Date a Live 15

Out in Japan.

Pics should be out within the hour, and hopefully spoilers soon after.

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You should have waited a bit more, user.

Fuck off. There are no more Tohkaplebs here.

He can't help it if Tohka's on the cover.

I didn't expect a DAL thread this early, be more patient.

Pics should be at the usual place, right?

Where else, user?

Oh boy, it's already here.

I think it just got released. Fantasia Bunko tweeted about it 13 hours ago so it should be out by now.

Summary user is dead though.

Good. Waiting

like this?


Where is that?

Those barely visible garter belts are hot hot hot

Here we go. I've only found two.
Here's the fanservice one.



This baka knows what she's doing. She's a faker!


Oh shit, Dere Inverse Retard and Casual Muku



Nice. Nice.

Here is my speculation. When Mukuro decided to keep Shidou for herself, Tohka got so balistic she inversed and decided to try and monopolize Shidou for herself like a true demon queen.

I'm just here wondering how long the group takes to translate.

Stupid sexy Tohka is back with all of her domineering goodness~

Chapter 6: Battle of Cosmos
Chapter 7: The Unlocked Heart
Chapter 8: The Locked Memories
Chapter 9: Oblivion of the Outside
Chapter 10: The Key and The Sword
Epilogue: Reunion Time

>Dark Tohka deito
Fuck yes. Time to leave the thread. Don't want to get ahead of myself and spoil myself

[X] Touch Tohka's tohkas

>Deito with Inverse Tohka

The author finally remembered that Tohka is the main girl.

>could've gotten a new inverse
>instead we get more retard chimping out
Fuck Tachibana.

What does 風穴 mean?

Yeah, I was hoping for Inverse Muku, too

reminder to wait for spoilers first

If he wanted Mukuro to inverse it would have been easier to put her inverse form on the cover.

>Chapter 6: Battle of Cosmos
So Shido will fight Mukuro?


That's impressive. The Shido pre-vol vol.13 wouldn't stand a chance.

Black/White illustrations when?

I can't find those. I wonder if the other user has the same problem.

As soon as Baidu gets a hold of a copy.


Origami?! Artemesia is evil?! Wh?!



did MC fuck clock yet

Hopefully never


He did.



Wait, Origami has a weapon aside from her gun-crowns?

Is she even bigger than Miku?


Deliciously so


I get the feeling she's overlaying her astral dress on top of a Ratatoskr CR unit to increase her battle power.

muh cock


Which one of you is telling the truth



>that not-deadpan expression on Origami's face
Did Tachibana finally remember the NeOrigami part of Origami's personality?


Are you sure it's an inverse and not just the "dramatic ink" pic of the volume?

I said it many times before. SHE'S BEST GIRL.

The keystaff looks different.

Mukuro's regular astral dress doesn't have black thighhighs.

Her gloves also got longer.

It's not as big of a change as the retard's inversion though.

Her AstralDress is also slightly altered. Why couldn't this have been on the cover?

This new girl has the worst design by far.

Translator confirmed it.

So fluffy.

Do we know if her Demon King is Belphegor or Adramelech, yet?


Post moar

I don't think Qlipha 6 and 9 are reversible like Sephira 6 and 9, so it's Belphegor most likely.

6 and 8, you mean. But no, you're right, I don't think they are, either.

>Inverse Mukuro
>dark Tohka gets the cover anyway

I know >_>

Becuase retard, user.

How many months will it take for a translation?
Why isn't js06 translating every LN yet?

I agree.
But the change doesn't seem all apparent that warrant but I'm a bit irked too since I didn't expect this.

She's a fair bit shorter. Her hair still looks dumb.

Height wasn't what was meant...

user, don't pretend you don't like her.

It seems like if there is a 2 volume long arc only the first will be about the new girl and the second will be Tohka or any of her variants from now on.

Tobiichi Devil and Natsumi Change beg to differ

What's with all that dust/particles in this pic? and the black frame?

>from now on

It's the first time we get that type of illustration. Maybe she's telling a sad story from her past?

Flashback? She is wearing the same clothes in her date with Shidou.

Wasn't Artemesia supposed to be "good"?

Ellen trolled by Kotori? Nice.

>Joined DEM
>Expecting her to be good

No? The main series never bothered to create a relation between it and DAS. This Artemisa might be a different character or maybe she is just evil in this timeline.

But she used to be, user.

Origami's outfit here looks a lot better than her original one.

Why though? She was introduced as another of Westcott bodyguards.

>relevant to the LN
Pick one

I'm out of the loop, did Volume 14 actually get translated on a secret club somewhere? The last one I have is 13.

Inverse Kotori never; _;


I know what you meant. I'm saying she's shorter than Miku, making her Muku's bigger than her Miku's.

keyword being "used" to be

Miku is worst girl

>a spirit finally gets a real date with Shidou alone
Didn't expect that.

The translations are now private due to the shit that happened last year.

Yeah, there is a facebook group. Lurk the archive for links.

Shidou's point of view?

>responding to a clockfag

Looks pretty sleek to be a CR unit. Too knightlike but who knows

I don't think that's how it work, otherwise they could just give one of those suits to each girl to increase their powers.

So, Shidou's using another angel at last. Looking forward to reading that part.

He used several angels in volume 13, and Natsumi's angel in volume 11. The difference is we finally got a illustration.

This pleases me.

Better than nothing I guess. What's different now however is that he's wielding it which i what most anons wanted him to do.

Is Summary user dead? Or is there a new Summary user, or something? Or...?

So, that whole thing with dark spirits being real threats became a joke now?

The original summary user left these threads, there is a new one but I don't if he will post spoilers again.

>The original summary user left these threads

What? when? why?

>there is a new one but I don't if he will post spoilers again.


The one who posted volume 14 spoilers/summaries was a different person, dunno what happened to the original.

Summary user is gone. He hasn't shown up since vol.14. I believe he's dead.
There was another user who posted some summaries, they were shorter though.

The age of detailed summaries is over.

We are now in the age of relatively quick Facebook translations.

Does that mean every spirit has an armor mode or something?

It's as if she had her limited dress with a CR unit on top.

She looked more mature in the previous volume.

That doesn't like one of those suits though, except for the wings.

Tohka doesn't get that much spotlight in this novel, apparently.

Tama-sensei deserves some love too.

Inverse Tohka has gotten so much screentime she's realized her place in the plot now.

To be a cute retard.


Why the fuck did dark Tohka get another cover instead of Mukuro who goes inverse in the same fucking volume? The arc is supposed to be about her.

So Tohka gets replaced with Tohka? There is no difference.

Mukuro already has a ton of illustrations in the volume, and her inverse isn't aesthetically different enough to warrant another cover. Deal with it.

But the volume is about her, what you are telling me is that the author decided to use dark Tohka again just because her dress was better. That sounds retarded, no to mentio we have a serious scene where Tohka resisted going inverse and now she is having a date with Shidou? It's like the author doesn't care anymore.

I want to clean that with my tongue.

Season 3 when?

Well, at least Mukuro is turning out to be a good girl.

after haruhi season 3.

This pleases me. All the anons are skeptical about the newer girls being shit. Thank god Mukuro turned out to be better than the three latest girls.

Adult Natsumi got a cover and its only purpose was to tease the readers, a new inverse dress sounds like a better idea for a cover even if is not complete.

We still don't know how she is going to behave in future volumes though, Tachibana tricked us with Miku so I will remain skeptical.

Feels good to be a Tohkafag.

I miss DAL anime god dammit!


That would be the twins "dress"

It's okay to doubt user. But when I saw her in vol.14, I got good vibes.

Plot twist: Tama-chan is Rinne, who is also Phantom.

People also got good vibes and high expectations with Miku after volume 7 ended.

Never, and stop asking for one as long as IMS is doing it will be garbage.

The difference was that Miku is a bixual character who has been surrounded by girls she's attracted to. Meanwhile Mukuro doesn't seem to care for the others and is only clingy with Shido.


>Miku is a bixual character who has been surrounded by girls she's attracted to
It's not just spirit, any random girl is enough to make Miku ignore Shidou apparently.

She could turn into the official cockblock character.

Quads confirm it.

Natsumi is already here for that, user.
And since Mukuro's been alone for a pretty long time and Shidou's the first to talk to her, it'd be bullshit she she suddenly started behaving like Miku or Natsumi.

He just do whatever he wants. I mean, look at dark Tohka having a date with Shidou when she is supposed to be a dark spirit.

Natsumi only cockblocks Yoshino though.

I really wanted Natsumi in there, I mean, she helped, she deserved a colored appearance instead of this But I guess that still counts...

What Yoshino? You mean, the non relevant to the story Yoshino? Oh, yeah, I forgot she existed, that's right.

Nia was fucking great, what are you talking about?

Natsumi also spent a lot of time watching every of Shidou's movements in volume 8 then when he was running trying to alert Natsumi about the satellite because she was injured in volume 9, but then she started lusting for Yoshino for some reason. Mukuro is not a bitch though, so there is no way Tachibana can ruin her, right?

Inverse Tohka isn't a bad girl, just misunderstood.

Only if you are into teasing, other than that she is pretty irrelevant and feels out of place in the harem.

Nia's good at best and she doesn't really belong in the harem. She kinda feels like an outsider.

The harem needed a teasing older girl anyways.

Inverse spirits are supposed to be genuine monsters, dark Tohka tried to kill Shidou and showed disinterest when she thought he was dead.

There is no reason for her to tease anymore, she is focused on her job now.

She wanted Natsumi to join her and Miku wanted to help them with the money expenses if I remember.

Write something Cred Forums.

Yeah, Nia doesn't need to be around Shidou and co, she is independent and has her own life.

What is happening here?


Dunno, here's the original.

Well, she is the main girl. Tohka has been largely put on the sidelines for many volumes to introduce new Spirits. And now with the arrival and conclusion of the last Angel, it's only proper to go through a rotation again. Volume 15 killed two birds with one stone by having Tohka play a large role. So, the next in line should be Yoshino, then Kurumi, then Kotori, and so on.

ITS HAPPENING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inverse a best

For what purpose?

She is relevant in every arc.


she is another girl that genuinely loves Shido?

I like how the Encore volumes are doing that. We already have all the girls for 10 volumes of short stories.

It seems like that's the case.

Why is inverse better?

For whatever Tachibana feels like. Backstory for Yoshino , flesh out her relationship with Natsumi, maybe a DEM plot she gets entangled up in, whatever.

Yeah, but being relevant doesn't mean being the main focus.

she will marry Shido in the last volume

If all the girls were human, it would be fair for them to get a backstory and proper ending, not just a romance with Shidou.

but Reine is Rinne and phantom

>Backstory for Yoshino , flesh out her relationship with Natsumi, maybe a DEM plot she gets entangled up in, whatever
There is no much backstory for some of the spirits either and since she is not the main girl I doubt she or Kotori will be the main focus of another volume, there is not reason to improve her relationship with Natsumi since she already ruined Yoshino's relationship with Shidou and is always following her anyway.

The fuck are you smoking?

There not that bad anymore and I really want S3

They don't even get romantic scenes with Shidou.

Retard < Edgy Retard

Because they don't need, it's more like Shidou's job to help them, not exactly a harem.

but some do though


>There not that bad anymore
Yes, they are. Just look at the trash they are adapting every season, it's obvious they only care about fanservice/ecchi.

Denying the truth

Utopia fags are truly delusional

it is exactly Harem though just not a well written one

They look nothing alike! Their names sound sim ilar, but other than that, there's nothing.

Not that guy, but user, I don't think any other studio would pick it up.

Shidou doesn't even need to help them either. The author doesn't know how to write harems and made a lot of characters he doesn't give a shit about so thinking he will give a proper backstory to every girl is asking for the impossible.

Just not a cliche one, you mean.

Exactly, and that's why it's better if a S3 never happens. I don't want to see them butchering Origami's arc just because they focused on the 12 dates and loli spirits in Natsumi's arc.

Spirits not from Earth needs backstory too.

Oh, yeah. Yuzuru was lucky for getting such a good date.


>Just not a cliche one, you mean
It does have all the pintless fanservice of your average harem, the difference is not all the girls are after the MC, even though they are supposed to be harem members.

Mukuro wasn't on Earth when she was founded, so you have a point, but there's no thing like a "pure spirit" user.

Current ranking:

Kotori > Kurumi > Nia > Mukuro > Yoshino > Tohka > Yuzuru > Origami mk.II > Origami mk.I > Kaguya > Mayuri > Natsumi > Miku

Current "your" ranking

Yuzuru's date is one of those times when the author decides to stop fucking around and write something good.

The plot makes up for that, most harem battles have shit plot, almost non-existent with girls falling for the MC's dick for no reason.

Shiori volume when?

>posting your shitty ranking outside those cancerous harem threads

Shape shifting, user

Fuck off.

>Kotori >
The only thing I agree with.

>wanting more shiori.

I feel sad for everyone out there who likes Yoshino.

>wanting another volume 6
No thanks.

Wow user, I'm taken aback. You really care about this series.

>wanting more shit after the bland shit that was volume 6
Why don't you go back to AS?

It's going to happen weather you want it or not Nips have the final say and they Like IMS not necessarily all there shows are liked but there an established studio and when they take shows serious like Active Raid they turn out well

Miku is worst girl

You're not getting anything conclusive here, user. You just want sleepy assistant to have some relevancy.

Great, now that we've met every spirit, I think it's time for a fighting game.

No seriously, what's so special about that shitty gender swapping? Fuck off.

More like it's not going to happen whether you like it or not, the series is almost done after all.

Kotori=Kurumi user you should have learned that by now everyone else is irrelevant

>Only 3 out of 10 have backstories

>top three girls are circlejeker bait
Way to go.

This is the first time I want a harem to last longer.

My point is Phantom can shape shift this is proven also Reine has had several suspicious incidents through out the series this of course assuming none of those events were altered because of the time loop, also hiding in plain sight so she can monitor Shido is something I can see Phantom doing

Nah, there is no reason to stretch the series if they just keep adding shitty girls instead of developing the current ones.


Me too, user, I really like the series.

Yeah nah fuck this shit, Tachibana killed DAL with his bullshit

>Origami, Kotori, Nia, Miku
It's 4 by my count. Maybe Kurumi too, but hers is foreshadowed than explored.

Still nothing.

>assuming none of those events were altered because of the time loop

The moment the author introduced time travel, he had already broken the series down.

The only way to make it longer whithout feel forced is if they actually decide to explore other aspects of the kabbalah and nost just the sephiras.

I'd rather have another Mana volume. She has a fun personality, being a more competitive Shidou.

It's already the last spirit

Yeah, a Mana volume sounds like a perfect chance to focus on a non-spirit. Volume 12 had potential but it tuned out to be mostly filler.

I'd like him to add the Ains to the story if possible.

>Implying you didn't expect a time travel event when one spirit controls time literally.

Introducing more dark spirits sounds like a good idea but the author is treating them like jokes now, such a waste potential.

I did. He did it in the shittiest way possible.

It seems like we are going that route but I was talking about the more hidden stuff.

How so? Not that guy by the way.

I'm not that knowledgable about the kalabahh, user.

Author just wants to make more Quality Code

with his friends

if a series doesn't have lesbeans as the leads he's not interested in it any more

I know. The worst part is finding it which certain people don't feel like wasting time for.

More sidestories if anything

>recurring time loop gets broken to create new timeline
>suddenly, all the people in the new timeline have knowledge from the old timeline

Granted, it's just the spirits affected. Also,

>Origami's past is altered
>her parents are still dead
>Old Origami, who is Inverse btw, is inside her all along

It's not that shit, actually. Just that I can't wrap my brain around it.




>all the people in the new timeline have knowledge from the old timeline
Oh yeah that part was bullshit.

Inverse being inside NeOrigami could be somewhat explained by the fact spirits are interdimensionals beings.


Not really.

He think is fun but he clearly stated it doesn't make a good story, also I'm sure they are not in charge in the anime since they just wrote the prequel volumes.

Kissing the spirit seems to "break" something when the characters are unaware of it. It happened for the first time with Kotori. When they kissed, the memories flew back into them.
I think there's something behind the sealing we don't know yet.

I do agree the last part where all of them get their memories back was stupid but the rest of the time travel things was fine.

That's the thing. It made sense for Shidou and Kotori because they kissed, in Origami's case kissing her also affected the rest of the girls for some reason.

>more fanservice and non-canon short stories
No thanks, Tachibana ruined them.

I doubt they can take the plot anywhere interesting otherwise.

I don't remember very well, but did they explain how she became a spirit?

Read vol.14, user.

I'm not asking for plot relevant stories. Old short stories used to give spirits characterization and expand their relatinship with Shidou, newer stories are filler with fanservice and go nowhere or are focued on irrelevant side characters and if we are lucky an actual good/interesting short story is released.


Just have date exclusive stories then

Oh yeah, I remember now.

The latest ones haven't been that bad.

Can you moon? I don't know where though.

It wasn't as good as older short stories though, also what happened with that Reine short story?

DAL isn't serious literature, it's just for fulfilling shitty japanese market base.

That should be the idea but even then you have date stories like the Miku one.

Dunno, but I've got the image.

Never too late to get a good date in.

I know but the quality used to be much better, seriously I don't know what was Tachibana thinking with making short stories based on popularity.

So there is no translation, what a shame. Anything Reine focused sounds like an interesting story.

>what was Tachibana thinking with making short stories based on popularity
Obviously pander to the fans.

>mfw summary said he wanted to make a summary for this but then he disappeared
That was the last time I saw him.

Well, at least Mukuro is a good girl so her short stories should be good, right?

Why do we always lose those who contribute the most?

Most of the original people left these threads. I remember people having threads in specifics hours because they were busy.

She might contest Yuzuru for the softest girl title

>Artemisa is evil
Where the delusional retards claiming she was brainwashed now?

It would be too similar to persona if Shidou starts dating arcana girls or people in order to obtain cards.

Mukuro a cute. A CUTE.

We need measurements first.

>bonding time at night
>girl showing real love
Reminds me of Yuzuru's date.

I like Mana's short stories the most since we don't actually get her in the main story. She has a devious personality, but gets so serious sometimes. Like whenever she's in control, she has the best taunts, insults and tricks.

Shit, growing up is such a pain in the ass.

Yeah, Mana stories can be interesting. Mana research was fun to read.

I think it's more about a matter of time, they probably have no time to post in these threads anymore. I sometimes miss threads because I'm busy working, it must the same for them too. Spoiler because blogging

She's true end.

>inb4 she becomes even more irrelevant than Nia or the twins next volume

Dates like this and Yuzuru date make the arc more satisfying to read.

So they had a good date apparently, huh?
Most of the dates were supposed to be comedy due to how the girls behave but then the author introduced the Yuzuru date, it all changed.

I love Ai

I'd rather have a Mana centered volume or an entire arc for her and Shidou.

Incest is wrong

We have Mio too, who is she anyway?

Tohka and Kotori dates in their respective volumes weren't bad either. It all depends on whether the author wants to write something good for once or not, especially when he can do it.

I never said anything about incest though.

Kotori pls.

Now I want to fuck a retard.

The dates are not that revelant anymore though. But sometimes it's great to see this kind of event happening.


“When you were fighting Ellen, Nii-sama said to me, ‘It’d be great without any problems,
what's up with Mio, didn't she come to help you?’”
A confused look formed on everyone else's face.
“Yes, when I heard that, I inexplicably went dizzy, and a hazy image reminisced in
my mind. Perhaps this has something to do with me and Nii-sama’s past memories?”
“Is that so…? But…”
Shidou puzzled. He had heard this name somewhere before, but he didn't even know
if he had actually said those words.
“I’m sorry but...--”
Just then, Shidou felt a violent dizziness as if the whole world was spinning in his head.
Shidou’s whole body involuntarily trembled and he collapsed onto the ground.
“Nii-sama?!” Mana tried to support him, but Shidou’s vertigo did not halt.
A vast expanse of whiteness filled his vision and a diminished voice spread through
the fog.《----Mio. That's… my name.》
《Un. I’m happy, very happy.》
《I love you. Let's always be together.》
“Th-this is….”
A perfectly clear figure of a long haired girl could be seen within his muddled mind. The
next moment, Shidou’s consciousness fell into an abysmal void.

They still serve as a way to strengthen Shidou's relationship with the girls when done right. I mean, if Shidou could have a genuine bonding moment with each girl after the sealing they would feel much closer to him.

Who wants to bet that Inverse Tohka popped up when normal Tohka heard about Mikuru wanting monogamy with Shidou so she went inverse to try and monopolize him. This leads to Inverse Tohka and Mikuru fighting over Shidou making Mikuru realize that monogamy is not as fun as it seems.

It was a joke, because we know nothing about her, get it?

That thumbnail gets me every time.

That would be retarded because she knows Shidou would never leave them, making dark Tohka a "good" is already dumb as fuck so I don't know what was Tachibana thinking.

I would marry this Christmas cake and toss her around during some rough sex.

Miku is worst girl

I'm sleepy so I didn't get it.

I hope that's not the case. She didn't go inverse when Shidou dated the other girls, making her going inverse for such silly reason would be bad writting.

Don't worry, it's not as obvious as Rinne who literally stopped existing and nobody remembers her

I can see that happening by just looking at this pic

If Mio was the captured the girl, she can't be Phantom or Reine.

This is why I want more Mana. More Mana means more story development and she has a charming personality.

The only girl I know was captured was Nia.

A Mana arc has so much potential but after the letdown that was "Shidou's arc" I wouldn't get my hopes up even if actually she gets one.

I'd be happy if it was filler anyways because I like Mana a lot. She doesn't get enough filler, plus she has a dynamic personality that causes friction and would go well with some girls due to how she interacts.

I'm just speculating, Shidou said Mio helped Mana so maybe she was captured by DEM too.

That "shido" arc was more like a set-up volume for Nia. I can't consider vol.12 a "shido" arc. We'll probably see a shido arc when he seals all the spirits, either shido arc or takamiya arc or something like that.

More trio hijinks when I miss them

>implying we won't get a real Shidou/Mana arc called "Takamiya Siblings"

>That "shido" arc was more like a set-up volume for Nia
That's why it was so disappointing. We didn't get answer only more questions, and the first 4 chapters were filler and bland dates.

Mii is my wife~

Nia's arc wasn't that good either. Seriously, Nia herself didn't do much other than tease Shidou a lot and there is no reason for her to stick around with Shidou and co.

Never, the lose their chance to be one of the remaining spirits.

they lost**
I need some sleep.


Well, she is a spirit, so there's no harm in her tagging along.

>she is a spirit

That's fine friend Ai is my wife

They don't need to be spirits just more Sol date shenanigans

There is no way there won't be a Mana arc, they still have to find a cure and explain the picture.

That would be good. It would be interesting to see their origins. I am hoping for the plot twist that Mana is actually older than she looks.

But she is though

Just barely.

>Mana is actually older than she looks

If Mana is older then Shidou should be way older if Elliot compared him to "that boy"

Now we need to find a husband for Mai. No one want's a fifth wheel.

Just his wishes, user.

Nope, Tama-chan deserves a date first.


Being the middle girl is suffering

I can agree with this

I need more cute cake

>wanting an Origami clone

Tama is done for, she's beyond saving.

She is still young enough.

Don't say that user she is still ripe 40 is barren

Rine is older than her but she is still true end.

There now we can have a triple wedding with our Dakis.


Shidou still has to settle things with them.

Is it sad that I actually have a Custom Ai Daki along with a Kurumi and Kotori one

Yeah make them Mistresses

Spoiler when? Also we should make a thread only if new spoilers are out.

I'm jealous as fuck.

Ai has a boyfriend so that is not possible.

Nice correction user I almost thought you were a Utopia cuck

Proof he actually exist?

Fuck off with that stupid meme.

Yeah me

Yeah, Mai and Mii know him.

Except her boyfriend is stated to give zero fucks about her.

Nice arms.

Even if he is real he obviously doesn't treat her right she was much happier with Shido

Too bad they are done wrong most of the time.


>she was much happier with Shido
She is desperate user, that's why she did not resist.

Tsunako sure doesn't disappoint when it comes to semen demons - even when they all look like the same.

Still no nipples though.


So Edgy Retard likes Shido now too? Dosn't this mean Tohka has multiple personality disorder?

>lusting for another man when you have a boyfriend


Probably she only wants to kill him but Mukuro is protecting him so she is looking for an opening to kidnap Shidou.


I really want to fuck this retard.

He's a piece of shit so you can't blame her I wouldn't be surprised if she dumps him for Shido

Why? I want a custom daki of Mii.

>she dumps him for Shido
and betray Tohka? Do you really think she would do something like that?

No, for being jealous that he has a Kurumi daki. There are like thousand of these out there.

Harem end user Tohka end can eat shit


Then Ai is a terrible friend and person.

Finally, a proper resolution.

No Tohka is greedy retard

I don't have the courage to get one. I really want a daki but I'm too self conscious about it.

Shido a cool


How is he alive in space ?


Ellen is an old hag

Ment to reply to


Is Nia going on the attack?

It looks cool but I seriously doubt he is fighting her. It's too big of a power up between this in Nia's arc.

As long as she looks cute, I'll like her.




Why is Vert in DAL?

That's Origami. Nia's eyes are a bit more green.


Edgy Retard a cute


The simple dress and blue flower make all the difference.


Then she starts aging fast.

What does this mean?

I want to give this particular retard a deep dicking.

Depends if she ever stops taking miracle magic.


Miku is worst girl

>miracle magic
You mean her suit? Destroy it and you will see how old she truly looks

Just by looking at the pic you can tell that something stupid is happening.

It's not only the eyes, you can tell right away she is not Nia by looking at her hair.

Water is wet, what else is new.

>Who is Miku?

There is always a newfag replying to him.

>confusing Nia with Origami
>in a colored pic
Wow, I guess people are not joking when they say Tsunako girls look all the same.

Get rid of her and put Yuzuru and you have perfect lewd pic.

Don't cut yourself with that edge user.

I'd do it the bath to soften her up a bit.

>implying you can blunt the edge known as dark Tohka

Volume ends with Shido, Tohka and Origami walking into their classroom and unexpectedly meeting Kurumi, who's re-enrolled at the school.

Encore 6 planned for release in December.

This pic alone makes this volume worth reading, I only hope the whole thing with dark Tohka is not as retarded as it looks.

I'd use my steel hard cock to subdue her.

What a lame cliffhanger

That's it? Guess we are not wasting time to finish the series.

Is that real?

What's this a clock thread? Fuck off.

Will she join the harem or die to Westcott side?

>people seriously thought Artemisa would be a good girl
This show story shows how she treats Ellen with care and doesn't feel uncomfortable around them.

The hair style too. Nia looks like fucking Shidou in the black and white illustrations.

Still no spoilers

No I want to dick the retard and you can't stop me.

>Encore 6 planned for release in December
Miku will be in the cover, right? Oh boy, who is ready for another shitty story featuring lesbian Miku.

Fuck off to your clock threads then.

It doesn't matter considering nobody translates the short stories.

Not even a clockfag, even though I'd dick her too.

DASfags, she could be brainwashed though, harder than Mana

How was Mana brainwashed? She wasn't a blind follower of Westcott and her memory wipe showed the same symptoms as Shidou's memory wipe.

Ara, ara. What seems to be the problem? Homeroom is about to start, is it not?

Ufufu. Starting today, I'm back at this school. I look forward to having a great time with you again, Tohka-san, Origami-san...Shido-san.

That doesn't sound very exciting for a cliffhanger. It was going to happen eventually.

Next week

I hope next volume gets serious from the beginning, we already went through a triple date so even more dates would feel boring.

Oh boy, can't wait for the suffering.

So, how was the volume?

Well if she's stuck in one place, Mana will find her again.

I doubt it, considering Kurumi's popularity next volume will have a lot of filler before getting serious.

Is Mana even looking for her in the new timeline?

got a link for the scans?

This feels like volume 3 all over again.

Yes she is. She mentioned it when talking to Kotori in the Nia volume I think.

I still can't get over this, it looks ridiculous.

It woul be great if Shidou start traveling to another worlds, that way DAL can become an Isekai series.

So, wait did Origami go full power against Artemisa?

Fuck no.

Shidou still needs a astral amor/suit or whatever his equivalent of dress is.

Good times.

>he runs into goofy and donald

>Kurumi loses pathetically again
Can't wait.

It's funny because we used to talk about the possibility of a multifuction sword a long time ago.

I remember that, fun threads. I remember some idiot saying it was a stupid idea but here we are with keyblades.

Meme magic is real.

Well, there is the spirit world so DAL riding the isekai wave is not too far-fetched.

WHY. Hardly anyone is going to care.

So is there any reason Mukuro's weapon looks like a keyblade, like what's the purpose?

To lock/unlock shit apparently.

Movement lock

Wait, he is releasing an Encore instead of a volume? What is Tachibana doing?

Does that mean Shidou can use it to unlock his memories?

Two volumes per year is the standard now.

Yeah, why are Encores being released in official release dates now?

Yaay, more pretty Encore covers

It's obvious Tachibana doesn't care about the series as much as he used to do.

You do realize they are delaying volume 16, right?

That sounds like an interesting idea.

It doesn't look like the spirit world has a physical form though.

To Unlock Routes in simgames you need a Key event.

Author went back to his meme ways from the start.

Maybe, unless there's some bullshit like when Rasiel can't search anything regarding the First Spirit

What's that?

>inb4 Phantom's barrier is too strong to unlock

>all this talk about unlocking shit
>Mukuro's heart was locked
>Shidou going to space
This is starting to sounds a lot like kingdom hearts.

If none of the sephira spirits was the first spirit then who or what is the first spirit? Phantom?

For me that is more a publisher issue than him. DAL is coming to an end and it's pretty obvious Fujimi don't want to see they most famous light novel be finished soon.

DAL is not really that popular and sales decreased a bit compared to other volumes but if that's the case then Tachibana should use the time wisely to improve the writting for the final volumes.

Mio or Phatom. We only have a few of potential candidates now the series is ending.

>yfw they use it to open a portal to the spirit world

I don't have a problem with that.

>almost bump limit
This was a good thread but I was waiting for spoilers.

Good lord this semen demon.

and this is why we get more shitty shot stories that won't get translated anyway.

It's they only novel able to ranking among the top-selling Light Novels.

Miku is worst girl

It's the Yuzuru vs. Mukuro age now.

>Source: my ass

DAL used to be higher but it's good to see is up there despite not having anime after all this time.

Fuck yeah. I don't need your shitty doujin, fucking elevens.

DAL never became a big seller though and each volume used to sell a bit more. I'm not denying it's Fujimi most popular LN if that is what you think.

This thread sure went fast, see you guys later.

It's hard to tell who is the softest, they both also had good dates with Shidou.


>not wanting more delicious Tohko rape doujins

>that quality

>DAL never became a big seller though

Not him but by Fujimi Shobo standards, DAL sales are pretty high.

>each volume used to sell a bit more

That's something pretty common to happen for LNs after the anime aired.

Yeah, not having anime hurts the sales but the anime didn't give DAL that much of a boost back in the day. The overall popularity has remained the same after all these years.

Yuzuru is best twin.

They could have started next volume with this and nothing would change. This "cliffhanger" was predictable.

I expected to see more Kotorifags in this thread seeing how Kotori is finally not jobbing.

We know shit about what happened in this volume user.

You don't need spoilers to get an idea of what's happening, besides there is no a single Kotorifag in this thread I think.

I'm here, but spoilers are out yet.

Meant to reply

Reine is true end.


>No spoilers or anything
That's why I stuck to lurking.

Did you forget she beat Kurumi and fended off Origami w/upgrade during her date or what?

*Origami is true end.

>You don't need spoilers to get an idea of what's happening,
Explain it to us then.

Eien is probably lurking too.

Did you even read the thread? Just by looking at this pic you can see Ellen is having a hard time in their rematch

What does that have to do with anything? and we have volume 15 illustrations.

Yes, and? It doesn't explain what really went on.

But it does give you an idea that Kotori is not losing and that's the point or do you lack deductive thinking to put one and one together?

>finally not jobbing

Kotori only got one illustration. You're reading way too much into it to say claim that's sufficient spoilers.

But he is not jobbing in pic related that was the point and there are more than one illustration featuring Kotori so stop being retarded.

Kotori obviously looks like she trolled Ellen and scored a victory, but that's not 's point.

It's the only pic that shows some plot spoilers.

>Kotori is not losing
Tell me something new.

That's why I asked him "what does that have to do with anything" because I was talking about the pic and he started talking about spoilers and the fights against Kurumi and Origami for some reason.

Dude, it's still not enough to go on. And you're acting like Kotori being cool being is somehow new and should be celebrated. It's not, it's just normal.

Are you for reals? You blatantly insinuated that she always jobbed except for this time. That's obviously wrong hence the topic of Kurumi and Origami.

She lost in Origami's arc like three times, against Ellen, then inverse Origami in the first timeline, then to inverse Origami again in the second timeline.

I'm pretty sure you're trolling cause no one can be this clueless after three strikes.