies

no but i have the previous one before he tries to justify himself

Cinderella does wonders

But he stole Weather's disk without jizzing him.

>He doesnt like based RPSkid fight
While i would like more Like with the Kawaijiri's, missing out on RPS inst good.

Was anyone else underwhelmed by Shinobu in this episode? I loved the hair colour, but she seemed kind of lazily drawn, not as loose looking and lewd as in the manga, and her VA made her sound like a teenager, not a early 30s, or whatever she was meant to be.

that explains why he can slap narancia so hard the disc pops out

Kira kills Rohan.

I meant gif

it's a fanart, I'm gonna keep looking then

What's going on with the art here? It looks off.

she looked like super loose and lewd in the anime, this is her first appearance. give it time

Sounds like a very roundabout way of saying "hack writer only capable of writing shounen shit".

Jotaro reunites with his daughter but then he splits.


Sorry about that.

Also, like anybody would look at it as a spoiler. From the thumbnail, it could look like a random page from Born This Way.

Are you saying she sounds younger than the older Tomoko?

Are there translations for the JJL 58 spoilers yet?

>tfw they probably could have helped Kira with his urges instead of going on a reactionary Joestar crusade like always

I should also point that Shinobu is, always and forever, best girl. Maybe I was expecting too much?

Doc linked it a couple threads ago.
It's a waifu2x'd version from

Okuyasu literally dies but then comes to life thanks to asspull and saves Josuke.

>shitty upscale
cmon doc

>Implying Kira wouldn't have just murdered them immediately for figuring out his identity
Kira has lived with his urge to kill his entire life. He wouldn't just stop having them because some autistic dolphin fucker, and a fag with shit hair told him to please stop.

literally splits

RPS kid will be the 100th episode of Jojo. Who would've thought.

Best episode s3, so far - #25

I'm curious as what you what use to upscale something like this:

hell just inserting a disc in something allows him to pull Echoes 2 level "anything".

He threw an empty disc into a frog and orderd it to fly foward and explode. He can play music through a person so he can probably watch movies and play games too. He can probably give anything that can accept a stand (which seems to be anything given Anubis), and tell it to do something it literally isn't capable of doing itself when not given orders. And he's been straling dics for longer than Jolyne's been alive.

Basically anything weird that happens around Pucci at any momment is completely justified. Its like a reconstruction of the criticism Araki gets over "how and why would that happen?".

>100th episode
>pours all the budget into it
>Close to no quality shots
>instead of "to be continued" the arrow reads "Thanks for 100 episodes of jojo!"

Rohan can literally rewrite people's personalities.

>Thanks to asspull
Why is it so hard to believe that Josuke fixed him in time, he was just knocked out? Josuke freaked out because his Brojo wouldn't wake up and they were in deep shit.

>Skipping an episode of Rohan's Bizarre Adventure


that's why you bring the pussy man, with that he would've had a escape for his kinks that both could enjoy

>what use
would use*

>Jenkem boy nex week
Can't wait to see Rohan punching that little faggot in the face

>live in a big house, when your husband doesn'teven make enough
>is constantly worrying if the rent can even be paid
So why doesn't this lazy cunt just get a part time job then, it's not like she does anything in the house anyway or is this just a Japan thing?

>liking a better stronger man is being a whore
Stop projecting your insecurities you fatfuck

Blondes are freaks.

google it bruh

>Implying Kira wouldn't murder them
Kira wouldn't let that stupid fag get anywhere near him.

I like how the photo makes it look for a second like Kira is making a peace sign while pouting, like a teen on holiday

At first I thought that was Kira's hand doing the peace sign

Why is the drawing so different from the previous chapters?

see Do you have a problem reading?

>"Shinobu, can i use your hand to wipe my ass?"

The girl next to Kira looks a tad like Aya.

it's a 1994 japan thing

it's upscaled

Is the smiling guy Kiras coworker? The one who said he was boring.

Japan is a pretty conservative country, even more so in the 90s

Is that Lips-chan's mother at the bottom?

Three gems in a row, wtf is going on over at DP HQ?

>doesn't want to stand out
>is the only one not smiling in the photo so he stands out the most

What was Yoshihiro trying to do with the broken camera before Jotaro stopped him?

You guys really went for it, huh? Joke's on you though, I already knew most of these things/know you're lying. Don't care all that much about spoilers because the anime is fun to watch regardless.

>Pucci could literally turn someone's dick to a joystick

Deepest lore.

>This picture is the best shot in all of DiU. You will never see a shot so great in Jojo this year

none of those posts are lying.

>doesn't want to stand out
>blonde hair blue eyed handsome young man in the middle of a bunch of black and brown haired nips

Kira should have impregnated Shinobu to give Hayato a parting gift before he died.

Literally the only thing holding him back from being the perfect villain is that he didn't get the last laugh.

what the fuck were those sound effects though
just sounded like someone punched a mic

I want a GIF where Kira turns around

Narancia a cute!


Well, okay, I guess Giorno would die eventually, but from what I've heard Part 5 ends with Giorno just claiming to be the real Diavolo.

>Sudden Disgust

>guy posts a manga page that was upscaled using Waifu2X
>user says "how was this upscaled"
>i say "with Waifu2X"
keep up user


Nigga, what.

Ok, Webm then

So is Kaato the real Kaato? Why are the Higashikatas except for Jobin acting like she's just some woman in their house?

you can actually see the dick at the very bottom

They all true, but some of them not completly.


Well, that's just what I heard. Woolie the Liar might have struck again I guess.

Can Giorno switch between GE and GER at will like what Koichi does with Echoes?

Well, when a woman whos just been to jail comes back home to her family and they probably havent seen her in years, its gonna be awkward.

You're not meant to think of that as weird. JoJo characters already look crazt across the board. Its the background characters who look too normal.

Kira would fit right in next to Keicho and Koichi.


Has someone made an anime version of this yet?

All characters dies at the end of part 6.

no cause it's not the same thing

Oh lawdy

Nut Kings Call is fully rigged. will do the first pose suggested.

Amazing shit.

>how was this upscaled
Except that's not what the user asked.

No, that's Jajanken Boy.

No he lost GER when the arrow fell out. Reminder that SCR was lost after Polnnareff used it in the flashback and only went renegade when summoned just as Pol died.

is there a filter on the scan?

something with this

Polnareff appears in Part 5 and becomes a turtle

If Pucchi reset the universe without Jotaro and friends ever existing, would that mean that DIO is still alive?

If Josuke was able to make Kira's hand fly back towards him using Crazy Diamond, why didn't he just use his powers on Kira's nails?

>All this Kira episodes and we go straight to the lowest point of this part

Welp, see you faggots in a couple weeks


Why do people keep doing this

After the final reset everything but part 6 was the same

Why do I feel like this is something Joshuu would actually do?


Those things are meant to fall off regardless. Its not quite on the scooe of what Araki thinks of using CD for. Usually he foxes stuff that's been pretty unaturally altered.

That's not how MiH works you speed-reading mofo

Why didn't they keep chasing Kira's hand? How is him getting a new face preventing the hand from going after his body?

Stray Cat isn't next, is it?

on it.

During this scene, I said aloud, "man, Jojo's kinda stupid sometimes"

Because Araki is a hack.

No, Jotaro is replaced by "Jituro" and since Pucci was never even involved in their crusade, nothing will probably change, he's still dead.

it already reattached to the body before they opened up the door in the last episode


It's just a samefag that keeps shitting on RPS kid to be a contrarian. He is a worse faggot than Naranciaposter

did they try to make Shinobu look more like yasuho?


But they say that the people he kills during the reset will not exist in the new time. Who killed Duo if Jotaro isn't around?

do this

Enigma is next week?

how long until the new Jojolion is out? I have just caught up with the manga

New fingernails already grew back so how would the old ones reattach?

Badass fucking Joseph of course.

How the fuck is that physically possible time wise?

Very painfully

Well, they still had to kill DIO, so not-Jotaro still had to be a Jojo, and since Holly was still his mother, she proably married Sadao Kujo too.
I'd say Jouta is a pretty good name

>posts non-upscaled version
>i'm curious what you would use to upscale something like this


They are replaced, jesus christ, user it happens and he shows you it, when Emporio sees bizarro Jotaro and bee Jolyne

Go away Clamp.

>RPS Kid is 6 chapters
>It's going to be covered in only one episode

Time for super fast pacing at incredible hihg speed

How is it possible to monologue in 2 seconds of frozen time?

good,i wish they skipped it instead

Not him but many people are indifferent to or disliked RPS kid

Yes, that's what he asked and not

During one day in thread I found out that this was the comic that premiered during my birth week.

I'd rather they skip that Tower shit.

is this jorge joestar?

Then why did he want to kill them so badly if they just get replaced by the same person?

Post main antagonists

>Many people
Ok, fine, I'll correct ONE thing I've said: You're not a samefag, you're TWO samefags, the only ones that actually disliked RPS kid because you're fucking faggots with below-shit-tier taste. Of course you would both be on Cred Forums

The 90's were a different time, when it wasn't unreasonable to live in a house where only one parent worked

No, it's Janken Boy

I'd rather skip all the parts except part 7

>gray tower is called Superfly
>super fast fly is called Tower of Gray

Oh my god, you have even worse taste than RPS contrarians!

To be fair, I can't imagine RPS kid taking very long if you're not wasting lots of time and panels counting out "Jan Ken PA!"

Beetle-boy did nuffin wrong.


Goddamn, this is worse than the sound effect for Dio's time stop.

Where in my post did I say I disliked RPS kid?

Because their fates were sealed and he'd still kill them even in the new timeline.


Where was this picture originally from?


Post yfw the one hundredth episode of the JoJo has Rohan punching a kid and an extreme game of rock paper scissors

nigga I can understand skipping RPS boy as the only really cool thing about it is the ending but you need to be retarded to skip Superfly

Can somebody link me the arcadefag's imgur album with movesets, pretty please?

>Wanting to episodes of RPS kid
It's an extremely good comedy arc, but it doesn't have enough going on for two whole episodes... unless you pace it like SDC

Let's write a haiku for kakyoin:

Haikus go by beats 5-7-5. The first and last lines are 5 beats, while the middle is 7.

>Kakyoin got mashed

please stop with this virus shit

Best girl in all of JoJo's desu

>You are a massive faggot


>now check these doubles

someone draw DUO, DIO's cute shota split personality

What the actual fuck.
I just keep losing it.



>there are people in THIS VERY THREAD who call jojo "jojo's"

Umm no

They are going to do:


Yoshikage Kira's New Life Part 2/I am an Alien Part 1

I am an Alien Part 2/Highway Star Part 1 (Chapters 1-3)

Highway Star Part 2

Last chapter with "Chase"
26 - RPS Kid Is Coming / Yoshikage Kira's New Life Part 2 (7)

New OP
27 - I Am An Alien (6)
28 - Highway Star Part 1 (4)
29 - Highway Star Part 2 (4)
30 - The Cat Who Loved Kira (6)
31 - Who Wants To Live On A Transmission Tower (6)
32 - Enigma Boy Part 1 (4)
33 - Enigma Boy Part 2 / That's Not My Dad (4)
34 - Cheap Trick (6)
35 - Another One Bites The Dust Part 1 (5)
36 - Another One Bites The Dust Part 2 (5)
37 - Crazy Diamond Is Unbreakable Part 2 (5)
38 - Crazy Diamond Is Unbreakable Part 3 (4)
39 - I'll Jog Your Memory / The Guardian Angel Of Morioh / Goodbye Morioh; Golden Hearts (3)

should be Monday
it comes out in japan at midnight on the 18th/19th, then it takes 8 hours or so for someone to translate it

>Four six-chapter episodes
>One seven-chapter episode


I think I am Alien will be split into two episodes and the Kira's New Life Part 2 will be at the beginning of I am Alien Part 1. RPS Kid can cover its own episode

Araki calls it JoJo's

>7 chapters in one episode

>RPS next week
I'm so fucking ready.


Be assertive Josuke!

He does?

>Jotaro looks fine
user please look at his hips. Polnareff is looking like shit too
also what the fuck is wrong with Enya's left hand? this is a quality fest

I remember hearing it in an interview, can't remember which

Then that just means Araki is wrong. Just like the gif creator calling it jif.


Why was Part 5's localized name in Italian? Who chose that?

>They cut the "Damn, that didn't sound cool at all" line

Why David

Enya has two right hands you fucking moron.

Jotaro is so fucking lame. Holy shit.

I need to re-read Stone Ocean, but didn't Puchi use Made in Heaven firstly to give everyone deja vu to emulate fate and secondly to reboot world to a point that, specifically, Jotaro didn't exist. Then one more reboot returned Jolyne to the world. Because so far Jojolion seems to be about forcing Kujo Jotaro back into existence.

>also what the fuck is wrong with Enya's left hand
Nice trips but Araki probably retconned Enya's hands being normal so her hands to match her sons
It's not the first time he's done this

The Stand family sitcom that never was

No chin Dio.

Are you baiting or not? Like, are you actually this fucking stupid?



>Because so far Jojolion seems to be about forcing Kujo Jotaro back into existence.

How so?


I don't remember Enya also having two right hands, I think it's even mentioned she doesn't

are you retarded? Araki speaks Japanese, and 's being appended to nouns to turn them possessive is an English grammatical practice

in Japanese, the series is called JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken. there is no 's to say. only JoJo

>I think it's even mentioned she doesn't
There's absolutely no way you're being serious.

>Then one more reboot returned Jolyne to the world. Because so far Jojolion seems to be about forcing Kujo Jotaro back into existence.
This isn't how Made In Heaven works


Both she and J Geil have two right hands

She does which is why she wraps it when the Crusaders meet her in the Justice arc.

It's been a while since I read part 6 but I'm pretty sure that's not what happened. Irene event mentions introducing Anakiss to her father Probably named Iretaro

>standard grammatical pronunciation rules apply to acronyms
next you'll tell me GUI is actually pronounced Gwee and not Gooey

She has to cover one of them up during Justice in SC.

Why are you so dumbfounded?
I haven't read part 3 in years, it's not a detail I remember

Polnaref looks like he's transitioning. From what to what I don't know.

She's called Irene to signify that the Joestar curse is over. Jotaro still probably had a "Jo" in his name, since the curse was still there when he was born.

Because it's kind of a big deal.

I always pronounced it "guy"

Better than the manga.

I just pronounce the letters and say it gee-you-eye because gooey sounds dumb as fuck

I just have no idea how you'd forget that Enya has two right hands. She even has to cover it up in Judgement.

Who voices her?

The VA sounds very familiar

"Gooey" sounds fucking retarded, just call it G-U-I

I haven't watched the episode yet, do they really get as far as the bath scene in 23 minutes?
I remember Atom Heart Father being longer

Did they cut the bottom panel lines?

they rush atom heart father a lot but it was a snorefest in the manga so I'm glad

It's pronounced Jee You Eye.

They have to blast through the rest to finish in 39 episodes

He's chiseled as fuck. The actual Kosaku should have been like this.

And she's nonplussed by those abs.

Here. didnt bother making the guitar a sprite though.

by that logic .gif should be pronounced "gee eye eff"
moral of the story is that pronouncing gif with a hard g makes you a fucking asshole across the board

Aboslute Trash. how can you live with your self?

What? Did you expect her to blush at that and hit him like some retarded SOL user?

>Kira thinking about getting a gym membership
>he's this chiselled without it

And this first panel too.

Wtf, I hate David

her armpits look like a vagina.

if they animate part 6 do you think they'd request shinobu's VA for jolyne

Shit. Fuck you arcadefag. Kill your self.

When your diamond is a little too crazy.

Considering Kosaku was probably a DYEL at best it would probably surprise her that her husband is now ripped

Wtf is this trash im reporting this to leafy.

Killer Queen looks good

He wanted to build his stamina, nothing else.

we saw kosaku's body slumped over in aya's shop, he had pretty much the same body type as kira
what i don't understand is how kira managed to get completely new hair given that only kosaku's forehead had been removed

Not pink enough.

For the same reason Jolynes doesn't write on the ground Yo-Yo-Ma!'s power instead of letting Annasui get hurt.

Gappy is both Joestar and Kujo.

Whats your problem. you are so fucking retarded.

With a build like that, he should have stamina.

>not requesting Jolyne's god-like VA from the games


He looks confused.

dem pants

Threadly reminder to always bully Koichi.

>not wanting to see Rohan going full SSJ against Shota Akagi

Not enough.

Fucking kys. you are the worst part about jojo.

>tfw Kira steals
>No dignity

>Not using the high speed version
Cmon step it up my nigga.

absolute no life. This is the worst thing to ever happen to Cred Forums.

>Who the fuck is this guy that summoned me
>Where am I
>Why am I being used for petty theft
>Last I remember we were fondling some chick in a saloon

Please ignore the one guy who's samefagging to get hate onto you, you're doing good work.

Pucci + Kira?

Is this even allowed? i think this breaks the rules.

Stairway to Dust? Bites the Heaven? Made in Dust?

Could you make a high speed one without the (You)?

I'll never get tired of this meme

>At least I'm not organizing this faggots nails
>I wish I was Jotaro's stand

>unlocking the door clockwise is backwards
Literally every home I have ever had unlocks like that.

animeonlyfags are a fucking cancer

I'm doing that when i finish joshu. its his win pose.

That's from Jorge Joestar

They swapped bodies and Girono is trapped in Diavolo's body dying eternally while Diavolo rebuilds Passione in GioGio's body

>josuke, say something cool, let him have it

Holy shit I forgot about that.

I had the Webm version but i believed i replaced it.
Sorry, im not the original maker, and i dont know the first clue on how to go about making it.

>RPS kid next week

Can we just skip the rest of part 4 and get into the best part already?

>Everyone complains that Jojo threads are stale and repetitive with nothing coming from them
>One guy actually makes a project to create a fun fangame for the series that's absolutely free
>People are being this fucking cancerous
We don't deserve nice things. Keep up the good work arcadefag

This is a disgace to the family. fuck of.

Even if CD is capable of doing this with dead dried fingernails, they should have found Kira's most recent cut fingernail to do track him down. Or just grow one giant long fingernails from all the cut pieces to find the most recent one. But he was also probably polishing his nails so there are tons fingernail dust scattered all over the world... Also take into account that you grind your nails during every daily activity like typing, scratching you back etc. Not sure if CD may ignore such small pieces to restore the whole things, but if he needs them, that fingernails trick definitely won't work. And if he doesn't need them, then Duwang Crew was just too dumb or not patient enough for Operation Giant Fingernail.


Underage b&

Its just some samefag being a dickhead. nothing to see.

Its one guy. i think.

>Why am I here
>Why did this faggot bring me out for now
>Wait who is this
>Where is this
>Who are these people
>Is he using me to steal money?
>Why is everyone who uses me a criminal?
>Well at least this one won't be fapping to hands now
>I wish I was home
>Yoshihiro was nice with me
>I guess this is my life now
>Well the woman is just dying for this guy's dick and the son looks like a huge faggot so they probably won't be much trouble
>I still miss home


Wild thought. What would happen if Josuke would've tried reattaching Kira's fingernails the same way as with his hand? Afterthought. What would happen if he tries to reattach all of the trimmed nails? Like all of them at once. Or does his stand not work this way, because nails cant be fixed - they grow back???

>no F.F.
Fuck you Araki

Fuck off

Great sprite. Proud of you. Keep it up.

I know they won't but I always hoped the BD's would add these little moments back in.

I just really want Josuke to say "Now he knows I suck at video games"

What is the point? the sprties dont look like Hftf.

I want off this wild photo

When Giorno defeated Diavolo, he then proclaimed that he was the 'Boss' all along. Not that he became Diavolo.

Also don't listen to Woolie. He doesn't know shit

Skip your anus, dog.

She's next to Weather
It's just really hard to see plankton on a large landscape

>white suit
>blue shirt and tie
It's fucking perfect

Paris, early 2000's when the Louvre did an art exhibit of his works

Well no, in the actual manga Giorno just pretends he was the Boss the whole team. Apparently people accept that he was doing it as a fucking 2 year old but that's Giorny.

>gets turned on by stealing
She should have married Koichi

She's in the rain.

i peed on your mum LOL

Her boring husband stealing is what turned her on, not the act of stealing itself.

Cred Forums will shit on even a stillframe. Even if David Pro fix it for the BD's.

People here would rather still bitch about DIO's World than actually watch the fixed animation from the home release.

AHM is a pretty goddamn useful stand when you think of it.

With this in the way?

She is the rain

>KOichi abandoning Yukako for a MILF
No dignity

I figure that they're separate objects at this point so it won't work to reattach itself to the hand
It is an interesting thought though

>Jay Leno as DIO


She got aroused by Kosaku not being a fuddy duddy-only-following-the-rules-and-never-trying-make-things-exiciting-for-their-marriage type in the first place.

I think because his nails grow back, so they would go back to his hand.
Thats my idea, since the Crazy D needs two thing to fix together, while Kira's nails have grown back, so there would be nowhere to go back to.

Even when fixed DIO's World is trash.
But I agree with you otherwise.

What the fuck are you actually trying to imply? You're just sounding like a retard for (You)'s, so fuck it. Enjoy.

Can you tell us how you do these?

Fuck you

Someone needs to make a bait edit of this


His stand doesnt work like that. Once something leaves the body for long enough it stops being a part of the person and also they would need to have the latest nails... This nails are like few years old and are dead cells. Crazy Diamond cant fix dead stuff.

He traveled with an Egyptian/Sudanese fortune teller.

Holy shit, that man with the black hair is probably kira, isn't it? Why would they focus so much on him otherwise

i dont think its him

you're a fucking fag kys

read the mango my dude

araki would not do something that simple XD

Cutest canon JoJo family.

>Anonymous 09/16/16(Fri)20:25:38 No.147294592
>read the mango my dude

ok im going to do that.

1. you export the model from EoH. (there is a tutorial for that)
2.Seperate the texture based on colour. 3ds max.
4.create ink and paint materials based on the colours of the model.
5.apply the alpha mat of the seperate colour textures to the ink and paint materials.

No, it's Killer Queen itself.

It possessed a different person because its user "died", and will try to use this man to find its user again.

Kira's new look is amazing

>not the Higashikatas
>even when theeeeey speak like thiiiiiiiiiiiis


Hashigatakas a shit!

this is where you belong

Kira's mom is a GILF

Kosaku pls

Just like your mom

>26- RPS Kid
>27- Im an Alien
>28- Kira's New Life 2 / Highway Star Part 1
>29- Highway Star Part 2
>30- The Cat That Loved Kira
>31- Man on the Tower
>32- Enigma Boy
>33- Cheap Trick
>32- That's Not My Dad! / Bites The Dust Part 1
>33- Bites The Dust Part 2
>34- Bites The Dust Part 3 / Invencible Crazy Diamond Part 1
>35- Invencible Crazy Diamond Part 2
>36- Invencible Crazy Diamond Part 3
>37- Let Me Remind You / Town Guardian Spirits / Goodbye Morioh
>38- Lolyne Visits Morioh Special
>39- Deadman's Questions


i dont get this.

xDdDD!1! :)) :DDD


Take that back


Friendly reminder that Hayato ruined everything and Shinobu should have swallowed

>not Rohan who is a literal Araki self-insert

Kira being a cool guy and good husband

Also, wouldn't that fucking hurt?


>Araki's favorite character is Jotaro, who is completely autistic
cough cough Josuke
>Araki created Jolyne as a gift for his daughter

Lots, but it'll be mostly handjobs


They actually did it. They actually animated the RPS kid. The absolute madmen.

You would all be happy if filler shit like RPS kid, dark blue moon, and devo the cursed got cut, right?

I thought those years ago Araki said Josuke was his favorite JoJo and that Kira was his favorite overall character?

I dont either.

You really don't understand how Jojo porn works, huh?

Go fuck yourself.


Please, stop, my dick can only get so hard

Here's me hoping we get to see lil' Ms. shorstack again.
Also weird how Joshu seems to obsess over big tits in Milagro man and latest chapter but he only had eyes for money in
Shakedown Road, even when the girl was squatting in front of him and putting her entire cleavage on display. Was it because the girl was short? Does Joshu have Oedipus complex?

nigga imma fight u

Would you kiss her?

Of course not because RPS Kid is a fucking hype and ridiculously fun fight, there's literally no reason to cut it because it's "filler". By that logic half of part 4 should be cut.

>No new Lisa-Lisa doujins since part 2 aired
>Like 1000+ new JosephXCesar doujins

Where are the stitches?



How does the cat plant even work? It's a stand that can be seen by anyone yet somehow Killer Queen can haul it around and be recalled at will.

>gay porn doujins have more interaction between Joseph and Caesar than Part 2 itself

Not even the same guy, chill out. I was implying that DiU is a slideshow.

>Those flowers at the end

That was totally a symbolism for her vagina wasn't it?

Stop asking how Jojo things work.

It's stand magic, always.

He's dead, Jim. Also a ghost. Although, I like to think he haunts the Kawajiri residence every now and again for reasons he doesn't remember. Mostly to fuck with Hayato for getting him killed. But he'll also see Shinobu as she solemnly meanders around the house.


It was because him and josuke owed an old fuck 300,000 yen, and they were about to get treyvon martin'd. He didn't have time for titties.

Yaoi fangirls are going to take over Japan, they've already completely taken over Ikebukuro and are going to just continue their expanding their domain.

Fuck you im reporting this leafy.

Oh are you in for a surprise

That old list he made had Josuke as his favorite character and Kira as 2nd place in that list. He does go on and on about how he likes Kira more than any other character.

>For example, with the character Yoshikage Kira, he's a serial killer but I think that he had his own proper reasons for doing so, such as the poor environment of his childhood, his relationship with his mother and his father always ignoring him. But if I write that you start to feel sorry for Kira, and so despite being such a horrible villain, when Josuke fights him, I think he'll kind of feel sorry for him. But then Kira says that he's fine being that way and moves one step up. That's what I like.

>I love Kira's personality. He is always calm and tries to keep a low profile. He consistently does his best to live a quiet life, which includes secretly killing women and always having a hand to hold (literally). The way he keeps a record of the length of his nails is similar to things I do, like keeping track of my blood pressure. He knows and admits his quirks and usually knows what he's doing; he understands that there is no way to stop him. I admire him so much except for the fact he kills.

>Out of all the villains I’ve drawn so far, Kira is my favorite. I like DIO too… but more than DIO. Because he was seeking a quiet life and wasn’t a character you would see often in a shonen manga, I was very invested.

I'm pretty sure Kira is actually Araki's favorite character and he just says it's Josuke to make it seem less weird in front of interviews.
I was just trying to prove that Jotaro is not Araki's favorite.

I didn't even consider that. That's pretty neat.


She's not a supermodel, user.


>all men on men shit
>very little girl on girl
Seriously, JoJo is more gay with girls than guys.

Makes you think doesn't it?

If they switched perspectives halfway through and made Kira the new protagonist for the remainder of the series I would declare DiU the greatest piece of fiction ever written

Joshuu wants to titfuck his mom


Cn I have a sound webm of when Josuke said baka?

this is what keeps a good pace though.

the first half of Stardust Crusaders was super loyal to the pacing of the manga and it dragged on for ages like a piece of shit. This is a good thing and David's edits have been great so far.

>/r9k/'s high school reunion

What interview is this from? I've never seen it in full.

Araki is like an alien blessed upon us


two more weeks


this is stupid bait, everyone's been immunitized already.

We had some contextual subtext in Part 4 though. And the lesbian shit in Part 7 with Funny's wife.

Feel old yet /jojo/?


It's great. DiU is shorter than SC and won't feel as tedious or drawn out

He's the only "living" person who could pass for main villain. He's the only one who's not a fucking ugly freak

>contextual subtext
Fuck off with this bullshit

it's true


So what do you think? Was it a good episode?

When will Shokotan rape Ono?

>super loyal to the pacing of the manga
No, not at all. They had to drag what used to be quick and snappy fights out to get them to fill one or two entire episodes..

DiU is longer than SC, isn't it? SC still didn't need 48 episodes, though.


This made me kek


>how to spot newfags in one step

>dio mirin that ass

Who are these other living persons you're talking about?


1v1 me fgt

>how to spot newfags in one step

I want to protect Okuyasu's laugh


I didn't even respond to him.




He was, didn't you see his corpse on the chair last episode?

>salaryman who doesn't have a gym membership is ripped as fuck
goddammit it jojo

what the fuck.

He should be


Good luck on funerals mate, hope you woldn't miss next episode airing.


>even when they speak like thi~~~iii~~i~~~ii~~~iiiiiiiii~iiiiiii~~iiiiis

It's was rushed, couldn't enjoy some moments properly.

I read Araki's interviews a lot and the best part about them is how calmly he talks about stuff that most people consider disturbing and just passionate he is to his work and the weird shit he does and says, and how he loves Dio and Kira.

>Was it always your plan to revive Dio in Part 3?
>I really wanted to draw him being dead for awhile and then coming back to life, but if I was to do that I needed something to happen in between (Part 2).

>The title of the series is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but first and foremost, I actually wanted to draw Dio. Good and evil, white and black—Jonathan and Dio function as symbols and are foils of one another. Dio was actually the one I wanted to draw most for Part 1. How far can a man's ambition drive him when he takes it to the ultimate extreme? That's what I wanted to depict. I wanted his name to sound cool when paired with JoJo's, so I ended up going with Dio

>DIO was the perfect last boss, and the readers were really anticipating his appearance, so I put a lot of work not only into his appearance, but his mentality and the way he thought.

>Why is Dio naked?
>He wanted to show off his beautiful body.

>When DIO is chasing Joseph and Kakyoin, I drew him marveling over modern automobiles. Only an immortal vampire could experience changes in technology like that. I wish I could experience it for myself.

>I think being a vampire would be fun as long as you could stay healthy. You wouldn't get sick, either. (Laughs)

delet this

>8- Lolyne Visits Morioh Special
>39- Deadman's Questions
If David did this they would instant be GOAT