Amanchu Thread

Upyoo thread
remember to keep your buddy wet


>[HorribleSubs] Amanchu! - 11 [720p].mkv



Will they ever kiss? I want my hibike euphonium

no thanks


they hand holding are they kiss

Ai best.


Do I watch Amanchu before or after I go to work?





Do they fug?


QUALITY, or upyo?

user you are supposed to watch anime at work
Get a better job if you can't

Can't. Gotta teach.

>school principal is a black football coach

what the fuck

fuck off post



>Draw a penis
>Call it a cat

Is this the cutest creature in existence?

Did the hetbait shota appear yet?

This guy knows.




Last episode next week.

Reminder Katori isn't going to stay a cake much longer

>penetrating her

>pick this up expecting diving
>get awkward friendship lessons
I thought this would be like Bakuon about diving

Oh fuck, I noticed now next ep is the last ep.
I was still all "so when do we get to the actual diving plot?" till I read this post. Welp.

>he doesn't know

Read the manga, there is lot more diving and friendship lessons

Big black magical negro

It makes me sleep
I can watch anime while half asleep, but not read manga

What the FUCK!
That guy looks too masculine, what the fuck where they thinking?!

>it makes me sleep
Then don't read it before bed?

Seaso 2 soon

Only an alpha man can dominate her

How do I make Pikari real?

Reverse entropy.

Eak, nope!
that guy is ugly

>next episode

You cant change the fact this guy fucks her

Serious diving incident

Is Teko coming out of the closet?

>2nd last episode


>its almost over

I don't know why but I sincerely thought that they were going to start breastfeeding that little cat.

>tfw no thicc mommy Pikari gf

This is the face of someone that wants her own baby.

>the cat is actually called Aria

God fucking dammit Ki-oon,french editor, why did you have to name it Marron

God bless the person that designed those uniforms.

theyre great

They're called "mermaid dresses."

So do we all agree this is better than Flying Witch?

Why do you have to make everything a competition? Didn't you learn anything from watching these shows?

Different, not better.
Some will like one more than the other.

The comparison was inevitable, same studio, genre, and a lot of the same people working on both shows.


but they're completely different shows

Please tell me.
I need this girl in my life.

have a daughter and raise her like that.

I am Teko.

can I see your butt?

>Stimulate the butt.

I want to stimulate her butt

But then you won't be able to wife her.

Haven't you read Usagi Drop?

Isn't it pedophilia?

> liking cute things makes you a pedo

It's not pedophilia, it's awwwright.

He was looking for a mate.

She wants it too so it's okay.

Cats grow up fast. She'll be having his babies in a year or so.

Why do cats in this show look like penises?

the kittens probably hundreds of years old

If doing it is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

There is no reason to fight, user. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Flying Witch was better.

Yes, by miles

Flying Witch was better.

>the scuba shop is titular
>the cat is called aria

Oh great, unnecessary comparisons.

I wanted to say so when it started, but too much Teko being a drama queen and too little diving. In the end, I guess I liked FW more. This gave me strong desire to read the mango, with FW I was pretty satisfied with just leaving it at anime.

Thanks for ruining the thread, assholes.

Shh, user.

Fix it by posting Teko.




>hold hands
>have children with

Modest bum.


Pikari had a lot of work

Jesus those hips are way too fucking wide, complete turnoff.

Irish need not reply.


I wish the cats weren't so ugly.



That is a lewd swimsuit.

Fix everything by posting Teko.
Wew that ass don't quit.

It's also very small.

It is.

Who swims in the ocean with hotpants on?

Teko solves world problems.

I, too, found this strange. Wouldn't it chafe pretty badly?



>two bottoms
>one top

I don't really understand two tops either though. Is that a real thing?

do you think they fucked on the regular?

Dem hips!

These gals certainly wont die in childbirth.



Of course not. If they did Aria wouldn't have happened.

if you got big/awkward size breasts it helps a lot

its a swim bottom that looks like jean shorts

Is the manga regularly updated?

Wow. Absolutely stunning. Her hair should stay down more.

>some one is going to marry this
>some one is going to wake up every morning to this
It's not fair

now listen here you little shit

Do you think she has a big bush down there?

God I hope so!




Yes. One chapter every 2 months.

So, season 2 in... ten years or so?

They are showing season 2 in hell right now, user-kun. Hurry if you don't want to miss it!

Raws are already out up to vol 6 or 7. Translation is once every 2 months





>angle is off
>look at date

No homo, I think he's pretty kawaii desu

Went into this thinking I'd hate it cause it wasn't Aria.

Glad to say I am loving it now. The atmosphere and music has become reminiscent of Aria but is different enough to be original. Also I like the characters a lot more now, Pikari being so upbeat and fun, Teko being kawaii af, Ai being pure sex and Bro-niichan being a cool guy. Sensei x Sensei ship gets my dick hard too. And the occasional diving stuff is neat too.

Only thing I still don't really like is the cat designs. They could be better.

>Went into this thinking I'd hate it
Don't do this.

Of course it wouldn't be Aria, the title is Amanchu

>Pikari will never drink your piss after you fuck her hard on the side of the pool


Shit character that made me skip the majority of an episode of an already short series

>Went into this thinking I'd hate it cause it wasn't Aria
One of Aria's main points was don't be afraid to let go of the nice things you have now to experience new, and hopefully better things in the future. Stop clinging onto Aria like nothing else can top it or you're going to have a hard time enjoying other things.

Queen Teko!