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Subs are out you shitty samurais

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>instead of giving the other pilots development they waste screen time on the three stooges and school cast
What a blunder.

The absolute madman

He's a proper cheeky cunt

Why have the three stooges infiltrated every culture? There are always three stooges why not three? Why not one less than four?
Even ancient cave paininsidj might have a car a dog or a miude to reoresent the three stooges.

What happened with China?

She was part of the squad tasked with retaking the control room, and seen later on in the mothership. I think she was acting as Hiromi's escort.

Then who ends up with Yukihime/Muetta?

Ken really needed to ask around about modern ways to propose. Unfortunately for him, the internet is down where his is, and it's not something he can really ask any of the people he knows personally without them figuring it out.

Akagi. He blew his chances with Yukina years ago, but now he has someone who looks just like her, and he managed to avoid fucking up her first impression of him.

Tom. As Oni implies, Glongur pilots stops being ordinary humans, so maybe she is only one left for him to spend this 224 yers before the main fleet invasion.

Gay butler's back with a better look

Why did Yoruba get all angry when Mirasa got rekt, when a couple episodes back he couldn't give two shits about her.

They had super hot hatesex in the meantime and Yoruba was hoping for seconds

>Gay butler
He is a lolicon butler

RIP, not so bright soldiers.

there's no rule 34 of him, making right a, i don't have talent.
also him with monk (uncle of Yukina) pls

What about her Dwarf?

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Nah, mang. I only posted the retarded post the other seems like legitimate question.

I dunno man, I guess she parked it up at a charging point and got out or something

You stabbed me but that was probably a misunderstanding, so I'm going to fight you and try to make you realise something that took me several episodes and many focused scenes to accept!

SDF Macross Reference.


So, about that USB stick.

On the surface, the data was pretty disappointing, but it linked two scenes and showed how much Handsome Oni-san has done his homework. I expected the mothership to get Willsmith'd, but not only did he get a full confession out of Refill, the master of learning and repurposing tech could probably just use the thing to fight back.


Also them hacking skills GODDAMN

Getting Tom into a Glongur, brainwashing Refill with Efidolg's own tech into spilling the beans AND basically predicting fucking everything.

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His reveal was amazing.


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Did not expect this, there was zero romance

Oh well, Yukina will be a good albeit stupid wife

Cold, dead and smells bed. Probably has her panties full of feces too.

>Did not expect this

The shipperfag retard didn't expect a development relating to a character that makes him anally annihilated!


Yukina guilt-tripping herself was too fast, really.


Well he did say he'd like to fuck her corpse, that should mean something


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This thread is lost.

Of course, all of Sebastian's formality is a thin illusion he has to work hard to maintain or he reverts into a MOUNTAIN BEAR.

That ain't saying much for the the other thread, though. As your oldfag OP I want to do right for the decent folk who bother with this one.

Similar to how Sebas-chan's return made him the Terminator 2 version of a T-800, I hope the next two episodes fil in some gaps for some of the other cast. I am officially gay for the Combat Butler.

Wait. Are there more brazillians here?
Am I not the only one?

There's this one brainlet who is in every P.A.Works thread since Charlotte aired, but their nationality is news to me. Their posts stand out like a swollen thumb, so you need not be worried about where you're from as long as you don't act like them.

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>that one brainlet
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I wonder about Refill. I wonder about how much he knows, and the protocols that were written into their cloned brainial glands. He didn't necessarily need to know about his chain of command if he could be programmed only to follow orders without question.

Yeah, it's a plot device and we've seen how at least two defectors have acted because of it. But it does make me wonder how much he knows and the nature of his programming when considering the time he was questioned directly by Muetta.


Why is Cygames completely GOAT?

Because thoroughbred futa horsecock

oni-chan really is the best character of this show.

Yep, that's the benefit of having centuries to plan and prepare for revenge.

I wouldn't be too sure about her being dead. She's in the control room, not lying on the ground in the excavation pit where we last saw her, which is a good sign, and if they didn't kill the butler I doubt they'll kill her. As for the rest, yeah. Efidolg doesn't seem to have been big on letting their brainwash victims take care of themselves.

He's totally usurped Ken, and I am OK with this.

I dunno, "revenge" seems a bit urgent in context of the length of his whole existence. I understand what you're getting at, but considering how he got along with that wierd fucker Takehito, he's probably too old for this shit.

I didn't catch any hint of the rest of his kind surviving the Efidolg invasion, and I don't know what circumstances led to him surviving it, so there may be some element of commitment beyond his promise to Takehito.

Since they already won against the aliens, what could possibly happen in the last episode?

I'm too. I think there are a lot of brazilians on Cred Forums. Most probably dwell in shitposting threads though

cliche moment remained true

Question mark


Oh thank fuck the Eames Chairs are intact

>Fat Snake

I bet there are Mushi here

Kuromukuro is AOTY for me.

Really good characters, really great setting and it doesn't make me ashamed of not being Japanese.

Alpha as fuck.



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Made me google the fuck should I be looking for though.

Coving is fucking rad and I want people to know about it

>shit bit rate
Oh well, the cg fights were awesome.

Well, Earth better use those years to reverse engineer them alien technologies. Great episode, I guess the leftover episodes will be about the characters going back into normalcy and showing UN slowly building up stuff to fight the fleet.

>past her marriageable age
Isn't Yukina like 16-17? Is Ken a patrician that wanted a 14 year old?

Nigga got good taste.

There was a shitload of action going on in this episode, and even some good old-fashioned explainin'. Not surpised that the eslfag moaning about SoL isn't chipping in with praise, but already complaining about the next episode preview. I love all my episodes as if they were my beautiful children

I wouldn't mind if the next two episodes lead us to a cliffhanger, because there's plenty of potential for more. Some characters got their stories expanded maybe a bit too late to fully appreciate their influence.

That's basically a comfortable time after the secondary sex characteristics develop, like he knows when PRIME TIME is real

Nigga got shit taste, yukina is the worst girl of this show

Sux for you that you aren't the director then shipperfag

Short timeskip showing the kids either achieving the thing they wrote on the career stuff and yeah, I foresee a cliffhanger too, on which PA works could always use for a continuation later. So far I'm really enjoying the series.

No S2 in near future probably seeing PA works will have an announcement about Uchouten Kazoku around next few week or so. I'm hoping for a 2nd season of that too.

>He survived
WTF is this bullshit?
>RIP Sophie
Best girl dies

>Uchouten Kazoku

YES. I need my ankle-straps.

>PA works will have an announcement about Uchouten Kazoku
You best not be fucking my ass, user.

Oh shit, its actually tomorrow. Heres hoping its not pachinko and shit.

We're going to have a hype thread tomorrow, right? If we pray hard enough we'll get a S2.

They're both 18. Girls would usually be married by 16 in Ken's time.

Dumb bitch, even dumber than Yukina.

Ken has spent a lot of time on the internet.
He knows that if you really want to win a woman's heart, you have to insult her constantly.